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Bears-Eagles injury report, Nov. 20

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Center Olin Kreutz, strong safety Al Afalava and defensive tackle Tommie Harris were all removed from the injury report for the Bears, meaning it's a go for them to start Sunday night against the Eagles.

In Philadelphia, starting cornerback Sheldon Brown was deemed questionable with his pulled hamstring. He was limited in practice for the third consecutive day and there is considerable speculation that he will be sidelined. Dimitri Pattersonis the likely replacement for Brown if he cannot go.

With safety Quintin Demps out, rookie first-round pick Jeremy Maclin will likely servce as the kick returner for the Eagles.

Also, as we reported was likely, running back Kahlil Bell was promoted from the practice squad to the 53-man roster by the Bears. He takes the place of Garrett Wolfe.

Here is the official injury report.



LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, knee--OUT.
RB Garrett Wolfe, kidney--OUT. (has been moved to injured reserve)


TE Desmond Clark, neck--DNP, DNP, DNP.
S Kevin Payne, back--DNP, DNP, DNP.


C Olin Kreutz, back/rib--DNP, FULL, FULL.
S Al Afalava, shoulder--LIM, FULL, FULL.
DT Tommie Harris, knee--LIM, FULL, FULL.



RB Brian Westbrook, concussion--OUT.
WR Kevin Curtis, knee--OUT.
LB Akeem Jordan, knee--DNP, DNP, DNP.
S Quintin Demps, ankle--DNP, DNP, DNP.


CB Sheldon Brown, hamstring--LIM, LIM, LIM.


S Macho Harris, eye--DNP, FULL, FULL.
LB Akeem Jordan, knee--DNP, DNP, FULL.
DE Victor Abiamiri, knee--FULL, FULL, FULL.
LB Chris Gocong, hamstring--FULL, FULL, FULL.
WR Jeremy Maclin, foot--FULL, FULL, FULL.
DT Mike Patterson, wrist/toe--FULL, FULL, FULL.
LT Jason Peters, ankle--FULL, FULL, FULL.
RB Leonard Weaver, ankle--FULL, FULL, FULL.

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I see Garrett Wolfe is out for the season, I think its time for Chicago to part ways with both him and Kevin Jones. I'm not big on this Khalil Bell guy, I wasn't really impressed with his scouting report. But, the guy does deserve a shot. He made an NFL practice squad so he obviously showed somebody something. This off-season Chicago needs to clean house with their backs. If Khalil Bell can show something throughout the remainder of the season, you keep him, if not, cut him. Left guard is need #1 for Chicago heading into the off-season, but another back isn't to far behind in the need department. It should be interesting to see what Bell has to offer.

I am also interested in seeing if Tommie Harris can continue his play from the 49ers game, he looked really good in that game, better than he has all season, hopefully he keeps it up.

What really sucks about the Bears turning their backs to the media, namely NBC, is watching this game is gonna be like watching it on the Eagles TV network, oh well, hopefully the Bears can pull it off GO BEARS!!

ahh...Anyone else read the Angelo interview? Well thats it, I backed off this guy for awhile now,but this is it, this mother ###### is a moron its on oh god is it on. I am going to wreck this b####. Have you read this garbage?

''Are we driven to find out where these players are coming from?'' Angelo said. ''We always do that regardless if we have draft picks or whatever. If something is good to us, if it can help, we'll do it.''

"Angelo insists the expectations the Bears carried into the season were not unrealistic and they can rise again, even this season, despite the uneven performances so far and the recent spate of losses. The great thing about running an NFL team, Angelo said, is that ''there is always hope'' because every year, two or three teams pop up with excellent chemistry and the right timing to compete for a title. He said the Bears don't have perfect players, but they have enough to win."

Win what? Win a game? Win two games or six games? They are not close to being good enough to a title.

Their are teams that are good every year, you haven't put jack on the field in years and your draft picks and FA are droping like flies as usual. This piece of s### has zero accountability. He could care less about this team, he has his fat contract and even if he is fired he gets paid and can retire without a second thought.

''If we continue to develop our young players, play good on both sides of the line -- the quarterback has to play well -- I don't see why we can't compete with just about anybody,'' Angelo said. ''There are some teams, obviously, that really have it going, but there are always going to be those two or three teams. And we would certainly like to be one, but we're not at that level now. Do I think we could be? Yes. But we're not.''

