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Apology time: Sizing up an implosion by Cutler, Bears

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SAN FRANCISCO--Folks, it might be time for some people to offer up an apology of sorts to KC Joyner, who runs the Web site

Joyner was flamed thoroughly on here back in the spring for some of his observations when it came to Jay Cutler. I haven't seen Joyner do an I-told-you-so, but his articles and statistics on Cutler and risk taking look to have proven quite accurate now through nine games. His five-interception performance Thursday night at Candlestick Park was a stunner. He leads the NFL now with 17 interceptions. Let's put that in perspective--Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman combined for 14 last season. The Bears had 21 interceptions as a team in 2007. When Grossman cemented his risk-taker image in 2006, he threw 20 interceptions. As it stands, Cutler is on pace for 30 picks. The franchise record is 31 set by good ol' Sid Luckman back in 1947. Bill Wade tossed 24 in 1962 and George Blanda had 24 in 1953. Johnny Lujack threw 22 in 1949.

"I don't,'' Cutler said when asked to explain the turnovers. "I have to go back and look at it.''

Yes, Cutler supporters are going to rush to his defense, as they did after the four-pick performance at Green Bay, and claim they were not his fault. Hold on a minute on that. Cutler two red-zone interceptions now give him five for the season and nine in the last 25 games dating back to last season. That's throwing away a minimum of three points (chip shot field goal) every time.

Pick 1. His first pick, snared by nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin at the one-yard line, ended an 88-yard, 18-play drive that took up more than nine minutes in the first half. Talk about a momentum killer. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner said he could have made a better call on third-and-goal at the one. Fine. Don't throw the ball into intense coverage of tight end Kellen Davis, though. The blame goes to Cutler.

Pick 2. The second pick came after Devin Hester fell down coming out of his break on a deep comeback. It looked like Hester's fault but the ball never should have been thrown to him. Tarell Brown was playing way off of Hester. The wide receiver tried to beat him with a little stutter-and-go move but Brown was playing so far off, nothing of the sort was going to work. He was sitting all over the route.

"The corner sat,'' Hester said. "I was trying to come out of the break because he was anticipating the route. So he was going to get there before me. By the time I got close to him he was getting ready to jump the route, so I tried to hurry up and come out and beat him to it.''

Hester stumbled to the turf, Brown intercepted and returned the ball 51 yards to the 49ers' 14-yard line. Frank Gore scored on a run on the next play, the game's only touchdown. Here's the bottom line: The ball never should have been thrown to Hester. Brown was all over the route and Cutler should have recognized that.

Pick 3. Pressured in the pocket, Cutler tried to push the ball to Hester, who was crossing the field. I haven't seen all the TV replays but it appeared he was impeded by the umpire on the play and Dashon Goldson made the pick. This was a result of Cutler trying to make a play, not a bad decision if the replays hold up.

Pick 4. Mark Roman beat Davis to a ball over the middle of the field for an interception. The big tight end needs to find a way to win this battle here, but it's what happens when a quarterback tries to fit a pass into a tight spot. The play was doomed from the start though as the snap to Cutler in the shotgun was on the ground.

Pick 5. Cutler stepped up in the pocket and threw for Greg Olsen in the back of the end zone but the Niners knew he'd be looking to his favorite target and this play had no chance with Michael Lewis easily intercepting.

What Joyner wrote about Cutler and his decision making really looks accurate at this point. You can't blame the Denver defense anymore, either, as he's one short of the career-high 18 interceptions he threw with the Broncos last season. Cutler apologized to the defense afterward. Who needs to apologize to Joyner?

Here are 10 more observations before I pack my bags and head toward the airport:

1. Solid game from defensive tackle Tommie Harris, but now he needs to multiply that by about seven more games. He got into the backfield and made some plays and blew up running back Frank Gore on one play. Press box statistics gave him three tackles and two stops for loss. But Harris can't keep racking up inexcusable offside penalties. He's a tackle. The ball is right in front of him. It's pretty simple.

2. Alex Brown has been better this season than he was in this game. The 49ers had a journeyman at left tackle in Barry Sims and I know they have him a fair amount of help, but the Bears needed to dominate there. That could have led to a turnovers if the Bears could have gotten more pressure on rattled quarterback Alex Smith, who looked like he was playing not to lose more than he was playing to win.

3. Lovie Smith is no Jim Mora, that's for sure.

"Sure, we can make the playoffs,'' he said. "We have five losses right now. Five losses won't keep you out of the playoffs, but for us it's about getting a win. Philadelphia is coming up next. Again, there are some bright things that we can build on. There's a lot of football left to go. Two 9-7 teams, I think, made it in [last year]. But that's a long ways away. As much as anything for us, we just need to be able to finish a game and get a win.''

Actually, one 9-7 team and an 8-8 club made it into the postseason last year. But the problem with that logic is they were both division winners. Arizona got in at 9-7 as the champ of the NFC West, and San Diego beat out Cutler's Broncos with an 8-8 record in the AFC West. At 4-5, the Bears have a 2-4 record in the NFC, and that will not help with tiebreakers. It is worth nothing Washington got a wild card at 9-7 in 2007. The year before that, Kansas City and Dallas both won wild-card berths with 9-7 marks and the Giants got a wild-card bid at 8-8.

But this Bears' team doesn't look like it is fixing to play on the second weekend of January, not with the wild fluctuations by both sides of the ball.

4. Who said the Bears cannot run an effective screen pass? Those screen passes to the left with center Olin Kreutz, he of the bad snap, and left guard Josh Beekman pulling worked very well. Matt Forte didn't look real fast in the open field but you can't argue with eight catches for a career-high 120 yards.

5. Robbie Gould's second field goal from 38 yards came after Cutler threw a one-yard pass to Earl Bennett on third-and-eight. The play call has to demand that the Bears have a better chance of getting the ball past the sticks for a first down. That's really a give-up play right there. They have to get a better call in that particular situation.

6. Eleven of Cutler's interceptions have come in the prime-time losses to Green Bay, Atlanta and San Francisco. Don't look now, but the Eagles' game will be on NBC's "Sunday Night Football.'' Really, the defense has played well in all of those games. The Niners managed just 216 yards total offense, the second-best effort on the season for the defense. But should we count stats vs. the lowly Cleveland Browns? The defense gave up 226 yards at Green Bay and 253 at Atlanta. That is difficult to accept right there.

7. So, Vernon Davis wins the war of words, right?

"I don't want to even answer that question,'' Ogunleye said when asked if he was motivated by Davis' remarks this week. "I go out here everyday regardless of who is on the other side of the ball and play my best game. I try to go out and show pride in myself, my family and my last name. I don't care what another guy says. I can't care less.''

Davis said the Niners would dominate up front and he sure did on one play when he flattened linebacker Nick Roach, who was shaken up on the play.

8. Of the 10 penalties for 75 yards the Bears got, two were inexcusable. The delay of game before Gould's field goal before the end of the first half (when the Bears had a timeout remaining) and the unnecessary roughness call against Chris Williams for jumping into the pile on the final drive of the fourth quarter. It wasn't a good game for Williams, who was steamrolled in the first quarter on one play by Ray McDonald.

9. The Niners had 90 yards in interception returns, more than twice as many as the Bears had rushing. Forte finished with 41 yards on 20 carries but at least Turner stayed committed. Anymore throws and Cutler could have had a six-pack.

