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Tommie Harris practicing; Adewale Ogunleye sidelined

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Defensive tackle Tommie Harris is practicing for the first time on a Wednesday this season, but end Adewale Ogunleye is sidelined with an ankle injury that must have been suffered in the loss at Cincinnati.

Harris was benched last week by coach Lovie Smith, who was very direct Monday when he said that Harris would need to be on the practice field. He is expected to start on Sunday vs. Cleveland.

The players were loose and talkative during the beginning of practice when media was allowed to survey the action, a sign that they've put the 35-point loss to the Bengals behind them.

Running back Adrian Peterson is also testing out his sprained right ankle for the first time since twisting it vs. Detroit on Oct. 4. His availability for Sunday remains unknown.

Linebacker Lance Briggs (shoulder), defensive lineman Israel Idonije (knee) and free safety Danieal Manning (foot) are expected to be limited.

Check back later for more information.

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AP is critical, he was running very good before the Injury, and Forte seems to have slowed. That will help alot if we get AP back.

Go Angelo/Lovie (away)

Huh... dont think it matters what Tommie does. Hes been outplayed in every game hes been in. Either mentally hes left the ranch or there is a serious problem with his knee that is preventing him from exploding out of his stance. Guess we will see on Sunday. And no news of changes on the OL..interesting. Maybe lovie is hoping all of this just goes away. If Lovie and Co. cant beat the Browns, he should just take a flight out of town. This is a defining game against a really bad Browns team. Last note.. the team was loose at practise.. I would be mad/focused/pissed/quiet this week waiting to take out some frustation on the Browns. If this team comes out flat again, Lovie needs to be fired ASAP. There is no excuse for this...!

Brad: Are they in full pads? Are they hitting and tackling ?, this is what is needed to get ready for this week. A must Win game for the entire organization, and for the fans! I'll check back for your response.

Ahh, poor Tommie, has to practice! What nerve on the coaching staff to make him practice! I say the prince should continue to get his days off with limited work effort so that he can continue to provide minimal production. If the coaches make him work for more than three reps I say prepare a lawsuit against the org for child labor laws violation!

As for the other injuries I hope the best for Briggs, hes too valuable, in my opinion to lose in more than just the talent manner. We do not need another LB sidelined. AP I hope he too gets better sooner and the rest of the players too.

By Jeff Dickerson:
"The Chicago Bears are expected to give Josh Beekman practice reps with the first team this week, which may lead to Beekman replacing Frank Omiyale at left guard this Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, according to a source familiar with the situation."

I hope to God they finally give Omiyale the damn boot! That guy plays as though hes allergic to his job. also JA appears to have stepped up his own challenging skills by demanding a few things. Change being one of them. "Do we need to look at some personnel? Yeah, we do." JA

We'll see what happens.

what a bunch of crap this team has become, and i personally think it all falls on the coaches! the bears have an offense who should be spanking any defense that they face! they cant, not with the plays turner sends in there. the bears dont utilize there players in the right way, take wolfe, whats he doing running up the middle? that dude should be running around the edges or running screen plays, NOT UP THE GUT!!! why do they still have pace and omiyale still in the game? those 2 havnt shown me anything. i say they move williams back to left and see what he can do there. put beekman back at left guard, he proved himself last year and they take him out, yeah, thats like replaying alex brown for anderson, wrong move lovie! put shaffer in at right tackle. shaffer has 8 yrs exp., hes just as big as both pace and williams, and i would bet hes alot faster than pace too! also why dont the bears bring in theyre big WR, aromashadu? dont you fans, like me, get tired of seeing the bears bring in players that look great in training camp and preseason and then the bears sit them or they put them on the practice squad? all the WR's we have are the exact same, theyre all small and fast. well you need more than just that. i know they want to keep davis around for special teams but if toub is as good as they say he could turn aromashadu into a good ST player.

lovie smith sux as a head coach and a defensive coach, thats my opinion. this guy cant make adjustments during the game at all. im about tired of seeing the cover 2 also. that scheme is out of date and EVERYONE knows how to beat it! he needs to fix the problem with the cornerbacks, bowman is sucking right now, vasher isnt worth putting there. so why not try the rookie dj moore and see what this kid can bring to the table. whats with our safeties? they arent doing any good either, put that bullocks in there, atleast he has exp. im not taking anything away from roach, but he doesnt have enough exp. to be middle linebacker (not yet anyway). when lovie doesnt get the calls out to them quick enough he should already be calling something. thats where hillenmeyer comes in, he does have the exp. to make those calls. btw, lovie seriously sucks at getting the calls in on time!!!

