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There is no making sense of this embarrassment by the Bears

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CINCINNATI--Where do you start after a game like this?

The New York papers have been hammering the Brooke Hundley-n-Steve Phillips affair all week ... and this debacle was that kind of ugly. This was the worst Bears' game I've witnessed in nine seasons, eclipsing the 49-7 season-opening loss at San Francisco ijn 2003 because there were no expectations for that team.

"I had forgot about the ('03 opener in San Francisco), I thought that was the only time it had happened,'' tight end Desmond Clark said.

Well, Dez, I apologize for bringing it back in your memory.

"This is a far better team than that team back in '03,'' he said. "This is probably even more embarrassing because as much talent as we have on this team, we shouldn't lose like this."

The Bears were bad all the way around in today's stunning 45-10 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. They were awful on defense, never got started on offense and couldn't make any kind of difference whatsoever on special teams. They were outplayed, unprepared and run over.

One person compared it to the 37-3 loss the Bears suffered at Green Bay last November but that's apples to oranges. The offense played with quarterback Kyle Orton coming off a serious ankle injury. The defense had the wrong gameplan--it planned to stop Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Grant overran the Bears.

Expectations are different for this Bears' team. Jay Cutler is at quarterback and the offense is supposed to be able to keep them in games. The expectations are this is a playoff team. Instead, the Bears are 3-3 and they've lost two straight. They have the gift of all gifts with the Cleveland Browns coming to Soldier Field next week. The only thing easier might be if the league moved up the date with the St. Louis Rams. I watched the very end of the Arizona-New York Giants game from the hotel tonight, and all of a sudden that visit from the Cardinals on Nov. 8 looks like one tough matchup. Go ahead and circle that ballgame as the one that might decide whether or not the Bears do anything this season.

"[Fans] don't have to adjust their expectations,'' Cutler said. "Everyone in the NFL wants to win the Super Bowl. We have those expectations. We still think we have a good football team, and we still think we can make a run.''

Here are 10 random thoughts/nuggets coming out of this horror show:

1. Chad Ochocinco has the play to back up his formidable Twitter account. That was a clinic he displayed vs. Charles Tillman, who had played so well in the previous six weeks vs. Roddy White and Calvin Johnson. Ochocinco is a sideshow like no other in the NFL, but he runs terrific routes and he makes plays. For all the buildup he gave his samba tribute to Ronaldinho, I was disappointed. Could he have toned down the celebration out of respect for the Bears? That's my only guess.

2. Speaking of Ochocinco, did you catch linebacker Lance Briggs trying to cover him across the middle of the field on that one play early in the second quarter that went for a 14-yard gain? Hey, Briggs has terrific lateral range and covers backs and tight ends well, but Ochocinco? No mas.

3. Cedric Benson's start to the season isn't a fluke. He ran hard for a career-high 189 yards and he had 200 on his mind, why else did he keep subbing back into the game as the final minutes ticked off the clock? Here's what I can't understand--does anyone believe the Bears when they say they knew he was this talented back, this guy that has proven he can be a workhorse back in the NFL?

"I saw the same thing I saw when he was with us,'' offensive coordinator Ron Turner said. "He's a good football player that runs hard.''

Come on. If the Bears believed this was who Benson was, they would have waited for the wheels of justice to turn in Texas, for Benson to be acquitted on his two booze-related arrests. The fact is the Bears believed strongly that Benson was not guilty in the Lake Travis arrest. Neither case even went to trial. They dumped Benson after spending $13.8 million on him because they didn't believe he was a top running back. Period.

UPDATED: Rotowire reports that Benson was carrying the ball at the end of the game because Bernard Scott and Jeremi Johnson both suffered minor injuries.

4. Benson certainly ruffled some feathers last week when he accused the Bears of blackballing him after he was sent to the discard pile by them--he sat out nearly four months before the Bengals threw him a life line--but he was on his best behavior today. Benson looked for Lovie Smith at midfield to shake his hand and thank him for the opportunity with the Bears afterward but couldn't find him.

"This was a business trip,'' Smith said. "Not a family reunion.''

It was bad business for the Bears.

5. Those fumbled snaps by Cutler were low from center Olin Kreutz but not so low that they should not have been cleanly handled.

6. Veteran cornerback Nathan Vasher got a little work at safety during the game, a little tip of the cap from Smith perhaps after his pick the week before at Atlanta. Sadly, no one on that defense can say they played well.

7. Why wasn't Caleb Hanie inserted at the start of the fourth quarter when the Bears trailed 45-3. Seriously? What was the point of Cutler continuing at that point? Instead, we saw two Hanie passes and a handoff by him to Garrett Wolfe in the closing moments. Not enough.

8. Did I miss something or was Tank Johnson a nonfactor in the game? I'm not sure why he's been built up to have been some terrific interior lineman for the Bears when he was with them. Johnson was a role player when he was with the Bears, a role player with a loud personality that made him popular with teammates. He was a con man at heart too. He's in a better scheme for him with the Bengals than he was in Dallas, and he could launch a long, successful career, but he was never a great player for the Bears.

