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Tommie is ready to roll: `You'll see Sunday, how about that?'

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Getting last week off has gotten defensive tackle Tommie Harris in a good frame of mind.

There's a good chance that had as much to do with his own little bye week as much as his left knee, and now he's ready to roll Sunday against the Cleveland Browns.

"Yeah, greatly,'' Harris said when asked if the time off helped. ``It helped a lot.

"[Lovie Smith] knows what I can do, and everybody knows what I can do. I don't have to prove anything to anybody. It's all about I prove it to myself, I owe it to my teammates, I owe it to this organization to get back to tip-top shape, so that's what I'm doing.''

Asked about his chronic left knee, Harris said "I don't even think that was an issue,'' lending more credence to the theory that Harris was sat down by Smith as a wakeup call two weeks after the Bears had a real bye week. The Sun-Times reported on Monday that Harris said his knee was not the reason for the benching last Sunday at Cincinnati when the Bears were blown out 45-10 in one of the worst performances of the Smith era.

Harris is fine with the expectations that have been placed on him, and understands the scrutiny.

"That's what I got paid for,'' Harris said. "They're supposed to expect that. If you give a guy a whole bunch of money to perform or you ran a Fortune 500 company and the guys didn't produce like he did, what are you supposed to do?

"You'll see Sunday. How about that? You tell me. All right? Thanks a lot. God bless you guys."

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Ya know, Halloween is right around the corner. Everyone got their costumes ready? I know I do. Hey Brad, do you know if the players and staff at Halas Hall dress up on Halloween? Because if they did, I bet I can guess exactly what they would be...

Adewale Ogunleye is...The Invisible Man! Sure, you see him during games against the Lions, or whenever the media is around. But put him in a big game or against an opponent with a formidable line and watch as he disappears before your very eyes!

Jerry Angelo is...Dr. Frankenstein! See as he puts together a monstrously disfigured patchwork of an offensive line with used parts and pieces discarded by other teams around the league long ago! The results are of course quite horrifying. Jerry's actually used this costume for several years now.

Tommie Harris is...You can't Count on me Dracula! See as he literally sucks this franchise dry of unearned money...while playing/practicing just like the undead!

Oh and don't forget about Lovie Smith. His patented, custom-made robot costume which he himself dubbed "Lovie-Tron" is truly a sight to behold. To be honest, the costume isn't much by itself, but what really makes it work is Lovie's uncanny ability to act like a soulless robot. He does it flawlessly. Here, have a listen:

"Beep beep clank...We did some good things and we'll go from there."

"You are my friend...clank clank...I will give you a job you are unqualified for on the Bears."

"Where's my paycheck?"

Haha, oh my! That Lovie is something else. What a conman, oops, I mean showman.

Rod Marinelli, of course, needs but only a robe, sandals and a crown of thorns to dress up. Rod already emits a natural radiant light. He suffered and was crucified with the Lions, and now he brings his suffering to Chicago for us to share with him.

Yeah, way to go Mr. Harris... show up against one of the worst teams in the last three decades of football.

You are da MAN!!!!

(Of course, if the Browns rookie center wipes the field with your jersey, we will understand -- and Mr. Angelo will probably grant you a contract extension!!!!)

Your Marinelli costume joke is in very poor taste, Mike.

Biggs Tommie has been rolling all season, rolling around on the ground after being maulled by a single o-lineman.
Although Tommie will defend himself by saying something to this tune.
Man I know dude I got my butt knocked to the ground it happens. Hey I made my first INT of my career because I was on the ground and the gaurd had left me alone so.... Im gonna incorperate that more into my game. God bless us as the devil kisses us.

Look I'm glad that he got a vacation in the middle of the year, but it's about stacking together some WINS...this team got Blown out last week, enough TALKING fellows, its time to shut up and put up on the field.....A lot of bloggers are down on this team, I for one am not, but it's time for some of the young players to STEP UP...we have guys who are getting up in age and lot of drafted players on the roster, who mgmt and coaches both said they believe in...I need something to believe in also, a win this week is critical, but next week is even more important with the defending NFC champs coming to town, if we win these two games we are right back where we were after the 1st quarter of the season and still in position to get to the PLAYOFFS!!!....
This is a must for this team because not finishing in the playoffs this year will make the Cutler deal look terrible, and if we finish with a losing record the Broncos will be howling with glee.....So I'm looking for some serious hitting from this defense this week, and if they don't bring it, they will have shown to have no pride in their performance or the team....Let's get it done BEARS, not time to hiebernate now..........

