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10 thoughts and then some coming out of an ugly Bears' victory

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So, what gets trashed first?

Offensive coordinator Ron Turner said he's ready to start paring back the playbook with the Bears clearly struggling seven games into the Jay Cutler era. At this point, following Sunday's 30-6 victory over the Cleveland Browns at Soldier Field, it's fair to say the Bears aren't doing much of anything very well with the possible exception of the fact that Cutler is doing a decent job of getting the ball to Devin Hester on a regular basis.

Matt Forte, who rushed for the two offensive touchdowns, showed some signs yesterday and looked good on a 28-yard reception to pick up the game's first first down. He got in some open space and took advantage of the room to run. But on the very next play Forte's assignment was to pick up blitzing linebacker Eric Barton and he completely whiffed. Barton pressured Cutler and had it not been for a replay challenge by Lovie Smith that ruled the quarterback's arm was moving forward when he lost the ball, the play would have gone for a 25-yard loss.

At the end of the day, too, Forte (and the offense as a whole) is going to be judged by 3.5 yards per carry (90 yards on 26 carries). The Browns entered allowing 171 yards per game and the Bears hit 170 with a 36-yard run by Garrett Wolfe down the sideline with 60 seconds remaining in the game.

Turner talked about players executing afterward and he's right. Surely, his call accounted for Browns linebacker Kamerion Wimbley on third-and-goal from the Cleveland three-yard line early in the second quarter. With an empty backfield after Forte motioned out wide to the left, Wimbley came free off the left side. Tight end Greg Olsen released into the flat and left tackle Orlando Pace blocked down on right end Robaire Smith. I'm not going to venture a guess as to whose responsibility Wimbley was, but when you leave him unblocked what happens is an 11-yard sack and no shot at the end zone.

The Bears, who entered the game 19th in the league in red zone efficiency (10-for-20) were 2-for-7. Now, you can wipe out the last red zone trip because that occurred after Wolfe's run in the final minute. Fine. But 2-for-6 isn't any more acceptable. Not against the worst defense in the league.

"I'll look at it, see what we need to do to give us a chance to get better, and if we're doing too much, we'll cut back,'' Turner said. ``Obviously, we are because we're making too many mistakes. Just have to figure out what we do well, and that's what we'll do.''

1. Might not have gotten enough play coming out of the game, but the Bears did a terrific job corralling Pro Bowl return man Joshua Cribbs. His ability on special teams has been about the only offense for this moribund Browns team, and Dave Toub's units really shut him down. Corey Graham was moved to an inside position on kickoff coverage, a spot that allowed him to make more plays. Press box statistics credited him with two tackles. We'll see what Toub comes up with when he's done reviewing film with his lieutenant Chris Tabor.

2. But how does Devin Hester get tackled on a a 32-yard return by punter Dave Zastudil? How much you wanna bet Hester hears about that one, in a playful way, for a while? Credit Zastudil with making a football play. A lot of players will tell you punters can't make football plays.

3. Danieal Manning's diving interception of a ball headed, well I'm not sure what Derek Anderson was thinking, was one of the most athletic picks you'll see in a long time. Lovie Smith has long said he's the most athletic defensive back on the roster. It's good he showed up with some big plays, including the strip and fumble recovery later on. Now, if Al Afalava can show up making some plays.

4. I think we probably established that the Josh Beekman switch at left guard wasn't the cure all for the offensive line. By no means am I writing Beekman off, but the troubles the team had previously along the line were at least as magnified with him replacing Frank Omiyale. Cutler was sacked a season-high four times. Not only were the Bears beat inside, they had the miscommunications on the outside that might have been the responsibilities of tight ends/backs and Cutler himself.

5. I'm just wondering ... if the Browns and coach Eric Mangini waited until the final possession of the game to turn to pull Derek Anderson, well, how bad do they believe Brady Quinn really is? Got a message from one person who said it's a financial decision, the Browns don't want big-time bonus money to kick in next season for Quinn. Nonsense. They're reeling right now. Mangini and general manager George Kokinis would do anything for a spark right now. It's not a money decision, it's a football decision. Quinn is too happy to check the ball down. Anderson gives them a downfield presence, but we sure didn't see any evidence of it. With owner Randy Lerner saying after the game he wants a higher authority added to the organization, the Browns have a bigger mess on their hands than they did with Tim Couch as a No. 1 overall pick.

6. Just another solid day of work by right end Alex Brown, who beat Joe Thomas for a sack of Anderson, and who pressured Anderson into the interception that Charles Tillman made and returned for a touchdown. Brown has 3 1/2 sacks on the season now. (Thanks to those who pointed out correctly it was Mark Anderson who rushed Derek Anderson into throwing the pick six).

7. I thought the false start belonged to fullback Jason McKie when the Bears had second-and-four at the Browns' nine-yard line. Rewatching tape of the game, it appears right tackle Chris Williams jumped early. If so, that would be his fifth false start of the season. Williams didn't have a great game. He lost leverage right away with Kenyon Coleman in being driven back into the backfield in the first quarter when he allowed a sack.

8. Raise your hand if you've seen enough of the Wildcat in the red zone. That five-yard loss for Hester, on another play made by the Browns' Coleman, followed the Williams' false start. The Bears have never run the wildcat real well. Why not get the ball to Hester in space?

9. The good news is if Tommie Harris has an idea about his schedule this week, he'll be practicing all three days in preparation for the Arizona game. Harris certainly didn't dominate but he seemed happy after the game. With Kurt Warner coming to town Sunday, the Bears are going to have to generate a pass rush to disrupt him. Harris called it Week 1 for him, and I don't buy that, but whatever it takes to get him going, right?

10. Browns running back Jamal Lewis said after the game he will likely retire after the season. Who doesn't want off the Browns' ship right now?

And, finally, Cutler on the roughing the passer penalty on Wimbley that jump-started the team's first touchdown drive:

"You can't depend on roughing the passer penalties to always be your momentum. You're not always going to get those,'' he said. "We've got to get some big runs, we've got to get some big passes, and get the wheels going a little bit.

"If we're going to bank on a pass interference or roughing the passer we're going to be in trouble."

For now, Turner might want to keep that roughing the passer play call in the playbook. That one is working.

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Didn't hear Ogunleye's name much.

So, did he own John St. Clair or get owned?

I guess Wale can at least talk the talk.