10. With 10 days to get ready for the Eagles, hopefully the Bears can make productive use of the time. Brown said he'll take a day to reflect and rest up before getting back to it. The Bears should get an extra practice on Monday. They need it at this point.

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People where not mad because he was called a risk taker Brad, people were mad because he was compared to Rex. He is a gunslinger and everyone knew that. Notice his play in Denver was much better than it is here. But if it makes you feel better he was right about Cutler taking to many risks, way to many, so I am sorry FOR THAT.

But after watching the game again I noticed some things that mention off handedly.

1. The 9ers were sitting on the passsing game and on every rout, they had the passing game covered.

2. They had no fear of the running game and crushed it.

3. Only one play on offense was working, that left screen.

4. That snap is a big reason for that 4th pick because it knocks off the timing of the rout.

5. The Bears and Lovie in perticular are making Cutler stay in the pocket

7. No bootlegs, or play action.

9. One of the things that used to make Favre great was the bootleg in the red zone, naked bootleg right.

10. I can excuse picks 2,3,4 those can happen in a game, but like I said before the picks in the red have no excuse.

11. Its not just Cutler's fault, say what you will but nobody else on offense did a damn thing. Hester had two penalties, got knocked off his rout by an official, and fell down.

12. The offense is asking Cutler to do to much.

13. Cutler is trying to do to much and he blew the game.

But all this got me to thinking, now we know Cutler has little in the way of weapons and a line and Turners play calling is just plain predictable. But Cutler himself is not playing up to the form he played last year. He mechanics are getting worse, and he is not picking up the blitzes like he did in denver. At times he and the rest of the offense seem either lost or not on the same page.

Now Cutler reminds me of one QB in terms of play style and thats early Favre. Who had a 24 interception season his 3rd year but had better weapons. Favre and Cutler are very similar at this point in their Careers but Favre had something Cutler didn't, probably the thing that helped him more than anything.

Mike Holmgren, Favre was coached and tutored by Holmgren who is one of the best QB coaches in the history of the NFL, having coached 3 HOF QB's. He was a first generation Walsh disiple as well, and his coaching tree has garnered 2 Super Bowl Head coaches. While in GB the offensive staff that worked with Favre consisted of Andy Ried, Jon Gruden, Steve Mariucci and Holmgren. Favre needed a lot of coaching early and he got it. Cutler has that level of talent, but does not have that level of coaching. Thats a total of 3 Super Bowl Head Coaches and four multiple playoff coaches. Coaching 1 QB.

Cutlers Coaches include Lovie Smith who has nothing to do with the offense, Ron Turner who also seems to have little to do with the offense and has never coached up a QB in his life, and Pep Hamilton as his QB coach. Hamilton has coached such QB's as Chad Pennington who struggled with Hamilton and got better after he left, Brooks Bollinger, and are you ready for this? Alex Smith.

Cutler needs work no question, he has all the talent, but that talent will go to waste. Do you actually trust Lovie, Turner, and Pep to coach up Cutler?

Holmngren literally used to work 1 on 1 with Favre and helped him correct his footwork. Who is going to do that with Cutler? Holmngren was a master, while the Bears basically have a garbage staff.

Hub Arkush actually said 2 days before the game that Lovies staff was considered one of the weakest in football and that he has horrible taste in assitant coaches.

Not trying to excuse Cutler, but I am just wondering how they will fix the problem? Cause I don't think they can. They don't have the staff and they don't have the talent around him.

Why would any QB want to come here? To play for R. Turner. Why would any player want to play here? I don't know what it is, I feel sorry for this team? I feel sorry for there fans. I think R. Turner sucks. L. is uninspired. God its was nice to see Singletary chew out his O-line after they couldn't get 1 yard.

Because now, for the next 3-4 games we'll here, "we still have a chance, etc etc" - when instead they could and should begin to give the younger players PT they need to develop. Pending the prognosis on Orlando "Ole' El Paso" Pace, they should reshuffle this O-line immediately with an eye towards 2010.

Keep playing T. Harris; at least we saw effort last night; promote him as the #1 player on the market in the off season.

Aromosodu should be on the field more - Cutler seems to like big targets. Not small ones. Hester should also be spun off for draft pick value. Its time to rebuild.

J. Gilbert, where is this guy? Can we at least get him some game action before we're 4-12. DJ Moore, ditto. If he play's so big for his size, lets see it.

One of the few extremely bright spots this year = Earl Bennett, all he does is catch the ball...

Can't believe I stayed up until 4.30 in the morning to watch this mess. Sure Cutler might have been unlucky on one or two of the picks, but throwing them in the red zone...? That O-line is almost non-exsistent. If Williams is the future at LT then God help us. The Bears now have so many needs to address that it will take years of good drafting (not something JA is known for) and astute free agency signings to even get this team anywhere near being contenders. The O-line needs at least 3 new guys (I'd redo it form scratch), as well as the receivers have held up we still lack a true No 1 wideout, Forte could do with a change-of-pace back to help him, still not sure about the D-line... I doubt Harris will ever return to Pro-bowl form and the pass-rush is still inconsistent. Didn't catch sight of Gaines Adams... surely he can't be having trouble with the scheme? The Linebacker corp has been decimated and it shows how much we will miss Urlacher when he retires. Secondary is still an issue. Coaching is poor. Ron Turner is as clueless as it comes. Every week he apologies and tells us he could have made better calls. Not sure Lovie has elevated the defensive calls much, but I'd still take him over Babich. Even that game against the Rams is starting to look like a question maek now...

Were any of Cutler's picks when he was standing clean in the pocket with time to throw? Not that I saw. Once he gets on the move, he is trying to make a play because he knows all of the pass rushers are coming free at that point. Shanahan teaches all his QBs to have that clock in their heads, and to get the ball out. But Cutler seems to not be willing to throw the ball away.

The O-line is abysmal. They all need to be beaten with heavy sticks and left for dead the way they are playing. Orlando Pace had the wind knocked out of him? More like he breathed his last breath as a starting caliber left tackle a long time ago, and the Bears are the only ones who hadn't figured that out.

This is absolutely pathetic. The offense shows up, and the defense bombs. The defense shows up, and the offense tanks....Special teams was not very good either. Kickoffs returned to the 18? Unacceptable...

This team will be lucky to win 3 more games this season. Taking a look at the remaining schedule:

Eagles--lucky if we can keep it close through the first half
Vikings--the way we are covering, we are in trouble
Rams--should win this. If not, Lovie should be fired before they leave the field
Packers--We have a chance to win this one, but not the way we are playing
Ravens--Should not be able to win this one
Vikings--only chance we have is if they are resting for the playoffs
Lions--Win #2

This is going to get worse before it gets better....

Well....I don't know what more can be said.

The G.M. who assembled this squad isn't going anywhere. The coach hired by that same G.M. isn't going anywhere. I think Ron Turner can start taking the photos off the wall in his office and maybe wait for the Minnesota Golden Gopher job to open up: he will be Lovie's annual sacrificial lamb on the coaching staff.

Not a lot of draft picks next year preceded by bad drafts by the G.M. doesn't leave one with a lot of hope for the future.

