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Will the Bears entertain the idea of a trade for Terrell Owens?

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The cyber mailbag has been getting stuffed in e-mail and on my Twitter account.

Are the Bears in play for Terrell Owens?

My initial take on T.O. to the Bears is NO, but keep in mind that the N in NFL stands for never rule anything out.

Before we go any further, let's get to the genesis of these e-mails and the rampant speculation that is all over the Internet. ESPN's Adam Schefter speculated that the Buffalo Bills could look to trade Owens before the NFL's trading deadline, which is next Tuesday. Schefter's short item starts out: "About a week before the Oct. 20 NFL trade deadline, the Buffalo Bills are not shopping wide receiver Terrell Owens." Then, he goes on to explain why it would be a good idea for the Bills, who could lay off roughly $4 million of the $6.5 million contract Owens signed with Buffalo this season.

The Bills are going nowhere in 2009, only to an offseason rebuilding with a coach not named Dick Jauron, but they built energy in their club and fan base by surprisingly signing Owens after he was cast off in Dallas. Do they want to admit failure and deal away the one player who spurred ticket sales? You've got to keep in mind the issues Owens caused in Dallas and before that in Philadelphia when you consider the idea of adding him to a locker room that Lovie Smith likes right now, one that is calm, veteran and clear of pretty much anything in the way of controversy. A ripple in the Bears locker room occurs when tight end Desmond Clark announces on his Internet radio show that he has a fractured rib. That's controversy for the Bears.

Owens has 12 catches for 202 yards and one touchdown for a miserable Bills' offense. He turns 36 in December, and he simply doesn't get off press coverage at the line of scrimmage like he did before. Scouts will tell you he doesn't have to be defended the way he did three or four years ago. If the production of the Bears' wide receivers has not been a surprise to the team, then it has been a surprise to everyone not residing at Halas Hall. Devin Hester, Johnny Knox and Earl Bennett are all on pace to have more than 750 yards receiving, something no trio in franchise history has accomplished. Is any receiver going to the Pro Bowl? Probably not. But the Bears are far ahead of where many upset they didn't swing a trade for Anquan Boldin figured they would be.

Owens is a big target at 6-3, 224 pounds, and he could probably excel with Jay Cutler throwing him the ball. Cutler likes big targets, and he's not the least bit surprised that Kyle Orton has found success with Brandon Marshall in Denver. Throw it up for a big receiver and watch him go get it. Cutler likes big receivers and it's one reason he took to Devin Aromashodu in training camp and preseason. Owens would offer that dimension to the offense, one it really has not been getting from tight end Greg Olsen, who was supposed to have a breakout season.

What could you get Owens for? Schefter speculated a mid-round draft pick would do the trick. He's probably right, but only if the Bills and owner Ralph Wilson Jr. decides to peddle Owens. There are probably few teams Owens would be more excited to join. The Bears have proven they will think outside the box too. They did lengthy homework on Plaxico Burress before it became evident he would be spending the 2009 season behind bars and not in shoulder pads. They found Burress was his own worst enemy at times, but not necessarily a divisive force for the team. Can the same thing be said about Owens? Do you think Smith wants to invite him on board? It's certainly not a move you'd instantly see general manager Jerry Angelo making. He's averse to trading his draft picks for just about anyone not named Cutler. But when he has dealt draft picks, he's done pretty well. Remember, the Bears nabbed Pro Bowl special teams player Brendon Ayanbadejo for a draft pick. He traded a draft pick in a package to get defensive end Adewale Ogunleye.

I'm not sure this is a trade the Bears make even if the Bills are in the mood to deal. Just in case, get your popcorn ready, and stay tuned.

Have at it.

