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Angelo: All players, not just Tommie being evaluated for 2010

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SAN FRANCISCO--Jerry Angelo said that Tommie Harris is being evaluated for next season and the future beyond just like every player on the roster.

The defensive tackle caught the general manager off guard when he punched Arizona's Deuce Lutui on the fourth play of the game Sunday and was ejected. It was another bizarre chapter in the recent history of Harris, who was suspended for a game last season and was benched earlier this season by coach Lovie Smith.

"All the guys are being evaluated for next year, OK,'' Angelo said. "And you know what I am talking about. I am not going to make him out to be a target. He's got to play and do the things we know he can do that he has shown in spurts. It's not that he can't do it. We want to see the consistency.''

Harris earned a $6.67 million roster bonus this season and the has a $2.5 million roster bonus for 2010 that is due in June. He hasn't played to the level the Bears want to see, although Angelo said he has shown enough glimpses to leave the organization hopeful he will out it together again.

"It is old news [the ejection] and I don't want to labor it, he said what he said, he's apologetic,'' Angelo said prior to tonight's game. "It's certainly not in his character to do something like that. It wasn't in college, it wasn't here. We've never had any examples of that by him. That really came out of left field for everyone, in terms of what he did, the timing of when he did it, it's a bad incident. The league will I am sure fine him.''

The Bears believe that Harris will be motivated to have one of his better performances tonight against the 49ers. They say he was solid two weeks ago against Cleveland.

"Everything you want to see from him physically speaking, he shows,'' Angelo said. "It's putting it together, packaging it into four quarters and then game in and game out and playing to that Pro Bowl level again."

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How about The Rockie Mountain Rip Off??

evaluate this Angelo

Really Jerry? They are all being evaluated? What about you and your inept 5+ mill a year head coach? To listen to this dumb a$$ tell us that everyone is being evaluated is like the biggest BS joke I have heard. This team has offically gone off the reservation. ITS YOUR TERRIBLE DRAFTING THAT HAS SUNK THIS TEAM MR. ANGELO. EVALUATE THAT!!! Its like the CEO who goes in and yells at his 8 year old accountant for messing up the books. Good god get a clue please Virginia. The team traded away core players.. fired a damn good DC in Rivera.. traded the farm for Cutler and gave him no help... but JA said.."It all starts with the QB". Orton had his limitations, but guys the D sucked last year and still does this year. JA saying its all QB just bailed Lovie out of having to explain why his vaunted defensive scheme blew game after game. We are doomed to have these 2 absolute dumb a$$e$ here next year. I dont know if I can take much more. When the president of football operations comes out and says we are being too negative, you know the fix is in. This is a business.. stop giving them the money. If you go to a game.. wear a bag. Something.. or this team will continue to say.."Well, we are 4-5. We can still make a run". At what.. moving up in the 3rd round JA you dumb a$$.. Gaines friggin Adams??? And a note on tonights game.. Cutler cannot stand Pep Hamilton. They dont even talk on the sideline. There is a major disconnect with Cutler and Turner. What a nightmare... GO Blackhawks.. I may just make the official switch. I cannot endure another Wannstedt regime which is what this team has become...

Please!! like I said before, we're going to lose. I want Lovie and Angelo to get fired. Dungy, Shannanan or Cohwer is avialable. Please Lovie lose all your game so you don't say we're close again. Make a change Chicago, bring in an experience Coach to hire good coaches, and scouting team. 2010 draft is out the door, Angelo and Lovie can work with what we have and couldn't woke with the draft we had either.

At least Wanny had the decency to be entertaining in his ineptitude...we don't even get that from Lovie...

How about evaluation of the coaching staff? The team is not ready to play. Sloppy, mistake filled football is indicative of a team without leadership. Also, why do we have Knox and Hester if we never throw the ball deeper than 30 yards? Why drop our linebackers 15 yards on a 3rd and 9? This is poor coaching and its time for a change.

Who is evaluating the evaluators. All the coaches need to go along with DeAnglo. I tired of hearing a delusional coach lie to us think everybody is in coma. Cutler does not need someone like him motivating or not actually. DeAnglo where are the offense lineman we have need that I have scouted for the last 3 years. And Gaines Adams if that was ever a trade it was in the off season. The man is going to have to make some trades this off season and that is a sobering thought. What a mess. They shouuld play the Illini between them with Williams and Cutler at Qb with th offense coorindinators it would be a classic. Just made my self sick

i am so tired of the coaching fire jerry,lovie,turner, im tired the bears use to be a smash mouth hard hitting mean intimidating football team now were soft and its cuz he doesent show leadership and encourages softness.alot ppl say its not lovie but when a team is struggling its up to the coaches to make changes and help the team hes doing nothing he gives the same excuse n is blinded from reality we can be 4 and 10 n hell still say we have alot of football left were still making our playoff run its bull accept the fact that we are soft n r going downhill

All us Bear fans out here in Cali are calling for a brand new house cleaning tool.......... The CowerVac!! Lovie is done!

Players? The coaching staff,GM,and owners need to b evaluated NOT the players....

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