We've supposedly got the "franchise QB". Too bad he'll be in a body cast by the end of the year. I don't trust any of these coaches to develop Cutler anyway.

It's going to be a loooong 7 games.

If you don't want Cutler to throw into a tight spot this offense will never move. Get a clue. Olsen does not play physical and will never win any battles, Knox is the same way. The game is put on Jay Cutler's shoulders without any real tools, the offensive line is a joke and the receivers are mediocre, none of them can go up and fight for a ball. Cutler has to play frantic because on every play he is running for his life, if he doesn't make a play, he is accused of "holding" the ball too long.

It is true, if you put pressure on a quarterback he will make mistakes or be ineffective, that is ANY quarterback . As far as observations by Joyner and your idea of needed apologies, eat this stat, Jay Cutler is starting his 4th season, third full season starting (started 5 games as rookie) has thrown 54 Int. Peyton Manning in his first 5 seasons threw 100 interceptions. My point, Jay Cutler is a talent who is still developing, yes he does at time's make bad decisions but apparently Manning did too. So let's not destroy this kid who has the tools, work ethic and want but is clearly playing handicapped and is trying to fight his way through it.

I'm a bear fan who lives on the West Coast so I got to see Cutler play from his first game, and I know how good he is, that's why I don't have my doubts about him. If people are clueless enough to wish for the days of Orton and Grossman you don't deserve to have a winning football team because your idea of talent is mediocre and bad.

Lovie and Angelo are tied at the hip in putting this team together. They must go. All new scouts and personnel dept. bring in proven winners for GM and head coach. I wont buy so much as a Bears key chain until this happens. BOYCOTT.

Was it me, or did the O-Line look better with Kevin Shaffer at left tackle than with Orlando Pace? Once Lovie comes down to earth and realizes this team isn't playoff bound, he should move Williams to LT, and insert Shaffer at RT and sit Pace down. Shaffer is more of a mauler, which you need at RT and Williams is more athletic which is what you need at LT.

Great analysis Brad. After Cutler threw that last pick I was so disgusted that I was going to start this response with wondering if we could get a 1st and 2nd round “pick” in exchange for him this Spring. But I calmed down over the night and started wondering if he isn’t simply pressing too hard because he has no running game. I’m not excusing the red zone picks. No question, those were stupid throws. I really don’t know what he sees sometimes. From the TV camera angle over Culter’s shoulder on the play before the final pick, you could see Olsen in double coverage and Culter threw it high, then seemed to be disappointed he didn’t get the touchdown. Does he really see an open receiver there? If so, either he is a genius or he’s crazy; I don’t know which.
But if really thinks he needs to go out there and win the game on his own, somebody has to sit him down and deflate his ego a bit. As you say, that game was winnable on field goals alone. He simply must learn to control himself. 3 points is always better than a turn-over.
But control is all about self-discipline and that is one characteristic this team lacks. For all you stats hounds, I would like to know how many times a team gets twice as many penalty yards as running yards?
Also, Forte may be great catching screens etc., but it seems to me a strong wind could blow him over these days. If anybody touches him he goes down. He is not running with any kind of authority. He had one good run and it was the only one he seemed to be determined. I am worried about him.
As for the defense, I could continue my season-long rant about inconsistency, but they played so well yesterday I think I’ll just remain silent on that issue. Maybe Angelo can pay Vernon Davis to run his mouth off every week.

Wow...found this post in the comments section of KC's July posting on the NY Times Blog:

"After Cutler throws his third end zoned INT in a must win game, then sulks by himself on the bench, and after the game blame his receivers for not catching the bullets thrown three yards over their heads…

…then Bears fans will understand what it’s like to have been a Broncos fan the past 3 years.

— jvill" prescient. And how true. At least for now. Maybe with some good coaching (footwork, mechanics, etc.) and lots of red zone drills he can improve his decision-making, but right now he looks lost out there.

I don't think this coaching staff will ever be able to handle Cutler. Someone with his enormous ego needs a coach who commands enough respect that he'll listen. Like Favre needed Holmgren. Favre would have never become the QB he did if ol' Mike H. wasn't turning red as a beet every time Brett didn't something totally moronic.

I mean, really: who on this staff is going to tell Jay that he needs to get his fundamentals together? He has been touted as the savior, as bigger than the team, and Ron Turner or whoever the QB coach is doesn't have the clout to say, "look, I don't care who you are, your footwork stinks."

Some superstars figure it out on their own, others need help. Sorry for the basketball analogy, but for every LeBron James there's a Kobe Bryant: a transcendent talent who needs a Phil Jackson to get his mind right.

Cutler could be awesome, but right now, with this staff, I just don't see it happening.

worse football game ever...

i cant believe professional football players could be THAT bad...

this game only magnifies the bears true #1 issue

they have absolutely no to bottom...offense to defense...

this team needs help...and i dont think an uncapped season is going to do them much good

How can the QB play this season be seen as anything other than a damning indictment of Ron Turner? Jay Cutler was a pro-bowl quarterback. He was a risk taker then, too, but you don't get elected to a pro bowl if you're killing your team. Then he comes to Chicago, where every QB who plays for Turner has followed the same path: as the season wears on, the offense gets less productive and the QB starts throwing more and more interceptions. Playing for Turner completely destroyed whatever chance of a career Rex Grossman had, turned Brian Griese into an INT machine (whatever his flaws as a QB, he'd never been known for crappy interceptions before), and convinced most of the league that Kyle Orton probably shouldn't be a professional QB (an evaluation nearly everyone's been forced to reassess after Orton goes to play for an actual offensive coordinator and immediately starts having a stellar season). And the trend continues. Turner has now taken a dangerously confident rising star pro-bowl quarterback and molded him into a frustrated liability leading an offense that never looks dangerous. I don't even see how it would be possible for Turner to make a more convincing case that he is an awful coach than he already has.

Tough to defend Jay after 5 picks. Would you reather have Rex ? Would you rather have Orton ? What do all 3 have in common ? PEP HAMILTON.The QB coach who was let go by the 49'ers. I'm not going to try and explain 5 picks, but inability to protect the ball has been a problem since good ol Pep got here.On the last int. , it looked like Earl Bennett was open to Cutlers left.

I didn't think Kevin Shaffer looked like much of an improvement over Pace. It was mostly passing siutations once Shaffer came in, but I saw him get beat on a couple plays. I think if he is going to become a starter it might need to be a right tackle with Williams moving to left.

Brad: Can anyone realisticly say that Cutler is a franchise QB. He's all arm and no brain. What makes me laugh is Grossman would have been drawn and quartered by the media by now. Is Cutler color blind? Seriously, has that been checked? I said at the time of the trade that except for the fact Andelo sucks at drafting that he gave up way to much to get Rex Cutler,er, I mean Jay Grossman. You know the franchise(killing) QB.


I totally disagree with you about picks 2, 3, and 4 - those are not on Cutler. He has to try and make plays because no one else in Chicago is.

That's it.

An official impeding a play, a defender committing pass interference, Hester falling down - corners jump routes all the time and they go for completions. I love the blog, but I think your argument on this point is ridiculous.

Half of Cutler's picks are a direct result of poor receiver route running and play by his offensive line.

Did Cutler have a bad game? Absolutely. So did his receivers, his offensive line, his running back, his tight ends, his offensive coordinator, and his head coach.