9. Any time the pass rush wants to re-emerge is fine. The Bears haven't gotten a sack since Adewale Ogunleye knocked Matthew Stafford out with a right knee injury during the fourth quarter on Oct. 4. That was also the last time the Bears won.

10. Tillman was the one who had a tough time with Ochocinco, but Zack Bowman had a rough go of it again. Chris Henry's nine-yard touchdown catch came when Bowman got run inside before completely losing the wide receiver. The education process continues. He's learning on the job and should improve.

10 b. Check out the upcoming schedule:

Nov. 1 Cleveland
Nov. 8 Arizona
Nov. 12 at San Francisco
Nov. 22 Philadelphia
Nov. 29 at Minnesota

That's a tough road before they get a date with the St. Louis Rams on Dec. 6. What kind of record do you see there? The Bears have to win three of them and maybe four to be in good position for the final month. Yes, the Rams could still be winless come Dec. 6. They're certifiably bad.

10 c. Keep an eye on this Tommie Harris situation. Something isn't right.

10 d. Harris wouldn't have made a world of difference, not the way he has been playing lately, but the tackle rotation of Anthony Adams, Marcus Harrison and Israel Idonije was blown off the ball.

10 e. To the readers that think Lovie Smith's job could be in jeopardy following this season, no way. It's not going to happen. Not at all.

10 f. Devin Hester had career highs--eight receptions for 101 yards. That's nice to see but it's a sign of what happens when a team gives up the underneath stuff with a five- and six-touchdown lead. And I'll end there, at 10 f, because the Bears earned an F today.

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I'm 65 and have been a Bears fan since the 50's when my dad took me to games, and I played college ball.

Lovie Smith is, by far, the most inept coach the Bears have had and Ron Turner's game plans are a joke.

Cutler and team are going nowhere until there is a decision on this coaching staff.

Uprepared, unqualified, unmotivated, sure Lovie would make a very nice coach somewhere - for a small high school who wants a very nice gentlemen to coach the team.

Gosh Brad no mention of the offensive line ? they mailed it in too ? Or cant you report that ?

Seeing as the Bears propagranda artist Larry Meyer and all you beat writers have to tell us they arent as bad as they look ? well when you keep a running back in and four men still get pressure Mr Biggs its bad.

But your not going to report on that because why ? maybe youll then loose your acess in halas hall ? is that why ?

Benson came back in because both Bernard Scott and Jeremi Johnson suffered minor knee injuries, and Brian Leonard was inactive due to an injury. Benson was the only healthy remaining back.

"To the readers that think Lovie Smith's job could be in jeopardy following this season, no way. It's not going to happen. Not at all."

Well, that says it all. Here's an organization that won't even consider replacing a head coach who's looking more incompetent by the second. Why? Well, you didn't say so in your post, but it's because they're too cheap to pay Smith and his replacement at the same time. And Smith isn't the only problem, in fact he's just a symptom. The root of the problem starts with Ed McCaskey, who's cheapness ruined the '85 Super Bowl team and has also prevented this one from becoming good.

Then there's Jerry Angelo, who consistently wastes high draft picks on minor positions instead of drafting offensive linemen. He hasn't drafted enough defensive linemen early either, but when he did they were busts more often than not. Angelo has committed the inexcusable sin of allowing the offensive line and defensive tackle position to deteriorate to the point where they totally stink. He got Jay Cutler, only to surround him with garbage: no line and no receivers. Talk about pearls before swine, what a waste! I bet Cutler is sorry he left Denver now, childhood fantasies about playing for the Bears notwithstanding.

And finally, we're down to Smith. He was hired based on his cover 2 defense, which has become obsolete but which he still uses. Ditto for his idea of using small, quick players. Furthermore, he cannot motivate his players -- how many times could we say, "Wow, the Bears played really inspired ball today!"? He does not adequately prepare his players for the games, which is proven by all the opening drive touchdowns against the Bears this season and by their lack of scoring early in games. And finally, he is horrible at adjusting to what opponents do, as was easily seen in Atlanta when the Bears could not adjust to a simple no-huddle offense or to a five receiver set.

So, we need a complete house cleaning here, starting with ownership. I know it's so unlikely that I have no reasonable expectation that it will happen, but I'd love to see the fans force McCaskey out and get an owner who's willing to spend whatever it takes and hire whomever it takes to win. THAT's probably the only way this mess gets fixed.

Brad, I'm going to borrow your format, because I'm too tired and irritated to try and be original.

1-Ocho is a gifted veteran WR who knows how to run routes. The only vet WR we really have is Rashied, who allegedly is a good special teams player. I'm waiting for him to make an impact.

2- Speaking of ST. Great job running into the kicker! Certainly made an impsct there. Seriously, I thought they were better than this.

3-By now, any thing that a Bears coach or management says needs to be taken with a grain of salt. They knew Cedric was a good football player? Didn't Angelo just say a few days ago that Harris was healthy?