Well..its obvious now that Turner is feeling the heat along with Lovie. Guess the only run plays we have is that stupid "Power-O" with the back side guard pulling/trapping. How bout sweeps to Garrett? Lead draw anyone? Stretch play? Come on Turner?? And this play action BS on the goal line is fooling nobody. In fact, I knew it was coming. Now Turner is going to scale back the playbook? Really? Guess Turner is mad since his Madden '96 playbook doesnt work anymore. Hes an idiot and if Lovie keeps him around, he will doom himself. Have no doubt that Cutler will address this at seasons end. Cutler is the future and he will complain to the upper crusties about Turner's idiot offense. Cutler looks flat mad at the play calls. Especially since the OL cant block anyone. Regarding the OL.. that whole group needs to be replaced. After the season is over, Kreutz and Pace need to be released. Kreutz should just show some class and retire along with Pace. He is one of the biggest problems on the line. Williams a is LT at best. (?) He has good feet for the LT spot. Hes a joke at RT. You have James Marten on the PS, give him a look. Hes perfectly built to play RT. Beekman may be a decent stop gap at center until they find someone else. At least Beekman can hit a moving target. He made some nice combo blocks yesterday. He did ok. FA needs to bring in 2-3 OL. 2 guards and a center. Now the D.. Gotta give Tommie some credit. Best game of the year by far. He didnt make a whole lotta plays, but he held the point pretty consistently. Marcus Harrison didnt play well. He was over running plays all day. The DE's played well. Mark Anderson was the cause of Tillman's pick-6. He blew by Joe Thomas and hit Anderson. And Manning might be a good FS, if lovie would just leave him alone. Hes lighting fast and can hit. Playing FS takes time and Manning has been jerked all over creation playing multiple spots. Leave him at FS. Bottom line is that further changes on the OL need to happen quick. If not, Cutler is really going to get hurt.

Brad said,
'He was sacked a season-high four times and hit seven times by the worst-ranked defense in the league.'

Jerry bought us 3 Olinemen and not even the ones we had are any good. He did not upgrade, he downgraded.
Its time we brought in a GM that can evaluate talent.
I am SICK of this team that JA has put together, Can we get a petition started?>?

Arent any of you other guys sick of this team??? There is no talent period!

I heard that P. Manning is the least sacked QB in the NFL, Think Jay can scramble pretty good? I do. Think it must be our Oline? and the Colts draft/sign Oline talent and we don't - FIRE JERRY

what did G. Adams do?

Luckily, interior linemen is one thing you CAN get in the 3rd and 4th round. Here is hoping, but not holding my breath. Angelo took over draft powers in what, 2003? We have what, 2 O linemen picked in the first 4 rounds in the last 6 years? Beekman (4th rounder) and broken Williams last year? We just don't believe in adding youth and talent to our o line.


Please answer this: "Did we really trade a 2nd round pick for a guy to play special teams?" Seriously, all I saw of Gaines Adams was on special teams. I thought he was a superstar right DE. Is he ever going to play DE? He should not replace Brown, but if he is the future wouldn't it be smart to play him now???

Please answer today or in an upcoming 4 down territory. Thanks.


Your #6 has Alex Brown pressuring Derek Anderson into the Tillman INT, when it really was Mark Anderson who had an amazing jump off the line to beat Joe Thomas.

The O-line is an unmitigated disaster, and the only reason it is not being talked about more is that Aaron Rodgers is taking an even bigger beating in Green Bay behind that abomination. We all know the coaching staff is going to be slow to react to this, but here is my suggestion to see what we can do by getting bigger and more physical:

Beekman to center--Kreutz simply cannot handle 3-4 nose tackles, and as usual, Shaun Rogers looks all world against us
Shaffer to left guard--never played there before, but he can't be any worse than least he can run block
Williams to LT--Pace isn't even pass blocking well any more. he is officially done.
Marten to RT--why not try the kid out. If nothing else, they have a track record of sending OL to the pros.

I never thought I would say this, but Garza should stay where he is.

Granted, this will all take place in February-April, but this team needs a face lift on the lines on both sides of the ball. We simply cannot compete with the play we are getting out of the trenches.

On defense, the entire inside needs an overhaul. We need to be able to press the pocket, and Tommie can't do it. Enough of the Tampa 2 crap, let's put Idonije and Harrison in there, and rotate Gilbert and Adams into the lineup, and focus on occupying the line so Hillenmeyer, Briggs, and Roach can make plays. You know why it is so easy to pass against us? Because our ends are flying up the field 20 yards from the QB to the outside, and Tommie is getting shoved out of the play by anybody that tries to block him. The QB has perfectly clear sight lines, and wide open throwing lanes.

So if Vasher needs to be on the field to make plays, why not make him the nickel, and leave Manning at free safety? And is Afalava really better than Payne?

Rare to have this much negative feedback from a 30-6 win, but this was more like a non-contact scrimmage for everybody except Cutler, who got the sh!t kicked out of him. We are not a very good football team, and we are about to hit a really bad stretch if we are not playing well.

3 1/2 sacks on the season for Alex Brown? Isn't that a bad game for Jared Allen? It's time to hold our players to a higher standard.

Brad, it was actually Mark Anderson that pressured Derek Anderson on the Charles Tillman pick-six, not Alex Brown. But you're right, Brown did admirable against Joe Thomas.

One good thing came out of this game....Jay Cutler is a true Chicago Bear in every way!! Hard nosed, takes a licking and keeps on ticking, and doesn't take any crap from anyone!

awww...shucks! my beloeved packers lost yesterday.... :(

i now teh bears won ans taht i claim to be a fan of them but even though they won i can truly say fellas taht these LOOSERS AE ALL BUSTS!!! tahts write MAJOR BUSTOS! the oline SUCKS, Forte SUCKS, dfense SUCKS, teh fans SUCKS, teh coaches SUCKS, ANGELOS UCKS evryone SUKCS exfdwept for me ans taht beauitfull, hansome man JAY CUTLER! :) man he is almost as gorceous as rashard MENDENAHLL!! ohh taht mendenhall is one fine peice of MAN!!

but you guys nowe me old crap-ton...justt tying to be posative...

ps i ussually LOVE hansome men....exScept for taht male model zerox copy..BRRRRRRANDO! i HATE BRANDO even though he is so charming ans gorgeous!

Why do they call it the Red Zone because the Bears are always embarrassed each time they enter it and come away with red faces and not much else.

O line, not any push at all again the other team is playing in the Chicago Bears backfield half of the game and whew, how many missed assignments, Cutler is lucky to be alive.

Pace was great once but he seems to be owned these days by defense, time for a move of Williams to the left side and Shaffer to the right. I disagree that Kruetz is a huge problem, the left guard play is leaving Kruetz exposed and making him look worse than he truly is playing, he is still a good NFL center, certainly not what he used to be but a good center.