The Bears run a junky offense with a bad blocking. THAT'S THE PROBLEM. Jesus help the Bears - Please!

Cutler has talent, we all know that but Cutler is simply not a smart quarterback and is certainly not an elite QB. The choices he has made all season with the ball in throwing into coverage are not acceptable. Until he can screw his head on right and use it for what it is meant to do (make good decisions) then the Bears will just have a QB with a good arm and nothing else.

An elite QB possesses all aspects of the game, Cutler should not be paid as an elite QB because he is average at best until he can start to focus and make good decisions on the field. It is so frustrating watching the Bears play and for Cutler to throw the ball away into coverage on 3rd and goal at the one, when even if they did not score they lose the 3 points for a field goal and the momentum completel changes. That 3 point loss (swing) alone was the game, with 3 more
points the BEars could have kicked a field goal at the end of the game to win 12-10 and they could have done so from the 10 or 12 yard line.

The Bears are clearly not disciplined and it cost them, way to many stupid penalties, stupid, stupid, stupid.

The Bears need an exorcism to remove the evil spirits and it is time this year to clean house on the coaching staff and up to Angelo. This team has been an embarrassment to the city of Chicago for 2 1/2 years now, it is time to get winners back in the city of Chicago. It is time to get a team that has discipline and is determined to win, it is time to develop a team that is tough, I mean really tough and mentally tough. Teams like that don't lose games like the Niner game.

Get Cowher, Shannahan or Gruden in that order to coach and get a GM like HOlmgren or Parcels because the Bears need some coaches that won't put up with B.S. play and commitment anymore.

IT is put up or shut up time!!!!!!

I think that the Bears need to get rid of Cutler. The man obviously cannot play football, or he just likes playing for the other team while gettin paid by the Bears. What happened to Lovie, he had an awesome team 3 years ago that went to the SuperBowl??? I want the 1985-86 Bears back!!! LOL

Smith still has the ba!!s to talk about the playoffs?????? Oh my god people.. He is in denial. Why cant the owners see this? Maybe Smith got his education from AIG. Mortgage crisis? What mortgage crisis? Everything is fine. Smith shoulda been thrown out the door this morning along with Turner. That first pick by Cutler.. yes he shoulda not have thrown it, but Turner calls for a pass play to short side of the field with 3 guys? There was like 28 guys standing in one spot..(Joke) Spread the field you idiot. Get Hester in motion.. make the D think a little.. God he is just plain stupid.. This whole thing becomes more bizarre every day. They fired Ditka after the '92 season.. and the team had just come off of back to back 11-5 seasons in '90 and '91. Why is it that Smith gets pass after pass? Brad please... ask these questions. Someone from the media needs to put them on the spot. A family of four pays how much to go to a game.. $300.00??? More? I wouldnt waste my money to watch that team/business/defunked company play.. The NFL is big business and big $$$$$$. Virgina has allowed this team to suck money from the city and not give a legit product. Its now back to 8-10 years of .500 football. Cutler has no help what so ever. Zero running game and he needs some WR's that know how to come back and get the football. Hester is about as timid as it gets going after the ball. Bennett is about the only one who will stick his nose in there to get the ball. This is a nightmare... Playoffs Lovie??? Time for another dose of meds and a nappy nap on your desk. Dont worry, JA will bring in the milk and cookies at snack time... Im done with this..

As I said just minutes after THE TRADE . . . Worst trade in team history. Each passing game seems to strengthen my case.

I was so hoping on that last drive that Jay would prove me wrong, but he didn't. The delay of game penalty and the the handling of the two-minute 'O' was really bad. We should have had a lot more time to score from the 13 instead of having to force the issue. I do feel bad for Jay, as he looks shell-shocked on the field.

Why when we got into 49er territory with 57 seconds left did we not burn a TO? I rewound the play and saw it took 20 seconds to come up and then spike the ball. Huh?

Here's the really scary part, my fellow Bears fans . . . we are a bad team that will feel the brunt of no 1st or 2nd round picks for two straight years, and continue to get worse for the next 2 or 3 years. This is bad!

Dear KC Joyner,

I'm glad somebody else saw the Rocky Mountain Rip Off coming from a Mile High.


Right now, Jay Cutler looks a lot like Jeff George. All the skills, but big questions about what goes on between the ears.

An ugly game.

If the Eagles lose this week against the Chargers, I wouldn't be surprised to see NBC opting for a different game to broadcast on Sunday night. A 5-4 Eagles team vs a 4-5 Bears team doesn't sound like "must see" TV.

I'm not sure how well the Bears D played. It looked to me like each offense was trying to out dumb the other... and we lost.

Some further observations on the game.

Was Pace benched in the third? Shaffer played all the 4th and part of third at LT even though it wasn't mentioned till late in the 4th. They said he got the windknocked out of him, but it sure took him a long time to catch his breath.

Just listened to Jaws on ESPN, and he basically said the same thing I did. He needs to be coached, but him and Hub took it further. Why when Cutler goes to the sideline is he not being coached? He was joking around with Olsen in the 4th when Hamilton should have been over their saying this is what you did lets break it down. Lovie is who is the deffensive guy is still the head coach and not once did he speak to Cutler. He doesn't need to yell at him, but he is still the head coach he has to say something to him at some point when that is going on. Tell him to calm down or pull it together. Thats his job.

Look everyone knows he doesn't have the weapons or line but thats not the point. He is making mistakes and his mechanics are getting worse. They need to bring someone in to break his game down and get him on track, he has to be smarter than that. Lovie, Turner and Hamilton are not the guys to do that.

By the way Hamilton came to the Bears in 2007, isn't that when Rex got worse? Didn't Orton credit Griese for helping him to play the position while he was here?

Cutler could be great but not if he doesn't have the coaching. His game needs to be broken down and rebuilt.

They need to bring in a guy who has had success working with talented QB's. They need to get Mariucci, he coached Favre and Young. He is one of the few available guys in the nfl who is really good at being a QB coach. He learned from the best, he worked with the best, and is really good at it, plus he would have no problem getting in Cutlers grill. Bring him in, and let him replace Turner who has an expiring contract.

If they don't then Angelo just wasted 2 first round picks.

You've got to be kidding, Brad. Jay Cutler is by far the best quarterback the Bears have had in my lifetime who can stay healthy, and I started going to games in 1968. He is also by far the Bears' best offensive player. The problems are that the Bears have no offensive line and no receivers. Without a running game Cutler has to throw almost every play. He can't throw long passes because the line can't pass block and the receivers can't run long routes properly. As if that's not bad enough, the receivers can't get open. So Cutler is trying to do things no one could do, and the result is these ridiculous interceptions.

The offensive line is the foundation of every offense. NO quarterback could play well behind this offensive line, and that goes double for having to play with these receivers. If you can't block you can't run, and if you can't run, you won't be successful in the red zone. People can blame Jay Cutler all they want, but he's running for his life almost every pass play, can't hand the ball off because the line can't open a hole big enough for an ant to run through, and the poor receivers the Bears have can't get open and can't or don't fight for the ball, like the interception that Greg Olsen should have at least prevented, if not caught. Top all this off with a defense that can't stop any team with a good QB and a coach who can't motivate his players and doesn't have the team properly prepared every week, and you've set up an impossible situation for any QB. If these things don't change radically, Cutler will either get seriously hurt, his confidence will be destroyed, or both. THEN you will be right about blaming Cutler. But right now, Cutler is not only not the problem, he's one of the very few really good players the Bears have.

