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Bears-Cardinals injury report, Nov. 6: Hester, Boldin questionable

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Here is the official final injury report of the week. Devin Hester has been listed as questionable, but he is expected to start Sunday. We'll see about Arizona wide receiver Anquan Boldin, who has the same designation.



WR Devin Hester, ankle--DNP, DNP, LIM
FS Danieal Manning, back--XXXX, LIM, LIM


LB Lance Briggs, shoulder--LIM, FULL, FULL
DT Tommie Harris, knee--LIM, FULL, FULL
DE Adewale Ogunleye, ankle--LIM, FULL, FULL
TE Greg Olsen, ankle--LIM, FULL, FULL
S Craig Steltz, biceps--LIM, FULL, FULL
DT Matt Toeaina, calf--LIM, FULL, FULL
DT Israel Idonije, knee--FULL, FULL, FULL



WR Anquan Boldin, ankle--DNP, DNP, LIM
LB Gerald Hayes, back--DNP, LIM, LIM
DE Kenny Iwebema, knee--LIM, LIM, LIM
WR Sean Morey, ill--LIM, LIM, LIM
CB Michael Adams, hamstring--XXX, XXX, LIM


DT Darnell Dockett, ankle--DNP, LIM, LIM
S Antrel Rolle, foot--LIM, LIM, LIM
WR Steve Breaston, knee--LIM, LIM, LIM
K Neil Rackers, right hamstring--LIM, FULL, FULL
OL Herman Johnson, back--FULL, FULL, FULL
TE Stephen Spach, ankle--FULL, FULL, FULL
CB D. Rodgers-Cromartie, finger--FULL, FULL, FULL
RB Jason Wright, thumb--FULL, FULL, FULL
G Reggie Wells, thumb--FULL, FULL, FULL

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While the Bears offensive line has been targeted by critics of late, it’s not always correct to assume that the line is responsible for allowing sacks.

“I think it’s sometimes blown out of proportion,” said offensive coordinator Ron Turner. “We give up four sacks and everyone says the line gave up four sacks. The line didn’t necessarily give up four sacks. If you get a sack, it can be the quarterback, a receiver, the tight end, a back; it can be a lot of people responsible for that.

“The line’s doing some good things. I know everyone’s talking about them and all that stuff. But we’re doing some good things. We have a good offensive line and they’re doing some things. They’re playing well.”

Laryy Mayer.

Really? The lines issue is "overblown"? The Line is doing good? We have a good OL? Please tell me what substance these guys are on, so that I can go and ask my doctor. Because I would love to be so delusional. We need an entirely new staff and we need it now? I am through having such blind hope in people that don't care.

Bears' coaches have made it redundantly clear that they're never going to use the media to light a fire under anybody's ass. When's the last time you heard Turner or Smith sound personally disappointed about any player? Did they even do that about Benson?

This coming week, the Bears MUST get Forte involved in the passing game in a meaningful way. He hasn't been a consistent factor in the passing game. With Hester streaking together two good games consecutively, perhaps he'll open up the flat by drawing both a linebacker's and cornerback's attention when he runs a slant route to allow room for Forte on a swing pass.

The Bears might also consider an inside screen play. Yes, I realize it could be depressing if/when Darnell Dockett (a REAL 3-technique tackle with gas in the tank...and his knees. Hopefully his ankle slows him down a bit) busts a play like that up, but on the off-chance we can bottle him up, and lead Arizona's DE's into a fast pass rush on the edge, we might get away with something on a play like this. Provided Cutler just throws it at Forte's feet if the play just isn't there, this play can't be any worse than a running play where Forte is met in the backfield.

Ish why are you reading anything Mayer rights? You know better.

Arlen Dockett is a three tech but he is not a ture Under Tackle. He does not have the pass rush ability of a Under Tackle although he is much more effective than Harris at this point in their careers. Angelo could have easily drafted Dockett in round 2 of the 2004 draft but decided he liked Tank Johnson more. Ooops. If you want the Bears system too work you need a very elite Under Tackle. The Best Under Tackles to play in a 1 Gap Tampa two style scheme are in order: "Mean" Joe Green and the Steel Curtain defense, father of the Tampa two, John Randel The 90's Vikings not a great defense but maybe the best Under Tackle to ever play, Warren Sapp mid and late 90's Bucs. The 05 and 06 Bears, a lot of people blame Harris for the decline in the defense, but I think it is both the decline of Harris and Urlacher, who has been in decline sense 07. Thats when the holes in the middle of the defense began to get bigger. The MLB really is a major need for the defense and you really notice the problems the defense has when he is not on the field.