4-It's time for an OL shuffle. Going to the shotgun usually means you aren't getting good OL play. 35 yards rushing almost always means that. Omiyale to RT, Chris Williams to LT, and Beekman to Guard. It might be a disaster, but we have that already.

5- The Cover-Squat defense no longer works, at least not as it's run by Lovie. Also, if you keep blitzing, it would be nice to have some LBs who can actually do that. Ours only can cover - I'm told, and play STs.

6- Until we get decent OL play, there is no reason to worry about Forte or the running game. I'm still worried. I keep having Rashan Salaam flashbacks.

7 - Suspect you are right about Harris. But the Bears habitually deal in terminological inexactitudes, so how would we ever know?

8- How a team that has any pride at ALL could allow Cedric Benson to run his mouth, and then put in a performance like this is beyond comprehension. I'm sure the pro - Lovie crowd will be vocal in his defense, but how can you dend a performance like this?

Either the team wasn't prepared, or the players flat out gave up. Unless we admit that the Bengals have better players at almost every position, Lovie kept these guys over others, he needs to take responsibility for them.

9- Worst Bears performance going back to Wanny, I think

An Unemotional take on the Bears game:

1) Offense:

a) It would appear 99% of the problem is based on the offensive line.
They can't run or pass block. You could put any RB out there and he couldn't get more than 2.5 yards per carry (except for maybe Barry Sanders-because he was never used to having an OL).
The pass blocking is of course atrocious as well. Anyone wonder why Cutler is only taking 3 step drops? Because the the OL can't protect him for 5 and 7 step drops. Hence we have no deep passing game.
b) thoughts on Jay Cutler: He is probably as good or better than expected. We would probably 2 more losses (SEA, PIT) without him (although Orton probably would have won the GB game). If you blame those interceptions yesterday on him you weren't really watching the game. When you get hit every time you drop back then even Peyton Manning is going to throw picks. If Cutler were more immature he would be calling out the OL publicly but of course that doesn't help.
c) I predict Josh Beekman will replace Frank Omiyale this week. I doubt we will see other changes.

2) Defense:

a) the secondary is actually a little better than what I thought it would be. We could win with the secondary as it is if there was a consistent pass rush.

b) Adewale Oglunleye and Alex Brown just aren't very good pass rushers. Of course they could look really really good if there was penetration from the 3 technique DT which would prevent the opposing QB from stepping up in the pocket-(something that makes average DE's look like probowlers).

As a Bear, Benson was injured. He and Jones were excellent in the first two years. But Thomas Jones was a bust-turned cutthroat 900-yard Scarface playing for a multimillion dollar contract (nemesis). As a starter in 2007, his line was horribly weak and his quarterback lacked the poise necessary to beat pressure and 8-man fronts. Again, he was injured.

Watching the line of scrimmage would be a great place to start "making sense" of this embarrassing lose. I found myself admiring the execution of the Bengals' interior line as they consistently dominated our front 7.

Conversely, the Bears' line appears collapsable and consistently crumbly. They can push, impede, detour and distract, but the Bears' offensive lineman are poor at "blocking". With 3 Left tackles and the smallest center in football, who could really expect these guys to play power or run the football?

This had the feel of a preseason game.

I almost...almost...turned it off.

I think Lovie may be on a thin leash right about now.That was a total lack of preparation on the Bear's part. And while it's mighty noble for Lovie to take responsiblity for the team's ineptitude, at some point a change has to take place. How much will it take to get Bill Cower out of retirement?

What game plan? None of offense and none on defense? All this points to the head coach. Stuck in the past on cover-2 ? Point to the head coach. Unable to develop players ? Point to the head coach. Unable to keep a coaching staff (18 coaches fired during Lovies tenure). Point to the head coach. Unable to draft players. Point to angelo.

In this league...if you resume says that you played for the Bears, teams hire them knowing all too well that the Bears don't know what they are doing....and that they might have gotten a good player. The list starts with benson but the list is long.

Please Virginia. Fire them all and start all over. There is a disease within the club and it isn't Swine Flu.

Wrigley field bear is right! and mike s the o line is 50 percent of problem the other 50% is The cheap owners unskilled GM (angelo and The WHOLE COACHING STAFF- marinelli and SP teams coach... can stay.EVERYONE NEEDS TO NOT WATCH GAMES AND ESPECIALLY THIS DO NOT GO TO BEARS GAMES,When trhey have no money theyll have to make a change...if lovies gonna b there thru 2011 i dont even wanna watch anymore...used to be bears fan.....with deepest regrets MIKE IN FT WAYNE>

What's with the patting Benson on the head after a long run and helping him up??????? Butkus would have spit in his face!!!! They don't great or play like sh!#.....they all get paid the same!!!! Time for some big changes....

"They dumped Benson after spending $13.8 million on him because they didn't believe he was a top running back. Period."


The Bears organization, and their media affiliates, were WRONG in their assessment of Benson's skills and potential. Instead of admitting a mistake, Angelo used two wrongful arrests as an excuse to cut Benson. This is precisely the reason why Benson is the victim.

