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Waiting for word on how serious Tinoisamoa knee injury is

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The Bears may discover later today the fate of Pisa Tinoisamoa, who re-injured his right knee in Sunday's loss at Atlanta.

Tinoisamoa left the field on a cart and admitted he wasn't in good shape after the game as he hobbled around the locker room. He underwent an MRI on Monday, and is believed to have a damaged meniscus.

Whether or not the veteran strong-side linebacker can return this season depends on the seriousness of the injury. If it's a minor tear, he could have surgery and be back up and running in a few weeks. He missed three games with a torn posterior cruciate ligament. If the injury is more serious, he could be looking at possible microfracture surgery, and that would unquestionably wipe out his season.

The Bears are already without middle linebacker Brian Urlacher for the season.

The NFL trade deadline is this afternoon but after trading a 2010 second-round draft pick for Gaines Adams, it would be surprising if general manager Jerry Angelo packaged another draft pick for a player.

Stay tuned.

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If he's out for the season that would suck. Does this mean that they will finally bring in Derrick Brooks?


I don't know how Angelo does it but when it comes to finding players with injury issues he is a blood hound.

ahhhh... icant beleave taht ANGELOOOOO!!!!!! i HATE ANGELO!1111 he allways gets BUSTS taht are injure like tommy hariss, Benson, colombo, piosa, GROSSman, chris WILLiams ans so on ans so on!!!!

oh ans ANGLEO got taht super BUST jay cutler!!

oh wait....i luv jay-jay. actually i love angelo to. so waht was isaying?/

but you guys now me old crap-ton..just tyring to be posative...

ps last night i wore my hair dfferent ans mendenhall didnt even notice! boo hoo! :)

It also doesn't help that we send welterweights into a heavyweight fight on a regular basis with this scheme. We have a 225 lb. strong side linebacker, and a 285 lb. d-tackle that are continually being beaten up over the course of the game. Tinoisamoa is a weak side linebacker trying to fit into the strong side. Williams, Roach, and Briggs are the best group we can put out there, because they are all athletic, physical, and are looking like a group that can get it done. Hillenmeyer is a smart player, but not as gifted athletically as Roach or Williams.

I hope he is not seriously injured, but I would rather keep Williams in the game, and let Pisa play special teams, where his smaller size and speed are more of an asset to the team.

Joe get your eyes off the scales and get them on the game. Did you see Tinoisamoa stand Turner up and put him on his back? Mano y Mano he brick-walled a running back that goes about 260. A welterweight is lighter than 147. A heavyweight is over 200. Tinoisamoa is what 225 or so? You are talking about maybe 10 or 15 pounds lighter than ideal. It doesn't matter.

Creighton do you have some kind of program on your computer that automatically sends a message when it sees the word "injury"? I've come to think of it as "Creighton Virus" because it infects my computer with a snide comment about Angelo every time the word "injury" is printed in the Sun-Times.

This guy has been relatively durable before this year. It's pretty hard to find a 6 or 7 year NFL starter that hasn't missed some games to injury.

Joe I know that, but that is the system, and that is the type of player they like. Just another reason for me to hate the system.

I see Brando is mad because I was right again about both lines. To bad, deal with it, I am awesome.

You know what would be awsome cowardly Creighton? If you man up and wear your mom's pink panties like you said you would! That would be "awesome" to me! :)

And actualy Creighton you were wrong about the oline. You loved the Pace signing and Pace looks worse then Williams! Haha wrong again kid Creighton. Run alonng and cry to youre mommy!

Joe, Creighton, and MSBearsfan, good stuff fellows I needed that laugh on break from tough day at the office. Keep bringing the good stuff guys I'm loving it, witty, intelligent, a little snide, but with good football insight, maybe Angelo and Brad should set-up a contest for us to win....G.M for a day, now that would be a blast, maybe he could do it on a tuesday, which is an off-day in the league that way none of us could screw anything up !......LOL....and as always....Go BEARS

When it rains what a horrible year for injuries. I know #54 is not the same impact stud he was a few years ago, but hes still a darn good MLB. Now we lose Pisa,,again. Running out of LB's and the market is kinda bare for help. Could be a long year if we keep having guys go down. We need some luck here. Gotta win in Cincy.. One good thing is we now get to see Jamar Williams get some playing time. Hes good and he will show the staff that he belongs on the field with the starters.

You don't have microfracture surgery for a meniscus tear. If that is truly the diagnosis, he should be back in 4 weeks depending on how he responds to the surgery.

Lets hope he comes back soon - He looked good out there.

try Gaines Adams at LB. see if hes any good.

man what a disapointing season for pisa i was really excited to see him play and whenhe ahas he has been great!! doesnt look good for him

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