Dead wrong on picks 2 and 4. The db's may have anticipated those routes, but that doesn't mean they are allowed to go through the WR. If Hester doesn't fall down, he still has position against the CB. The throw to the outside is designed to keep the WR between the CB and the ball. The same principle is true on the attempt to Davis. The db had to go through the TE to make the pick and it should have been a spot foul.

Cutler was terrible no doubt, but, really, only the first pick was egregious.

Remember this, accepting that the game is bigger than you is the easiest characteristic for a young QB to learn, but it does take time.

This is about as disappointing a game as I have seen in a long time, and we spent our entire next season's draft on two players who are not ready for prime time. Cutler absolutely stinks in PT games, 11 picks in three nationally televised games, Hell we thought the guy would be an upgrade over Orton, but in this case he has shown that he does not value the football enough to Win games, and that is why he has a losing record as a starter, His problem is not talent its understanding the game. On the first drive Jay just throw it away, a FG is as good as a TD there, especially after being behind by large numbers the last few weeks, for confidence alone a FG after that nine minute drive would have been great and set us up to only need a FG late instead of the TD. Also Jay stop staring down your receivers especially when you want to go to Olsen or Hester. He has to learn that with the BEARS defense he needs to protect the ball more, unfortunaltely for us, we will have to live with this until someone steps up to him and tells him the way it's gonna be. Secondly, when in the Hell are we gonna see Gaines Adams, we gave up another first day pick for him and he's hardly getting in the game, we need to know what this guy can do, we are now playing for next season and we have two guys in Cutler and Adams who need to be reigned in and structured on what this team needs to do to Win games... Lovie has taken a lot of blame with Angelo, we rolled the dice thinking we had a team that could Win and now have been shown that we are a mediocre football team at best.
One good sign was the play of Harrision who after getting the hell trapped out of him on Gore's TD played a solid game in the middle of the line, Roach got up after being knocked down and played decent as well, good recovery for the most part by the defense last night even Harris showed up except for his assanine Off-sides penalty late in the game.
Offensively Turner's play calling sucks, first time in the red zone no pitch to Forte, the niners were selling out in the middle, why not take a chance and get him on the edge.Only thing he did well was call the screen plays to forte should have done this more during the season as has been suggezsted here in the blog. Forte does look slow in the open field, and with Wolfe out and Peterson mainly a special teams player, it's time Angelo looks on the wire and brings someone in to look at for next season to back up Forte and bring some quickness in the backfield. I thought Williams got hit from behind and tried to jump over the pile on his personal foul call, I hate Ron Winter's crew they suck, how in the hell can you call Garza for being downfield on a straight drop back pass, the time it took to sift out this mistake took away some of the BEARS momentum on that drive. Just thoroughly frustrating effort this season by all paries involved one week defense next week o-line, then Cutler, or Lovie, Sheesh and we got seven games left what is coming next!

By the way, is Hester being held accountable for his terrible play last night, or is safe because of Cutler's meltdown?

Hester had ANOTHER false start, a holding, fell down on the INT, was lazy out of his break on another near pick, and had a killer illegal formation (the commentators incorrectly pinned it on the LT). It doesn't get much worse than that...and this is our #1...

Rather have Kyle Orton passing for 200 yards no INTs and a TD. Jay Cutler is stinking it up! Not to mention the O-Line play. Orlando maybe benched who knows. Missing Kyle at this point in the season.

If you think Cutler is too blame than you are just football stupid. Does anyone know how bad our the sucks or how bad line is. Cutler did nothing wrong. I repeat Cutler did nothing wrong. I know you loosers in the Orton fanclub will be all over him today but lucky for you Creighton is here to clear things up.

Two of those picks were all on Hester. You know that great #1 receiver Angelo keeps saying he is? First he slips and then he stops his route on the second one. Idiot can't see the ref and go past him? He is terrible at running routs and is to stupid to know the position. Cutler should have been picked off three more times with the way Hester telegraphs his routes.

That pick to Davis was all his fault. He is a big tight end and he lets a corner push him around. That is just retarded. Mr. Mussels is all show.

That first pick in the endzone is the run games fault. On third down Cutler had throw and San Fran knew it the whole time. Thy dropped everyone into coverage on that play.

And that last pick well what do you want Cutler to do run forward the clock would have run out.

So their you have it. You all just got a lesson from Profesor Creighton. Hopefully you took notes sense it will be on the midterm. Oh yeah and were was the great special teams the Bears keep saying they have. Field position was all bad night for Cutler. The only good thing was the defense but stopping Alex Smith isn't that har to do. Even than let Gore walk into the endzone. Nice run support from Bullocks on that one.

I can't believe you could write this Brad and blame Cutler. Maybe your an Orton fan sense you both have a beard.

Could we please give up on the "Devin Hester WR Experiment"??...He has got to be the stupidest player in the league! Another Angelo and Lovie waste of time and money! Jay will continue to suck with this receiving core!! Put him back in the return game and nowhere else! He is holding back the progress of the "real" receivers that we have. (#19, #13, #17.......)

You are right in taking another look at what KC Joyner observed about both Cutler and Orton (and Grossman) especially given the play we have watched so far this season. Who would have thought we would regret the Cutler trade? I am still glad we have Cutler but... 19 Interceptions and a lost season have me worried... assuming he will survive in tact from all the hits he is taking, and will take... Clearly something is very wrong, but what? How does a ProBowl QB get turned into the Bears version of Grossman and Orton while Orton leaves and gets turned into a ProBowl QB? How?

But as O'Bradovitch and Buffone on their post game Score show said, this is a team sport and Cutler is out there with a group of players assembled by Angelo and his staff and Smith and his staff.

These are the players Angelo and Cutler both told us they would win with, players they wanted here to win with the best footballs systems they knew, and maybe go to the Superbowl. And for the players who were unpolished gems or failures on other teams, well these coaches would be able to coach them up to be top NFL players. They didn't need trouble makers like Benson and Tank Johnson. They wouldn't overpay Berrian, or losers like Wade or Gage. Trust them to know to trade away Thomas Jones. And so on...

So now we have the team that gets off the bus running that cannot run... but is run against.
A team once known for its defense now known for a near last place defense.
The team that drafts players with attention to their floors rather than their ceilings has found players with basements.
The OC Turner was the first time around under Wannstedt is the same poor OC the second time around under Smith.
And when Smith fired DC Ron Rivera and hired his own coaches, he said, "Trust me".

What a train wreck. And Smith has the nerve to still say the word, "Playoffs".

I hope you have answers.

Creighton (A/K/A oh ye Lord of the Blog and All Things Bear Football)

Keep making excuses for Cutler, that should really help him grow.

He's locking on receivers.

He's forgotten about every receiver except his BFF and Hester.

He tries to throw thru not one, not two, but three 49ers and the heaviest one picks him off.

Cutler's the one with the ball in his hand. He's the decision maker.
He's responsible.

There's a reason that Cutler is the first Bears QB in 200 years to have two, four-pick games in one season. It's that empty space between his ears.

