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Rapid reaction to a game full of too many errors by the Bears

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ATLANTA--How much you want to bet Jay Cutler is willing to wait a long while before his next road Sunday night game?

That's six interceptions for the quarterback on Sunday nighters away from Soldier Field, and the Bears have three more prime time games coming up--Nov. 12 at San Francisco, Nov. 22 vs. Philadelphia and Dec. 28 vs. Minnesota.

But blaming another inconsistent effort on the kickoff time and the venue is ignoring some of the issues the Bears can or should do something about. Atlanta is a solid football team, one that plays well in the Georgia Dome, but this wasn't the class of the NFC the Bears just ran into in their 21-14 loss. The Falcons entered ranked 23rd vs. the run and they stopped the Bears cold. They didn't generate much of a pass rush without blitzing all out, and the Bears didn't hit them with the dagger. Atlanta's secondary has issues and Cutler threw for 300 yards in exposing some of them, but it was the giveaways he had that cost the Bears 10 points--three in the way of a Robbie Gould field goal, and seven in the touchdown the Falcons turned the second pick into in the second quarter.

So, I'll roll through some rapid reaction to this game before packing my bags here:

1. Third-and-one. Offensive coordinator Ron Turner had to be feeling pretty good about things. The Bears entered the game a miserable 2-for-5 on third-and-one conversions through their first four games. It was something they struggled with last season, and the addition of Cutler with a run/pass element was supposed to make things better. The offense encountered two third-and-ones in the first quarter and picked them both up with Cutler throwing to Greg Olsen for a five-yard gain, and then sneaking for two yards. They came out in the third quarter and Cutler picked up another with a sneak and then Matt Forte found a hole by left guard Frank Omiyale for a five-yard game to quickly make the offense 4-for-4 on third-and-one.

Once the Bears got to the goalline, that was a different story. Forte's dive on second-and-goal from the one wasn't close to the end zone and linebacker Curtis Lofton knocked the ball out. Somehow, Forte recovered the ball. Turner went to him with a run left on the very next play, also from the one, and he was stripped by defensive tackle Jonathan Babineuax. It's the hard yard to pick up and when the Bears have had success, they've gone play fake. It's what Cutler tried on first-and-goal from the one and the Falcons had everything covered up. They haven't been able to impose their will on a defense, and Forte's upright running style makes it difficult for him to get that tough yard at times. Fumbling isn't an issue with him. He did it only once last season. But the combination of the line and Forte's lack of explosion has got the run game bottled up right now. It's a combination of both. It should be noted when facing fourth-and-one at the Falcons' five their in the waning seconds, they were going to run another sneak to Cutler before left tackle Orlando Pace lunged forward in a run-blocking effort for a false start. There's no success with the Power-O like they used to have. Turner is going to have to adapt, and do so quickly.

2. While we're mentioning Cutler, those interceptions were game killers for them here. In a lot of ways this was Green Bay all over again. Babineuax was bearing down on him when he tried to hit Devin Hester on a crossing route on the first pick. Never should have thrown the third-down pass. If he tosses it away, Gould drills a 30-yard field goal. It was a momentum killer at the end of a 13-play drive that was taking the antsy crowd slowly out of the game. The second pick was bad any way you slice it. Olsen was covered pretty well and the ball was badly overthrown. Another pick he should have never attempted.

3. The defense accomplished the No. 1 task of stopping running back Michael Turner. He had only 30 yards rushing on 13 carries (2.3 per attempt), and when you look at the numbers it's not like Matt Ryan picked them apart--19-for-33 for 185 yards. But Ryan made the big plays when he needed them, like the 16-yard completion to tight end Tony Gonzalez on third-and-six from the Bears' 37 in the fourth quarter. That set up the go-ahead score.

4. But the defense could have been so much better. Lance Briggs should have fallen on a fumble forced by Pisa Tinoisamoa in the second quarter. He tried to scoop it and go and Ryan recovered at the Falcons' 27. That would have been bonus field position. Danieal Manning dropped a pick on the next play.

5. Speaking of Tinoisamoa, it doesn't look good with his right knee. He had trouble moving afterward and that is the same knee he injured in Week 1 at Green Bay. He was bringing a physical presence to the game. If he's out longterm--as in the rest of the season--do the Bears consider another move before Tuesday's trade deadline? Kansas City might move Derrick Johnson, but he's more of a weak side guy. It could mean when Hunter Hillenmeyer returns from two broken ribs that he's back in the mix right away. It's not good and Brian Urlacher's absence was highlighted on Gonzalez's 10-yard touchdown catch when Nick Roach broke the wrong way on coverage leaving Gonzalez open at the back of the end zone.