Now, statistically, Cedric Benson is the "top running back" in the NFL.

$13.8 million for a guy who develops into a leading NFL rusher sounds about right.

Continuing to question the skills, motivation and potential of Cedric Benson is ridiculous at this point. Especially when, week after week, the organization and media push the importance of "gel" on the ability of an offensive guard to block a defensive tackle or linebacker.

How many running backs and quarterbacks are we going to break before "experts" focus in on line-leader, Olin Kreutz, and the rest of his line mates?

Many years ago, the Bears brought in JA and there was hope. Now they bring in Cutler and delude us into having more hope.

In the year 2525, will the Bears still be owned by the McCaskey's?

Seriously, the members of this family need to recognize that they have a responsibility to the fans of Chicago to sell this team to someone committed to winning who will bring in people with football knowledge. Where are Jim Finks decedents?

1985 was 25 years ago and its been nothing but a turnstyle of coaching ineptitude and poor draft choices.

Last year - how much money did Angelo throw away on Urlacher (injured), Vasher (demoted), Harris (benched), Pace (retired), Kruetz (ineffective). Look at the NYG - now I hate the giants, but they lose Plax, and they find this guy Nick(s).

This is ambysmal and the sad thing is; its years away from getting really fixed. I like Cutler alot. I really do. But Denver played their hand well, because they wanted to rebuild on defense and had enough on offense to live with Orton. I say we got maybe 10 good players when we need 22.

Things a new regime would do immediately:

1. Reshuffle the OL; see earlier post

2. Trade Devin Hester to get something for next years draft

3. Play their youth and figure out what they have; especially on D.

4. Fire the existing coaching staff; Ron Turner is the most unimaginative OC ever.

Two Weeks To Game Plan For An Average Atlanta Team? Another Week Spent Reading Benson's "Let's Go Outside"???.. And This Is What We Get?

Lovie's Stoic Facade Has Been Called Balanced And Unemotional, But It's Starting To Look Like He's Just Plain Ignorant. And "Coach" Ron Turner???????.. These Are The Guys Who've Spent Seasons Telling Us "We Don't Have The Talent On The Field, To Call The Plays We Need"..


I Do Believe It's Pretty Clear That The Coaching Staff Is..(And Always Has Been).. The Issue In Chi-Town.

10 Games Left.. Let's Use Them Wisely.

The Chicago Bears are a very confused team. The defense has no pass rush, the secondary can't cover and can't tackle. Until they get personnel in here that can cover receivers blitzing won't help.

well it dosen't look like my 9-7 or worse prediction after the buffalo preseason game looks so far off. When is ted phillips going to get a clue or a notion that lovie smith has lost this team his spoonful of sugar attitude has wore itself thin players need to be kicked in the butt every know and again . he doesn't need to rant and rave non stop like that idiot for the chiefs dose but a little flare so the players respect his position ie bill parcells or bill cower . I have a friend whose cousin is on the bears staff and he says that cutler and the quarterbacks coach are not even on speaking terms . I was not sure if i believed him until i watched cutler rip the book out of his hands on the sidelines looks like coach dungy was not to far off about him.and why dose turner still have a job after the last 2 years should have got him fired. I heard pat kirwan on sirius radio say that the offensive play calling has become way to predictable. Last year they had a poll on fox about which coach players would most like to play for and smith was in the top 5 thats cause he lets the inmates run the asylum.hey heres a free tip for lovie omyale dose not have it put beekman in and stop worring about what you paid him. If i have to hear were a running football team one more time all i would like to hear is were a wining football team. What do you mean lovie is safe not makeing the playoffs for 3 years in a row should carry some weight and i am including this year as # 3. maybe instead of being scared of making the bears mad you guys at the times should start writing some tough articles starting with why harris really isn't playing or why cutler and his qbs coach aren't speaking maybe than the higher ups in the bears organization will start taking action at least the negative pub will start to filter up . take the gloves off and start hitting them between the eyes. I starting the chant bring leslie fraisier home.

I watched through the entire 37-3 loss to Green Bay last year. I was more disgusted yesterday. Jerry Angelo said, at the end of last season, that "it all starts with the quarterback". Idiot. Having played high school ball as an offensive lineman, I know that it all starts with the offensive line. They need to gut that line or put in some linemen who aren't epically retarded like Omiyale, Williams, and Pace. My wife, when Chicago went down 28-0, said it best when she said that she could play better football than what Chicago did. I am not spending another dime on their merchandise, or their football games. I hope I can find a way to remove my name from their season ticket waiting list. Jerry Angelo's head needs to be impaled on a pole. Trade deadline is past. This is your 2009 Chicago Bears. It only gets worse from here.

I second Ralph Law. Lovie Smith needs to go. What was the big talk.. Lovie would be calling plays on D to try an fix the problems we had on that side of the ball. Can’t even stop Cincy?? I am not even using excuse that players are injured. If that is your reason why it is not Lovie’s fault, you are related to ownership. And enough with we’ve had a winning coach. We lost the Super Bowl and just settling for winning coach is not good enough. Ask Shanny.

