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Trade deadline passes, but Bears do make a (small) move

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The trade deadline passed this afternoon and, as expected, the Bears did not make another move after Friday's significant trade for defensive end Gaines Adams.

Looks like it has been quiet around the league as a whole.

The Bears do have another move in the works though. Von DuBose, the agent for Ervin Baldwin, informed us this afternoon that his client had been released from the practice squad. The Bears will fill that opening by re-signing center Donovan Raiola for his second stint on the practice squad, according to a source close to the player.

So, there you have it. A practice squad swap out on the day of the trade deadline. I got some inquiries about whether or not the Bears would make additional moves today, but did anyone think general manager Jerry Angelo would trade more draft picks already being down a first and second in 2010? The Adams deal could work out well for the team.

Stay tuned.

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So are they considering moving Beekman into the starting lineup then? Raiola would be insurance for Kreutz, in case he is injured, and Beekman has to move over to center.

Hope this is the case, because whatever we are trying, isn't working when it comes to the run game

If Kreutz hangs it up after this season, which is a possibility considering how much abuse he has taken over the last 10+ years, we have nothing behind him other than Beekman. Can Raiola be an effective starter? Likely not, considering he has been on the open market for several weeks with no offers. But he can be a decent backup or depth guy as insurance while we either develop Beekman into a starting center, or bring along a draft pick to take the reins.

I am surprised no other moves happened around the league. I think we will see a lot of action in the offseason coming up, especially since we could be looking at an uncapped year. Teams will be dropping dead weight, trading unhappy players, and picking up free agents with ridiculous first year signing bonuses (as roster bonus so it all hits the 2010 cap). We could very well see the end of Tommie Harris, Nate Vasher, and Orlando Pace to name a few once we hit March to trim the excess salary that the McCaskey family never likes to see. Other guys on the watch list could be: Kreutz (retired list if he goes), Dez Clark, Garza, and Hillenmeyer.

So now the question is whether we can do well enough with 3-7th picks in the upcoming draft to fill in the holes, and get better as a team? If we did nothing but draft offensive linemen with all of those picks, I would not be unhappy...

Raiola back on the squad shows some promise toward using Beekman now. I like this.

Well looking at FA for next year and Bears needs (well needs I think they have)I have come up with a smal lwish list. The biggest problem I found, is that the Bears have most of their O-Line signed till 2012. Imagine Pace starting two more years next to Omiyale. How fun will that be for Cutler?

This is just a wish list, and each position is in order from most wanted to least. I know not all these players will become available as teams will either tag them or sign them, but some of them will be out their and all of them are big upgrades.

As a huge beliver in a dominant O-Line I will start their.

LT, Marcus McNeill, a dominant, young, anchor for any line.

LG, Jahri Evans and awesome LG from NO.
LG, Logan Mankins another stud guard from NE.
LG, Daryn Colledge the only good Linemen in GB.

RG, Chris Kuper, an excellent young starter on the best line in football

RT, Jeremy Trueblood a monster right tackle with a mean streak, a dominant run blocker.

I would like to see the Bears get 1 Tackle and 1 guard from this list next year.

I also would like to see the Bears get a big reciever for Cutler.

Brandon Marshall Den, this guy is a beast, a top 5 reciever IMO.
Vincent Jackson SD, another Beast but not as good as Marshall
Kevin Walter Hou, a very reliable X reciever with great size.

Any of those recievers would round out the Bears recieving group.

A short list of some college players that could help in next years draft.

Sergio Render out of VT
Rodney Hudson Florida State

Josh McNeil TEN
John Estes Hawaii

Creighton, I like your list,but mine goes alittle higher. Steve Mariucci @ GM Mike Holmgren @ Head Coach

ahhhh.....cristmas is coming early for youre old buudy! unkie brad here is my wishlist...wel its not relly a wishlist...its THINGS THAT ANGELO BETTER DUE OR ELSE!

first i wants jeff saterday at ecnter sense he is better then taht BUST kreutz!

ans tehn we better get FANECA sense he has a good rating in madden.

dont forgets clady from teh broncos!

then i want marshal with adre johnson ans steve smith in the slot sense i KNOW they are to p5 recievers!

give me AP ans MENDENHALL (droool) insted of taht BUST forte ans wolfe at halfbacl..

i wants tom brady at back up quarterback sense ia ma lwyas right.

ill get too defenes next time.

oh ans i also want a pony and a trycycle.... :)

but you guys now me old crap-ton...just tyring to be posative

p.s. maybe i will se MENDENHALL underneeth teh misseltoe?? ;)

Very good comments on the trade as well.

This puts the Adams trade more in line with the way it really is w/o the rose colored glasses, especially now that we need G help so bad. (Which the Coach's knew before they made that trade.)

Raiola is practice squad, not even as good as Omiyale/Shaffer, geez how desperate can we get as fans that we thinks that its possible to go anywheres adding equal/less talent than we already have. (See Adams trade which killed any chance of drafting a good OG) I can see next years training camp battles lololol, Railo battles Beekman who battles Omiyale while no one battles Pace cause Williams cant play RT yet. and who would play LT if Williams moved to RT anyways, Shaffer who isnt even good enough to even battle?
Does anyone else get the feeling this team is playing for 3 years from now? OH well, maybe a FA Olineman (not a reject) maybe. maybe not.