6. Anybody seen Manning and strong safety Al Afalava? It's been some super quiet play from the safeties. On the one hand, that means they haven't been beaten deep or really blown a big play. On the other hand, they're not making big impactful plays either.

7. Word is Marcus Harrison got his first career start at nose tackle because Anthony Adams has been slowed some by turf toe. I thought they both did some decent things in the game.

8. Tight end Desmond Clark made two huge catches with a 24-yard grab off his back shoulder in tight coverage, and a catch at the goalline of a perfectly thrown Cutler pass. He landed hard on his back side on the first one raising concern he could have re-injured his fractured rib, but said it was more of a tailbone landing.

9. Cutler was the Bears' leading rusher with his 30-yard sprint. It's one yard short of his career long with the Broncos. Garrett Wolfe looked decent in limited duty too.

10. Nice to see Nathan Vasher come up with a pick in his only play on defense during the game. He was spelling Charles Tillman, who needed a breather. Say what you want about Vasher, but he's been a stand-up guy through losing his starting job.

10 a. Zack Bowman needs to learn ball protection when he's running with an interception.

10 b. We're not going to let special teams off the hook. The coverage units left plenty to be desired.

10 c. Tillman did good shadowing Roddy White, that is for sure. Four catches for 56 yards isn't going to beat you. Again, the defensive effort was good enough to win with.

10 d. The 41-yard shot to Olsen deep down the seam is the kind of pass he was catching in tight coverage routinely during training camp. That was good to see for him.

10 e. What's really confounding right now about the struggles of the running game is Cutler is having success. It should open up holes in the running game. When the Bears go three wide with a tight end and a single back in Forte, they're facing a nickel look from the opponent. They should be able to successfully run the ball against nickel defenses. They're not going to gash the defense every time, but there should be some holes. I know a lot of people have been on Omiyale, and he had a penalty here like Pace, but this isn't a one-man breakdown on the line by any stretch of the imagination. The line looks fine at times, but it's been plain inconsistent. The pass protection held up good enough, and that hasn't been a trouble spot since the Green Bay opener. They've got to go back to work.

10 f. Once you've digested this one, start gearing up for the Benson Bowl, the Bears first meeting with running back Cedric Benson at Cincinnati on Sunday.

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Brad your too kind when you mention the offensive line this unit isnt cutting it in fact its horrible

So The Bears pre Angelo era you have Blake Brokermier Chris Vallerial Olin Kruetz Rex Tucker James Williams This unit is good enough to get a average RB a 1000 yrds(James Allen) He gets rid of Brokermier right off the Bat (he was breaking down anyway ) however you dont replace him with a good or better part . In fact the drought at LT lasts till They move Tait over. The guard play minus Ruben Brown is also a downward spiral Tackle is just as bad (Although it could be said that Columbo wouldve been the answer at RT and Big Cat Williams was also breaking down) each time Angelo makes these moves we dont have a replacement ready weve either had to pry away someones elses lineman (Tait) or get incredibly lucky (Ruben Brown and the Bills situation) or we get a lesser part . There was also Fred Miller who was horrible too. Robertson ack remember that guy ?

Weve been brought up here in Chicago that you build though the lines then build your team outwards from there this hasnt happened since Angelo arrived here

Today we saw what happens when each year you get a lesser part a running team goes to heck in a handbasket and pass blocking is also suspect

If Angelo fixes anything in a uncapped year FA wise its doubtful or lets say I dont know. We do know for sure he isnt drafting anything thats going to improve this unit for next year that ammo is blown on Cutler and Gaines Adams .Now will he draft someone in the third round to help us ? history isnt on our side here (both in finding someone or Angelo drafting habits here)

No soup for us appearantly this GM has now a history of ingnoring problems along the line plugging in stop gaps and a general non urgancey to build a quality offensive line

Downward spiral some plateaus but other than his first year (a 1st on Columbo and a 3rd on Metcalf)or the recent dissapointing 1st pick of Chris Williams (Why couldnt we have swapped places with Buffalo and taken Clady before denver I keep asking myself) we dont draft no building its plug in vets and hope it works

this year it clearly failed

The Bears are who I thought they were a 9-7 team at best . They don't have any game changers on defense and their o line is suspect at best. I think it is time for josh beekman to be put into the starting line up, and maybe its time for someone to give matt forte a little wake up speech because they can't put this all on the o line their not the ones putting the ball on the ground on back to back plays its clear he has lost focus . The way it was going I thought they might have a shot at a wildcard spot and then surprising somebody but cutler seems to tense up in spotlight games and besides for charles tillman we can't seem to cover anybody with the bengals game next it looks like the only thing the bears can hope for is not to get embarassed by benson. One more thing are the vikes reminding any one else of the 06 bears they sure do to me all the breaks seem to be going their way.

