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Source: Idonije to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery today

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We knew the Bears were going to use the bye week to try and heal up at wide receiver and linebacker, and now this: defensive lineman Israel Idonije is expected to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery today, a source close to the player said. Idonije has canceled a personal appearance.

Idonije has been on the injury report since the beginning of the season with a knee listed as his ailment, and he was questionable for Sunday's game against Detroit. He played and was credited with a forced fumble and a sack. Idonije was also involved on special teams, but didn't look as quick as usual. By doing the procedure today, there is a chance Idonije will return quickly. While it's unknown the exact reason they are working on his knee, it's not out of the question that he could be back on the field when the Bears play at Atlanta Oct. 18. The bye will certainly help.

Rookie defensive lineman Jarron Gilbert played for the first time against the Lions, and the Bears have added depth with tackle Matt Toeaina, who was inactive. So if Idonije is forced to miss a game or two, there will not be a scramble for bodies. Mark Anderson has been used inside in pass-rushing situations, and there are more than enough bodies to go around.

We'll see if Lovie Smith will shine some more light on the issue when he holds his press conference in about two hours. Check back for updates, and I'll be sending them out on Twitter also. Smith will also be able to provide updates on wide receivers Devin Hester and Johnny Knox, who were knocked out of Sunday's game. Hester had a shoulder injury, the team announced, but left Soldier Field wearing a neck brace. Knox had a shin injury. Neither are believed to be serious. Linebackers Pisa Tinoisamoa (right knee) and Hunter Hillenmeyer (rib) are expected to be available for the Falcons game.

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Let's hope he is okay. He has done a solid job and seems to be improving as well.I'm glad Gilbert is getting some playing time and think he is going to be a real force in the future. I didn't notice how well or poorly he did yesterday. With the Falcons coming up in two weeks, the Bears need everyone healthy.

I hate the bye week as much as the next fan, but it does come at a nice time for Chicago. One more week off and both Pisa Tinoisamoa and Hillenmeyer should be back. Although its gonna be interesting to see who Lovie goes with at middle linebacker. Roach has looked really good for Chicago in limited action. Roach can really get to the quarterback from his mike linebacker position on blitzes using his speed, he adds a whole new dimension to the position with his ability to get to the quarterback on blitzes.

And yes, the wide receivers could use the week off also. I hope Hester's injury isn't serious. I know they say it isn't, but that doesn't mean it isn't. As for Johnny Knox, WOW, that kid is a straight up playmaker! Knox is gonna be a good one, glad to see he only had a shin and not a "gulp" knee injury. Agree or disagree, I think Earl Bennett is the most complete receiver on the team. Already in year 2 the guy can make the spectacular catch with the best of them, and he's consistent. Give him a year and he could develop into one of the leagues better possession receivers.

Hopefully Israel Idonije will be alright, he does add nice depth to Chicago's front, and the guy isn't a bad player. Idonije is also one of Chicago's better special teams players. If he's out, we'll be getting a closer look at rookie Jarron Gilbert. I wouldn't mind checking the kid out in extended action, but not at the expense of Idonije.

How about runningback Matt Forte, he proved he can still break a big one, and most importantly, he's not the problem with Chicago's running game. It is nice to see him bust out a 100 yard game. I realize 90 of his yards came on two runs, but the guy still had to make em. And the fact that he did, at the very least, proves he can still can be a good runner for the Bears. The problem with the running game isn't Forte, its the line, especially the blocking inside. I realize the lines going against a lot of 8 man fronts [still??], but the interior blocking needs to improve, especially with the harsh weather on its way. You gottta be able to run the ball in nov/dec. Forte is still a good back for Chicago who simply needs better play up front, he'll get it GO BEARS!!

By Kevin Armstead on October 5, 2009 1:45 PM
"How about runningback Matt Forte, he proved he can still break a big one, and most importantly, he's not the problem with Chicago's running game. It is nice to see him bust out a 100 yard game. I realize 90 of his yards came on two runs, but the guy still had to make em. And the fact that he did, at the very least, proves he can still can be a good runner for the Bears. The problem with the running game isn't Forte, its the line, especially the blocking inside."