I don't have to prove anything to anybody...except myself, my teammates, and the organization...

What a clown....

He had better step it up....His knee wasn't the problem, his effort was....I hope he plays like a man who belongs on a professional football team, because he sure hasn't looked like it so far.

If he continues to get pushed around, the Bears need to put him on IR and be done with it. They can cut him in the offseason, and start planning for the future. We can't pay the guy 10 mil per year to be a turnstile....

Harris has the physical talent to excel if he can screw his head on right. Maybe Harris will surprise and show up for the rest of the year and give the defense a true leader that can take them into the playoffs.

I have been very critical of Harris but I certainly hope that he will turn it on now, the Bears really need him to perform.

I thought it might take till the midpoint to get going, lets hope it starts on Sunday with only 2-3 losses the rest of the way.

Go Bears!!!!

Go Bears!!!!

It occurs to me that Tommy Harris has worked himself into the unenviable position where, no matter what he does, it is going to look bad. Even if he plays HOF level-lights out on Sunday, it's still going to look bad. Anything less than that will look progressively worse.

His only chance out of this mess is to just shut up and play very well for the rest of the year. I will be pleasantly surprised if he can do that.

So Wale has stated that the Browns have a very good offensive line. Even though they have given up 18 sacks and rank 24th in rushing. Harris is now saying he will show up for this game. Wow what a bunch of BS. I love how they are going to show up against really bad teams and start talking about how good a really bad team is to try and make themselves look good. The Browns are one of the worst teams you will ever see. I am sure Wale and Harris will show up for the Rams as well.

By the way a players first job is not to prove it to the team, or the organization. Its to prove it to the fans, this is not their personal life, this is a job and the fans pay for your services. You are employed by the fans, and we are the bank. If a bunch of people go to a store and buy some milk and they get home to find the milk is sour. The milk company is not going to try and prove to itself and its employees that they it does not have major problem with sour milk. They are going to try and prove it to the people who buy their milk.

Harris can say whatever he wants but he better prove it to the fans and not just against the Browns. But every week. You don't get paid millions to sit around and do nothing, which is exactly what he has been doing.

Before I respond to this stupidity I want to give you guys a PSA:

My 6yo son - and several people I know - have had the H1N1 virus. It starts with a fever and mainly a dry cough and headache. It lasts about 4 days. Fever can be controlled with ibuprofen and if necessary a mix of Ibuprofren, wait 3 hours then Tylenol, then ibuprofen again after 3 hours, etc. The cough can be controlled with Delsym a 12 hour cough suppresant.

With that said, my son on the 3rd day had drainage and the cough became wet. He woke up Thursday (I woke him up checking him at 5:30am) and had a 105 temp. I took him to the doctor that day and he had very mild pneumonia. Every parents nightmare when flu is compounded by this. They perscribed a z-pac for kids.

He's doing well and I'm hoping the fever is gone which is a parent's biggest concern. I continue to push the liquids and check him but he's never shown any serious problems. I'm writing this to let everyone know my experience so all of you are prepared and know when to take your child to the doctor. If symptoms appear bacterial then you'll know what to do.

... And I will see what Tommie has to offer on Sunday but I've heard the same BS time and again. I guess we'll all see what happens but I'll not hold my breath.

// Good luck to all the parents this stuff is widespread so just use common sense and be vigilante!

Bill: "Your Marinelli costume joke is in very poor taste, Mike."

I really hope Bill was referencing an earlier blog discourse so I'll just go out and ask ... Mike! Are you saying Rod Marinelli can't generate a pass rush?!?

// If Bill was being serious then I suggest next time Mike have Rod dress up in black face and be the POTUS that way religious nut jobs won't get offended and can make "chicken and watermelon" jokes.