Kreutz is done. He used to be great. But now he's not good and not even average. He plain stinks. And Omiyale doesn't seem to be much better. Is Lovie going to pull an Archuletta and make us watch these guys get beat every play for most of the season before he makes a change? I don't know if Beekman or Louis will be better, but it's worth finding out. First and goal from inside the one and you can't run it in. What more do you need to see?

Wow. That was one of the worst performances by an O-line I've ever seen. Atlanta's anonymous D-line played the whole game in the Bears' backfield. Many times all four linemen broke through—total domination of every single Bears lineman. Several times both guards could be seen looking around helplessly as defenders streamed past them, without ever touching one. Neither the Real Adrian Peterson nor Walter Payton nor Jim Brown could have run behind these blocks. They couldn't turn or move anyone, not even a linebacker. If they don't start finding solutions right now, this team is done by week 8.

Which makes me wonder what the coaches spent their time doing the past two weeks. This was a team utterly unprepared to play: out of rhythm, often confused, unable to adjust or dictate the tempo, and soundly beaten in all three phases of the game. Lots of stupid penalties, special teams gaffes, red-zone turnovers, stone hands on defense (even the picks were both fumbled)—all this is due to lack of focus and preparation, and bad preparation is the fault of coaches. Did they watch the film on Atlanta? Did they put in extra time with special teams? Did they develop strategies to deal with the noise and the no-huddle? Did they introduce new wrinkles to take Atlanta by surprise? Did they double down on the running game? Apart from a couple of cute tricks on offense, they did nothing to take advantage of the extra time. One more game like this, and the whole coaching staff should be fired.

My solution is if the Bears can't score on a 3rd or 4th, and goal, then they need to put there best reliable source out there in Robbie Gould. Three points would make the most sense than risking a turnover in which the other team can capitalize with point of there own. This game could've been won on just those turnovers the Bears made. You just can't get too greedy for the touchdowns when in fact it could cost the team the game instead. Also running the same play over, and over again when the team knows what's coming doesn't make any sense either. The Bears should have won this game by three points yesterday.

The thing that kills me most about this is that Omiyale and Pace are probably the worst run blockers on the team, and we run to their side twice in a row on the goal line. Why not give Garza and Williams a chance, who at least have looked passable in the run game? I usually blast Garza for being a turnstyle at RG, but he blocked reasonably well last night, compared to the rest of them.

The maddening thing about all of this is that we can't get a yard! All that new beef on the line, and our "stud" running back, and we can't get one yard when we need it! The only way we move the ball is to let Jay drop back and let it fly.

A couple of things I did like:

Cutler's receivers are selling out for him, which is good to see. Bennett, Hester, Olson, Clark, and Knox all caught balls in traffic knowing they were going to be hit hard, and for the most part held on to the ball.

Outside of a couple of bad throws, Cutler seems to be able to get it done when it counts. That 4th down play at the end to Clark was there, and between illegal contact and Clark not getting his hands on the ball, we would have had a first down inside the 5 with 40 seconds left. Why is it that Turner has all these great plays in the playbook, and the only time we use them is when we are scrambling in the 2 minute drill? We have the ability to move the ball on a lot of teams, and we find a way to slow ourselves down.

That game really frustrated me, and I wasn't in the locker room. I don't want to panic yet, but this could turn into the Giants from the later Fassel years, where one side of the ball turned on the other side for not holding up their end (involving those "classy" guys Tiki Barber and Michael Strahan, who are about as two faced as they come). The offense is making mistakes, but they are also moving the ball and scoring points. The defense has to get some stops, and also get some turnovers.

And what the heck is going on with special teams? We were poor in coverage, weak in returns, and had stupid penalties like 12 men on the field. Isn't Hester's job to count the guys and call it out (or call timeout if we have too many)?

All around, a poor effort. Let's hope the Benson bowl looks better.

Good observations Brad. Overall, I was happy with the defensive effort. They came out strong and played consistently. Still some difficulty getting off the field, but I thought they played well enough to win.
The offense shot itself in the foot and special teams was a little shoddy. Amazing that Atlanta managed to get yet another bug run back late in the game on us, but Toub has been doing a juggling act all season with the personnel.
I agree with Bob you were too kind on the O-line and I suspect a lot of comments on this topic this week. Seeing Atlanta getting to Cutler with a 3 man rush (when Forte stayed in to block) was not pretty. There were no real holes to run through either. This group needs to do some hard work. Coming off the Bye week, I would have thought they might have gelled a little more, but maybe Olin has to break somebody’s jaw first.
I worry about what the Bears are going to do when it turns cold. They really have to get this running game sorted out.