This whole situation is bizarre.

I've always tried to advocate patience with players who are injured. You have to assume they are not injured on purpose, and they have a vested interest in healing up as quickly and completely as possible. Oh, sure they might skate for a few games. They might even get paid while on injured reserve for most of a season. But players in the N(not) F(for) L(long) rarely benefit over the long haul from playing injury games with teams. If Harris doesn't know that, he can afford advisors who do.

The spin on this situation has always seemed to be that the Bears were holding Harris out of practice on Wednesdays in hopes that he can play better and deeper into the season on his bum knee. Maybe that was a bad assumption. Now the reading sounds like Harris doesn't feel like practicing. He has found that if he says every Wednesday, "my knee is sore", the Bears will hold him out of practice. They don't want to take a chance with an injured player, but it's not because of any team decision.

It looks like Lovie finally got tired of it. Harris said "my knee is sore" on the Wednesday coming out of the bye week without even playing in a game. Lovie didn't like what he saw in Atlanta. The next time Harris says, "my knee is sore", they put him in street clothes. Surprise, surprise, he feels a lot better on Wednesday this week.

Not everybody is self-motivated. Last year Harris played better after Lovie suspended him, it will intereesting to see..............?

It should never be newsworthy that your starting defensive tackle practices for the second straight day, but there it is, on the Twitter line from Biggs. Wouldn't it be nice if the newsworthy thing was him missing practice?

I don't think you should have to "send a message" to a guy who has been in the league for more than 2 years. He gets paid a truckload of money, and has not delivered on that investment. One could say the same thing about Vasher, Urlacher, and Hester.

I think Lovie's demeanor, while helpful for a young team, or a team that needs to get back to basics, is detrimental to a veteran team of apparently soft players. I say soft because a team with an edge does not get stomped 45-10 by the Bengals, no matter how well they are playing. This team has taken on the robotic, stoic, even-keel approach of their head coach, and it is failing them on the field. Mike Golic was criticizing the Raiders for not playing with emotion, but I think a similar argument could be made regarding the Bears and a lack of passion.

You can't keep saying "we will fix the things we did wrong" over and over again, and not fix them. The message, the sense of urgency, and the pride in an organization erodes to the point where you are simply going through the motions. That was what I saw in Cincy this past weekend. I saw a team, a coaching staff, and an entire organization that thinks showing up is good enough. We did it with Rex, and he never fixed his mistakes. We did it with Ced, and he just steamrolled us for 180 yards. We did it with Tommie, and now we are "sending him a message" by giving him more paid time off. We are doing it with Pace, Kreutz, and Garza. These are 3 grizzled vets, who all know how to get the job done. They quite simply are not getting it done. Williams and Omiyale are both learning new positions, and are still young. They don't get a pass, but the burden of leadership falls on the vets in this case.

Sooner or later, the buck needs to stop somewhere. Lovie "falls on the sword" for the failings of the team, but it is not causing him any discomfort. He just keeps plugging along, doing the same things, and the team does the same. Those things are getting the crap kicked out of us, and will make us uncompetitive if they keep it up. Angelo talks about needing personnel changes at positions where we are suffering, and then Lovie tries to play mind games with the media to hide the changes. Maybe he should be worrying about the confidence of the team. We are saying that we need deception to beat someone. How about lining up and flat-out kicking the sh!t out of your opponent??? That's Bears football. Here we come, now try and stop it! We used to dictate to the opposiing team how they would have to play. Now we bend, but don't break.....Something's broken for sure...

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