Coaches coach and players play. NONE of that is happening. And we know who goes first in this league.

Bottom line, Lovie and his band of misfits need to go. I am done!

Call up Gruden, Shanny or Cowher.

The Bears need to revamp not only the D-line but the O-line this coming Off-season.

The Bengals D-line is huge and our D-line is tiny in comparrison. You want to know why the D-line was getting blown off the ball ?? They were giving up an average of 35 pounds per man.

Lovie likes his men lean and quick but that is a double edged sword... If you win matchup's on large but slower O-lineman it worlks well but when the Bigboy's get you, they own you. Cincinnati owned our D-line all game long.

Brown 260 pds, Ogunley 260 pds, Idonije 270 pds, Harrison 312 pds, Adams 310 pds.... We averaged 285 pounds along the D-line with the starters.... The Bengals averaged between 320 and 326 depending on who subbed for who.

The Bears need to get a big DT this off-season... Someone who is heavy enough to command a double team and still plug his gap. Getting pushed 3 yards back and 5 yards lateraly away from the play is not gap control football. Either get bigger inside or dump the scheme because against big O-lines, it just isn't effective.

The O-line is still terrible... If Omiyale starts against Cleveland it will be solely due to his contract. Shaffer deserves a chance to play as well... Beekman and Shaffer couldn't due any worse then what we have on the field already.

Go Bears !!

Omiyale and Pace may be the worst left side in my lifetime as a Bear fan. It might even be worse than when Stan Thomas was at left tackle. Qasim Mitchell, Mike Gandy, John St. Clair....this is no better. The only way Pace can block anybody is when they try to bull rush him, as he can get into them and lean on them until they collapse. Omiyale can't even get out of his stance to make a block. He seems to think he can extend with a hand punch, and that is enough to stop his opponent. Shaffer at RT, Beekman at LG, and a move to LT for Williams is the right call to make coming up on Cleveland. That is pretty well a non-contact scrimmage for us, so it should be a good chance to find out if we can actually protect Cutler for more than 2 seconds.

The defense needs to scheme like they actually want to stop someone. This off coverage, soft zone b.s. needs to be scrapped. It is obvious the exact same holes are in the zones every week, and the mug up front is leaving a bigger hole in deep middle zones. We are being outcoached by high school game plans...Enough is enough.

Gaines Adams, Alex Brown, Mark Anderson, Adewale Ogunleye.....they barely registered on the radar screen the last two weeks. Adams gets a pass since he was inactive last week. Come to think of it, it looked like all 4 of them were inactive this week.

What a waste of talent. Not prepared, no pride, no fire. Was it all Mike Brown and Urlacher making this team go? It must have been, because there is absolutely no intensity from this group. They are faltering in all 3 phases of the game, and there does not appear to be any bottom in sight. Thank goodness the Browns are our next opponent.

The coaching staff needs to kick themselves in the butt for this failure. There was nothing in this game that could be viewed as a positive, other than most of our team came out of this relatively physically healthy....Mentally, that is another story.

Dear Kneel and BOB,

Brad is by far one of the best in the business to cover the Bears. I think anyone on here knows this ... save your farktarded arse.

"Ooo, boohoo, Brad delved into everything except what BOB wanted him to report. That means Brad is a big meany!!! Boohoo ... "

Get over it you self aggrandizing tard bucket. Really just go away.

// More on the game in a bit. My 6 year old son is down sick today so I am home with him. Just early speculation but I think that game gave him the flu ...

This is how embarrassing yesterday's game was...

I want Babich BACK as d-coordinator.

Biggest disappointments of the year --

1. Forte
2. Olsen
3. o-line (Hey, Olin, have you jelled yet? Looks like that patchwork Bengals o-line certainly has)
4. Lovie
5. Marinelli (his early season success with d-line schemes now look like so much smoke and mirrors -- Lovie, there was a reason the Lions were 0-16)

This season, what with the blowout, the Tommie Harris whodunit and the Gaines Adams conspiracy theory, has all the earmarks of 2007.

Early prediction for Bears-Browns game: Bears 3 - Browns 2.

The problem with the Cover-2 is that it is outdated. So many teams have run it for 10 years now, that quarterbacks know how to beat it because they have seen it so many times. It is only effective when you have a pass rush. If you do not have a pass rush, there are spots where the receiver can wait and get in to make the catch. The only quarterbacks who do not know how to beat this defense are rookies like Matt Stafford, and he almost beat it! He had 300 yards passing against it! The 3-4 defense will also get figured out, but right now, too few teams go up against it. The Bears coaching staff is too stubborn to abandon it because they don't know anything else but the Cover-2. At least Ron Rivera had the sense to realize this. This coaching staff gets out-coached week after week.