Regardless of what Tommie says.. we can all see that he is not healthy. Hes not getting a push..not penetrating..hes getting handled one on one..hes not healthy. Lovie and the way he covers up injuries you just never know what is truly wrong with Harris. He was supposed to heal up in the off season and come into camp ready to go. Then we find out that he had that knee scoped a month or so prior to camp. If the initial injury was bad enough, perhaps the knee is just degenerative (sic) now. If thats the case, just say so and lets adjust for it. It doesnt help that Tommie appears to be orbit the planet every few days. It would not surprise me that Lovie made up the "hes in trouble so he didnt play" BS to cover up the injury. This staff is just bizarre when it comes to that stuff. After all the goofy stuff Lovie has done in giving out info, I just dont believe anything he says anymore. It will be obvious right off the bat if Tommie is healthy. Hes not so we should not care.

Thank you, Brad as always you're a class act. Appreciate the concern. Will keep everyone posted but the whole "national emergency" scares people. I wanted people to know a first-hand account.

// He's doing well right now (knock on wood).
// Still love football just this week I didn't sleep much.
// Any parent knows the drill with ANY flu or sickness.

Church, I hope your son gets better soon. Your second comment doesn't merit a response.

Winning cures everything, I much rather win and work on problems then lose and work on them. The point is to use the regular season to tune up for the playoffs. If we can get better as the season rolls on, even if we make the playoffs as a wildcard we will trump anyone. That said I think the vikings are peaked or close to it. There is only so many throws in that arm and if AP gets hurt which I hope doens't happen, I like to beat people fair and square, Brett can't deliver. As for the packers..they will be packing it in becausue their line is horrible, as for the Lions well that says it all. Can we beat up Philadelphia or who? I mean there is a real lack of really good NFC teams maybe 4 and that's it? So Wildcard it is. So let's get better.

There are some really good Tackles in free agency so let's help Pace get pacing to the HOF and at least win one playoff game and get ready for next year. BTW if JA thinks the Chicago Bears can win with only 2 running backs on the roster he is smoking some good stuff. If we really want to run then we need at least 3 maybe 4 and we could use a pounder. One more thing havign 10,000 defensive linemen on the roster doesn't amount to a hill of beans if none of them can sack anyone. I mean come on is Matt Ryan or Carlson Palmer that mobile they are not Michael Vick.

Tommy Harris is fine. He suffers from TO syndrome

Now if you make 2 or 3 probowls and all of a sudden you don't practice wow! Harris needs to wake up and realize he needs to make his money now the average life of an nfl player is short. He better hit some incentives or he'll be facing a minimum contract. He bounced back I think the time off was good for him. But Lovie need to keep the fire under him. Let's see some emotion in some of these players. Let's hire Gruden as an emotion coach. Let's see something lets see some fire lets be sooo explosive we can afford some excessive celebration penelities. Is emotion outlawed? We are not robots! Or are we Dick Jauron clones? If we hire him back I'll punch every bear fan I see for not kidnapping JA before he could do something as stupid as that. Lovis isn't too bad but we have hired some idiots.

That's so special Harris is back from his timeout. He still got paid didn't he? Harris and Vasher are poster children for the things that went wrong. Lovie stiil hasn't figured out 260lb linemen cannot handle 330lb linemen. What the heck is Gaines Adams about? You needed another Anderson to have bookends? As usual Angelo does things backwards got the QB no one to protect him. The Cutler thing was a last ditch attempt to say he did something here's hoping he stays upright long enough to get the rest of the pieces.

Church...all the best to your son. Within a week H1N1 has attacked the Northeast. Many schools, even whole districts are closing. And that's the truth.

I work with several people that have already had it. It seems for (healthy) adults it's not much more than a nuisance. It hits kids really hard. Watch out thought - it spreads fast. One co-worker had a daughter who cam home from school with it. Within two days his entire household was infected, he included.

As for football...a number of years ago I had the fortune of running into ESPN's Tom Jackson at the regional airport. Me & and a buddy were actually on the way to Chicago to see the Bears play the Saints. It was Mike Ditka's return to Chicago as coach of the Saints. I was excited to see Rick Mirer play...if you can believe that. Had a better time at Kingston Mines watching some slammin' bands than I did at that horrible game.

Anyhow, I asked him what he thought of the Bears and he told me that he had spoken to Coach Wannstedt earlier in the week and he told me that Coach said that "he had so many problems he didn't know where to begin." How about that...never hear anything like that on pregame shows...

