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Bears-49ers injury report, Nov. 10

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The Bears were without safeties Al Afalava and Kevin Payne today at practice but coach Lovie Smith didn't rule them out yet for Thursday. The team will have a practice Wednesday morning before departing for San Francisco. Here is the injury report for today with no changes for the Bears off the projected report that was released on Monday:


SS Al Afalava, shoulder--DNP, DNP,
S Kevin Payne, back--DNP, DNP,
RB Garrett Wolfe, kidney--DNP, DNP,
TE Desmond Clark, neck--LIM, LIM,
DT Tommie Harris, knee--LIM, LIM,
CB Charles Tillman, shoulder--LIM, LIM,

San Francisco

CB Nate Clements, shoulder--OUT
RB Glen Coffee, concussion--OUT
DT Demetric Evans, shoulder--OUT
LT Joe Staley, knee--OUT
S Michael Lewis, quadricep--DNP, FULL,
RB Michael Robinson, stinger--DNP, FULL,
DE Justin Smith, not injury related--DNP, FULL (removed from injury report)
LB Takeo Spikes, shoulder--DNP, LIM,
S Curtis Taylor, shin--DNP, FULL,
TE Vernon Davis, shoulder--LIM, FULL,
WR Jason Hill, ankle--LIM, FULL,
TE Dalanie Walker, shin/knee--LIM, FULL,
G David Baas, stinger--FULL, FULL,
CB Tarell Brown, rib--FULL, FULL,
RB Frank Gore, eye lid--FULL, FULL,

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Did anybody check out Mr. Orton last night??? He's baaaaaaacccccckkkkkk!!!! I told you all he sucks. The new Bronco "O" is on film now and everybody will figure out Orton! Didn't he start off hot last year too? I'm sooooooooooooo glad he's gone!! CHOW, Neckbeard, you still suck and by next year, you will be replaced!!Hahahahahaha.....It feels good to be usual!!!!!

Well at least one Bears fan is happy about something LOL. Here you go NBS, some posts from bitter Denver fans. Oh and the disappointment is still fresh off of last night's game. Enjoy but don't let it spoil your appetite!

Posted by Mark Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:43 pm EST Report Abuse
Tell me again, why did Denver get rid of Cutler??? Orton is the WORST quarterback in the NFL. Period!!!!!!!

Posted by tony f Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:00 am EST Report Abuse
i would like to know why they are keeping ortin in the game or any game he could never play to win and marshall to when he started he couldn't even catch a ball

Posted by David Tue Nov 10, 2009 12:03 am EST Report Abuse
Orton is awful, im a denver fan but they should be 4-4 gotton lucky i think there true colors showed tonight
(last week too)

Posted by S Tue Nov 10, 2009 3:15 am EST Report Abuse
short passes dont win games,interceptions dont win games, 2 weeks now and the teams have figured the broncos out... better change that QB soon..... or u will be 6-10... just like i predected.......

Posted by William B Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:53 am EST Report Abuse
The Real KYLE ORTON has stepped forward!
Can Denver bring CUTLER back, they really need him badly
Josh McDaniels decision on Cutler is now haunting him!

I've always wanted to root for Orton in Denver, but NEVER as much as I felt the need to put morons in their place who somehow think that Kyle Orton is as good a QB as Jay Cutler.

The Broncos may very well win this trade, but with terrible defense and a terrible O-line, it's a good thing we have Cutler, or else we'd be worse than 4-4. Having Jeremey Maclin, Orton, whatever 3rd round pick we'd make and a pick in our pockets for next year wouldn't make this team any better in the short run, and the long run, obviously none of us can answer that yet.

It will NEVER be a blowout trade unless Cutler suffers a career ending injury.

Bears match up well with the 9ers I actully wish it is was a long week, cause they have a travel day. I would take the Bears at home, in SF it should be close.

NBS you can't be right about multiple things because you only talk about one thing. Any fan of football knows Orton is not a good QB. But where were you 3 weeks ago when this blog was invaded by Bronco fans, in hiding? Only guy on this board who went after them was me, and I told emmm they would loose against the Ravens and Steelers. Once you stop worrying about the deep ball and just play the short game and actually get after Orton, he is done. Can't stretch the field, and needs a great defense, O-Line and running game to make him look good. Scheme against the short game and the run, apply pressure and he is done.

To bad you missed it, the #### hit the fan and once again you where in hiding. You don't like Orton, thats fine, but you only say it way he has a bad game and go into hiding when he has a good game. Grow a pair. Bronco fans are easy pickings and you hid from them.

If we have that much injuries at RB, why not sign L. Johnson.
We need a spark and L Johnson is a down hill runner and can move the chains.
Forte and Johnson is a two headed monster that can get us back in this playoff run in the second half of the season.

I see free safety Danieal Manning is leading the Bears in tackles, which individually, is all good for Manning. But as far as for the team, thats not a good thing when a safety is leading the team in tackles. Excluding weakside linebacker Lance Briggs, the rest of the front 7 need to step their game up a little.