To Build it you really need:
2 Prototypical pass rushing ends
1 Very athletic Under Tackle who can pass rush like a top DE.
1 DT who is very stout against the run but can also pass rush.
1 MLB Who has the abilities and speed of a big Safety
1 WIL LB who is a strong tackler, and can cover a lot of ground, needs to be strong in coverage.
1 Sam LB who can cover a TE all day, does not need to be a pass rusher.
2 Hybrid Safety's who canplay the run like a strong safety and cover like a FS, coverage skills are the first prioity,
2 Corners who need to be strong against the run, but don't need to be strong in man coverage as they play a zone and have lots of help.

Corners are the easiest position to fill in the Tampa 2, but the line is almost impossible to build. The LB's again are not easy to find and the Mike is really hard to fill. The Saety's as we have seen in the Angelo years are very hard to find as well. No one has come close to building a 1 gap scheme that could rival the Steelers and every year it becomes harder and harder to find the right players as defenses leaning more towards the 3-4 or 2 gap scheme.

The Tampa 2 is easily one of the most difficult defenses to build. The model is the Seelers teams of the 70's 8 All Pro's and 4 HOF players, and that really should be 6 HOF players but the HOF committee are full of idiots.

Creighton, who's your pick for tomorrow? Obviously I always pull for the Bears, but sadly this season looks done and any loss does ever so slightly more grease the skids for Lovie (and hopefully Jerry and the McCaskey's) exit. :) Hope your loved one has been feeling better.

This season hasn't gone as well as I hoped, but some of you guys are making it sound like the season is already over. Its still early, take away the Bengals game, and Chicago has been in all of their games this year. The Bears could have easily beaten either the Packers or the Falcons and be 6-1 right now. Its just the mistakes, but with a new quarterback and three new linemen, mistakes are inevitable. I realize the sting of that Bengals game isn't going away any time soon, but no team is perfect.

You also gotta take into consideration the injuries. Losing Urlacher hurt the Bears, Tommie Harris isn't the same player he once was, and I agree with other fans that Forte is playing hurt, even if he isn't, over 600 touches the last two seasons will slow down anyone. And guys, injuries are no ones fault. Injuries are simply part of the game, its football, a contact sport.

Urlacher will be back next year, and who knows, had Urlacher stayed healthy, maybe the Bears beat the Falcons and probably wouldn't have gotten blown away by the Bengals had they had Urlacher?

As far as Harris, Chicago put a lot of money in him and he hasn't been the same player that went to 3 straight Pro-Bowls since. Who would have known? Its simply bad luck, no ones fault. Harris was a great player when Chicago gave him his payday. Again, the injuries have tooken a toll on his play. Chicago has brought in a player to eventually replace Harris in Jarron Gilbert. Gilbert isn't ready as a rookie, that doesn't mean he isn't a good player. Remember Earl Bennett who was nowhere to be found as a rookie, he came on in his second year. Same with guard Josh Beekman, never seen the field as a rookie, but he came in and started at guard in his second year in the league. Not all rookies are NFL ready straight out of college. Give Gilbert a year, he could surprise.

As for Forte, I think Chicago knew he was gonna hit a wall this year, thats probably why they signed Kevin Jones to a three year deal. Jones went down. Again injuries, part of the game. This off-season Chicago needs to bring in another back, but, had Jones stayed healthy, Chicago would have probably been a better run team right now with two runners like Forte & Jones.

The Vikings are doing great right now, but ask yourself, where are they gonna be in a year when Favre retires? The Bears will still have Jay Cutler, the Vikes will be right back where they started with no quarterback. As for Green Bay, their line is no better than Chicago's. At least Chicago has a young tackle like Chris Williams who will only get better with time, and a young guard/center in Josh Beekman, throw in a draft pick this april at left guard, and Chicago is on their way up front. Don't forget a developmental guy like 7th rounder Lance Louis, the 6-3 303lb guard can run a 4.7 40, has a 30-inch vertical jump, and can put up 30 reps on the bench press. He made the 53 man roster and played with the second team during the pre-season, he's another one to watch out for in a season. Chicago has some young up and comers in Williams, Beekman, and Louis. Give em time to develop. This has been a glass is half full message from Kevin Armstead, as always GO BEARS!!

Kevin, your optimism is eternal. Let's hope you're right.

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