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Rest was reason behind decision for Tommie Harris to sit

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We will see if Bears coach Lovie Smith moves to take some of the guesswork out of the Tommie Harris' situation when his press conference begins in a little less than 90 minutes.

Know this: There's been considerable guesswork with members of the organization, Harris included, saying completely different stories about him missing Sunday's 45-10 loss at Cincinnati.

The belief is that Harris was inactive for the game--and three practices last week--because the Bears made an organizational decision to rest Harris. He had been experiencing pain in his left knee, as Smith said repeatedly last week. He did receive extra treatments on the knee as a team source said. Finally, he has not been playing up to the expectations the team holds for him, so combining all three factors, a decision was made to sit him out of the game vs. the Bengals.

Harris told the Sun-Times after the game Sunday that he did not sit out because of pain in the knee, and pointed out that he worked out on the Pal Brown Stadium turf prior to kickoff.

The hope is that with the time off Harris will return rejuvenated and ready to make a major impact in the middle of the Bears' defense starting Sunday vs. Cleveland. Of course, everything would have been a lot easier had the Bears simply said the plan was to rest Harris last week. We'll see what Smith offers after we gauge reaction in the locker room.

Harris has shown "flashes" as general manager Jerry Angelo has said. What the team is hoping to see is a more consistent effort.

Stay tuned. I'll Twitter some updates from the press conference @BradBiggs.

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Worst loss ever. I've never turned off a game until yesterday. What makes it worse was that CB had a career high. Most embarrassing game of all time. If I was at the game, I would have waited by the player exit and demanded my money back.

However you slice it, it seems like Tommy Harris was being intentionally obtuse in his comments about the situation. My hinting that the reason wasn't his knee and then refusing to elaborate farther, and then saying to talk to "them," Tommy was intentionally trying to start something. He's been around long enough and knows the media well enough to know you don't make comments like that unless you are trying to stir something up.

Another thing that sort of bothered me yesterday is that the announcers mentioned something about Urlacher watching the game back in Chicago. I didn't hear any good reason why Urlacher wasn't with the team. Isn't it normal for a player on IR to still be with the team on gameday? He's still getting a paycheck, right?

Rest? Rest? He was inactive so he could rest? (Bad attempt at Jim Mora)...

Wasn't this team just on a bye after week 4? Many could say this team is still on a bye two games later...

He hasn't played up to expectations since he was injured in the home game against the Vikings in 2006.

Sorry, the story doesn't wash. If he needs to rest the knee, it is due to injury, or he was excused from practice for one of two other reasons... Either for disciplinary reasons, or to get his head out of his backside and start playing up to his capabilities.

If the hamstring problem is healed and the knee is sound, the only other problem is the 6 inches between his ears.

Brad I forgot something, don't forget that early this year Harris came out and said he would be working with Warren Sapp this offseason. Sapp came on the Score and said yes he would be working with coach Rod M and Harris and he was going ot help get Harris back on track. Lovie later confirmed this and said was not going ot be part of the team but was doing this to help Harris and the Bears.

About a month Later when Sapp was asked about working with Harris, Sapp replied I have called him but he doesn't return my calls and seemed pretty insulted by the whole thing. It seems like the Bears giving Harris that bonus last year and the Bears talking about how well Harris played last year and giving Harris all that money where excpecting Harris to maybe change what seems to be a growing attitude problem and go above and beyond to get back on track. But he has not done that.

This may be a message from the Bears telling Harrris either you are hurt or you dogging it. If you can't practice you are hurt or you are done and you need to retire or quit. If you are healthy you then you need to practice. The Bears just checked Harris. If this is the case then the Bears did make a good move. This really seems like an attitude issue.

The rest theory seems a little odd, if Chicago is so confident in Tommie Harris, why rest him going into a game vs a team like the Bengals. To me, it would have made more sense to wait and rest him for the Browns game, a less superior opponent.

I think Tommie Harris needs to go on IR, he's doing the team no good playing hurt, which he obviously is. Rest him for the remainder of the season and see how his knee heals up for the OTA's before the draft. Angelo actually went into the draft last april in search for another three technique. They got Jarron Gilbert at #68, but were hoping Purdue's Alex Magee would slip, he almost did, but the Chiefs nabbed him one pick earlier at #67.