I know I sound the glom/doom but bear in mind I am starting Cutler/Olsen against the Bengles so I must have some faith.I MUST!
(Roth/Mendenhall play Pit.)

A good article in Sun about how we had much better stats than Atlanta, and I agree, we were the better team (except running game which Atlanta D is soft on, go figure) But if not for the miscues/blunders/gaffes/one foot bigger than the other/Garza falling into Olin who falls into Omiyale who nudges Pace off sides on 4th down we woulda WON!!!

I like Gruden, sure he's not a Cutler type Coach but he would whip this team into the playoffs for sure.
Who then? Shannahan w/ Mariucci as GM I would go for.

OK, so follow the Bears logic. They cut Raiola previously because they obviously wanted to keep Baldwin more at the time. Now, they have traded for Gaines Adams, so they feel comfortable cutting Baldwin...

But they did not just cut Baldwin earlier, so they must have felt he was good enough to bring in if there was an injury...

But they cut him now to bring in a 26 year old center who hasn't stuck anywhere?

Prediction - Balswin goes on to bite us in the butt elsewhere.

Sometimes I wonder if the Bears are being run by some guy with a Ouija board in a mental asylum?

what the hell bears? the bears are broke, so fix them!!! i know you coaches are set on the WR's you have starting, but none and i mean NONE of them can break a tackle, all of them you have playing are just fast, which doesn't help because they cant ever get behind the D!!! why not get Aromashodu in there and see what he can do? you're paying him, lets see what he can do. i don't see why everyone is so down on forte, hell, if we had AP from minn. he wouldn't do any better behind this line or with turner calling the plays!!! i know the players are the ones on the field and should make the plays but the coaches are the ones who are suppose to have all the knowledge about football and should be able to adjust if plays aren't working. well, this team of coaches don't know how to adjust there game plan worth a crap!!! i personally blame both losses on the coaches especially RON TURNER. what coach in there right mind passes the ball when they're about 8 inches away, 8 INCHES man. you run that ball up the gut!!! now about the D: lovie why in the hell couldn't you get the plays called into roach earlier, you're suppose to be a D genius and as of right now you like an amateur dude!!! you couldn't make the adjustments for there no huddle. you need to do something about your cornerbacks sitting off the WR's so much. get those CB's up there to knock the WR's around little, that would mess up there timing plays and it would give your D-line extra time to get the QB!!!!!!!!! i don't want the bears to have a bad season, but if they did it wouldn't break my heart either as long as they got rid of everyone but dave toub!!! im so ticked off about the coaching on this team that i won't be happy until they get rid of this coaching staff!!!

Randy, Shannahan is the number 1 guy out their, Gruden is more conservative than anyone I know of and got fired for a good reason. If you where to bring in Shannahan you just can't let him control the draft to much, he picks lots of talented guys but focuses to much on offense and not enough on defense. Then you would want to bring in a high end DC and let Shannahan run the offense. That will not happen. Cutler will keep the Bears in it all year and Lovie will be saved becuase of him. Even if the Bears don't make the playoffs as long as they are close he will reamin. You know they will not pay him to not be here.

Holmgren would also be a good fit as he developed Favre, but again you can't let him GM. None of that will happen though. Just like my wish list it is just wishing. The Bears have thrown everything into this season and next year, the team you see now is the team you will see next year for the most part. I doubt you see a major change in O-Line talent like I want during the offseason, they may bring in one player but he will not be high end. They may bring in Kevin Walter but that is about it. They won't get into a bidding war with anyone and Washington and Dallas will be going after everything that moves.

Well i sorta agree with mrmick...we need a new GM and a new head coach w/ a new dfence.Ive been saying this for two yrs.I just dont like lovies coaching.It falls apart everytime they get into a jam.I think the whole staff other than marinelli and Spec Teams coach should GO!.Why would u get cutler and have NO O-Line or RECVRS to compliment him? Makes no cents at all!!!

look for Gruden to land @ Colorado...He will be fantastic for their program.

Lovie has proved to be a mediocre coach, certainly not better than average. Turner about the same, average. Toub is great, Babich as linebacker coach OK but not D coordinator. Marinelli, I believe is pretty good and has kept his line motivated. Heistadt, I do not know because the talent is somewhat weak on the O line.

The bottom line is Lovie and Turner should be sent packing if the Bears do not make the NFC championship. If they make the playoffs and lose, still send them both packing, the Bears have the easiest schedule in the NFL this year. The team has not come through when it has counted, look at the last two years performance, the team lacks discipline, look at the penalties at crucial times, the team is not 100% prepared way too often, the coverage of two defenders against 3 Atlanta receivers, touchdown Atlanta is just one example.

Lovie is a great guy and a good human but he is no Vince Lombardi, Bill Belichek, Parcells, Cowher, not even close. Why can't the Bears find coaching talent that will make a difference and set a standard similar to the Steelers or Patriots of recent time?

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