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ok not the greatest idea but for a 4th or 5th round pick why not?
braylon edwards looked terrible for the browns and looked like a super star the instant he suited up for the jets.

yeah i know owens is old but i think he's just given up, he knows the team isn't going anywhere so why should he try. not the kind of guy you want but i don't think he's physically as bad as people are saying.

but he had two decent games before week 3, when he didn't catch any balls.

seriously compair his stats to the other bears wide outs
he's better than hester, better than knox
and owens quit trying a few weeks ago

maybe it's not the best idea but having him around for a season can't hurt. culter has a lot more balls than romo, mcnabb,or edwards. i think garcia was a ballzy guy but seriously he's a little yapping dog compaired to cutler. if culter doesn't keep him in check kreutz can break his jaw.

i say why not it can't really hurt and if it doesn't work so what, angelo can't draft so it's not like we are really losing anything.

Don't get me wrong, I would like a vet wr for several reasons, but not this guy. He is nothing but a parasite who will not grow up and act like an adult. For anyone to claim him a mentor for anybody let alone the potential future talent we here possess. I strongly felt sympathy for any team who gets this guys personality. Sure he's got skills (whatever is left) but his behavior will not help with the motivation and vibe in the locker room. We don't need that in our milieu. If we get a vet look into somebody else. Lord knows we'll need some help with the upcoming teams and even though it greatly bothers me to say this but especially the viqueens who even though have faced nobody significant yet, will be a true challenge for us, (though I hope I am wrong). I personally wouldn't mind waiting for next year when the Broncos most likely will part ways with Marshall and he might wish to come here.
Go Bears!

I wouldn't mind having Terrel Owens on the team. Yes he can create problems, though I think that the media has overblown things just so they can create a newsworthy story. But you can't deny the fact that he does simply produce. He's a tall physical experienced receiver that we are lacking on this team. No knocks on Knox or Hester but they are both similar types of speedy small receivers.

I do have to disagree with Joe on the fact that Angelo can't draft. Sure, he generally fails on the 1st and 2nd round picks, but he is very good with the mid to late round picks, which is something we would have to give up. Without a 1st next year that would really hurt our draft.

Performance wise, I think TO would revive his career with the Bears. No doubt. His performance this year has more to do with a toxic Bills offense and let's face it.. Trent Green is Orton on vitamins. TO and the Bears would be serious SB contenders.

Here's the problem.. TO's ego plus Chicago Media plus us demanding fans equals "THE PERFECT STORM". As much as I want to see the shuffle this year.. at some point, this equation would be a ticking time bomb. Maybe not this year, but certainly next.

Brad, emphasize the pace those WRs are on:

Knox: 56 catches, 760 yards, 8 tds
Bennett: 60 catches, 800 yards
Hester: 56 catches, 756 yards, 8 tds

Would Owens make the offense even better? Sure. But you know what, Devin Aromashodu hasn't gotten to see the field yet this year, mostly because the Bears haven't had a need to force him into a game.

In the close games the Bears have won vs Seattle and Pittsburgh, these 3 guys + Kellen Davis have made catches most people doubted anybody on the Bears except Olsen could.

I almost can't believe I'm saying this, but outside of QB, the wide receivers are best performing unit on the team.

Let's keep that 3rd-5th round pick and not acquire a player who is only good for 12-16 games before we release him, doesn't know our playbook, hasn't worked with Cutler, has deteriorating abilities, doesn't command nearly as much attention from defenses as he used to, yet still manages to command far, far FAR too much attention from the media.

Joe... your an IDIOT!!!! More balls then McNabb??? You are really dumb and shouldn't be allowed to have kids... McNabb has how many playoff games and superbowl apperences compared to Cutler...I end my note once again with "Joe, Your a IDIOT"!!!

Owens catches like Dez White.

Why would be want Owens at this point? He does not seem like a Lovie's Smith type of guy.

What concerns me most about the Bears is the O-line; not enough run blocking and pass protection for Cutler. And with AP out, our back-up for Forte is Wolfe? Great on Special teams, but can he step up in other ways?

Looking forward to an interesting season after the bye week.

Before I even start; First to my critics. The day is rapidly approaching where there are going to be "hate crime" laws applied to the internet. If you post ANY comments that just "hurt someone's feelings", you are going to jail or be hit with big fines.

My critics who are abusive with your insults and name calling; your days are numbered. Someone will turn you in if you persist in your rude behavior. You have been warned!