What world is he living in? Is he watching the game, "if we continue to develop players"??????? Is that a joke #### face? Continue to play well on both sides of the line. What the hell Brad??? Has this fool watched a game? This guy is actually saying there are really good team out their but that we don;t need to be one. We can be one of these teams that pops up every few years makes a run and then drops off. Oh boy the GM's plan is to go out and win once every 5-6 years. So the guy expects to be bad most of the time. He is actually saying we don't get to be one of those really good teams, but on a rare occasion we will be good for a short period of time. IS THAT A F###### joke. If he means what he says about wanting to do what is best for the team, then he nees to QUIT!!!!!!!! He has been here sense 2001 and he is not turned this team into an elite team, but he needs more time? Let me guess give him 3 more years and we will have 10 win team for a season and then 5-6 years of bad, then another 10 win team. How the #### does he just not kill himself?

How is he not getting hammered for this?

so rise up loosers!!! we re going to umm...wait.....wajt ar ewe going to do???

but you gays nowe me p;d crap-ton...just trying to be posative...

p.s. angelo deos not get too see me in my pinmk panties...too bad!


In a perfect world, McCaskey would shell out the money. Remember this is my dream.

Holmgren as GM and Head of Football operations. Holmgren knows talent, and would be perfect in this position. Would take 3 years tops with him at the helm.

Cowher as Head coach. Tough. Simple. Demands hard work, intensity, and hard hitting. Would demand a smash mouth type of team on both sides of the ball.

Wade Phillips as D-coordinator after he gets fired in Dallas (remember it's my dream). He may not ba a great motivator, but he sure can construct a damn good defense. Holmgren gets the players, Cowher motivates them, and Phillips can teach them.

Gruden as Offensive coordinator, and QB's coach. He is intense, inventive, and is a good QB coach. Of course he would have to design his playbook to a power running football that Cowher demands, but he could do it. Imagine that, an offensive identity for the Chicago Bears.

Keep Toub as Special teams coach. Nuff said.

Oh shoot! I woke up. Damn.

Would be nice though, wouldn't it?

"Instant KARMA's gonna get you, knock you right in the head, better get yourself together, pretty soon you're gonna be dead!!"............

Hopefully with Clark out, Kellen Davis will get a chance to atone for getting bumped off his route by a guy who weighed 70 pounds less than him..

Sheldon Brown is fighting a hamstring injury...Hopefully, Ron Turner is looking at that and planning a lot of deep routes, or long crosses, to force Brown to turn and run. Demps being out of the lineup is an aid to our downfield passing game.

If we can't establish the runnning game, we need to establish the screen game, so we can slow down the blitzes and pass rush. Once we give Cutler more than 2 seconds before he has to start running for his life, he can set his feet and deliver the ball. How many of his picks were thrown when he had good footwork and a solid base under him? Hardly any of them. If we protect, we win. If we don't, then he has another 3-5 INT game in prime time, and the doubters increase in volume. Cutler needs to make better decisions with the ball...He can do that if he is standing strong in the pocket. Or maybe we should move the pocket for him once in a while. I was listening to Jim Miller yesterday, and he was shocked that Ron Turner has not put bootlegs and sprint-outs into the offensive package for Cutler yet. Maybe teams are still watching for it since Shanahan used it so often, but why not out of play-action? You could even turn it into a screen pass back to the front side of the play. Sooner or later, we need to start calling an aggressive game plan to give ourselves a chance.

I am looking forward to the game Sunday night, because it will be a true test on both sides of the ball. We will know if J.A. was right in that we can right the ship quickly, or if we are about to start a rebuilding project. GO BEARS!

Joe, you can't execute play action if nobody respects your running game.

Teams are not watching for sprint outs or bootlegs more than they normally would. The the problem with boolegs and sprint outs is that recievers need to make in rout adjustments on bootlegs. Have watched the recievers try to make adjustments? They all stop and watch Jay run. They are just awful at making adjustments. Also, because they can't block very well they try to keep everything in tight bunch formations. Well more than that, they throw to their TE's so much that they are trying to disguise that as well. Its hard to role out from a bunch formation. What the Bears are doing on offense is just strange. They want to pass but they are in bunch formations??? Doesn't help the run much either. Anyway its basically just a mess. Oh another reason you don't see Cutler rolling out is because Lovie doesn't want him too. He wants Culter to stay in the imaginary pocket he sees every game. Thats the truth two he doesn't want Jay to be limited to one side of the field. Little does Lovie realize that you can roll left and right. Yes both sides of the field can be used.