Surprising but Garza now seems to be the man on the O line, three quarters of the bloggers last year wanted his head on a platter.

What is with having to reduce the playbook because the offense is missing assignments, when will this offense start to hit on at least 6 out of a 12 cylinder engine?

If the Bears are going to beat the Cardinals they will have to slow them down defensively and the offense will have to score some points, anything less than 24 points against the Cards may be a losing scenario.

Lets hope special teams can score three touchdowns, we can't count on the offense in the Red Face Zone except at least now for some field goals instead of interceptions but certainly few touchdowns.

Kudos to Manning (great game) Tillman, Brown and Anderson on the Defense

Some good, some bad.


1. How bout that special teams coverage on Cribbs. Great job of containment. Another way for Corey G. to show he needs to be on the field.
2. D. Manning was very active and showed great athleticism.
3. Devin is back.
4. Cutler is still alive.


1. The small receiver thing just doesn't cut it. In the first half when Cutler had decent time to throw you could see him not liking the separation his little buddies are getting. Bring in Devin A.
2. I support Ron Turner but it is getting tough. Another whole game without even attempting the bomb even though we have two of the scariest runners in the NFL. Wake up Ron and stop trying to "setup" plays like you are Bill Walsh or something.
3. When we would play football in the schoolyard and the other team would be putting on a strong rush, we would just dump it off to a back who would release into the flat. Works great. For some inexplicable reason the Bears can't run a screen to save their life.
4. When the QB was getting too much pressure we would keep a large fullback back there to help. The Bears need a large fullback.
5. I guarantee Cutler is going to lose it one of these days. He doesn't like his weapons and he doesn't like some of the calls. He wants to call his own plays. He is a throwback kind of guy you know.
6. The Bears coaching is really not that good.
7. Tough games ahead. Have to beat Arizona.

Why do I feel like we're gonna get stomped like 40-0 Thursday?

Here's what should happen based on the talent we have: Bears 27-20.

Then apply the coaching factor and we lose big. I hope we get lucky again. That's our only hope.

Yes, this was the lowly Browns, but I thought this was a step in the right direction, not because they won, but because they played better. It wasn't an impressive win, but it was progress.

Did you notice how Forte wasn't being hit in the backfield? 3.5 yards a carry is a major improvement when you take into account he was gaining just 2.5 a carry disregarding the Lions game. Plugging in Beekman for Omiyale was the right move. No, he didn't blast anybody off the line, but he stuck with his block and finished plays.

A lot is going to be made of the pass blocking, but I thought the line held up fairly well there too. Rob Ryan had them blitzing a lot, and on a couple of the sacks Cutler was holding onto the ball longer than the play called for, meaning the receivers weren't open, and Cutler seemed to be playing it safer too, not trying to sling it around as much; I don't know if that's particularly a good thing. Also, give the Browns D some credit too; they're playing as hard as they can despite their horrid offense.

I don't know what Ron Turner's intentions are, but I thought the play calling was weak yet again. And the WRs need to get open more frequently. Use Aromashodu, see what he can do. And the WRs need to challenge those batted balls and badly thrown balls, not just allowing the defender catch it. And can you send one of our taller players on a fade route near the goal line please. And get Peterson and Wolfe involved in the game, earlier and more often.

The ill-fated wildcat was a missed blocking assignment by Garza, not a bad play design. But it's true, the wildcat hasn't worked well for the Bears. I don't mind seeing Hester in the backfield, but I'd rather see him getting screen plays and swing passes where he's one on one against a LB, or toss it to Forte on a fake sweep right, and have Forte throw it back to Hester in the left flat if you want a trick play.

Defensively, Hillenmeyer getting everybody lined-up properly was an improvement from the last 2 weeks. The run defense needs to get better. I hardly saw Harrison make any plays, and the LBs were also very quiet. But regardless of who the opponent is, making plays and causing turnovers is a good sign, and more like the Lovie Smith defense we know. I think we finally saw what Lovie was seeing in Manning, and he needs to do it more consistently.

A win is a win, but one has to wonder how much punishment Cutler can continue to take and still be effective.He got pounded far too many times yesterday. The only one who got hit more was probably Rodgers at Green Bay, at least in the first half.The defensive backs and special teams looked good for a change, but Cleveland is not Minnesota, and the Bears' pass rush had better get in high gear very fast with the quarterbacks they'll be facing in the near future. How did they beat the Steelers? That's how they need to play the rest of the season.

This team will finish 6-10. Phil. Minn. (2) Cardinals, SF GB and Balt. all "L". Only wins Det and Rams. They play CONFUSED!!!!!!

If we are going to "scale down" the playbook, does that mean they will scale down Ron Turner's paycheck?? Maybe we'll get to see McKie up the middle again on short yardage.......Brad, how much freedom does Cutler have to change the play in the huddle or at the line of scrimmage? If I see another Garrett Wolfe up the middle I'll cave in my TV... I know you said no way Lovie is gone but how about Turner? What does his contract look like? GO BEARS!!

Ok well I have a little time today so these are my thoughts on the game.

1.Jay Cutler is one tough SOB.

2. Ron Turner what the F where you thinking running a delayed screen in the red zone when you can't protect Cutler. Also the Wild Cat? What makes you think we have the players to run that and what makes you think you can use it in the red zone when you never use it to begin with. Oh and Grag Olsen as a lead blocker for Wolfe and you run him right at Rodgers. Was that a joke?

3. Angelo, I hate so much, so angry, just can't even think of him.

4. Lovie the Browns have one of the worst defense in NFL history, and they put more pressure on our QB than you did on stinking Anderson, get a clue.

5. Bears fans, you are quickly trying to take the title of worlds dumbest fans from Denver Bronco fans. Its real simple, when the Bears offense is on the field YOU DO NOT MAKE A SOUND UNTIL AFTER THE SNAP!!!! OUR OWN FANS ARE HELPING CAUSE FALSE STARTS, AND THE LINE CAN'T HEAR CUTLER!!! ITS QUITE FOR YOUR OFFENSE, LOUD FOR YOUR DEFENSE!!!! WHY ARE CHICAGO FANS DOING IT THE OTHER WAY AROUND? Its called the fourth phase and you are actually helping the other team. No other fans in the nfl do this. Stop trying to be different you emo turds, you are suppose to help your team, not hurt it. Brad article explaining the 4th phase to Chicago fans, please, its pathetic.