I too was disgusted at how many times Bear players helped that pos benson off the ground and then gave him a smile and a pat on the helmet. WTH is up with that?? Benson was drafted to play RB for one of the most storied franchises in football. He held out, he was out of shape,, he was a pure "Me" player. He took the money and ran. Yes his OL was not that great in '07, but it was adequate. He had no hands and his pass blocking was horrific. He then involved himself in back to back arrests that totally spit in the face of his team mates. If only it was 1988 and to have the likes of Hampton, Singletary and McMichael out there. Benson's face mask woulda been stepped on 40+ times. That was a telling thing to see Bears fans. The players were telling us that the coach and his staff are a joke. They have quit.. Now the Tommie Harris saga??? This team is imploding. And still.. after the game that idiot Smith cannot show any emotion. I am sooooo tired of this. Time to make a stand.. dont go to the games.. make as much noise on talk radio as possible. I live in Spokane, WA so my ability to create havoc is Next home game.. the chant must be all game,, "FIRE LOVIE SMITH, FIRE LOVIE SMITH"...

There are a lot of things that are obvious after this game, but two especially can no longer be questioned:

1) Lovie and company cannot/do not know what to do with the talent they are given. There are way too many ex-Bears finding success around the league that couldn't make it here. In fact, you can make a good argument that Lovie actually destroys talent (Hester anyone).

2) As everyone has already noted, the Cover-2 is dead. It hasn't worked since Manning lit it up in the Super Bowl three years ago, but yesterday put the final nail in that coffin.

Well I see everyone is upset about this loss and rightfully so, but today. Now usually I would come on here and give you my usual rant, but not today. I have been coming here for years talking about these problems and hammering coach, team, Angelo and even bloggers about it. But thats not why I started posting here. I started posting here because I love the Bears, I love football, and I thought I would have some fun and give a little insight. Most people on this board will not argue that I know football as well most if not more and the calls I have made have been as good as anyone, and my observasions are usually dead on, and my spelling is always awful. Now I could sit here and go off about Lovie, Angelo, Rod and the team but I am not going to do that. I am not calling for anyone's job, instead I will try and give some insight into what is not being talked about. We all saw the game and we all know what happend. We know about the lines and talent level, we know about the scheme, the drafts, and this team.

Lets talk about game plan. What was the game plan? You know different teams require a different plan. For years the Bears have been vulnerable to a power line and a power run game and if you throw in a good QB and a team that can also pass they usual get hammered. If you can run on the Bears you can beat the Bears and power runs games have killed them in the past, MIN, CAR, CIN, WAS, and PIT when they had a power run game. The big drive blocking O-Lines have been able to dominate this team for years. Its a weakness of the Tampa 2. Now when the teams don't have a good QB usually the Bears can stay in the games, MIN, and CAR. But what have the Bears done to adjust to teams like this? For two years now I have watched the Bears largly do the same thing every game. They mug up 7, play the corners soft, give up the slant and the short pass and hope that their 7 man rush can get to the QB before he picks the secondary apart. They do this every game, you throw in a power run game and all of a sudden the Bears are in trouble, because now the play action pass is working and the Bears can't get to the QB because the QB can aduible into a run and kill the blitz while the secondary is playing deep. When the Bears play the run with the mug up their is a huge hole in the middle. Every team they play they play the same. They don't exploit matchups that are their to be exploited. Now maybe what the coaches want to do would work with the right players, but they don't have the right players. Guys like Roach can't cover and can't get deep fast enough, the front 4 can't beat anyone without the blitz so they can't drop seven like they need too.

So is it the coaches or the players? Well its probably both. You see the coaches know what their players can do. They know the O-Line can't block, and they know the D-Line can't penetrate. Yet they keep acting like they can and go with a game plan needs you to do these things. They never change their game plan. I am not talking about in game adjustments, I am talking about comming out and doing the same thing every week. Football is not about who has the best system, its about who plays their system the best, who exploits the key matchups, who has the talent, and who knows how to use their talent the best. Jay Cutler, is a WCO QB he needs play action and 5 step drops, but with no running game play action is useless, and with a bad O-Line their is no 5 step drops. So you have to adjust and find something that works. Not saying you have something that works against teams like Detroit and the Rams, and the Browns but getting beat by good not great teams. Its easy for another team to prepare for the Bears because you know what they will do and what they can do. They do nothing to surprise anyone, no twists no rinkles, just this is what we do, beat it if you can.

MIN has a QB now and they have a nasty running game and big nasty line, are we going to go in their with the same game plan we always do and watch Peterson run all over the Bears as usual?

Anyway take it for what its worth.

Kevin I am sorry I blew up at you last week, you have a right to your opinion and its not my job to try and change it. I have been letting my temper get the best of me and I had no buisnees going off on you, I know you are a real Bears fan.

Anyway this will be one of my last posts for a long time so the board belongs to you guys once again. Someone close to me is very ill and I have no time to blog when I need to be spending more time with her. Have fun and don't get to carried away, its only a blog. Coach I hope your kid feels better.

Brando I will be gone so I am sure you are thrilled, enjoy your time and try to make some friends. I am sure you will enjoy pretending to be me and running my name through the mud, have fun with that.

I agree with everyone that the loss was disgusting.