But hey, in your world, it's not Jay's fault. I mean, we surely don't want Jay going off to sulk by his lonesome -- or to take his toys and demand to go play elsewhere.

Maybe Jay just needs a pacifier.


You are absolutely right . . . throwing to the NT on #1 and hitting the DB right in the hands on #5 are NOT Cutler fault. They may have been the fault of:

1) Mike Singletary
2) Bob Avelini
3) Woody Woodpecker
4) Patrick Mannelly
5) Cowboy Bob Orton (not to be confused with Kyle)

You get the point . . . Cutler has not performed well, and while he is not the only one to blame, he is at Ground Zero.

I think the problem might people many fans may have lost the way to distinguish between fantasy league performance and the kind that really matters. Jay has only looked good in maybe 2 games this year, and downright awful in 3 . . . that is not the stuff 2 firsts and a 3rd for a 5th, PLUS Kyle Orton (not to be confused with Cowboy Bob) are made of.

You can face it now, or you can face it later, but it was THE WORST TRADE IN TEAM HISTORY!

Seedy: I agree with you as I said the same thing in my post earlier Cutler has been starting down his receivers and has not played well in PT games, he is pressing and thinks that he must do it all to win the game. He needs to trust in the defense some and allow them to put him in position to do what he does best move the football. I just think the guy is pressing because he badly wants to prove his critics wrong, but Jay the best way to do that is protect the football and look like you are studying the game on the sidelines, making adjustments and communicating with teammates. Take a que from Manning, and even Farve look at the pics after a play and see what is going on on the field. I still believe in you Jay, but you must believe that improvement first comes from within, in order to be the best you have to be accountible to yourself first.

Creighton, I understand you are trying to help jay out, but you saw what we all saw, and three of the losses you blame on Lovie, Angelo,and now even Pep Hamiliton are based on Jay's play or lack of it. He needs work like the rest of the team does, coaching is the first place to start. Turner's play calling is pitiful no imagination and not putting the players in position to succeed, why not a fade to Aromoshadu on the last ddrive when we all knew he would be looking for Olsen, the niners guy just stayed by him and waited for the ball to be thrown, it was the easiest pick the guy ever had...we got work to do and lot's of it! BEAR fans.....

Worst trade in team history??? How quickly we forget a first rounder for Rick Mirer.

Look, bottom line is that this team is awful right now. Cutler is having to do it all, because he has no WRs, no offensive line, and no running game to balance things out. The defense played well against a pretty crappy SF team, but has been tagged for 4 TDs in the FIRST HALF two out of the last 4 games!

It is going to get worse before it gets better, because not only are our coaches incapable of making adjustments to the scheme (although I do have to give Lovie some credit for going to press and tight coverage for a lot of the game last night), but they will stick with underperforming veterans for the rest of the season rather than determining whether the young players we have are capable of stepping in and playing next year.

Moves that need to be made:
-Bench/cut Orlando Pace
-Williams to LT
-Omiyale or Shaffer to RT, maybe put Shaffer at LG?
-Aromashodu active on game day and starting at split end
-Hester to slot
-Knox off offense, relegated to kick/punt returner
Both Hester and Knox are speed only guys who do not understand how to sell routes, and neither are doing anything to help their QB right now. We can't afford both to be on the field
-Gilbert active on game day
-Corey Graham in the rotation with Bowman at RCB

At least we would finish the year knowing what we are dealing with this offseason. But we will stay the course, and be just as clueless in March as we are now as to why this team can't put it together.

Was at the game, and I must say it was a great showing by Bears fans, with about 40% of the stadium wearing the blue and orange.

Cutler's confidence was shot after the 4th pick. He hesitated on throws throughout the final drive. We were able to march down the field with the quick tosses to the slot, but only because the niner's secondary was playing 10 yards off the line of scrimmage. As for the final int; Olsen was wide open but jay double clutched the ball. Had he thrown right away it would have benn a TD. The pump and stare down gave the defenders enough time to break on the route. Maybe he had the previous incompletion on his mind, but a "gunslinger" quarterback has got to be more decisive making that pass.

Hey $hitman, you and Brando can hold hands and prance on over to the Broncos bandwagon. Sources tell me there is plenty of room on there after what transpired over the last few weeks. The two of you can collectively fawn and slobber over Orton's three yard passes in an offense with a great line, true #1 WRs, a run game averaging over 4 yards a carry and playcalls being made by an offensive minded head coach. Run along now but don't come skipping back when Orton continues to get exposed and San Diego takes the division.

This offense is downright embarassing. The second the ball is snapped the pocket collapses. That's not a hyperbole. Remember that Allstate commercial from a few years back when Hasselbeck has kids take the place of his linemen and they get literally nuked off the line? That's how this o-line looks; especially the way Chris Williams got played. He is a marshmallow. A big stupid marshmallow who got a big stupid penalty last night. How many times have we heard the commentators compare this team to a high school team or say it's not professional? Last night Millen and Papa were saying how great the screen plays worked because the offensive linemen are so great at letting pass rushers blow by them. Is anyone getting sick of hearing that stuff about the team you root for and have stuck behind for countless years?

And can someone please answer me this question: Why wasn't a timeout used earlier on that two minute drill before the half? We lost about twenty seconds and that clueless, unqualified dip$h!t Lovie was shown on camera smiling about it. Oh, oopsies, did I make a mistake? That's ok! I took this team to the big game a few years ago so I'll still be making my undeserved millions.

Cutler's career high five picks is not a reflection of Cutler's play but of this entire offense. It seemed like everytime there is a big play some brain stem on this team is called for a penalty. Hester had that wonderful series where he had a false start penalty, a holding penalty (that combined for negative 15 yards) and then he goes and slips on his route for an easy Niners pick. Cutler's picks in the red zone are all on him though. Even with the lack of a run game or the crappy playcalling by Turner, he has to be smarter and not throw the ball straight to the other team. I don't know if it's nerves or tunnel vision or what but he can't do that.

It's fitting this game happened on a Thursday night against a so-so team. I was having flashbacks to that Redskins game two years ago. Collinsworth back then called this team unprofessional. Here we are two years later and nothing has changed.

John Czeropski, you see that third Creighton post? I didn't write that dumb ####

Seedy Backslash, last time I am saying this, I didn't write that third post.

Chi, I didn't write that third post and you should no better. I wrote two posts and in both of them I put the blame on Cutler. My only point is who is going to fix the problem. Just tell me Chi who is going to coach up Cutler? Is it Lovie, Turner or Pep Hamilton? You don't have anyone to coach him up and until you do this what you will get. Besides if you think the game is all on his head you are mistaken. No running game, not his fault, Hester, not his fault, bad O-Line not his fault, Bad throws in the red, all Cutler.

Oh and dumb #### Brando, you would rather have Orton, have you watched his last two games? 4 int's no TD's. You said he didn't throw int's, well?? hE HAS 31 INT'S and 39 TD'S and has cost the Broncos two losses in a row. You think he is good? In Denver they are calling for him to be benched.

I don't know if I've ever been more gutted by an interception then Cutler's last one. Finally, it looks like the Bears have a qb who can pullout a victory in the last two minutes and he throws it directly to a defender. Even if that guy hadn't been there it most likely would have been incomplete. Olsen was a few yards to the left of where the ball was going. And the whole time Bennet is wide open in the end zone. Oh well, since Cutler and the coaches have been talked to death, here's a couple other things I noticed:

Is there a weight room at Halas Hall, and if so, does anyone use it? To a man, the Bears looked small.