6. Josh Beekman, thanks but no thanks. Is it me or has Hiestand never developed a single linemen? In fact how many good players has the offense developed with Turner and his guys?

7. 1 sack????? Against the Browns???? Really Lovie? You thought that was good?

8. Jim Miller is the biggest Bears Homer ever.

9. Why is Williams starting over Shaffer? Shaffer is as good a pass blocker probably even better, does not get a lot of penalties oh and is a great run blocker.

10. Some people have been asking why Rodgers whos line is as bad as the Bears line is putting up better numbers than Cutler. Well the Packers are actually better at run blocking then the Bears and a much better running game. Also the Packers roll Rodgers out, something the Bears don't do with Cutler, which is strange because he is good at it. Rodgers is in his 5th year in his sytem, Cutler is in his first year with turner. The Packers call better plays and execute their scheme better. Oh and two guys named Donald Driver and Greg Jennings. These two guys know what to do whe nateam blitzes, they know thier hot routs, and they are better than Hester and Bennett by a big margin. Last the Bears have not played the Vikings yet. I am sure Jared Allen will be wearing Cutlers skin by the end of those two games.

10a. I loved watching Favre beat the packers, I love watching anyone beat the Packers even the Vikings. But their was something warm and fuzzy about that mess. I guess cause Packer fans wanted to win it so bad. Was Arron Rodgers crying?

10b. Stop calling the Tampa two the cover 2, they are different schemes. Every team in the nfl runs a cover 2, the Tampa two has a totally different style of player and is a hybrid scheme. The Tampa two is a dead defense, their are no Under Tackles in college, if anyone knows a 6'2 295 highly athletic defensive end who is great at rushing the passer and is as strong as a 340 pound DT let Angelo know. Cause that is what an Under Tackle is, a big stout, think pass rushing DE with the strength of a big DT, it was almost impossible to find a good one 10 years ago. The position is gone the way of Rush ends and Rush OLB. CB's are not being asked to run block anymore and are playing a lot more man, the prototypical DE does not grow on trees and smaller rush ends are moving too the rush LB position and do not hold up well to the run. Its also becoming harder and harder to find the LB/Safety hybrid you need to play LB in the Tampa 2 with LB's becoming larger and more run oriented. Finding a good FS is not easy, finding two that are really good in pass coverage and playing the run is impossible. I would say at the current time and given what most college's are doing with players that it would be impossible to build a high end Tampa 2 defense. Lovie keeps trying to modify it, using smaller ends, and a NT, moving his CB's back 10 yards, mugging up, you name it and he is trying it. But Lovie is just sticking his fingers in a big leaky dam.

o-line is the glaring issue...if things up front dont change for the better, this will get much uglier. we stand to lose our franchise QB to injury, b/c protection is JUST NOT THERE. it's tough to comment on ron turner when the line plays this poorly, but that's a far cry from saying his calls are genius...

Last week, I found it interesting that Angelo seemed to distance himself from the mess on the field.

Now, after reading today's newspapers, it sounded as if Lovie was distancing himself from Turner and the mess on offense.


Also, our receivers are not really that good. They could be, but seem to lack size. Plenty of speed, but that's all we have. It would be nice to have a 6-3 or 6-4 receiver at 220 lbs who can run, catch and is tough. He would make our speed receivers that much more dangerous.

Oh, but wait. We probably wouldn't get the ball to him.

Olin, did the o-line jell this week?

The Browns Jamaal Lewis had a better YPC average than Forte. So the Browns' offensive line is also better than the Bears' o-line? Who does that leave below us -- just the Rams and the Lions?

And just what benefit has Rod Marinelli provided to the Bears d-line? (Okay, he got Tommie H. to practice all week last week.)

And Gaines Adams appears to be making an impact. Right?

If you just seen the score, 30-6 Bears over the Browns, you would be like, yeah, the Bears beat a team their suppose to beat right? If you watched the game, you would be like, wow, the Bears got problems.

The defense looked much better with Hillenmeyer at mike linebacker getting everyone lined up. I still like Nick Roach as a linebacker, but not a mike linebacker. Nick Roach, to me, has earned the strongside linebacker spot, and should get the extension over Tinoisamoa this off-season. Roach is around the ball a lot, he had 8 tackles yesterday and has had 8-10 tackles in almost every game this year. Tillman looked pretty good also, he's been a pretty consistent player for Chicago this year. It was also nice to see Danieal Manning make some plays, that pick was awesome, it really showed Manning's athleticism. Now, hopefully he can start doing it on a more consistent basis. The lone Browns TD came because of a muffed Brad Maynard punt, other than that, Chicago's defense did pretty good vs a team they should have beat, the offense is the problem with Chicago.

Chicago's line didn't look great yesterday, but a lot of the pressure came because the Browns like to blitz. The problem with Chicago's pass protection is their blitz pickup. This is a problem Chicago needs to fix, Olsen and Forte need to step their game up in this aspect of the game. I think opposing teams see this and are attacking it. Forte and Olsen simply need to improve their blitz recognition and overall blocking, especially Olsen. As far as the tackles, I said last summer I didn't like the Orlando Pace signing, and now we all see why. Pace has lost a step, he isn't even a stop gap anymore. This signing has done nothing but set Chicago's line back. Chicago would have a much better line with Chris Williams on the left side. Williams is a left tackle, he would be a lot more effective on the left side going against speed rushers. Power is not Williams game, this is why he will occasionally get beat with a bull rush, and on the right side he faces mostly bull rushers. Williams game is speed, being on the left side going against more speed rushers would be a more ideal spot for Chris Williams. Williams did have some nice run blocks yesterday, I like that beating he put down on the one Cleveland db. And yes, Josh Beekman did make a difference, its nice to have a guard that can actually stay on a block. Chris Williams at left tackle, Shaffer at right tackle and Chicago would be on their way. Orlando Pace is only gonna get worse as the weather gets colder. Moving Beekman into the lineup was a step in the right direction, now moving Chris Williams in at left tackle, and Shaffer in on the right side would make Chicago a better run blocking team. Also, with Chris Williams on the left side would improve Chicago's pass protection, along with Olsen and Forte picking up their games a little in the blitz recognition department. Nice win, but its time to get ready for the ol Cards, GO BEARS!!

Loved Cutler's Tweet Sunday night..."don't read too much into it!". Pathetic performance after getting their a**es stomped the week before, It's sad when even our QB isn't impressed.Go Bears, but.... this is just sad

my mistake..the Quote was " Don't believe the hype"

1. Red Zone. You won't score in the red zone if you can't run, and you can't run if you can't block. Pretty simple, really.

