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So who goes to make room for Gaines Adams?

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Now that the dust has settled, sort of, on the Gaines Adams trade, let's examine the roster move the Bears will have to make Saturday to add him to the 53-man roster.

Adams will come aboard after he passes his physical Saturday morning after arriving from Tampa. The Bears will have to release a player to make room, and with no significant injuries it is unlikely anyone will be placed on injured reserve. The club has not announced its intentions.

You don't have to look too far to find some candidates. We'll list some possibilities with a reason why they could be cut, and a reason for them to stick around. This list is in alphabetical order, not the order in which I see it playing out. Go ahead and make your own choice known.

Josh Bullocks. Why: The Bears have an excess with five safeties on the roster. Why not: Bullocks is starting to figure into the special teams mix, especially this week with running back Adrian Peterson out with a knee injury.

Michael Gaines. Why: The fourth tight end was a luxury to make the 53-man roster and he's barely been used. Why not: The broken rib suffered by Desmond Clark is a clear sign of how tough it is to keep players healthy at this position.

Juaquin Iglesias. Why: The third-round pick has yet to be active this season and did not perform well in training camp and preseason. Why not: He's a third-round pick and Jerry Angelo is unlikely to give up on a third rounder when he just traded a second-round pick.

Lance Louis. Why: He's a project who was one of the final players to make the roster and could probably be waived and re-signed to the practice squad. The misdemeanor assault charge against him in San Diego doesn't help. Why not: Louis is a young lineman who was used at guard and tackle in preseason, and the Bears need to develop youth on the line.

Darrell McClover. Why: The Bears are starting to get healthy at linebacker and he plays a role on special teams only. He was added just three weeks ago and would seem to be expendable as a seventh linebacker. Why not: The Bears added him because they needed a boost on special teams. Adams might add to the defense, but he's not going to help special teams.

D.J. Moore. Why: Moore has yet to be active and if the rookie fourth-round pick cannot carve out a role for himself on special teams, he's not going to contribute this season. Generously listed at 5-9, he's not big enough to be an every-down cornerback any way. Why not: Like Iglesias, Angelo doesn't want to get rid of a draft pick when he just traded one away to weaken his 2010 draft. Moore sticks because he's a developmental project.

Matt Toeaina. Why: Adding Adams gives the Bears 10 defensive linemen and Toeaina is the least used of the bunch. Why not: Tackles are impossible to find this time of year and just like you can't have too many pass rushers, you can't have too many tackles. He's needed for depth.

My complete story for the Saturday edition on the trade is here. Check back later for more details and new information. The Bears do not know yet what jersey number Adams will wear. He was No. 90 in Tampa Bay, but rookie Jarron Gilbert claimed that after Joey LaRocque was let go.

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I think Toeaina is the man. If you gain a DL, you lose a DL. Keep the balance. He's a fine player, but we just don't need that much depth at tackle.

Louis or Gains, maybe Toeaina but they really only have three real DT's on the team and Harris has issues. Izzy, Harris and Adams are all nicked up actually. This move almost seems as if someone is hurt or they are worried about something.

One thing is for sure they want to get more out of the front 4. Gosh I thought they where playing so great, I guess the blitz has been helping them out more than people think. At least some people.

I had not heard that the Bucs where shopping him, any idea of who contacted who Brad? From everything I have read about him, he is not very smart and takes a lot of plays off, not a much of a worker and gives up on a lot of plays unless they are coming at him. This actually sounds like someone who would benifit from Rods approach, he has talent but is an a$$.

Word is Tampa is going ot bring Matt Jones to fill out the roster, kinda says a lot right their.

Lets hope change of scenery works out for the Bears this time around, cause it seems to be working for all the ex-bears.

By the way I have to give them the Tampa Bay Bucs call on this one.

Why not Rashied Davis? The Bears don't need 6 wide outs. Right now he's an impediment to Aromashodu and Iglesias seeing playing time, and the Bears need to find out if those guys really deserve roster spots. The game where he did get to play after Hester and Knox got hurt was one of the poorest passing outings I can remember, we didn't even hit 150 yards. That shows how much the coaches think he can contribute as a receiver. Also, I think he has a fairly decent contract for a marginal contributor.

Finally, either Iglesias or Aromashodu is probably going to have to step up as a special teams player if they are both going to make the roster next year. May as well see what they have to offer now.

Great move, with next years D line somewhat suspect with the loss of Ogunleye and possibly Anderson it makes real sense.

If Adams hits the weights and Marinelli can inspire him to work at his trade, he really could be dominant. I love this move.