I know in my heart of hearts that we're right back there again. This club is a rusty old shell of itself. I get the pleasure of watching the Patriots week after week because of where I live. That my friends, is a football factory. Single-minded focus and philosophy. Successful strategy for continued winning. It kills me to have to watch.

The friends...are a mess. They are on the decline...a slow death march...and we've mortgaged our future. Unfortunately by the time we have rebuilt a team, our franchise QB is going to be an old man heading for retirement.

Quit kidding yourselves. The organization needs to be dismantled and rebuilt. Patching holes here and there is not going to turn around this franchise. It needs a total enema.

See you next summer for training camp.

Why all the hatred for Tommie? The guy was a three time Pro Bowler and a special talent. To compare him to T.O. is grossly inappropriate. He has never been a media hog or a distraction to his teammates.

Most of us will never know the kinds of injuries these guys suffer and what it does to their minds. Most of us whine and look for sympathy when we catch a cold, and get on the phone right away to tell our boss we simply can't make it to work today. If you say otherwise you are only lying to yourself.

I think we would all agree that if he can back to that former level - and who can say for sure he can't - that the Bears D will kick up a level. If he can't, well, that's another story. But the personal attacks are not called for. It's just another example of envy and the ridiculous notion that making a lot of money means someone shouldn't be treated like his fellow human beings.

...Last year, Tommie Harris had a child out-of-wedlock. Harris admitted that this, and other "distractions", caused him to question his life as an NFL player.

This guy is on-the-fence in terms of his commitment to the team. He has other pressing aspirations and possible off-field issues drawing his attention.

It is good for Lovie to exercise his authority over a player like Tommie Harris. Would've thought that $30 million was sufficient incentive?

The Bears should pay Tommie Harris's two best friends to travel and hang out in the locker room/ sideline. Remember Jack Haley(?) for Dennis Rodman?

Rooting for him to make a play is frustrating.

Anyways, I'll believe it when I see it.

Hey lets give Gaines Adams a break, sh!t he has only been with the team for two games.

Who knows, maybe he will turn out to be a probowl caliber player, fourth pick in the draft, speed and strength he must have some talent, lets see what Marinelli and some weight training can turn him into, the top defensive end in the NFL, would do fine by me. If he can get the motor without the mullet of #69 of the Vikes, that would be a good start.

Who do you want to lose more the Vikes or the Pack? I want them both to lose more and more and more!!!

Bob K., I share your appreciation for what the players have to go through and completely agree with you. With fans, they are always going to put themselves, and their feelings, first and say screw the players because they make too much money. Most fans will never take the time to understand how hard it is to play in the NFL. Having said that, however, I can also appreciate a fans love for his team.

If a player screws up and loses a game so what. I'm not booing him if I think he played his heart out. (i.e. Rex Grossman) But when I see how Tommie Harris acts, then I get mad and think fans should be mad as well. Tommie Harris has no heart and it makes me sick to see a guy wearing the same uniform Sweetness wore, but doesn't care if he plays or not, but only that the checks clear.

Sure, Bob, it really is stupid how fans act and what they say. Just because these guys make millions they should be bullet proof and never hurt is beyond stupid. They are still humans.

However, Bob, Tommie will never be a Pro Bowl player again as long as he has the attitude he has. His attitude is the same as what Cedric Benson's was when he was here. I wanted to trade Tommie in January of 2008 after the red flags I saw in 2007. The first one being in August of 2007. Does anyone here know what that was?

I heard Tommie say this same crap over and over again and I'm just not buying it. I wish we would trade Tommie and get whatever pick for him that we could get. I wanted Benson gone for the same reasons.

Love you Sweetness, I'll never forget you. #34 FOREVER

Tommie Harris could never get away with his b.s. under Papa Bear Halas, Iron Mike Ditka, Buddy Ryan, or a host of current Head Coaches. Lovie Smith is soft and #91 knows it. Send the both of them, along with Ron Turner, Babich, and the Entire OL and Defensive Secondary (with the exception being Peanut) out of town on a rail!!!

Jay Lundry, thanks for the breath of fresh air, and I'm not saying that because you agree with some of what I say. I am a huge fan too and can't stand players who dog it. I couldn't stand the treatment Rex G. got because he was a gamer - his game just wasn't good enough but it had nothing to do with attitude.

