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Bears-49ers injury report, Nov. 9

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Because the Bears play at San Francisco on Thursday night, they are required to release an injury report for the game today. It is based on what level of participation the players would have had had there actually been practice today. The Bears will practice Tuesday.


SS Al Afalava, shoulder--DNP,
S Kevin Payne, back--DNP,
RB Garrett Wolfe, kidney--DNP,
TE Desmond Clark, neck--LIM,
DT Tommie Harris, knee--LIM,
CB Charles Tillman, shoulder--LIM,

San Francisco

CB Nate Clements, shoulder--OUT,
RB Glen Coffee, concussion--OUT,
DT Demetric Evans, shoulder--OUT,
LT Joe Staley, knee--OUT,
S Michael Lewis, quadricep--DNP,
RB Michael Robinson, stinger--DNP,
DE Justin Smith, not injury related--DNP,
LB Takeo Spikes, shoulder--DNP,
S Curtis Taylor, shin--DNP,
TE Vernon Davis, shoulder--LIM,
WR Jason Hill, ankle--LIM,
TE Dalanie Walker, shin/knee--LIM,
G David Baas, stinger--FULL,
CB Tarell Brown, rib--FULL,
RB Frank Gore, eye lid--FULL

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How was Tommy limited? did he get worn out on 4 plays?

DT Tommie Harris, knee--LIM,

Oops, better revise that to

DT Tommie Harris, knee--LIM (by brain the size of a pea),

Hey everyone, I've been away for a while. But here's my thoughts from Sunday's game:

First of all, the thing that stood out to me the most was the fans at Soldier Field. We were down like three TDs or more at one point but the fans never quit, they never stopped cheering even for things as minimal as 10 yard gains. They continued to make noise when the Cardinal's offense took the field, they were in it until the very end. This team does not deserve fans like that.

Next, some quotes from the commentating duo of Aikman and Buck.

"I thought high school teams played on Friday."

"This is embarassing."

Indeed. When Lovie Smith's defense goes up against one of the best receivers in the game in Larry Fitzgerald, and they never had the intention of double covering him -- but to leave him alone in single man coverage against Tillman and then Bowman -- my word, that shows a complete lack of understanding the game, a complete lack of preparation, and a complete lack of reality.

And what's to say about the multitude of missed tackles? Our guys are hitting high and not wrapping up. This is the philosophy of Lovie Smith where takeaways are of the highest importance. And while they are nice, when the ballcarrier breaks loose for an extra twenty yards, wouldn't it be better to just bring the guy down with a sure tackle?

On offense, how is it that none of the receivers or TEs help Cutler out when the pocket collapses and he's forced to scramble? They just stand where they are, while being covered, and simply look at him running for his life in the backfield. In grade school we'd play playground football and we always moved around to get open for the catch. It's just instinct, isn't it? I know this sounds crazy, but I feel as if the coaching staff is beyond competely inept at doing their jobs. They are actually teaching the wrong things on purpose.

Oh yeah, way to kill the momentum early Ron Turner by pulling the plug on a working passing game with the reverse to Hester that dropped us back 10 yards. It could have actually been a shootout if not for that hopelessly moronic call.

I used to have an emotional attachment to the Bears. Like if they won, I would be ecstatic. And if they lost, the whole week after I would be in a gloomy muck. But I stopped caring like that since the Atlanta game. Now, blowout or not, I simply go "eh" and see what other games are on. Thanks, Lovie.

Laughing my butt off, what a great reply by Rick. That made my day. That should be an article on the front page of the Suntimes.

Start Craig Steltz! Do it! It cant get any worse...:-)

I absolutely love the Bears in this situation on Thursday Night

Expect them to bounce back against a 49ers squad who has lost faith after starting the season 3-1 with the sole loss coming in the final seconds to the Vikings... now losing 4 straight...

For more analysis check out :

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