What??? You say their is a problem with the line? How is that possible? I hate to break it to you Kevin but they are not facing that many 8 man fronts. It looks like defenses are pinching. Another problem is everytime you see a guard pull, he is getting leveled in the backfield. The other problem that may be happening is the play calling after Forte had his big run, Turner kept running that play for him and the defense was ready for it. Blocking is gernerally bad. But cheer up Kev, because the Bears have a second round pick this yeara great spot ot get a good interior linmen, start your research, if you already haven't. Mike Johnson go Bama, or Sam Young to play RT. Or we could just stick with your guy Chris Williams. Or at DE Sergio Kindle, Greg Romeus, Everson Griffen. By the way Bennett does not wow me, the Bears have a bunch of slot recievers. I would rather have Brandon Marshall who will be a FA and the Bears have lots of money. Marshall, Hester and Knox. Speed and Power, plus Marshall is scary enough for other teams to stop cheating the Safety over to Olsen. Some other names, are Darrell Stuckey, Josh McNiel, Vince Oghobaasa, or Joe McKinght.

I will tell you why Bennett is not the most complete reciever on the team. First he is never doubled, he lacks speed and he is average after the catch, not to mention he looks shorter than listed and i don't see him blocking much. He does look to have the best hands on the team. Both Knox and Hester are faster and Knox has shown good hands, I have actually seen Hester block, all three struggled to beat the jam in GB, Bennett is really just a slower version of the other two. After the catch both Knox and Hester blow away Bennett. Bennett has better hands and has run decent short routs, but that is something you should have noticed, the Bears are running a lot of short routs mostly because Cutler doesn't have time and Because none of the recievers are very good at running long routs as we saw in GB. They have not tried to go deep much sense then, they have not really tried anything more than short safe plays. Bring on Marshall in 2010 and start rebuilding the O-Line cause Pace is all but done, Omiyale just looks bad, Olin only has a couple years left, Garza is no spring chicken and Williams has looked awful. Lots of work ahead. By the way if you want ot know what is wrong with Williams, watch him get out of his stance, he is as slow as Pace is at this point in his career. The Bears really should be concerned with protecting Cutler, despite Lovie thinking its ok to hit the QB a lot as long as he gets up.

By Creighton on October 5, 2009 7:27 PM
"I hate to break it to you Kevin but they are not facing that many 8 man fronts."

Auh Creighton, Jay Cutler has said, and I can't even count how many times I've heard him say this, that Chicago's offense is taking what the defense is giving them, everything outside. Creighton, that means most of the time opposing defense's are bringing the safety up in the box, thereby opening things up for the receiver's outside. I like ya Creighton, but I'll take Jay Cutler's word over yours, after all, he's got a birds eye view of all of the action. So yes Creighton, the main problem with Chicago's running game is the blocking inside.

Creighton said: "By the way Bennett does not wow me."

Creighton, does any Bear "wow" you? Just kidding their buddy. Creighton, I said "agree or disagree" about Bennett being the most complete, its debatable. I think he is, you don't, give the guy another year he could surprise.

And yes Creighton, I've started my research, c'mon, the only thing we can agree on is that the whole draft process is....well, cool. By the way, yes I like Notre Dames Sam Young. As everything stands, Chicago could land him in the mid to late second. I see you list some DE's, and your probably right, that could be the direction Chicago goes in. But I'm starting to think Ogunleye is gonna get an extension, he's on pace to have 18 sacks. Also, I think he's still got a lot left in the tank. Yeah, he's a 10 year vet, but he basically didn't play his first couple seasons in the league, he should have at least 3 more good seasons left in him, I'd resign him. But if you must know, my guy in the second, as far as an end, is Michigans Brandon Graham. Graham is the prototypical left end at 6-3 270lbs. And yes the guy can penetrate, he had 20 tackles for loss last season, oh yeah, at Michigan, thats saying something. But again, if it were me, I'd resign Ogunleye and draft in Notre Dame's Sam Young to play right tackle for Chicago. And Creighton, remember, its debatable, as always GO BEARS!!