When Angelo brought Gilbert in he called him a three technique first. Although he's been at left end, that could change with the addition of Gaines Adams. They need to start developing Gilbert at the three technique position. If he's not ready for prime time as a rookie, thats one thing, but I think they need to start getting him reps at the position and see what they got in him. In college at DT Gilbert led the nation with 22 tackles for loss. If Harris is done, which its starting to look like, they need to start thinking about a replacement, Gilbert could be the guy. The only way their ever gonna know is to start playing him [Gilbert] and see what he can do. Three technique's are hard to come by, and with no 1st or 2nd rounder, the draft isn't gonna do the Bears any good. Matbe a trade for the Chiefs Glenn Dorsey this upcoming off-season? But as of right now play Gilbert and see what he has to offer and if he could be the Bears future at the position GO BEARS!!

Yes I feel its a cover up as well. I would have let him get away with it another week, He hasnt looked very good but the replacement D line was worse. Looked like the LB werent doing much in the backfield either. We looked bad enough to move a DT to G and vice versa.
Right now I would look at anyone Gilbert? Great, but Omiyale is still starting and Harris didn't? Something wrong with that.

The D wasnt doin too bad, so Lovie messes with that and leaves the Offense the same???

It is a shame when a organization puts so much on one player, this defense is not good with or without Harris. Get the focus off Harris and put it were it belongs Lovie and Angelo. They have consistantly passed on linemen on both sides of the ball and have stuck with a outdated solved defense. The Tampa D has evolved everywhere else but here. Teams have drafted for their schemes this team hasn't. Just because Angelo finally pulled the trigger on a QB doesn't mean he is off the hook for the rest of this mess. Wale and Brown have outlived their usefulness and it is time for a scheme change. The Bears cannot hold at the point of attack they are being blown away, period. Gilbert is a prototypical 3-4 DE and they want to make a under-tackle out of him at 285 thats just plain stupid this team has team speed for the edges but are small and weak up the middle. This scheme has shortened Urlacher's career. They have never replaced Mike Brown, they said they wanted to get bigger and stronger up front so they bring in a finese tackle play him at guard and wonder why it ain't working. This is an adminstration and staff that sends mixed signals and has no direction and looks lost. A complete makeover is needed for this to resemble a winning football team.

I know nobody here will believe me now, but I told several people back in January of 2008 that I would NOT resign Tommie Harris and would have tried to trade him. Harris is no different than Benson was. It doesn't matter how much talent one has, if he doens't want to play then he's a waste. Tommie Harris is a waste and I would trade him now for a pick in the 2010 draft. However, Coach Smith will continue to baby him along. Tommie, you got your money, now play like someone who cares.

Benson was talking about revenge on the Bears, but that's crap! The Bears gave Benson several chances and Coach Smith even gave him a good reference after everything he did. What revenge could Benson want? He should have thanked Coach Smith and been mature enough to tell the media that him being cut was only his fault. He sounded like that 12 year old drama queen Brett Farve. Boo hoo, they didn't want me so now I'm going to cry to the world. It makes me sick that Farve did the foreword in my Walter Payton book.

Oh yeah, we need to fire Ron Turner and get a defensive coordinator that actually works on Sundays. This half and half stuff is really stupid.

It's not the players that really need to be blamed here (although I would get rid of Tommie Harris), but more the schemes. Teams have figured out the Tampa 2 and keep connecting for long passing plays over the middle. They did that over and over to us in 2007 & 2008 and are still doing it. Time for a new scheme. After all, in the NFL its scheme and gameplanning that matters more than what players you have on the field. (I know some of you will fight me on that because you only see player A tackle player B and not what is actually happening on the field). Sure Peyton Manning is a stud, but you don't need him to win the Super Bowl.

Anyways, the Bears need a new offensive and defensive coordinator and probably a head coach too. Sorry Lovie, but I think you proved your friendships are more important than what's best for the team last year. Mr. Angelo, please do what's best for the team and replace these people or you'll be looking for a new job soon. Mr. Phillips won't wait around forever.

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