McGlover may be cut or maybe the Bears could trade T.E.Gains? I think they should keep the new D line in tact even though they are a little heavy right now.

It all starts and ends with the Dline and O line, you dominate the line of scrimmage, you win games, period, end of sentence.

I know this is from left field but maybe just maybe this will open the Bears up to going after Brandon Marshall in free agency next year, because they will not be giving the big contract to Ogunleye and most likely not to Anderson, some big money should be available and Cutler with Marshall would be like hitting the jackpot in Vegas, a real good day.

Wahoo!!!!!!!love the trade for Gaines Adams

Would people stop saying they should cut Davis. He's solid on special teams.

And since you obviously didn't watch the game, Tom, it's pretty hard to rack up yards when your average starting field position is the opponents 49.

Why? Special Teams play, which you clearly don't value, like a lot of Bears fans.

My money on who they cut.

DJ Moore.

He was a fourth round pick. Not a huge loss in term of value. He's very short, and has limited upside. Also, the team can replace his inactive spot with Turenne or Smith, and not really lose a beat.

Iglesias still has upside, as does Louis. Toeiana is too valuable on a team with banged up linemen. Bullocks can play special teams. And so long as they are only carrying two healthy RBs, they need to keep Adams, in case McKie has to take carries at the RB position.

Any chance the Bears brought in Gaines Adams to play line backer?

Toenia doesn't seem like a candidate since they are very thin at D-tackle, esp with T. Harris health issues. I don't think there's any chance that he's released. No mention of Vasher or did I just miss it? You have to keep DJ Moore over Vasher; at least there is a chance of some future upside compared to Vasher who clearly can't play anymore. Maybe there are cap impacts that make cutting Vasher unattractive. Remember there is also C. Graham who provides some depth at DB. Can't see any football reason for keeping Vasher around.

Tom, maybe you haven't noticed, but Rashied Davis is a top STs contributor who is more than capable of his role as a 4th WR. For all the Bears fans who love seeing the kick return for a TD or the blocked kick, it's because the Bears pay attention to their STs and take good care of them. Otherwise you wouldn't be seeing the plays you see.

And maybe the reason you didn't see anything special from Davis when he came into the 2nd half against the Lions was because we had a lead and, like anonymous pointed out, because the offense had a short field to work with.

Do you know if there were any other teams trying to make this deal? How did this come about so quickly?

Mike -

Actually, I had not noticed Davis as a - "top STs contributor who is more than capable of his role as a 4th WR".

We had a top STs contributor, Ayanbadejo. The Bears decided not to pay him. Davis isn't even close in my book. And as far as being a capable WR, I will politely disagree with you. I recall Cutler basically ignored him all preseason, don't you? When he comes into games, look to see if Cutler is looking for him. I'll trust Cutler's judgement over yours, mine or anyone else's at the moment.

Sorry, but unless or until I see actual production from Davis that stands out in one phase of the game, or the other, I think he should go.

As for having a short field, that explanation works if we were actually running the ball well. When we run the way we have, we need to pass for 250 yards just to have a respectable

Yeah Mike, 'Mr. Know It All" I gotta go with Tom here I saw enough drops from Rashied last year. I am not sayig he is the one to be cut now, but he sure isn't the all-star you claim him to be. The Bears always seem to find guys who they plug in and do well on special teams. Even the midget Wolfe has done well.

Enough with the Davis bashing.

First, he IS capable of being a No. 4 receiver on ANY team. He is solid on special teams. The fact that he is not a Pro-Bowler does not diminish this fact.

I am sick to death of people thinking you can plug anyone into a special teams role. You can't. If that were the case, Mr. popularity Brandon Rideau would have made the team. Devin A would be activated over Davis. And the team could just cut Peterson and Wolfe for a vet, because its "just" special teams.

It doesn't work that way. Some guys are just flat out better at ST. And how many games does the ST unit have to dominate for people to understand that. . . it's kind of a big deal.

That's why he is on the team. That's why they resigned Commando. That's why Stelz is still on the team.

Davis is a solid ST player, period.

And, contrary to popular opinion, he is capable of making plays -- big plays. Even the Atlanta game last year demonstrated what he can do in the clutch -- again. His hands aren't the greatest, but that's exactly why he is a NO. 4. He is fully capable of being productive when called upon.

In terms of the preseason, Cutler didn't look to him, because Cutler and he didn't play at the same time. He was on the second unit.

Until they find a COMPLETE replacement for him, he needs to stay on the team.

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