Creighton, for a guy that had 0 catches last year and was thought by many to be either not good enough or not smart enough to play in the NFL, I've got to admit that he is wowing me! I'm not sure if you're expecting Randy Moss type play from our receivers but Bennett is a solid contributor on this offense nonetheless. And with the way he was returning punts on Sunday, he's got some speed and moves to boot.

Come on C-man, give an Angelo pick some credit. You can do it.

Mike I am not bashing Bennett, I am just saying Knox and Hester are better than him. Kevin said Bennett was the best and I disagree. I think Knox and Hester are better. Are they not both Angelo draft picks as well?

Kevin teams are not cheating up the safety. Watch a game, usually 1 safety is deep and the other is doubling Olsen. They have been bringing 6 most of the time in the blitz. Sometimes 8, but they have not come close to facing 8 on every down as you claim. For the most part teams have not blitzed the bears that much, the Pack did it the most. The Bears have blitzed more than anyone they faced. By the way when the Safety cheats up Kevin, it's the middle of the field that becomes open. The Bears have been pretty basic in their play calling, tons of crossing routs and quick slants. By the way Cutler saying the Bears are taking what the defense gives him is correct. They are not letting him take a 5 or 7 step drop. Also a good line can pick up an 8 man blitz and nutralize it. So either way your argument is invalid. Kevin if your puttin 8 in the box on every down basically the whole field is open. Also please explain the Bears poor performance in short yardage, Hits, hurries, sacks and third down coversions if the line is playing well.

As Olin Kreutz said, we have been bad and we need to get a lot better. Oh wait do you know more about line play then Kreutz? By the wya Dan Hampton anf Hub are the guys that pointed out they are not facing many 8 man fronts. Go argue with them.

One last note on Bennett, I think he is ok but playing out of position. It's easy to have good hands on short passes, but no player the Bears have will do What Marshall did this week. No reciever on the team has that kind of physical talent. They need a reciever with some size. Even Angelo has said this. Its nothing against Bennett but the guy is a slot reciever and so is Knox and so is Hester. Let me know when the run crisp deep routs, cause everytime I have seen them try it they get lost. I excpect it from Knox he is a rookie, but Hester and Bennett should have it down by know. The other thing I keep seeing is that the Bears recievers do not get good seperation, which is strange for fast guys, that means they are comming out of their breaks soft and slow. Look al lthe recievers got a lot better the moment Cutler got here, but still only Knox has been the standout. The others have been inconsistant.

But hey they beat Detroit and have yet to face a team with a winning record so they must be good. Let me know when they beat the Vikings and make the playoff's. They could easily be 3-3 after their next two games.

Mike I just don't give credit to a gm for drafting an average player in the third round. I give him credit for Knox, but Hester and Bennett are not wowing me. 200 Yards and 189 yards and 2 td's between them. If teams are cheating up the Safety like Kevin claims then the recievers should be making huge gains because they are in man. When you burn a team with an 8 man front chances are you score. So where are all the TD's? Fact is the recievers do not get open all that much. But they don't have much time to get open do they? Short routs and no time to pass. If the recievers are as good as people think, and we all know Cutler is the goods, and the running game does not exist(which it does not ranked 26th), and the TE are suppose to be awesome, then why are the Bears ranked 19th in passing?

If the the Bears recievers are so good and the TE's and Cutler and Forte, then shouldn't we be up there with the Colts and Saints. Not ranked 19th. Please explain Kevin. We are so good that we are ranked 19th in passing. Sounds like there are some problems. Or let me guess teams are not defending those teams like they are the Bears team, please make your excuses now.

If you want to win the super bowl you don't do it with average players. Bennett=average. He is on pace for 800 yards, but that will slow once the cold weather arrives, I said before the season started he would go for about 700. Bennett has basically been a check down. Let him get a couple of scores then get back to me on him. Mike I don't excpect Moss play out of Bennett, I excpect Moss. If we can get Cutler than we can get a Marshall or a Jackson. Although would take a legit LT and a stud guard in a second.