The Bears should trade for T.O. Why? Because the Bears signed Orlando Pace to "win now". That is the standard. The Bears have to "win now".

It would have been better to make the trades to get the rare blue chip O-linemen in the draft and build a "Dynasty" but the Bears refused to do so. It would still be good to try and trade for those players if their teams could be persuaded to make deals. Is anybody still that impressed with Forte and Olsen so far this season? Build for the future I say. How many helicopter jumps into the endzone do you want Cutler to make?

But since the Bears refuse to listen to reason, they must carry on with their plan to "win now" or they are wasting what little time they have left of Pace and Kreutz. So far, this is not a playoff type team. It has to get a lot better. Terrell Owens probably still has what it takes. If you gamble on Pace, you gamble on Owens too.


If "N" stands for never, I guess "TO" stands for Tear apart Organizations. Actually TO stands for himself, plain and simple.

Any Chicago folks recall the wonderful team building effect of Sammy Soso and Milton the Mental? TO would bring the same wonderful chemistry but, now, without much talent left to offer. Good grief!!

I would rather us bring back D'Wayne Bates, Wendell Davis, Marcus Robinson, and Brian Baschnagel at their current age and physical condition than T.O. He still has amazing physical ability compared to other wideouts in the league, but if it wasn't for Braylon Edwards' pouting style, he would have led the league in drops 2 years in a row!

What this offense needs to get better is #22 getting consistently 4 yards per carry against someone other than Detroit. I think we can all agree that despite Benson's emergence in Cincy as an effective power back, our system is designed for a back like Forte, who can run, catch, and block. If he actually had some running lanes, he would also be able to display his shiftiness in the hole and in the open field, the former being relatively rare, even in the NFL.

T.O. will not only hamper the development of Knox, Hester, and Bennett, but also Olsen and Kellen Davis. He needs the ball consistently, and will demand it. We don't need that. What we need is to keep our draft choices and start developing some young talent again, like we did 10 years ago. Many of our premier players are 30+ years old, and we are going to have to start planning to replace them, so draft picks are going to be important.

Even if the philosophy is "win now," we still have a better chance of that working out if we keep our current lineup. If there was a good pass rusher out there, or a DT worth investing in, that would be a different story.

But the bottom line is that this staff has not succeeded in developing younger talent, or has not been given an opportunity because of "end of the line" free agents. We now have a solid young core on offense when you look at:

QB--Cutler is 26? Could play another 10-12 years if all goes well
RB--Forte is in his second year. Even with the shorter shelf life of backs, he could play another 6-8 years.
WR--Knox, Iglesias, Hester, and Bennett are still relatively young, and only Hester is on his second deal
TE--Olsen and Davis are both very early in their careers
OL--Williams, Omiyale, Beekman are all entering their prime, or still on the way there. That could be our left side and center after 2009 or 2010

That's a solid 11 guys on offense that we can build around, assuming they keep developing. On defense, we are not as fortunate

DL: Goon and Alex are both seasoned vets, and Anderson and Goon are free agents after this year. We do have Gilbert and Melton, but are they DEs or DTs? Gilbert should probably play insde, but is a decent option outside. Melton is being asked to bulk up, which would make me think he is going to be a DT for this team, perhaps as a 3 technique because of his quickness? Harris' knees are not going to give him more than another year or two. Idonije is steady and solid, as is Adams, but they are both nearing 30. We have some talent in Harrison, but outside of him, Gilbert and Melton are about it--3 guys for 4 spots
LB: Urlacher is 31, and will not play forever. Briggs is in his prime still, but after that, we have a lot of depth, but no building blocks
CB: Graham is not getting any playing time, Bowman is getting banged up in every game, and Vasher has lost all his confidence. Moore is not sniffing the field. Tillman is solid
S: Afalava and Payne are both SS, but both have potential to be solid or good. Manning appears to finally have gotten it at free safety based on his play so far, so that could be a nice building block with those 3.