Its nice to see Charles Tillman is alright, without Tillman, Chicago would be hurting. Hopefully both Kevin Payne and Al Afalava will be ready to go thursday night also. I'd still like to see Kevin Payne get a shot at strong safety. Payne had 8 tackles sunday, making him 4th on the team in tackles sunday, and didn't even start the entire game. As for the season, Payne's only a couple tackles behind Afalava. Payne seems to be around the ball a lot more than Afalava.

I also hope running back Garrett Wolfe will be alright, he probably won't play thursday night, but hopefully he'll be back in a week here. The Bears running game has actually been getting better, Matt Forte has avg 4.0 yards over the last three games. Hmmm...maybe putting Josh Beekman in at left guard did make a difference? Forte hasn't had a lot of opportunities with Chicago being behind so much, but when he has had a chance to run, he's looked better as of late. Hopefully Chicago can step up a little on defense, we'll see GO BEARS!!

Neither Payne nor Afalava are practicing. That does not bode well. The only thing we have going for us is that Alex Smith is not a deep ball QB, so Steltz will not get us killed in the passing game. Why not try Graham at free, and move Manning to strong? The safeties are relatively interchangeable in this defense, and Manning is very good around the line of scrimmage. We might need Graham in at CB if Tillman re-tweaks the shoulder, or Bowman falls, and can't get up, so that might not work, but any chance we have to not put Steltz on the field is one we should take. Maybe Bullocks will actually get a chance to play for once if they can't go....

Is Clark going to be an issue playing with a neck injury? I would like to see a little more Kellen Davis on the other side of Olsen, as they are big targets who can create trouble for the opposing defense.

None of it matters if the defense shows up like it did on Sunday....If we give up 30+ points to the Niners, Lovie should not make it through the end of the season....

ahhh...hey NBS you cant say you are allways right sense it is ME whos allways RUIGHT!! tahts right LOOSERS I AM LLWAYS RIGHRT ANS I ONLY GIVE FACTS!!!!! get it staright!! i told you wiliams was a BUST ansd forte was a BUST ans evryone else who ANGELO drafts is a BUST!! man if i was running this team like i do in madden on rokie mode teh looser bears would be UNDEFFEETERD!!!! but NOOOOO my mommy wont let me go outsides!!! :)

but you gays now me old crap-ton...just trying to be posative...

p.s. i was in the marines!! i was in teh cops!!! ans i wore my pink panties back then to! ;)

3 point spread .... wow ... losts of people can make a lot of money on this one. I say 49ers by at least 9.5 more like 12. Because the Bears O is almost as bad as their D and they got the whole travel thing on a short week.

These BEARS are abyssmal.

Final Score

49ers 27
Bears 17

Brothers!!! Now is the time to strike he with no genitals......Creighton! We shall strike fast and hard for Creighton is an overweight necrophiliac!!! Hahahah!!!!!! In fact CreighTON as his name implies is probably over a ton! So Tripper, MD homo and NBS... the plan will be to sneak up on his bloated behind when he is playing World of WEarcraft in his mom's basement.....and then POW!! BAM!!! Schrute force attacks!!! Hahaha!!! Just be carefull of his mom she is a big lady and arm wrestles fishermen down on the docks.... :(

But oncew we get past her and her famous beard...victory will be ours!! Hahahaha!!!!! We are coming Creighton!! Be ready!!!

Yeh Manning is playing real well, he is playing so good that he was capable of tackling Bennie Wells 3 times on one play. So good in fact that he and the rest of the seondary gave up 10 TD's in two games, so good that Arizona's TE's got a TD each, two guys that had a total of one TD in two years.

Troy Polamalu has 19 tackles
Ed Reed 34 tackles
Danial Manning 61 tackles, to bad they all come after someone catches the ball for a 15 yard gain, way to go Manning. Manning is so much better than those loosers cause he has more tackles. LMAO

Talkin about tackles???? Hahahahaha. Lots of tackles=good, hahahaha. You know what equals good? Being good. Which he is not. They show up against Anderson, but god forbid a good QB is on the field cause they are getting a whipping.

Thank god for Alex Smith, just don't disguise yourself as the broad side of a barn Bears secondary, cause the ball will never come near you.

"Matt Forte has 4.0 avg over the last three games" "Way to go Beekman"

Beekman has only started 2 games, 1 was against the Browns.

So how has Beekman done in those games? Cutler has been sacked 8 times in the two games Beekman has started and Forte had 33 whole yards in his last game. His average against the Browns was 3.5 yards per carry. Look out now. Are we running off the bus again?

Five whole attempts in one game, 16 Power O. Thats ballin, thats what that is.