But I have to disagree with a few things you say, all in the spirit of fans agreeing to disagree.

First, Tommie's attitude is nothing like Ced's (I don't remember if he held out his rookie year or reported on time). Benson STOLE $17M from the Bears, was immature, alienated himself from his teammates and in general was a pampered brat. I am happy to see that he has taken his second chance seriously and I believe he realizes he has Lovie Smith to thank for that, as Smith campaigned hard with Marvin Lewis to give him a chance.

My gosh, if a coach who had a disappointing player can do that, can't fans be a little more reasonable? Let's not forget these coaches know these players 1000 times better than we do. What we engage in is most often the level of gossip and innuendo you would expect to see in "People" or "Us" magazine. In other words, we often don't know what we're talking about.

Tommie made three Pro Bowls, Ced none. Harris made those because he was fearless and threw his body around, unlike Benson, who took himself out of the Super Bowl. I believe Harris would have given his right arm to play in that game. No one questioned his heart those first three years, but like I said, serious injuries affect that bullet proof feeling many players have. It's just human nature.

Bottom line, I don't think Tommie is a bad guy and if he never approaches his previous level of excellence that will be a shame but I won't question his commitment to a team he has sacrificed his body for. I will always appreciate the great things he did for the Bears.

Hey Richard M. Flood, are you talking about the same "the passion and the fire" Iron Mike Ditka who will shamelessly put his name on anything that will earn him another buck? Whenever I hear him talk about how greedy players are I have to laugh out loud. And wasn't he the same coach who traded an entire draft class for one of the biggest flakes to ever play the game, Rickie Williams? I recall Ditka and Williams posing for a ridiculous picture, a takeoff on "American Gothic." But hey, anything for a buck, right Coach?

So don't give me your crap about Da Coach wouldn't put up with any b.s. from players. And believe me, a lot of players got sick of his "fire and passion" B.S. and HIS selfishness when it came to self promotion, which nobody ever did better than his royal assness, Da Coach.

If we're going to criticize Tommie Harris, we might as well go the distance and suggest ways of utilizing him, ways of getting him on track, or perhaps maybe even which player we would realistically be able to get to take his place.

Just bashing players, aside from being an uninteresting and unpleasant read, doesn't really help much, especially when he's the best player we have at his position.

I would be in favor of resting Harris a lot, even for a game if he seems to be entering a rut. I would've hoped that rest would come against a team like the Browns who have a struggling offense and not the Bengals who have a potent offense (not to underestimate the Browns of course).

Harris might have his problems, but a lot of people do, whether it be physical or emotional. You patch it up the best you can and move on as a team. Keep him fresh, keep him healthy and keep him motivated. The other guys can spell him for a few plays here and there, but we still need Harris in there.

I believe it's time for a defensive philosphy makeover, the schemes being used are being abused by opposing OC's. The are predictable and weaknesses are exposed for all to see. This team is overmatched every week in the trenches and regardless of who is in the linebacking crew or the secondary until you change up front we will get pushed aroud very week. This team is getting pounded up front or being caught over-persuing and the tackling is sub-par except Briggs. Sunday they plan on using another player who has trouble tackling (Vasher). I think Lovie and his staff have lost this team, when all you can see is regression instead of progression you have lost the lockeroom.

posting again as I don't think my name was sent first time,

I agree Bill that comment was wrong. Totally wrong.
nuff said.
I liked your comments up to that Mike, you have really had some good comments here lately and I enjoy reading them.

Da Coach,
I respect your comments and as such, you, but it does not take a religous nut job to be offended by that comment, it takes someone that believes and has faith. How is that a bad thing?
Thank you for the swine flu comment! That was very good.

Ever notice I say Da Coach? thats just me being me as Bill was being Bill - no disrespect to you at all but no disrespect for the most important person in my life either.