Where we need the most help is where we have needed the most help for 3 years: in the trenches. This team doesn't need any aging skill players. This is the time to let our young QB get used to playing with some young, athletic, talented players, and let them grow together. A 1 year stopgap with T.O. is not worth the ripples it will cause in the development of the guys who will still be here when he is gone after this year. Keep the draft picks, and start drafting linemen early and often next year. No first rounder, but we should be using our 2nd, 3rd, and 5th on linemen at minimum in the 2010 draft.

Everyone (most) would hate him untill he caught his TD's then Chicago would ALL get on that bandwagon. Mark my words on that.

T.O. would give Cutler that big/fast target he needs. I have not seen any problems in Buffaloe AND I have seen the Cowboys struggle w/o him.
So YES YES YES bring us a star WR to go with our Star QB! Chicago is the greatest city in the world! We deserve Stars!
Please JA bring Cutler T.O.!!!

Everyone (most) would hate him untill he caught his TD's then Chicago would ALL get on that bandwagon. Mark my words on that.

T.O. would give Cutler that big/fast target he needs. I have not seen any problems in Buffaloe AND I have seen the Cowboys struggle w/o him.
So YES YES YES bring us a star WR to go with our Star QB! Chicago is the greatest city in the world! We deserve Stars!
Please JA bring Cutler T.O.!!!

Joe, Denver failed in the playoffs bid with their young WR, Do you really want to wait? and not even know your waiting for the big game? Why not bring in a vet and win now as opposed to maybe winning next year or the year later?
I have waited that 10-12 years you speak of actually 20 fk...years! I am tired of waiting, that same old song and dance - wait toll next year gets old after 20 years Joe.

We have waited long enough !@# a bunch of waiting!!

I have not seen the Eagles back at that big game, and if you watched the SB then you saw McNabb implode not T.O.

We are now talking about a good wide receiver, not a great one. Big wideouts who are available because they have lost a step are not really that hard to find. If the Bears did want one, why would they fool with Owens and his baggage?

Terrell Owens = Milton Bradley.

Fire Ron Turner now.

Ok, so I've only been away a couple of days and I come back to find there's all this talk about getting a #1 receiver and trading for Terrell Owens.

If I may, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE??? You'd think we just got our asses handed to us by the Cleveland Browns! Dear God, the receivers are one of the major surprises of this season, they've done a real great job w/ Cutler and now some believe we need to overhaul that position and bring in a guy like Owens, in the twilight of his career, which will probably force Knox to the bench and hinder his development. Man, the bye week does strange things to people's minds.

Speaking of strange minds, Protect the QB you are by far the biggest moron to ever log on to the internet. Every friggin' time you post it's, "We need to build a dynasty! So come on Angelo, draft and/or trade for three first round rookie linemen, who may or may not pan out, because it's just so stupid it might work!"

Kid, this isn't a video game. You don't just magically acquire three first round draft picks because you want certain players. And people don't magically go to jail for verbal arguments or spats on the internet. So how about we take off the Harry Potter costume, stop playing Dungeons and Dragons, and go outside and get some fresh air?

Creighton, Da Coach, where are you guys when we need you!?

Theres no denying the talent Terrell Owens brings to a football field. But the thing is, everywhere the guy has ever played he's caused some type of locker room controversy. From San Fran with Jeff Garcia, to Philly with McNabb, and last season with the boys and Romo. Now all of the sudden theres romors the Bills want to deal him? You got to be kidding me if you want to bring in an obvious locker room cancer? Chicago doesn't need that. I mean if he had problems with one, maybe two teams you could let it slide, but three straight teams! And now maybe four with the Bills? I wouldn't go no where near him. The receiving core is not the problem with Chicago's offense, all three wideouts are on pace to put up 750-800 yards receiving, thats not bad from a threesome. Chicago's fine with their young receivers, I say keep running with em, they'll be fine GO BEARS!!

It is absolutely ridiculous that Angelo wouldn't even consider this...

Angelo said that we are not rebuilding. If that's the case then we are trying to contend NOW and we should do everything we can to get better. The Patriots got Moss for a 4th rounder and look at the seasons he's had in New England!

Give T.O. 10 games. He plays well? We benefit. If he turns into the team destroyer? He's gone after this year anyway. No loss.