Adams and Harrison were by far the most successful DT combo. I hope Lovie noticed that and gives them more time together instead of insisting on a rotation that is hit or miss.

Rex got a lot of heat for fumbling snaps, but can we finally agree that Kreutz was a big part, if not most of the problem (this is not a defense of Rex, but a slam of Kreutz).

Final thoughts on Cutler.
He has thrown 15 of his picks at night and or on the road. He has 2 picks at home in day games.

One major question, why did Turner say after the game that Cutler is throwing the ball where he is suppose to be throwing it? 17 picks says he isn't, unless he is being told to throw to this guy on this down.

I noticed when Orton was here he used to eyeball his recievers as well, so did Rex. But in Denver he is going through his progressions. One reason is he has more time. But it may be more than that.

Just a thought on picks, Favre has had multiple 5 pick games with more talent than Cutler has with better coaches. He even has a 7 pick game to his credit. Warner threw 5 picks two weeks ago.

Problems with Cutler:

1. Attitude, own up to your mistakes during the game and stop looking at the officials.

2. Talk to your coaches during the game. Take charge of your situation. Stop scratching your head and get to work.

3. Stop trying to do to much.

4. Take a sack if you have to or throw away the ball.

5. Stop thinking your arm can get you out of trouble, play the position.

Angelo needs to get him some help and Cutler needs to help himself. Yes your offense sucks Jay but don't compound the problem. Talk to your coaches not Olsen on the sidelines. Someone strong who gets his respect needs to take over the Bears. Lovie is a reserved defensive mu=inded coaches that would rather players talk to eachother than talk to him. If Cutler is the future you need to bring in someone who can work with him and knows how to work with QB's. Shanahan, Holmgren, Mooch. If the Bears don't do this then this is what you will get. Cutlers cailing is through the roof, but unless you have a coach that knows how to work with Jay and until Jay stops looking around thinking he can do everything with his arm and that nothing is his fault, then this is what you will get.

I did not like what i saw from the Bears in that game.

But I'll keep loving them always...doo doo!

I totally agree with Creighton's last entry, unfavorably comparing Cutler's coaching with Favre's. It's essentially the same as a post I made, but with more knowledge, detail, and much, much worse spelling.

Bad, ugly game by Cutler. This team has very little talent and Cutler's decision making isn't helping. Yes, he needs to be coached. However, once again after a bad game, JPCZ insists that the Cutler deal was the worst trade ever. Once again, I will remind him that you cannot analyze this trade for another 3 years, when the Broncos have made all their picks and the Bears have had a chance to build around Cutler. Yes, if he continues to play like he did last night, this will go down as a terrible trade. But lets see what happens the next few years.

My prediction for next year: Lovie is back next year but Turner will be gone (if you are not going to fire the head coach, someone else needs to go) and Lovie will bring in his buddy, Mike Martz. Who else will want to be offensive coordinator for a potentially lame duck head coach?


This is John Czeropski. Since I don't have that as a user name, I'm not sure how it showed on my last post . . . oh well, no worries. I don't say anything to be ashamed of anyway.

As for that, please refrain from name calling. I have shown you (and your stalkers) a fair amount of respect over time, and I'd appreciate the same.


If that really is you and not a stalker, I don't think we can wait 3 years to evaluate. Cutler has not had a winning season since at least high school and we gave up 2 first round picks a starting caliber NFL QB (yes an 88.2 QB rating this year with 75.0 for his career does qualify as a NFL caliber QB) along with thew swap of a first for 3rd. Wow! We blew it! WORST TRADE IN TEAM HISTORY . . . I wish I was wrong!


Rick Mirer was only 1 first rounder. Cutler should end up being better than Mirer, but we also gave up an NFL caliber QB . . . THE WORST TRADE IN TEAM HISTORY! In fact, if we wait 3 years as T-Dawg really suggests, it might end up being one of the WORST TRADES EVER!

Jay is 1st and last a crybaby and a whiner. He was immataure while at Denver and evidently he hasn’t grown up since joining the Bears. The Bears got Crybaby Cutler; next I predict the Bills will get Shanahan. Good riddance to both of them. They were thorns in the side of Denver. Go Pat Bowlen.

Jay Cutler is an absolute joke... Chicago is going nowhere with him... he never won anything in Denver i don't know why everyone was so excited about him... Philip Rivers is right.. He is a crybaby

Creighton, I got suspicious when I saw that Facebook link on "your" third post. If that's you, man you have some weight to lose. Hahahaha.

So my man Creighton you have someone else impersonalting you on the blog now, I knew about Crapton, but now you have another stalker, must be nice to be loved so much. Now for your point on the coaching, I do not disagree, but most of your rants have been against Lovie and Angelo and not much about the players actually performing on the field. I have been as critical of Turner as you have been especially on the first drive in the redzone, where every play call went right up the middle including Cutler's pick. Dumb Stupid, etc...

I just think that we must realize that the Mgmt. thought this team was better than it was, and that's why we sold out to get Cutler. What we didn't know was the Jay is not a student of the game, he plays it strickly with his talent, now we can blame our coaches, but remember we got this guy straight from Shannahan a guy you have advocated bringing in, who I might add may not be a bad idea. If you believe this then you must admit, that a lot of Jay's problems are his problems. He has not shown us that he is studying the game, he's just playing it, he's staring down receivers, forcing throws that are obviously not there, and not looking at what the teams have been doing against him in between series. These are not only coaching flaws they are flaws of a player who is not working at his craft. Don't get me wrong I like Jay (he's the best we've had since I've been watching over 40 years), but I see the team now for what it is a young team, trying to play people who are not ready to be impact NFL players. For this we can blame my boys Lovie and Angelo who will go down with this ship. I still say we better be careful what we wish for as fans, it seems like we get a coach who can win games every fourth change, remember these horror stories, Gibron, Dooley, Armstrong, Wannsteadt, Jauron....Lovie has the third most wins for our franchise, his errors in judgement on this team do not obscure this fact, but the record speaks for itself, he has lost more assistant coaches over the years than most coaches with the same tenure, and none of these guys even Rivera has been able to do well away from him and Chicago. Player eveluation will be his downfall, an as a fan of his I wish this were not true. The pot is boiling and Angelo and Lovie are in it, the question is fans where do we go from here, and how long will it take to get there?

I love all of the excusses for Jay George. How do you excuse him constantly making bad decisions? Pressured or not, there is other ways to play Qb than to throw into triple coverage.

Bears fans need to come to the reality. George..errr...Cutler is a media driven superstar. Just because you have a rocket arm, doesn't mean you are a good QB. Bears fans are in for a looooong couple of years. And don't blame the coaching either. Cutler had Shanahan and his buddy as the OC in Denver and he still made these kinds of mistakes.


I'm not going to worry about Cutler and you shouldn't either. You have bigger things to worry about, like your offenses inability to score. You Denver people are so bitter it's pathetic, please get a life and stop spewing venom at Cutler. I live on the West Coast and have watched him since his rookie season and he was not what you portray him to be while he was in Denver.