Lovie's biggest problem is his loyalty to his friends and certain players. Turner and Babich, on the whole, have not done a very good job. I think the Bears can win with Lovie, but, they need to bring in people that can help develop talent.

As far as Cedric goes, he played like absolute sh!t in a Bears uniform. He's a paycheck player. He had a contract with the Bears and he played like sh!t. He want's a new contract with the Bengals, and he's playing hard. It's quite simple and had a lot less to do with Lovie and Jerry than most people think.

It is an absolute joke that Ced wanted revenge. He treated the Bears like garbage by holding out, alienating Thomas Jones, taking millions of dollars and then falling on his face everytime they handed him the ball. He's a d!ck.

That game was a disgrace. Why hasn't Beekman been given a chance? I know Omiyale is out of position, but Beekman had some success last year. Omi has been getting bum-rushed on almost every snap!

Ron Turner is running a "junky" offense, there is virtually no blocking on the interior of the offensive line, and the linebacker shuffle and poor communication (sorry Nick) from the Mike spot is killing Chicago. Nick Roach has great instincts and is a good player, but Cincy really picked up on Atlanta's exploitation of his inability to get players where they need to be before the snap.

Here's what needs to happen.

For consistency!

Beekman should take the guard spot from Omiyale.

Because there needs to be leadership and communication in the LB corps!

Briggs should take the Mike spot from Roach.
Derrick Brooks should take Briggs spot on the weak side.
Roach, Hilly, or Williams can take the strong side.

Because play-calling and the running game have sucked!

Ron Turner needs to let Jay run more no-huddle.
More Garrett Wolfe or a sign RB that can spell Matt (since he's hurt)


The worst part is the Bears don't have a 1st OR 2nd round pick in next year's draft!! They might as well spend every single draft pick on O-linemen and hope 1 pans out, because without a decent O-line the offense is inept.

Creighton, I have never had a problem with you, sometimes I can go a little overboard on my response, but I don't mean anything to be personal. Its a sports blog, it all in fun. I hope whoever it is you know is sick gets better, as always Creighton GO BEARS!!

Creighton, sorry about your loved one. Do try to pop back in periodically to offer your thoughts, as some of us do enjoy reading them. And you were definitely right after all about B. Albert being a better pick than C. Williams. This team will never have a continually effective offense under Lovie or Jerry. The fact that we probably won't be rid of them for years and years speaks volumes. I especially loved the recent shot taken at the McCaskeys by another owner (reported a few weeks ago). He pointed out how with the second largest market the Bears ought to be fielding solid teams just about every year like Pitt. But no, it hasn't and won't be happening any time soon. Sad.

Hey estevenj,

I agree that Benson sucked with the Bears, but this statement is silly:

" He treated the Bears like garbage by holding out, alienating Thomas Jones, taking millions of dollars and then falling on his face everytime they handed him the ball."

Players hold out, that's the business of the NFL. Urlacher, Hester, and a bunch more Bears did the same when it suited them, and they've been about as affective as Benson was after their holdouts. Maybe Benson wouldn't have been such a mope in Chicago if other players weren't trying to inure him in practice and then punching him in the face. Hard to get motivated for a team that treats you like that.

This goes to Wrigley Field Bear: The cover two, like any scheme is not obsolete per se. Maybe you didn't notice, but the Bengals ran it a lot and it looks pretty good when the QB is running for his life. When you can get pressure from four linemen it looks like every receiver is double covered. The Bears' cover two started to deteriorate in '06 when Tommie Harris went down. It and he have never been the same. The Bears better figure out how to replace him, instead of handing him gobs of money, if they expect that particular scheme to work again.

BTW, the Steelers played a lot of Cover Two in their SB win. So please, pay attention and stop taking easy shots at the scheme, which you obviously don't understand.


That's not a silly statement. I know it's the business of the NFL. BUT IF YOU HOLD OUT FOR MORE MONEY AND THEN SUCK, that's treating your team and fans (who paid you millions of dollars) like garbage.

Please post the links of news stories of him getting punched in practice. Oh, and be sure to post the stories about how he declared he would take Thomas Jones' job too. 'Cause, you know, that's not being an a$$hole at all.

I don't dislike Lovie/Angelo as much as others, but I do dislike Turner. Why are Lovie and Angelo sticking with this guy and letting him kill their careers?

Here's my beef with the offensive coaching staff: They stick with guys too long. They stuck with Metcalf in 2007 even though he sucked. It appears they will stubbornly do the same with Omiyale. In previous years, they played guys like Rashied Davis and Moose, while young draft picks sat. What did we gain by sticking with Davis last year? Bennett is clearly more talented, and think how much further along he'd be if we had played him last year.

Speaking of which, Chris Williams would be further long too if he had played more last year, but no, let's watch John St. Clair stink it up for 16 weeks.

The coaches got it wrong in the first place on the line back in the spring. It should be Williams LT, Beekman LG, Kreutz C, Garza, and a competition between Shaffer and Omiyale for RT. You don't sign Pace in the first place. As much as we rag on Omiyale, he is a tackle and not a guard, yet our coaches want to force this even though he's stunk through 6 games.


