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Bears turned to Omiyale at key point in San Francisco game

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Offensive line coach Harry Hiestand made it clear when Josh Beekman was inserted into the starting lineup at left guard at the start of the month that the Bears were not writing off the man he replaced, Frank Omiyale.

Sure enough, Omiyale resurfaced in Thursday's loss at San Francisco, replacing Beekman at the two-minute warning while the Bears mounted a comeback effort that fell 12 yards short. Beekman struggled with 49ers defensive end Justin Smith at the beginning of the drive, and the switch was made.

"[Smith] was a big, strong guy. I was coming out battling him,'' Beekman said. "They just wanted to get Frank in there, he's a little bigger, against the guy. It almost worked.''

Beekman said as far as he knows he remains with the first team, and offensive coordinator Ron Turner should be able to address that issue later today. What the move back to Omiyale at the key point in the game does, though, is highlight the reason why the Bears set out in the offseason to find a bigger, more physical replacement for Beekman. That's not to say Beekman didn't do some things well in the game. About the only thing the offense did with any consistency was run some screen passes to running back Matt Forte to the left side, and Beekman and center Olin Kreutz did a nice job getting out on those plays and blocking.

"There were a couple good plays but you know there was a lot on the tape I needed to watch, learn from, just try to come out and get better,'' Beekman said.

Asked about the move, coach Lovie Smith said: "We just liked Frank's ability to pass block. We were in a different mindset there at the end of the game when we had to pass the ball. We like Frank a little bit more in that situation then.''

Omiyale might not be returning to the starting lineup this week, but he signed a four-year contract and he's likely going to figure into the future of the line.

Check back later on today with highlights from the Jay Cutler press conference and more, including updates via Twitter.

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So, Unloved likes Omiyale a little bit more in some situations. There's a very good reason why Omiyale had only one start in four years in the league. Care to guess why?

Great, if this is the future of the Bears O-Line. Not only do defenses know when the Bears run or pass based on if Greg Olsen is in the game, but now we can telegraph what type of play based on who is in at left guard. Why doesn't Cutler just yell out the play call before the snap. Get it together Angelo and Lovie or get out! These are the Chicago Bears we are talking about! Wow!

So which one of them was blocking when Justin Smith just went breezing through the left guard on the final drive?

Just another sign that this coaching staff is an absolute joke. Swapping guards on the last drive? Not having Olsen in on a 3rd goal passing play? Playing LB's and DB's 8 yards off the line on 3rd and 6? Heres the bottom line on this stupid scheme Lovie's runs. The cover 2 is a bend dont break D. The front 4 are cut loose to rush the passer. Everyone else plays way off the ball to make the stop after our vaunted front 4 get smothered and driven to the turf. Its a joke defense. Why have big physical CB's when they do nothing but sit 6-8 yards away from the WR? Im trying to dump my NFL sunday ticket package for NHL center ice. Id rather watch the Hawks then sit through 3 hours of madness every sunday. The cheap a$$ McCaskeys wont fire Lovie. Turner will get dumped, but so what. When your head coach is as dumb as Lovie is what will change? He wont change the scheme.. If he hires a DC, that person will run the same D. Plus with Marinelli and Babich, its the same old same old. He wont fire Babich since they are best buds. And I swear that Babich is still calling plays. Im still seeing that stupid mugging the A gaps look. It continues to cost us games. They did it in Atlanta and Roach was unable to get away from the line and make the tackle on that WR screen that went for a TD. For a city as great as Chicago, we deserve better. Bottom line.. the team still makes alot of $$$$$. So they simply dont care. At least the Hawks have a desire to win. Hiring Quenville, Bowman.. good grief. Those are big name NHL people. Not the Bears.. Lovie was like the what.. 4th option when they hired him as the HC? Wow.. Cowher, Shanahan, Billick, on and on and on.. but no.. we get the all time stupid Lovie Smith. Plus with JA as the GM, we can count on continual crap drafts and no OL. Dont forget people.. Mark Hatley drafted the core of this team in 2000 when he got Url and Mike Brown. JA inherited two stud D players. Lovie had a great group of athletes peaking in '05 and '06. Then we traded them away for nothing and replaced them with Mike Okwo and ?? never mine.. When it came to coach, he blew it. He cannot adjust on the fly nor can he admit that his entire D scheme needs to be redone. And heres a prediction.. Eagles- 31 Bears- 14. Philly is gonna pound us. Donovan will make his team win. Plus Philly has a COACH.

Beekman will get better, but Omiyale is here for a while. So pick one and coach them on their weaknesses! (As YoYoMa pointed out) We can't show our hand by subbing Omiyale and Beekman depending on the play call.

Also, Chris Williams bad play is flying under the radar if you ask me. We are suffering big time b/c of his back injury...he essentially is in his rookie season and getting used to NFL speed and power. Did anybody see him get absolutely 'Steam-rolled' on 3&8 in the 1st series of the 49ers games...And then on the final drive get a 15 yard penalty for 'piling on'!!!

We need a O-line full of Olin Kruetz's, just mean SOBs that wanna smash you into the ground everytime, and doesn't care if he is liked. Williams, according to Lovie, is a 'good character guy that we really like a lot, and feel he can do some good things for our football team'.

Please, somebody wake me up!!!

So let me get this straight. To better protect Jay, we inserted the TAKLE that we moved to GUARD that was replaced because he could NEITHER run OR pass block. Wow. No wonder I drink. Thanks Lovie and Ron and Harry. Keep collecting those checks. You earn them every week.

So the question is do you want a guy who sucks or do you want a guy who sucks playing LG? Thats good to know.

Well until they fix the line everything will continued to be hurried everything will be sloppy, plays will be rushed, cutler will have happy feet, and the offense will never develop. A play won't develop if you are hurried or rushed.

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