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Briggs ties for season high with 15 tackles vs. Cardinals

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Linebacker Lance Briggs was credited with a season-high 15 tackles after coaches finished reviewing game film of Sunday's loss to Arizona.

It hasn't been a good number for the Bears, though, as Briggs was also credited with 15 tackles in the loss at Cincinnati. The weak-side Pro Bowl standout now has a team-high 79 tackles, putting him on pace for 158. His career high is 176 in 2006.

Middle linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer was credited with a season-high 12 tackles. Danieal Manning made nine and Kevin Payne added eight.

The statistic that didn't show was the number of missed tackles the coaches tallied up. When asked about the Cardinals rushing for a season-high 182 yards, Lovie Smith blamed missed tackles as much as anything. Arizona entered the game averaging less than 65 yards rushing per game.

"How would I explain that?'' Smith said. "Again, after a day like [Sunday], I can't give you a lot of reasons why it happened. It happened. They came in ready to play. The week before it happened to [Arizona]. They didn't have a lot of success for whatever reason. This week it worked out for them. I'm just hoping that's the case with us. We've played the run fairly well most of the year. We're sound in our gaps, things like that. We missed tackles. If you want an answer, we missed tackles. There were a couple gaps we were out of.''

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"We missed tackles. If you want an answer, we missed tackles."......WHY!!!!!!!!! It's your f@!#$ing fault, Lovie!!! You play like you practice!!!! Or don't practice! I'm so sick of this bunch of losers, top to bottom. CEO and President Ted Phillips.."I believe we can still pull it out..." Hahahahahahaha....Which team has he been watching?? I hope Samuri Mike kicks their ass so bad....please keep losing....What else would it take for changes to be made?.......When you're on the field all game of course you're gonna make alot of tackles, Briggs.

Good job Briggs. Great player. The ONLY one on the defense this year.

Stopped watching the game with 4 minutes left in the first half. Disgusting. 74 degrees outside. Was better off raking leaves.

Clearly, the Bears miss Urlacher more than they let on. Although, Angelo and Smith don't admit to anything publically anyways.

The DT position is the weakest position on the Bears, followed closely by the entire offensive line. That is where all the focus needs to be in the offseason. Too bad I have to start talking offseason already.

Maybe Lovie in fact does need to go. I was a Lovie supporter until this last weekend. The players do not play hard for him anymore, and a change is needed to infuse enthusiasm again. Tackling and blocking are the worst parts of the team, and that points directly to practice. They need someone that will force these players to practice all out in pads starting first day in camp, and at least 3 times per game week. Retarded not to. That is the only way to get good at tackling and blocking.

Angelo does need to go, and I have been critical of him for 2 seasons. He repeatedly drafts players with risky injury issues, and it bites the Bears everytime. I won't second guess the releases of Benson and Tank Johnson for character problems. Those needed to happen.

Thank God Green Bay sucks, too.

Anyways, I doubt the DT issue will get fixed this offseason. No high draft picks. But they got Cutler, so no big deal. They can draft good quality offensive lineman in the later rounds though.

There should be a list of players to be replaced this offseason. Sadly, starting with Tommie Harris. He is lost mentally, and a shell of his former self physically. What a shame. Ogunleye, Pace, Omayale, Kreutz, Anderson, Aromashadu, and anyone else that is "red shirting" the year (like Iglesius) need to be cut too.

Time to start thinking about starting over, and using anyone worthy as trade bait to get some picks. Next year would suck to watch, but at least they would be building something for the future. The only untouchable is Cutler. Briggs, Clark, Olsen, Hester, Tillman, and Alex Brown could be of some value to someone out there. Don't have to trade them all, but they need to find a way to get some players in the trenches. Deplete a position of strength like Tight end, Linebacker, and ... and.... I guess those are the only 2 positions of strength. But they have to get stronger on the line of scrimmage.