This a big, physical receiver whom we wouldn't need to go deep but catch first downs and intermediate passes. An above average wr(not sure if he's great anymore) wr for a half a season? It's win-win.

I can't believe Bears management wouldn't even consider this. We are going to see Sunday night what a big physical wr can do for a team.....


It is absolutely ridiculous that Angelo wouldn't even consider this...

Angelo said that we are not rebuilding. If that's the case then we are trying to contend NOW and we should do everything we can to get better. The Patriots got Moss for a 4th rounder and look at the seasons he's had in New England!

Give T.O. 10 games. He plays well? We benefit. If he turns into the team destroyer? He's gone after this year anyway. No loss.

This a big, physical receiver whom we wouldn't need to go deep but catch first downs and intermediate passes. An above average wr(not sure if he's great anymore) wr for a half a season? It's win-win.

I can't believe Bears management wouldn't even consider this. We are going to see Sunday night what a big physical wr can do for a team.....


Joel.. i don't know out of the 32 players picked from 2003-2006 8 are still on the team. and of those 8 only briggs, tillman and harris are really producers. hester was but they ruined his since they moved him to wide out (that's debatable). but i guess 25% isn't too bad, 1 out 4 probably beats the league average so you're probably right about angelo.

WTF.. you said "McNabb has how many playoff games and superbowl apperences compared to Cutler" ok i didn't know playoff games and superbowl apperences counted as "balls"
mcnabb choking in the super bowl
real balls

mcnabb's a punk, sure he's got talent but everybody knows mcnabb might go on IR if he's got a hang nail. Campbell soup boy hasn't proved anything about his courage. culter played an entire season with diabetes and didn't even know about it.

you act like cutler's a ten year vet. he's still a young guy and when he was with the broncos,
did he have a defense?
did he have a running game?

ha! let's face it though, using your logic rex grossman is a better qb than cutler, because last time i looked how many super bowl appearances did grossman have?
same as mcnabb
ha! ok

go get TO ten games and hes gone.. if he behaves and produces sign him to another year.. even if he gets coverage it would open the lanes for knox or hester.. do it!!

I hope that the T.O trade is just a runmor. I live in Dallas and I grew up in Chicago and moved here long time ago. I am a die hard Bears fan. T.O would be disatrous to be on the team. I cannot begin to tell you the cancer he is. He cuased so many issues with the Cowboys which caused me great joy however the Bears would be making a monstrous mistake in signing him. Being in Dallas you this guy was such a distraction and egostical idiot that I got sick and still am sick of hearing about his meltdowns and crying. Plus T.O is on the decline. If you press him he cant get past it.

I think Brad is having laugh after posting this. Owens in his prime is one story, but Owens right now is another. I just watched the ESPN review of his season so far and as usual it showed Owens droping a lot of easy passes. Something he has done his entire career.

Mike I think the Bears recievers are decent, but that is as far as I will go. Hester and Knox are one in the same, and both are slot recievers/return men, Bennett is a solid number 4 hands type of guy. Their numbers are on pace to be decent but their is not a top talent at the position who is really going to scare other teams. Its one of the resons teams can afford to put a DB on Olsen instead of a LB. The Bears recievers are not a big enough threat, teams are not doubling the Bears recievers very often. Nobody is affraid of them and they still can't beat the jam. Don't forget when it gets really cold and windy in Chicago we will be passing less. I would say we would be going deep less, but we never go deep because we can't protect Cutler for that long. Also the colder it gets the more physical the game becomes and that is when you really want that big reciever who bounces DB's off his chest. Bennett and Hester are doing about as I thought they would do and I posted a guess at those numbers in the preseason along with a couple others from this board. Knox is a nice surprise but agin he and Hester are one in the same except Knox looks to have better hands. The Bears need a big time reciever with some good size to balance out the skill positions.

Would Owens help? I doubt it, and given Cutler's history, he would last about two seconds before Cutler called him out. He did it to Marshall and Iglasies and will do it to just about anyone. Say what you want about the guy but his recievers better bust their butts, run their routs and catch the ball with two hands or they will never see a pass from the guy.