2. What Creighton said.

3. Never liked Smith's defense, stupid idea from the get-go. Why on Earth would you want small players in a game like American football? A 3-4 with a couple of good nose tackles is the way to go.

4. And here's a hint for Lovie Smith: size does matter, and quite a bit on the lines. Go get some BIG, quick, athletic linemen, not small ones who get pushed around by everyone.

5. To have trouble blocking these clowns -- except for Shaun Rogers, who's very good -- and to not be able to block them is [humiliating] [infuriating] (fill in the blank).

6. Despite this deceptive victory, the Bears are on a downward spiral, big time. Excellent chance they'll lose their next four games. How can you improve the QB position as much as the Bears did in the offseason and get worse instead of better? It takes really bad ownership and/or management and/or coaching to accomplish that feat, but it looks like the Bears have done it.

7. Despite their acquisitions and Chris Williams being healthy, the line is actually WORSE than it was last season, which is saying quite a bit. This explains a lot about No. 6.

8. The Bears are way below the salary cap. I hope those of you living in Chicago will hold ownership's feet to the fire and pressure them to sign some top free agents for a change like Alan Faneca instead of projects like Omiyale. There's no excuse for a team in the second largest NFL market in the country not spending as much or more than any other team.

Armstead: I agree with what you're saying. Nice post. The Bears are going to get a ton of blitzing all year because that's the blueprint Green Bay gave everyone during week 1.

Fecilli: Dude, Orlando Pace is playing pretty well. You're not watching the game closely enough. MOST of the sacks and pressures streaming from his side are coming via gadget blitzes (delayed stunts, corner blitzes, OLB blitzes) designed to bring the business when he's already engaged in a block. Olsen and Forte have played VERY poorly when asked to chip-block to help Cutler. You're mostly right though, the line play has been awful.

The Cardinals will destroy the Bears because they are very good at dialling up pressure schemes. The line will likely not respond and Cutler will get injured.

Ron Turner is quickly turning into John Shoop. The Bears really need to accept a couple more 3-and-outs and COMMIT to the run. Running the football in the NFL is like working the body in boxing. You don't always get immediate payoff, but your opponent starts to "feel it" in the late rounds. It is not all about getting 4+ yards a carry.

Mike Singletary once said: "We go out there and hit people in the mouth!"

John Madden once said: "Matt Forte gets better as the game goes on. He's a rhythm back."

I don't care how bad the line is and I know Forte is hurt - But the Bears can take a couple of 2-3 three-and-outs early and keep pounding the football. It can open up play action and take pressure off of the line - even at 2.5 YPC.

And one more thing: When is the Special Teams going to show up against a good team????????!!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe I'm saying this but: Cards 38 Bears 17

Later taters

Lovie & Co. Gotta Go!

Thoughts on the offense:

1) Don't blame Ron Turner too much for the failure of the offense.
Anyone offensive coordinator would look bad if the offense line can't block.

2) I think the Bears offensive line is worse than the Packer's. I just happen to think that Cutler has a better knack of throwing away the ball before he gets sacked that Aaron Rodgers who likes to hold the ball all day similar to Rothlisberger.

3) Don't blame Forte or Cutler for the offensive struggles once again.
If we had the offensive line that Minnesota has these guys would be putting up probowl numbers.

4) Greg Olsen needs to learn to block much much better.

What I see from Pace is slow footwork, and a very labored move out of his stance to get in position. If his guy is bull rushing, he stonewalls him. If he goes for the corner, it is about 60% of the time that he beats him to the spot and nullifies the rush. For a future HOFer, that is not good enough. For protecting the blind side of a young, franchise QB, that is not even close to good enough. He struggles a lot more against the 3-4 OLBs than the traditional 4-3 DEs. So we have played 3 3-4 defenses, and we have struggled protecting against them. We have 2 more in a row coming up, both of which are a lot more aggressive and talented than the Browns. His run blocking is awful, and he is not getting the job done on his man in pass protection. These little guys (compared to him, just about everybody is little) are pushing him back into the pocket, giving Cutler nowhere to go as the guards aren't holding the line either. He should be able to dominate in pass protection, and he simply is not. His man may not get all the sacks, but his play is causing lots more pressure than should be allowed.

As long as the line is this bad, we can forget the running game. We are going to need to treat Forte like Reggie Bush, and get him the ball through dump-offs and screens. That is the only thing to slow down the blitzing and pass rush, because if we don't, not only will we struggle to move the ball, but we may struggle to keep our QB healthy...

Pretty good thoughts Mike, Olsen does need to block better, it would be nice if we had an Oline, we would be seeing a couple ProBowlers in action.
A couple really big/good Oline/Dlinemen and this team would be alot different. I wanted a big WR like Plax before the year started but that wouldnt help at all w/o any lines. I wanted a OG but we got what? a Tackle to convert to OG? Now thats real smart.

At the least like a few people have said Lovie/Ron should go ahead and shake up this line asap.
Move Beekman to C,
MAYBE Williams to LT,
OK NOT SURE WHO PLAYS LG.... lol thats sad......
Garza RG
Shafer or Omiyale LT

But we need a shake up in the worst way, before Cutler is not a Franchise QB, but a beat up has been. Like Rex and.......all the other QB's we had.

Many football pundits are screaming for the same thing:

ROLL CUTLER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

move the freaking pocket a little bit!

JARED IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I can't see how Jay is not injured. Ryan put a bounty on him.

1. The run game is bad becuase the OL is playing terrible.
2. The pass game is bad becasue the run game is bad and the BEArs like to work off of predictable 2nd and 5. Working off of 2nd and 9 or ten already limits the playbook Ron. (OR at least what will work against a Blitz allowing 5 yards on a hot.) It's always third down!!!!! The BEARS should use passing to get first downs early when the other team is piling up he box and blowing up the run plays. The opponent sees you will take 5 yards so they don;t care if you go hot the way you are doing it. Half the time its just a run Blitz and you run anyway.
3. The personnel suggest play action deep balls with a strong run game.
4. However if you try 3 without a run game it's INT, sack or a hospital visit for Cutler.


Threaten Deep quick release when the other team is blitzing all the time. Hang it out for the speed you have as a hot read once in a while. After a touchdown or two they will realize where the real talent is. It's speed in Hester and Knox.

Release Forte to the flat for 2nd and 5. If they want to blanket Olsen make them pay with all that linebcker over under attention he's been getting. Get into your 2nd and 5 playbook if that is what you want. You can;t doing it with a run up the gut. Are you watching film?