I believe in Cutler and the hate you spew will not change my mind. Take the hate inside of you and channel it for more positive things in your life. Using your energy to smear someone and hope for their faliure is not constructive. It's actually negative.

I would also say the hate directed at Cutler is Bronco and media driven. They have to make the orginazation look good after incomprehensibly trading away a 25 year old franchise quarterback. Keep believing and listening to the spin, only time will tell yet I'm willing to bet Cutler will flourish in the future.

that was the worst high school game i've ever seem!!

The Joyner article ended up being pretty accurate for this stretch of games. Cutler has been trying to win games single handedly and he has gotten into some very bad habits. If my memory also serves me correctly, Brad also posted during the summer that the assumption the Bears had a better running game than the Broncos last year was a myth. Forte rushed for more yards than any other Bronco, but the Broncos as a team rushed for more yards and at a higher average. A lot of us weren't very happy hearing that also. I think many fans expected the defense to play better and the offensive line to be much better, therefore the Bears could have a balanced offense. Instead, for much of this season the defense has been terrible and forcing the Bears to play catch up and Forte and Cutler have become close acquaintances with the other teams' defensive line. Cutler has regressed as a result, and now when the Bears have a chance of winning, he tries to be a miracle man instead of just playing quarterback. Hopefully there is someone who can get him back on track.

Come on, JPCZ. You're telling me that if in 2011 (assuming the owners and players union allow football to be played that year) Jay Cutler develops into a top 5 quarterback, you're still labeling this as a terrible trade because he is playing poorly right now? I thought people were nuts going into the season thinking that the Bears were going to win the Superbowl because of Cutler, and I think the other extreme is just as nuts. Yes, Cutler has played poorly the past four games. He cost us the game last night. He also is the first Bears quarterback in 30+ years to have 100+ ratings in three straight games. We don't beat the Steelers without him. We need to see what happens the next few years to really judge him (and the trade).

By the way, I'm hoping the trade works out for both teams - as a Purdue fan, I've always cheered for Orton.

Can anyone tell me if Shanahan was wanting to be head coach AND GM? I know that was one thing Holmgren wanted. I like Mike Shanahan. He was used to coaching an great offense in the snow. If we could get him and a good defensive coordinator we could be set. The cheap McCaskeys would save some money with Shanahan as Head Coach and GM. Russ Grimm as offensive line coach would be nice too. Get some people with some passion. That's one thing everyone has said about Marinelli and I like that. Maybe he's the only one we should keep? GO BEARS!

All the above comments can be summarized as "The Bears are not good, not terrible, simply average, and don't like to put any blame on anyone."

The problem is, average means close to the front office, so they change nothing. The coaching staff and players know if they stay average, they can keep things virtually the same. Angelo still can't draft, Lovie still can't motivate for the last 3 years, Angelo still can't evaluate free agent talent, and the players know a free ride when they see one. No accountability. And McCaskey will not eat "dead" salary for Smith or Angelo, or anyone else. We are stuck this way thru 2011 or 2013.

What a shame


You are not watching the entire game. You focus only on the QB and not what's going on around him. You don't understand routes or protection or play calling.

I don't care if you played quarterback for remedial children high school or what your online Madden record is.

The comparisons between Cutler and Orton and Grossman are totally ridiculous.

Cutler had a solid game earlier in the season against Pittsburgh and Orton coughed up 2 INT's, costing the ponies the game on Monday night - (Pitt had Polimalu, but were missing other starters).

Brad, shut up.
Seedy, shut up
Brando, shut up.
KC Joyner, shut the f*ck up.

Creighton is right on this one. There is no supporting cast. Lovie has lost this team. Kyle Orton is a great field general and 2-minute offense captain. But he would be getting crushed behind this line. Cutler threw for 370 yards last week - 300+ on Thursday.

Even Tony Dungy, one of Cutler's biggest critics, noted on the Dan Patrick show that the Bears would actually be WORSE without Cutler.

There are two things going on here that seem opposite but in fact are not mutually exclusive. As I have been saying, the problem is not Cutler, but the lousy offensive line and receivers he has to play with. However, some of the things that some of you pointed out that Cutler is doing wrong are also correct. The reason these two things are both correct is that by surrounding him with garbage instead of a good line and good receivers (or even an average line and receivers), the Bears are ruining this guy.

I don't care how big and tough he is, Cutler is probably going to get hurt eventually if he doesn't start getting much better protection. And even if he somehow manages to avoid injury, his confidence is going to be destroyed, which is starting to happen already. He is starting to throw off his back foot, stare down receivers, hesitate, and do other things that mean he's losing his mechanics.

Because of years of neglect of the offensive line and receiver positions and no high draft picks coming up, the only way the Bears could fix these problems is by major expenditures in the free agent market if there are any good players available at the needed positions. We can only hope that the Bears can drastically improve at least the line before Cutler is totally ruined. Considering the totally selfish, greedy, and lame ownership and management of the Bears, I'm not hopeful. But I didn't expect the Bears to get Cutler either, so let's hope they surprise us again!

next it'll be "Cutler went into Sugar Shock"..."He can't help it"....waaah waaah waaah

I told you Cutler's fan base would be called "Cutlers Criers"

Hail the Hanky!

It all starts in the trenches. Our O line is slow and over-powered on 75% of thier plays. JC can't throw with no time,therefore the recievers have no time to allow plays to develope, MF can't run with no blocking, and the new wedge rule has killed our special teams advantage. This will take time to fix and Real Bear fans will continue to hope for better things to come, it's all we have. Go Bear!

Pick #4 - How can you justify a defender bumping a W/R prior to the ball, you are not allowed tot touch a WR past 5 yards. Clearly this was a mis-call of PI by an, fat, and part time ref.

Culter made one mistake, The 1st INT. The last one was because nothing was open and he had norhiong left but to try to fire it into a donut hole.


Wow, you are a bonehead, dude.

One quick stat --

Orton has won 64% of his starts.

Cutler has won 47% of his starts. And yes, a lot of Cutler's starts came with those talented Broncos with offensive genius Mike Shanahan at the controls.

Again, I'm not questioning Cutler's skill set, I am questioning the space between his ears.

When you can't win with Mike Shanahan at the controls -- he even turned Jake Plummer around -- perhaps something deeper lurks.


You are just proving my point.

You are only looking at the QB. You don't think the other changes/problems the Bears have are contributing to THE TEAMS win/loss record?

You're the bone head.

You really do get off the short bus runnin' pal.



All I know is that the Bears were widely considered to have a more talented team in 2009 than in 2008. Heck, Sports Illustrated picked them to finish first in their division and Peter King had them going to the Super Bowl.

Please don't give me any crap or tired excuses about the people around Cutler being the problem. Orton had a less talented crew last year and still posted 9 wins.

Right now, the Cutler led Bears will be lucky to win 7 or 8 games.

Can we put this more in perspective.

In his third season as a starter John Elway threw 23 Interceptions
In his first three seasons as a starter he threw 52 Interceptions

In his first three seasons as a starter Jay Cutler has thrown 49 Interceptions.

You need a lobotomy to even compare Cutler to Orton and Grossman. It would be nice if you do compare Cutler stats with other players you put it in a little more perspective. Not just comparing "bad" quarterbacks, but also compare the "good" (as we in this moment define them) quarterbacks and see what they have done.

Still not sure what Joyner's stats prove in the long run?

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