I agree with Joe that the biggest concern is in the trenches. If you can't protect Cutler then who cares who the recievers are because they will never see the ball. Although I disagree about his left side of the line. Joe Omiyale will be 27 in a month and is in his 5th year in the league, he is not a developmental project. He is a vet who is not very good. Beekman is a bench warmer for this team, I think he is better than Omiyale but that doesn't mean I think he is good. As for Williams, I am totally unimpressed to this point. I think your key word is "development" Joe and I dont think the bears are very good at developing talent on offense. The fact that I continue to see guys get better after they leave is a huge warning sign. Knox was a late pick because he came from a small school, he has shown good talent and speed but his rout skills are questionable. Development. Hester is in his third year at reciever and his routs skills are questionable and still can't beat the jam. Bennett started developing when Cutler got here, in fact Cutler started working with all the recievers when he got here. Which seems to be what has helped them more than anything the staff has done. Forte looks to have gone backwards, and we have yet develop a starting offensive linmen for any extended period of time.

It makes me worry. In fact their are things they are doing with Cutler that I don't like. They are limiting his talent and not utilizing all of his skills, or even his best skills. The honest truth is why trade for a guy if you only want him to manage a game for you. Cutler has been at his best with the Bears when he takes over the game. When he audibles or when he keeps a play alive with his feet. Even when he has called his own plays.

Look the Bears are a good team and Angelo has been doing some good things. But they are a work in progress. They have a lot of areas that need work. O-Line, D-Line, Secondary, Wideout, etc.....

The number one thing on his to do list should be to figure out the problem in development, is it the talent which would be Greg Gabriel or is it Turner and his staff?

Me I am hoping Marshall behaves himself and the Bears get him next year, he is a top 5 recieving talent in his prime. After that get a DB and some line help. Jahri Evans and Carlos Rogers would be on my wish list. In the draft with their second round pick go after more O-Line help. I know the defense needs help but this frachise has a name and its Jay Cutler. You protect him first and right now he needs some help on that line. Oh and for pity's sake decide what type of line you want. A zone blocking line or a power O drive blocking line. Quit asking the guys to flip flop it just makes their job that much harder.

3 years ago I thought Randy Moss had no legs and was through. Desire is a strong motivator. I don't know what TO would bring because he's never played for a team like the Bears. The fans alone makes former enemies feel like kings. Dallas did it for a very short while for him. But looking at Romo play like he is now makes me wonder if his talent was limiting TO which in turn made him testy. Looking at Williams play like a heartless player might motivate TO to behave knowing that he is actually a missing piece of a team's chances to go to the Super Bowl. You can say that he doesn't have guys to keep him in check like Rodman had in Jordan but it's much different. When Rodman got here he became a bigger star than he ever was in part because of the fans. We loved the guy for being the lunch pail type. That made he play even better than he ever did. He got glory and the love that a guy like him craved. TO may just be that type of player for us. I don't see the things in Buffalo that he did in Dallas. He's defeated and somewhat broken and maybe Chicago could provide the launching pad to better things for him. Either way I'm okay with whatever they do with him. Fans should make up their minds if we need a veteran or if we need to keep what we have. Who else is good that we could get?

If the Bears thought they needed TO, my guess is that they would be getting Aromashodu in the game first.

This is not to say I think the Bears are okay with the guys currently on the WR corps. Bennett is becoming a consistent possession guy, Hester is Hester, R. Davis is R. Davis, but Knox is or will be hitting his rookie wall soon. The Bears need to ride Knox for as long as he can continue to make plays, but counting on Knox to be a consistent receiver is going to be tough. The Bears need to get Aromashodu in there.

TO is truly a team killer, watched him in San Francisco, Philly, Dallas and now Buffalo. Yes he can catch the ball but at what price. I would rather get a sharp stick in the eye than see this bad apple spoil the bunch of decent good young receivers.

Don't get me wrong, I still believe the Bears need a number 1 like Braylon Edwards (too late) or Brandon Marshall but no way on TO.

get t.o. the bears need him and he needs the bears

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