Let Olsen come in motion to chip release on Cutler's weak side. He will be free if the blitz is picked up or misses and the hot slants also will be much clearer on the read. (in other words simplfy the reads for the Cutler?hester combination) He is after all only playing receiver for the second season.

The beauty of this is one missed tackle and Hester scores. Don;t you guys watch film?

This will also allow Pace to know exactly how to block a smaller strong but quick guy. Take away inside rush, run him through Olsen if he goes outside. IF hot...go to Devin... is not there Cutler steps right and launches to Knox on what immediately is a deep scramle drill for a TD or INC pass.

By the way only works when you actually use the speed on the field at the same time. Beleive me safty does not want to see Hester and Know on one side pressuring (or at least exposing his coverage as to who is in man.

Running game was fine when we had a back who could follow a guard that knew how to pull. But with the whole line blowing up the pulling guard situation is a wreck. If you abandon anything abandon that.

You cannot protect weak secondary play of Bowman or VAsher. Keep them off the field. If you really want to protect them use the DL plus pressure, allow Tillman to take the best guy and get physical then recover. Who coaches bump and run anyway? The other team uses it.

Bring safety into the run blitz and/or box. There was no excuse for allowing Cincy to outman you pre-snap on the line without more people up there. A HS running back would have gained 100 yards against the schemes used to stop what Cincy was simply lining up for power.

Occasionaly leave max protection with a late outlet and line up HEster and Knox to pressure the safety or reveal who might be getting man. Releae the gun that is Cutler's arm to whomever the read then cals for. It's aint rocket science.

If Cutler can be in the pocket Hester and Knox can score and we won't even be talking about the red zone.

Occasionally don;t try to cover a receiver like Oucho Cinco when you are trying to get the QB. Instaed let him cath it make him OUCH SO Much he is out of the game. Thisis the BEARS right? Remember Plank and Fencik?. Surely that memory does not translate to their superior coverage skills.

85 would have never seen the second half in the Cincy game.

estevenj not all the presure on Cutler is coming from blitzing in fact more than half of it is coming from 4 and 3 man rushes. Pace has not played well at all, he can't run block anymore, and has not shown any ability to drive block. He and Williams have been beaten in man to man situations all year long on a regular basis, every guy on that line is loosing their individual battles and that is what is alarming. ATL and CIN used 4 man rushes to get to Cutler and both where hitting him on 3 man rushes as well.

If Chris Williams can't handle speed from the right side, which he can't. Their is no chance he can handle it from the left side. Angelo would love to move him to the left side, thats his draft pick, it would make him look good. But if you can't pass protect on the right, you can't do it on the left. The power game comes in running the ball not pass blocking. Pass blocking is technique and athletic abiltiy not power, you are not trying to push anyone off the line. If you can;t do it on the right, you will have not shot on the left where the premier DE's live. I for one do not want to see Williams trying to protect Cutler from Allen.

Simple fact, the talent level on this team is not very good and its pretty old as well. Plus the only way to fix the problems on offense is to either find the fountain of youth or FA next year and the Bears better go get either Logan Mankins or Jahri Evans and Jared Gaither or Trooblood are must signs. Draft a Center in the third round and Sign Marshall or Jackson.

How come Shaffer is not at RT, he twice anchored the right side of a falcons line that led the NFL in rushing? He was good enough to start 86 games and can't see the field because they are playing Chris Williams at RT, a guy who can't run block on a team desperate to run the ball? WTF. People ask me why I think Lovie is stupid. Well its things like this that make me believe he is an idiot.

By the way Randy do you realize you just pointed out a huge problem with the depth chart. The have one backup interior lineman, Beekman who is now starting. Which means if anyone gets hurt we get Omiyale again. But hey we got Gains Adams to sit and watch the games. Way to fill a need Angelo. But hey he got Cutler. Nice, 2 first round picks a third, and Orton, for a QB who the Bears seem desperate to get killed. Its his ultimate swan song, kill Cutler and give away an entire draft worth of picks and players just so he can say he got Knox in round 5 and should keep his job because of that. Yeah another 5th round average player on pace for all of 600 yards and it hasn't even got cold yet.

Actually thats perfect. Angelo knows he sucks at drafting top talent. So he makes a trade for a great QB giving away all those high picks, but because he sucks at drafting top talent to begin with, the QB has no real weapons or protection and is going to waste. In one move he found a way to waste the talent of a Pro Bowl QB while managing to give away an treasure trove of picks but at the same time. This may very well be his worst move ever.

He could have gone out and Got Jason Brown to play Center, or Stacy Andrews to play OT, he could have got Derrick Dockery to play guard. But ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo, its Angleo clever time, cause he is so smart. He goes and gets a guy who is a career backup and has never played guard in his life to play guard, and he goes after a guy who has started 150 plus games in the nfl and was cut by the Rams to protect Jay Cutler. Cut by the Rams kinda says it all. If the Rams cut a player you should probably not sign him and when he is 34, you should not sign him to a 3 year contract.

That old Angelo, he sure knows more than the rest of us. Johnny Knox people, that makes it all better. You know what I bet I can find a 5th round reciever who can get 600 yards. Just give me a dart, a blinfold, and put the names on the board.

I just find this amusing .....maybe you all should listen to what I say at the beginning of the won't have to repeat everything I said

Teaching Greg Olsen how to block is a waste of time. Yes, occasionally, it would be nice for him to get in the way, but blocking is not his highest and best use. A TE that blocks is why the Bears have Kellen Davis and Desmond Clark.

Olsen is a perfect example of how the Bears try to fit players into their system instead of maximizing a player's skill.

Olsen should be torturing defenses. If he is covered by a linebacker, he can outrun them. Covered by a safety or a corner, he can out-position them. He creates mismatches -- more so than any other receiver the Bears have.

Unfortunately, the Bears don't seem to know how to use him OR Olsen is one freaking stupid guy and doesn't understand how to find holes in the defense.

Maybe it was Olsen to whom Turner was referring when he said he needed to dumb-down the offense (I'm paraphrasing).

Spending too much time teaching Olsen to block is about as smart as having Hester run out of the wildcat formation. (Oops, we do that too.)

We aren't putting the few play-makers we have on offense in the best situation to succeed -- and that includes Cutler. Instead, we force them to fit into a lame offensive scheme that harkens back to the days that Ditka was a Bear TE.

I mean, let's use the entire season to keep proving that we can't run between the tackles. Similarly, let's use the entire season to prove that Cutler IS a pocket passer, no matter the intensity of the pounding he takes.

After all, this IS Bears football!!!!!