I am even open for trying Williams at LT, although I see now why the Bears don't like him their. No explosion and slow out of his stance. When he locks on he is good, but he is not locking on very much.

Anyway as usual I will stand by what I say and we will see where the chips fall again this year. In the meantime I will go count the rather large number of chips I have aquired over the last two years.

Creighton, stop taking one little thing I say and blowing it out of proportion. Your making it sound like I said the Bears are going against 8 man fronts on EVERY down. That isn't what I said. What I said was a LOT of 8 man fronts, not 8 man fronts on EVERY down.

Creighton said: "Also please explain the Bears poor performance in short yardage, hits, hurries, sacks, and third down conversions if the line is playing well."

Creighton, dude, did you read my blog, or did you see one optimistic comment and BAM!!!! Your on it like a shark with blood in the water. Dude, if you read my blog, I also say the line needs to improve its blocking. Remember, I said Forte needs better play up front. So whats this $hit about the line, I never said the line is playing good????? Creighton, sometimes I think you argue just to argue?

Creighton, I never said the Bears receivers were some of the leagues best??? I said, just like I always say, give em time to develop and they could be pretty good. Earl Bennett might develop into a pretty good receiver, the same with Knox and Hester. Creighton, again PLAYER DEVELOPMENT! As far as Bennett, I said he's the most complete. Yes Knox could be better, maybe in a year? But as of right now, I'll say it again for emphasis, AS OF RIGHT NOW, Bennett is better, why do you think he is a starter and Knox isn't? Also Creighton, I see you mention Bennett is on pace for 800. But, what you fail to mention was Knox and Hester are also on pace for around 800, thats not bad for a young set of receivers? But, since their not all-pros right out of college, their bust right Creighton??

And Creighton, give me a pathetic break with this "chips fall where they may" $hit! Dude, the Bears are 3-1. What, thats not good enough for your ridiculously high expectations?? Creighton, no team could meet your standards that you have set, no one. Every time the Bears win, all I hear from you is, "auh so and so's team has a bad line, or so and so's team had a lot of injured players, thats why the Bears won. Its like give me a break, Creighton you do realize the more you say $hit like thats after a win, the more your proving the Bears are better than a lot of teams they play and are a pretty good team.....right?? So dude, keep making up excuses to why the Bears are winning, and I'll go enjoy watching me a Bears game, something you wouldn't know anything about. So yeah Creighton, keep your chips if it makes you happy, because there is no NFL team on this planet thats could make you happy, oh well, to each his own I guess, GO BEARS!!

Just to throw my opinion in I actually like the offense we have. Unlike the past years I'm not taking a deep breath and holding it if the ball is thrown in the redzone. The biggest weakness we need to improve on is the secondary D. We cant keep giving up big 1st half drives to opposing teams and expect to comeback everytime. Imagine if we were playing New Orleans. Brees would have the Saints up 21-0 by the end of the first quarter. Daniel Manning is not playing up to the potential that the Bears had hoped for. I'm not impressed with Zachary Bowman either. I think we should put Kevin Payne in and let Zack be Peanuts backup. Too bad we didnt think of getting a guy like Darren Sharper in the backfield while all this offensive hype was going on in the offseason. Cutler can pick defenses apart with the recieving corp we have. All they have to do is hang on to the ball, and he will put it in their hands. Teams have made the mistake of doubling up on Olsen and rushing to Cutler because they didnt think our receivers could win games. They have definitely been proven wrong. That also closes up rushing lanes for Forte. If this continues we will continue to win with Jays arm, and if teams decide to back off them forte will start breaking out big runs in every single game. we have the perfect offense for clock management, if the secondary just steps up then the Bears will be complete for a strong, deep playoff run that the Vikings would have BIG problems contending with. GO BEARS!!!!!

Getting Marshall would be great, but the Bears can live without him next year. the receivers they have are getting better every game because Cutler throws the kind of ball that makes receivers look good. Certainly a pro-bowl level receiver would help any team, but all of them are going to cost dearly.I would not trade the young Johnny Knox for the expensive Bernard B. and am glad he went to Minnesota. Now Peanut can flatten him.

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