Harris? wow yeah make that comment just before your easiest game.
Sadly we do need Harris as MoMo pointed out but why? Jerry drafted Dline and ignored Oline and the Dline he drafted and signed arent any good? What happened to Gilbert?
Its not about the fact he is injured it is about that comment before our easiest opponent, Bob.

and also Bob K. usually agree with you (especially on Rex!) but on Williams, Coach Ditka can be a world class ar$e hole (see the SB w/o Sweetnes TD) but he did say he was wrong about Buddy Ryan, that meant alot to me. but Ricky Williams is still trying and playing good, that is a pride/man thing, I respect that as I respect Ced coming back and working hard both those mens pride was hurt bad but they picked themselves up off the ground and worked hard. Thats to be respected. Harris according to Lovie was loafing one pracice a week. and then not even playing up to his abilities, no excuse for that
- as you said all in the spirit. -
`The world according to Lovie' lolol

Colts are on today, so Ill have to listen on the Inet, too bad I would love to see the Sweetness game.

Hope your son is fine Da Coach. Cant thank you enough for that Swine Flu thing as I have been sick lately and I am sure everyone is worried about that, when they get sick right now. A young girl just died in Indianapolis with Swine Flu, she had a heart problem as well but still, its scary.

Where you been MD?

Yeah Deputy I agree with that, I feel it's time as well, I was thinking this the past week. We can not play that package, it's so clear. We need a different D scheme. It would be nice to have a big man in the middle that the RB has to run around not through, but bear in mind with better talent we might be ok. either way, right now we are not ok.
Cant believe we all yelled for certain positions to be addressed by JA before the season and he ignored them. Its hard for me to believe G. Adams will excell when the other rejects JA bought are useless.
Todays game is not an indication of TH progress or the team as a whole, this is simply easy pickins on Sweetness day.

Thanks guys for the well wishes and am happy to report my boy has been fever free since Friday evening. Wish all of you and your loved ones good health.

I respect your religions - I am Irish and Catholic. I just didn't find it offensive. He wasn't attacking religion he was just referencing how many people compared Marinelli to some sort of d-line savior as soon as he was signed. If he were bashing religion - any religion - I would be the first to say something but it was a joke ... poor taste or not it was not put out there to incite a riot or anything.

As for religious nutjobs I was referencing the same people that pound the bible yet have never bothered to learn it's lessons. We agree to disagree I guess but would not make fun of someone's religion that is definitely somewhere I don't go and you guys know how offensive I can be.

Let's hope Tommie shows up NOT this week but the next 10 weeks and THEN I'll believe him.

Didnt see the game, out of towner, but I cant believe we did not score more TD's.
Guy's on NFL made a good point about Hester being asked to carry a team at WR,

Boy, he sure showed us....that he has nothing to offer this team beyond 2009. He was being pushed around like a child all game long, and the one time he got loose in the backfield, he bounced off Derek Anderson. Granted, it looked like the ball was thrown, so he might have been trying to avoid the penalty, but there was nothing from him all game long that made me believe he is anything but a wasted roster spot.

Great news coach I said a prayer for your son, if that offends anyone, TOO BAD! I have always read and enjoyed your posts we are like a family when one is in distress all are concerned. This game again highlighted the lack of quality bigs, there are a few big uglies coming out htis year it is time to address both sides of the ball in free agency and the draft. This thing the Bears have for moving a player from a natural position and so-called coaching him up has been a huge failure. Football is a sport that mimics winners and they have taken the small fast players off the line of scrimmage and put them outside funneling things inside whrer there is less and smaller lanes to run in. These players funnel and pursue from behind after they force everything into a high traffic area where the big guys in the middle have held ground or pressed the middle leaving no running room. It's not like the old Tampa/Rams speed gap shooting those speed guys are getting blown off the ball and the LB's are being exposed to the guards and tackles on the positive side of scrimmage. A big tackle forces a double team freeing up LB's to make plays and pressure the Qb this also allows the safeties to stay in coverage more. Our safeties and LB's have to support run defense so more big plays, more 3rd down completions longer drives, that's just defense. The above is why or o-line is being over-run there is no stout big which commands respect Kreutz is small and being over-run, Garza is a finese player as is Williams and Pace and whom ever is at left guard is invisible. Look at the size of the successful offenses lines thay are huge and they have a signature play or side that they got to for short yardage WE DON'T.

Impressively, unimpressive. I'm sad for him and for us. But, he got a lot of money to make him feel better. ... uh, Jerry. We need to talk.

I respect your comments and as such, you, but it does not take a religous nut job to be offended by that comment, it takes someone that believes and has faith. How is that a bad thing?
Thank you for the swine flu comment! That was very good.

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