Read most of the posts and its obvious the brunt of the criticism is on the O-line, some changes can be made but not at this point of the season. Do we really want to find out if a practice squad tackle is a starter in the league in week 8 of a season??? How can we be sure that moving williams to LT would be an upgrade over O-pace, when he is not dominating on the right side yet? Shaffer a better tackle than Williams, he got cut from the team we just beat by 24 points on sunday, and was let go so they could bring in a guy we did not want last season in St.Clair. I think Creighton has a point on Hiestand, he has to know that the problem is in the middle of the line and not on the edges, and noone wants to tell Oiln to step up and stop living off his reputation, we got absoultely no push in the middle run blocking, and they are not holding their ground in pass protection so the tackles can push the edge rushers around Cutler to allow him to step up and throw, we also got rid of Buening who we traded a pick for last season without ever putting the guy in a game to see what he could do!
I saw Slezak's article this morning and she basciaclly threw the team under the bus, Arizona is a beatable team this week fellows and so are the 49ers coming up, the Pack lost two to the Vikes and the Falcons lost last night. this team is very much in the playoff hunt even though they need to improve in several areas to take advantage of the opportunity. Here are a few things I have been asking for and see some evidence they might be listening: 1) Get Forte in space, he is a big back and getting him into the secondary could help the offense and Cutler. 2) Bring the corners up in jam position on defense to take away the easy 7-8 yd slant patterns teams take against the cover two to help keep drives alive. 3) spread teams out more on offense, if you are going to run the ball at least this will give Forte a chance to see some space prior to getting the handoff allowing him to run to open areas, as well as give the o-line some trap options to use against overly aggressive d-tackles trying to get penitration up the middle. 4) More screens, if the o-line is already allowing penitration then that would get them into space against linebackers for big plays on offense, cutler has proven to be elusive enough to get away before the rush gets to him especially if he's in the gun. 5) Fix Kreutz stance at line of scrimmage, I'm tired of seeeing fumbled snaps, he's always gotten a pass on this no more. It's all about getting WINS and improving each week, saw some evidence of this on defense last week albeit the Browns, but the Cards have no running game, go to nickle package and double up fitzgerald to limit his production a WIN is possible this week!......Go BEARS...

Fecilli, Creighton:

I really agree with both of you to a certain extent. Pace is a below average run blocker, but I don't think he sucks. I'm not a Pace fan and I was a bit surprised they brought him in quite frankly.

Creighton, I know that there have been a bunch of 3 and 4 man pushes that have blown through the Bears line, but what I'm seeing in those situations - most of the time - is an interior push that destroys the pocket, causing the tackles to lose containment on their men. Remeber, the tackles usually not facing the pocket and cannot always see that Jay is being forced to the left because Shaun Rogers steamrolled Kreutz and Beekman.

In other situations, where effective pressure comes from the left side, they are MOSTLY (not always) coming from a gadget-type delay or stunt blitz.

Pace has also faced some pretty nasty pass rushers over the first 6-weeks and I still think, from a pass blocking standpoint, has done a pretty good job considering no one else on that line seems to be doing theirs on any level.

I think he can play better. But I'm just not seeing him being the problem on the line. For me, it is horrific play from the interior linemen and subpar run-blocking from the tackles.

Let's hope Beekman can help them "gel"


texasjim, dude Cutler does not twitter. That guys a fake, just an FYI. Cutler was on the score with Olsen talking about this. He said he never has been on twitter.

estevenj I agree the middle of the line is gettng blown to pieces, and I am not blaming Pace, but man on man they are all getting beat, its not just one guy. Pace is still better at Tackle then Williams, which is sad. But their is no way he or Kruetz should be starting next year. Or Omiyale, or Williams unless he improves a lot, and I hate to say it but Garza is pretty long in the tooth. 100 games started on the line seems to be a wall for a lot of guys.

Oh and Brad you know that Aikman stat system that Lovie likes to talk about and say how good his team is according to his system. Well the Defense ranks 21st and they are 22nd on offense. So why don't you go ask Lovie about these Aikman stats that he loves so much. Oh and the next time Harris gets an attitude with you just let me know I will kneecap him for you. Oh wait, to late Mark Colombo beat me to it. "Karma" Any way if he gets mad at you again just hit him and run, he won't catch you. Not on those legs.

In the news, Dez Clark says "he is not sure how many more hits Cutler can take."

Thanks Dez I feel so much better about his health now.

Lovie Smith on the Dez Clark comment: "Well"

Thanks Lovie, 4 sacks and 11 hits.

Best Lovie quote this week: "If we just maintain what we are doing we will be fine"

What Lovie meant to say Jay's a dead man, sorry but thats about as bad a beating as I have seen a qb take in awhile.

Best Cutler Comments: "Well Rogers is a big guy so when he hits you it counts as two"

Translated by me: Common guys, seriously, how could let that big mother ###### drop me like that? WTF, do your jobs.

Also by Cutler: "We need to get better"

Translated: Why the #### did I leave Denver to come to this nightmare? Angelo sucks.

I hope Chris Williams is the next to take a seat on the bench. I do not know what is so difficult about not moving until the ball is snapped. He leads the NFL in false starts! Are you kidding me! What are we in high school! Sit him down and let Shaffer start over him. Williams is soft! He puts no effort into blocking for his current and former teammate at Vandy (Cutler). Even if you look at when Hester had that near TD score, Williams was weak in blocking people coming his way. He is garbage! Beekman played well which was predicted. There is no reason why he shouldn't have been starting all along. I love this team trust me I do, but the coaching has got to be one of the worst in the league. They lack common sense across the board especially on offense. I predicted almost every play the Bears ran on offense. They are so predictable it is ridiculous. Be creative Turner for goodness sakes! Have some innovation in the playbook. It is so frustrated watching this team every Sunday. They are pathetic! That was the worst 30-6 win of all time! Also, someone tell Cutler to get a personality on field and display some leadership. My goodness, the guy has a arm yes but he lacks leadership and passion. He has the most neutral face I have ever seen in my life. Motivate your team and give them some life! If you're dead then they are dead. Poor leadership! This team is screwed!

And just in case you goofs forgot what I had said, it was something like this.

The Bears SUCK!

Go Packers!

Yeah, I agree Hitman, the packers can go straight to HELL....