Well... my rant has gone on long enough to maybe not h=make any sense to anyone, but it is my rant.

Time to change Bears.

Bears need to get stomped repeatedly for this coaching staff to go and they still have two games with the Vikings left, boy those games are going to be ugly.

Bears management have a history of hiring no experience, 1st year coaches ala Wannstedt, Juron, Lovie Smith etc. In other words, Angelo wants puppets he can control.

The only way to get their attention is to stop going to games,, stop buying merchandise etc. Bottom line is Lovie is not going anywhere. Turner will be gone, but Lovie will still be here. Sad thing is Lovie cannot handle the HC job. He needs a new DC with a new scheme, but hes to dumb/proud whatever to admit his Tampa 2 roots are not working anymore. And JA has some mystical thing at Halas Hall that protects him. There is no accountability here. The team is still making money so why would they care. We went through 2 years of 4-12 with that moron Wannstedt before they made changes.. By hanging around the .500 mark Lovie can say, "Well we are close". Lovie and JA also have formed a bond to cover each other. Job security no doubt. Its become a joke.. If they allow Lovie and JA to hang around it could take 4-5 years to fix the damage. We may become the Browns of the NFC. Sorry, but Im rooting for the 49ers on thursday. They have a true leader and coach on that team. What a concept..

Ryan - you're right on. Strass - Me too.

"Bear Down Chicago Bears" should be "Burn Down Chicago Bears" - this is a one player or two issue either - its the football equivalent of the Mortage backed security meltdown.

I'm pissed, I'm a huge fan, but you reach a point when you lose hope. What we need is a clone/descendant of Jim Finks to re-build this team. But the ownership is clueless in their ability to put the right people in charge.

Our only hope is that the McCaskey collective catches an unusually severe strain of swine flu.

John, the Bears also drafted a first timer you may recall, Mike Ditka. Plenty of teams gives guys a first shot and many times it works out. See Bill Cowher in Pittsburgh, or now their new guy.

BTW, Angelo did not hire Wanny or Jauron.

Lost amongst the downward spiral known as the Bears defense, has been the play of Lance Briggs. The guy comes to play every week. He's really stepped his game up since Urlacher went down, 15 tackles is impressive, thats pretty close to 20, and Briggs has done it twice this year so far. I hope Briggs doesn't miss the Pro Bowl because he plays on such a poor defense. Briggs still deserves to go.

I see Kevin Payne was 4th on the team in tackles with 8. Payne looked a little rusty when he came in to replace Afalava, but, the guy is around the ball a lot, and having 8 tackles without even starting the entire game is pretty impressive. If he's healthy, I'd like to see him start at strong safety over Afalava. He seems to be around the ball a lot more than Afalava.

As far as the missed tackles [Briggs excluded], thats something the coaches need to start working on. If the coaches have to revert back to some basic junior high tackling drills, do it. Yeah, these guys are pro football players, but their sure as heck not tackling like they are! And if someones feelings get hurt, oh well! The heck with their pride, tackling is one of the basic fundamentals of football for petes sake! Not all of the blame can fall on the players although, the coaches have to be held accountable also. Lovie needs to get off this kick of turnovers being the number one goal on defense, the #1 goal should be to stop someone, then try and force a turnover. Tackle first, strip second! It doesn't look very good right now, but Chicago does have an outside chance of sneaking into the playoffs if they can get things right. Also, the Green Bay & both Vikings games are now MUST wins! The clock is now ticking for Lovie Smith, I'd like to see him get things right, but I now have my doubts. Oh well, win or loss, I still say GO BEARS!!

Has anyone considered the fact that no major changes have been made. Tommie Harris should be cut, Hillemeyer should be demoted, a real receiver should be traded for and Turner should be fired. Major shakeup needed and maybe team will get the message.

I still say that it is too early to panic. The season is only half over, and the Bears have had one good quarter and one bad one. With two more as good as the first quarter, they finish ten and six.

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