Forte's best Games have been against the Lions and the Browns. Stop, how did he ever get any yards against those beasts. Hahahahaha. By the way Against the Lions with Omiyale in he had a 10 yard per carry avg and 120 yards rushing, I guess that means Omiyale is good. In two games with Beekman he had 123 yards only 3 more than one game with Omiyale. So who is better? I think Beekman may be worse than Omiyale, the line has given up more sacks with him and is running the ball even less. Way to go Omiyale, your the man, hahahahahaha.

If you want to talk about performance, lets.
How good is Jay Cutler? Cutler is being asked to do more with the Bears, with fewer parts than anytime in his career. Nobody will argue that Denver has a better line and Better recievers in Marshall, Royal and Gaffney. Yet lets look at the numbers.

With Orton at QB this is what their top 3 recievers are doing.
Rec 92
YDS 991
AVG 10.7
TD 4

Cutlers Top 3 recievers are Bennett, Hester and Knox
REC 101
YDS 1315
AVG 13
TD 6

Cutler vs. Orton
Att. 286 vs. 269
PCT. 63.6 vs. 63.2
AVG 7.2 VS. 5.8
TD 14 vs. 9
Rush TD 2 vs 0
Tot TD 16 vs 9 almost double.

Cutler has more picks their is no question, but given what he is working with his numbers are almost amazing. If his recievers learn to finish their routs and he gets better protection and a running game which would actually allow him to do effective play action, his numbers would be through the roof. Cutler has one weakness and that is he tries to do to much with to little. If Orton was still the QB of this team my guess is they have 2 wins. You saw in his last two games how well he reacts to pressure.

The last thing I want to say about Cutler is that people often question his attitude or leadership. But you have not heard him blame anyone for picks, not when Knox fell down in the GB game, not when Bennett quit on his rout in Arizona, not when Hester gave up on a rout 3 times only to see the ball fall right in front of him for what would have been TD's. He has said nothing. But when Pace had a false start against the Falcons late in the game. It was Cutler that took the blame even though it was clear Pace messed up. When his recievers were being mugged against Arizona it was Cutler that went after the officials while his coach stood their doing and saying nothing. The Bears line has been horrible but he has said nothing, when 350 pound Rogers leveled him he made a joke about it. If you wonder why Cutler has been on the field at the end of blowout's, its because he does not want to come off the field even though he was taking a beating. Because that is his offense and he is not quiting on them. Unlike the defense who came out in two games and quit. Thats what a leader and a franchise QB looks like. After every hit he gets up and is doing everything he can to try and make this team win. He is the one guy I can see leaving it all on the field.

The first thing Jim McMahon who was not the most popular guy his first year ever said to his offense was "Hey shut the f### up, this is my huddle and I am the only one that talks"

Very nicely put on the Cutler maturity/leaderhip/attitude issue. I was thinking the same thing. If we had half as much leadership coming from the coaching staff, we would not be as bad as we are. He may not be conventional in his methods, but this kid will not quit, and he will give it everything he's got. Too bad his surrounding cast can't say the same thing.

To me that is the biggest reason that this coaching staff has to go. Lovie challenges the play when he wants to give his guys an ego stroke, not when he thinks the call was wrong. He doesn't fight on bad or missed calls. I'm not saying he has to be Gruden, or Ditka on the sideline, but he needs to do something other than stare blankly at the game like he is seeing it for the first time. There is no direction coming from the coaching staff. The players have gotten soft, and have tuned out the Lovie-speak. Marinelli has had an impact in technique of the D-linemen, which is obvious, but the results simply are not there the last several weeks. The defense is crumbling under the dead weight of this scheme, yet the adjustments/changes are not happening to make things better.

Jerry has to see that Lovie has lost this team. Bottom line is that to keep his job, Jerry needs to sacrifice someone. If Lovie wants to keep his job, he has to sacrifice a lot of someone's. Turner and Babich getting canned might be enough to save Lovie's job. A commitment to a new defensive scheme might save him. But for Jerry, the thing that will give him a few more years is a firing of the entire staff (except for Toub), and replacing them with a new system and "reloading," since there are too many stars and $s invested in the players to rebuild. Since they will have to pay Lovie Smith for another 2 years, they will go cheap on the coaching staff. I say you go for Jeff Jagodzinski for offensive Coordinator, or head coach if you fire Lovie. If Jags is your head coach, you can find all sorts of offensive coordinators to coach for him.

Defense is a little more tricky. Given the players we have under contract for next year, it may sound funny, but Greg Blache's defense is a perfect fit. Gilbert, Idonije, Melton, Brown, Harrison, Toeaina, Gaines Adams, and Anthony Adams are all guys that can stop the run first, and then get after the passer, if they get the right scheme and coaching. Briggs and Urlacher are good in both phases of the game, so they can play any scheme. We have swayed towards the defense as far as draft and investment over the last several years, so we have to count on them for a few years while we focus on building the offense around Cutler. So that means using the same players, and a different scheme to get a better result. There are a bunch of 4-3 defensive coordinators that can help this team.

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