We should not have to be teaching Olsen to block at this point of time, the guy is 6'5" 250lbs., he should be able to block. it takes effort and if he wants to be a great TE on this team he needs to be able to hit someone and slow them down from time to time. On the play in question the Wimberly "hit" he should have at least brushed the guy some, especially if all he was doing was going into the flat, that wuould have slowed the guy down some to ensure Cutler had time to get him the ball, this was his mental error not lack of ability. You make some good points about how he's being used, but even Dez had to learn that blocking as a TE is as important as catching balls, this is the step that Olsen must take if he expects to become an All-pro..... Again most of the crtics are on the tackles, but we are not doing the job in the middle of the o-line either, remember a QB is supposed to step up into the "pocket" so the tackles can run the d-ends by on the outside, we have not had a pocket, and are getting beaten back on the line of scrimmage from the snap of the BALL....Kreutz is getting a pass on this blog and I don't understand why, he is supposed to the the anchor to the line not the drain being pulled to open the floodgates, Omiyale was not the only problem up front, and we still got the "fat" Williams boys coming up twice along with the big plugger the Ravens have, Olin needs to get his act together, maybe we can switch him and Beekman and put him at guard to see if he can get off the ball better and stop penitration, because right now he getting destroyed, Darnell Dockett must be licking his chops right now knowing he gets a shot at Kreutz this week....come on Olin, I'm calling you out start playing like the All-Pro you're supposed to be and help shore up the middle of the O-line.......

Look, guys, Olin Kreutz is not what he used to be, but his bad play isn't mostly his fault. He's been trying to help Omiyale. The other teams saw this and put a tackle over him so he can't help out. The tackles, who outweigh him by 30-50 lbs., are blowing him up. But if the Bears had a decent guard next to him, the defenses wouldn't be able to cheat that way. Remember, Kreutz was still playing at a pretty high level before Reuben Brown got hurt.

On another note, my hopes for this season have gone from contender to hoping Cutler doesn't get seriously injured. And if the Bears don't spend some serious money and spend it very wisely on free agent linemen, there's not much hope for the future, either.

take a look at the talent level on the o line. Kruntz is an all pro. then we have? Orlando Pace? How old is he? A rookie in Williams? Beekman is where as far as experience? Garza is ok. So wow! And we expect what? The Queens have how many high picks on their line? Hutchetson is a probowler. Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Why isn't chicago more agressive in free agency? Check out the CFL for a Tackle I'm sure there are at least 2 who are at least worth looking at. Why not Chris Chambers? Matt Jones? Braylon Edwards? Why isn't JA improving this team? We need a better pass rush why weren't we in the running for Julius Peppers? If you want to waste a pick on an underachieving DE why not go after Howie Long's son? I'd say he is better than who we got. Why didn't we draft Steve Smith who is now leading the G men in receptions? It is just too many misfires or not firing at all by the front office. Why couldn't the coaching staff get Cedric Benson to play better. Other teams aka the Pats have been able to do that to players who are not exactly mature. Why is our 1st round such a disaster? Name a first rounder under JA who is a superstar? Rex? Marc? Greg?

This team makes me cry I never thought I would see my Bears lose because of incompetency of persons who never take the field.

There is something to be said for coaching issues as well.

If the OL has a prlem getting the run game moving AND you still want to run put some help up there with two TE.

The big Kellen can block and catch TDs in the Red zone we have already seen.

Put 2 TE to forcec and unbalanced line like Cincy did. Actually they used a tackle eligle for the job. THis forces a safety up and keeps LBs occupied for what they see pre-snap. There is so much that can be done with the formation including:

Motioning the TE to the other side to expose man on the side that had 2.

Motioning the TE to the fullback position for a power lead block.

Setting up a TE screen after releasing Forte to the other side.

Forcing the D to think run committed defense which loosens up the deep threat.

The real problem I see is that the deep ball is the best weapon with the speed and recievers and it is not really part of the playbook. The deep ball should be released 5 times a game with the personnel the team lines up.

The 2 TE can force a run defense package that in reality masks a protection package when one TE shifts back to protect at ttimes.

Simply expecting "better execution" on the same personnel and plays is not the way to change the other team's defense. Make them commit to the run stop whether you can run it well or not.

Use 2 TE to unbalance the line and crowd the box...then protect and threaten deep pass, power run to the unbalance, and/or power sweep to get forte in space with blockers that can move their freaking feet.

I totally agree with Rick C why have we not used the TE more precisely Kellen Davis big target good hands and has learned how to block already! Bears could create alot of mismatchs with 2 TE sets but every body knows what the Bears are going to do based on the player personel that they put in, even my wife knows what play Turner has dialed up!

You can just imagine the opposing team's cornerbacks laughing their butts off after the game:

"They (da Bears) didn't throw the bomb the WHOLE game!
Can you believe that?"

How stupid can one be.

Maybe Turner purposely has not thrown the bomb for 2 games straight because he is trying to fool the Arizona Cardinal DB's.

Now THAT's setting up a play.

Hester on one side, Knox on the other, both fly.
How do you stop that?

Here's how you stop the bomb fan55

Sign a reject Tackle to play Guard to a starters contract
Basically trade your worst Tackle for another teams worst Tackle
Don't draft any good Olinemen
Sign a Tackle that is too old w/o any inside help
Keep a Center starting thats 2 years past retiring age
Have to start your backup center at Guard bc of above mistakes.

Article on QB busts and All Pros drfated - (yes Rex is in there)

Chitownbear --

Hey, we have to teach Tommie Harris how to practice.... ;-)

Seriously, yes, Olsen should know how to block and does, but blocking is about commitment and of our TEs, he is the least committed. But he is our best receiver.

Why not put him in more situations that take advantage of his excellent receiving skills rather than put him in situations where he has to rely on his weaker skills?


LOL, I think we agree it is his committment to blocking that is lacking not his skills, a simple slight shove still allows him to get into the flat and more time for Cutler to find him.....

Peter: If you call Kreutz and All-pro at this point you can say the same for Tommie Harris neither guy is what they were, stop talking about the Kreutz of five years ago and focus on what we got now, the Wiolliams boys have been killing him the last few years, along with Shawn "fatboy" rogers before he got shipped out of Detroit and what about "I ate myself out of the league' Gilbert Brown of the Packers.....lET 'S FACE IT BIG GUYS GIVE HIM FITS UP FRONT!

Forget about long passes. You want to get Cutler killed? In order to throw long passes, the line has to pass block well. Cutler can barely get short throws off with three step drops, how in the world is he supposed to throw long passes?

The offensive line is the foundation of the offense, along with the QB. Until the Bears fix the line, you might as well stop talking about the rest of the offense, because it's all irrelevant and would make very little or no difference what changes are made. And that goes for complaining about Ron Turner, too.

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