Sorry to hear about your loved one. Here's wishing that (s)he gets well soon. Your posts will be sorely missed. You have good insight and knowledge of the game. I hope you're back soon.


I didn't want to take the extra time to explain it, so I just called it the cover 2. But what I strongly object to is Lovie Smith's entire defensive philosophy (of which the cover 2 is only a small part at this point) and his afraid-to-lose attitude. In a nutshell, here are the problems:

1. Smith plays afraid-to-lose instead of aggressive defense. The result is that the secondary is almost always not only playing zone, which teams are quickly moving away from, but a very soft zone at that, which allows opposing QBs to pick the defense apart. The best defenses are almost always aggressive ones, not wimpy ones so afraid of giving up big plays that they allow long drives constantly. The better defenses are becoming man-to-man oriented, which provides much tighter coverage than zone. But we'll see little or no zone in Smith's defenses.

2. Smith hates big linemen and has even said as much, something like "size is overrated." While there's a lot more than size to being a good player, lack of size on the lines can be a killer. As Creighton pointed out above, which I've also noticed, teams with power running games kill Smith's defenses if they have even a decent passing game, because the small Bear linemen cannot stand up to much larger offensive linemen.

3. Smith's system is really passive. Afraid to get burned by a big play, he has the MLB dropping back on pass plays as if he were a defensive back, for example. Again, being aggressive works much better. Make the QB fear the MLB, not get a free pass because the MLB's 30 yards downfield, again for example.

At this point the Bears just don't have the players on either line to be successful. But a big reason for that is Lovie Smith's idiotic desire to have smaller players. This is the Bears, d*mnit, we don't want passive anything! Let's see a good aggressive defense with monster athletes on the line, not small players trying to sneak under the legs of the offensive linemen.

Hey Creighton, good luck to you and your loved one, and take care.

In the end, it's just one game, and the Bears are still 3-3. Lots of teams have suffered through a lot worse before sacking their coaching staff or making wholesale changes to their lineups, knowing that making big changes midseason could be detrimental; it would be the same as basically giving up on the season, and fans would not like to see that (you all saw what sacking the offensive coordinator just prior to the regular season did for the Chiefs, Bucs and Bills, right?). You do your best with what you got. The rest, you worry about in the off-season.

I'm no fan of Ron Turner (I think he sucks too), but there was no way of judging the offense in the Bengals game. The Bears haven't been fast starters this year, but after punting twice and Hester's fumble, the Bears were already down 0-28, making whatever game plan they had meaningless. Then having to throw on every down and becoming one dimensional makes it easier for a defence to stop, especially when the offence has a suspect line and inexperienced WRs (can we now get Aromashodu in there).

The defence looked a lot more passive at the beginning of the game than the week before; not putting 8 in the box, not looking to stop the run first, and not looking aggressive in pressuring the QB. It looked like they were sagging back putting more guys in pass coverage, which seemed to be what they did in GB last year on their way to being thrashed by the run AND the pass.

The Bears defence right now is playing with a lot of inexperience at LB and DB. I thought it was the aggressiveness in the play-calling that was getting the defence through these games in relatively good condition, covering up a lot of the uncertainty we have behind the line. I saw very little of that aggressiveness in the first 3 drives by the Bengals, allowing the Bengals to gain a lot of momentum.

And then, the play was not good on the defensive side (although I liked watching Briggs trying to carry the load himself), but you have to give the Bengals credit; they were fired up (after a bad performance the week before at home) and Palmer and Ochocinco were awesome. Benson and their Oline played well too.

However, I too have to put this one on the coaches. After a mistake-filled tough loss to the Falcons, you'd think they'd be better prepared than this. The TD pass to Laveranues Coles was the exact same screw up as the play that gave Roddy White his TD a week ago (only to the other side) with Roach (or somebody else) being caught out of position.


I guess we'll disagree on what it means to treat a team like garabage. I found Urlacher's holdout to be way more of an insult than Benson's, seeing as Urlacher signed a contract to be the highest paid defensive player in the NFL. But you can disagree. And what do you want the number four pick in the draft to say, "I want to be a bench warmer." It wasn't his fault Angelo drafted him when they already had Jones. Do a little googling and you'll find the articles about how Thomas Jones punched Benson in the face, and how the defense went full speed on him during his first practice and injured him. Maybe he is an a$$hole, but this isn't an after school friendship club. You can think someone's an a$$hole, but you let him play if he's going to help your team. I agree that Benson didn't help the Bears much, but the Bears players seemed to make that decision the moment he arrived. Now, after ran he the ball right up their a$$es they suddenly have respect for him.


One more thing: ANY defense looks good on passing plays when the four linemen are getting a good pass rush. The point is that the cover 2 is a passive, outmoded defense that offenses figured out 2-3 years ago and that no longer works. What works, as many teams are figuring out, is to press the receivers at the line and play man defense, not lame as$ zone that leaves big holes in which all good QBs can hit receivers.


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