I guess Lovie suffer from the same mental illness of poor Derek Zoolander. He can't go to his left. He's a no left turner. Actually I heard Lovie say that he is worried if Cutler roles out that someone might hit him. He feels he is much safer in the well established pocket the Bears line provides him.

There was a new team in Seattle who had a young QB who was undersized with an ok arm...but could Jack Patera (who woulda given Cable a pretty good fight back in his day...and would kick Lovies, Ted, and Jerry's azz at the same time)...following me?

Virginia, if you read this, close your eyes and picture works for me....I can only imagine how you feel, dear

Well, Jack Patera....rolled Jim Zorn out left or right...all freaking day....then this guy named Steve Largent figured out Jim had all day to throw...and got open

Johnny Knox seems to be the guy who knows how to get open...and Olson keeps the D honest...nobody can run with knox...Hester to slot, returning freaking kicks....use forte like westbrook

Prime Time Pummelling starring Donovan McNabb
written by Donovan McNabb
Directed by Donovan McNabb
produced by Donovan, too
executive producer.... Mac-Nabb

He feels he is much safer in the well established pocket the Bears line provides him.

So Olin is off the injury list...sorry Olin but it's time to stay on that list dude. actually half the team should be on that list, our practice squad could have just as good a record, don't forget the kicks missed to GIVE us a couple wins.

Guys I have been here awile now, long enough to legit say that I really hope we lose out the year. I know its tuff saying that, but it really is the only way we will get a change in the organization and maybe have a shot next year. Look, we have no draft choices, where will we possibly get anyone to come in here and actually help asap? You all know we dont go after the big time Free Agents. (a #2 for a guy with 1 sack on the entire year) so we have to change the upper mgmt. period. I wish for Christmas the McCaskeys would sell the team.

Someone wrote awhile back - they saw our worst losing teams, I feel that was in Ricky Watts hayday, Mr. Drop the pass in your hands on the 1 yard line with no one within 15 yards.
This team plays even worse than those teams, does anyone feel that Lovie has lost the team? Does anyone feel he didnt have a team to start with? please fans stay home from the games the rest of the year, season ticket holders - just not showing up costs the owners alot of revenue, which they dont put back onto the field anyway.
We HAVE to send the McCaskeys a msg.
I am sick of the McCskeys.

I hope Virginia eats a lot of saturated fat this week... because JA has made the rest of us eat BS for a long time. And you know, or a long time I thought he was (more or less) accurate in his assessments. No MAS.

1. Mark Bradley
2. Rex Grossman & Michael Haynes instead of Darrell Johnston ( KC LB)
3. Tommie Harris, Urlacher, The interceptor ( its like the 3 stooges; Tired, Damaged, and Scared)
Ok, so maybe I'm being a little harsh on Urlacher....
4. J. Gilbert
5. Thomas Jones - Cedric Benson - Matt Forte - not that Forte's bad, it just cost us a few picks

oh my GOD, and the scary thing is that he's made so many bad decisions that one can't even remember them all.

Its ridiculous; pick a team; just about any team in the NFL and there is some cause for hope - but not here - will got an old tired conservative owner (AND YES, THE BUCK STOPS WITH HER - SHES NEEDS TO GET PUT ON THE BURNER - BECAUSE I"M PAYING HER DAMN SS CHECKS), an accountant for president, a pompous self serving dreamer for GM, a conservative out dated coach and defensive philosophy. An offensive coordinator who is unimaginative..

and the scary thing is - these guys are better, yes, better than what we've had in the past. This franchise is starting to remind me of my EX-WIFE... unreliable, unable to deliver, financially and emotionally expensive

I hope Virginia eats a lot of saturated fat this week... because JA has made the rest of us eat BS for a long time. And you know, or a long time I thought he was (more or less) accurate in his assessments. No MAS.

Great one!!!

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