Omiyale is not good. I am sorry Brad, but I have never seen an Olineman through this many games fall down as many times as he does forward and not block a soul. In fact, he allows an opening for the defense to pour in and slam Forte in the backfield giving him no shot. Omiyale has been just horrible. I am sorry but Beekman outplayed him in training camp, yet again like we have seen before, Lovie gives it to the guy who got paid.. not the better player.. PUT BEEKMAN in for Omiyale!! Everyone, even you media types everyday noted that Beekman outplaed Omiyale. So why is that Lovie gives the starting job to Omiyale?? This isn't his first time either. Love is a stubborn fool who is coaching this team into the ground becasue of his stubborness.. And Turner has to go.. He is a horrible play caller.. just horrible. Fire Love, Hire Shanahan, Gruden, or Cowher.. just get Lovie and his crew out of here.. I can live with Angelo!!

What the hell is wrong with Matt Forte?? The biggest dissapointment in the NFL this year for sure!! Benson has got to be smiling big time!!

I know this, the O-line is not solid, not very good, average at best if you wish to be kind. The better teams in the league all boast solid O-line play and in return they get solid production form the running game.

Omiyale and Kruetz look to be the weak links so far to me. Omiyale especially. He was brought in to add a little more size and push for the short yardage game, an area we struggled with last season and low and behold, we became worse at it this season.

The O-line is what it is, it's who we thought they were and if we want them to be let off the hook then Ron Turner needs to scrap some of his odd play calls... Comw on Ron ?? leats see some no huddle like Atlanta did when they couldn't do a lick and play call to the strength of his Offense.

If the Oline is struggling go max-protection, do more quick hitters, slants, two and three step drops, more shotgun, No huddle to keep the opposing defense on it's toes and unable to substitute effectively, whatever it takes.

Short of letting Beekman have his old job back the Bears are stuck with what they have on the field. I don't think Shaffer would be an upgrade over Pace nor Williams at this point. Both guy's have had ups and downs but have been playing much better since the GB opener.

Go Bears !!

Until the Bears can get some type of running game going, their clearly not a playoff team. Matt Forte is one of my favorite players, but the guy is simply not the same player he was a year ago. I hope he's not a one year wonder? Hopefully he's just going through a sophomore slump and can get back on track, quick. The running game was so bad last night, it felt like it wasn't even an option most of the time. I think the lack of a running game is what killed the Bears down in the red zone also. You can't expect Cutler to throw every time you get down to the 20 yard line. You gotta be able to run the ball down in the red zone, Chicago can't, they gotta fix that and quick.

The line was also straight up awful. At runningback, the Bears are stuck with Forte and Wolfe, so they gotta step it up, especially Forte. But the line is another story, maybe some changes could improve the Bears situation up front along with the running game? I've been saying it all year, give Josh Beekman a shot at left guard, it couldn't hurt. Frank Omiyale was horrible last night, even the play by play guy's pointed his poor play out. I seen Roberto Garza make some nice run blocks, but on the left side theres nothing. Omiyale is a tackle by trade, he's even said before he prefers tackle to guard, I think he's out of position. Omiyale's game is finesse, which is all good outside at tackle, but it will get you nowhere inside at guard. Josh Beekman seems to have more power at the point of attack than Omiyale. This one simple position swap of Beekman for Omiyale could help Chicago's running game more than people think. Chicago might want to consider the move.

At linebacker, Roach got caught off guard with the no huddle, but he didn't have a bad game overall. I think Nick Roach is clearly Chicago's future at strongside linebacker now, especially with the injury to Pisa Tinoisamoa. With yet another injury Pisa Tinoisamoa is not the answer. Roach should get the extension this off-season.

The good out of last nights game, Jay Cutler had his first 300 yarder, and the Bears did a pretty good job on defense, especially vs the run. The Bears lack of a running game is why they lost, some moves need to be made, probably up front GO BEARS!!

The offensive line is b.s.! plain and simple, why isnt Beekman starting?
Actually I liked A.P. more than Forte, Forte looks tentative and slow, but the line is worthless. The D gave us that game and the O gave it right back. So frustrated cause we got a DE with that 2 pick when our Oline hasnt shown anything all year. Cutler has bailed them out with his qucick passes.Our O play calls were none too good either, why run the ball up the middle when it's obvious they are stopping that? To keep them honest? alright, after awhile honesty has nothing to do with it. Gaining yards is the goal.
Start Beekman at G Coach!! oh, and how about a vet WR or Oline with that !@# 2 pick as well.

Not happy we gave that game away. Thats not the mark of a team on the rise.

So looking at what is still out there as far as trade potentials as we reach the deadline, there are two players who have my interest:

Kansas City--Brian Waters. he may be towards the end of his career, but he is a great guard, and we can move Omiyale back to tackle, where he should be. He obviously can't work in a phone booth, and is going to get Cutler or Forte killed if he keeps it up.


Cleveland--Eric Steinbach. He is a better long term solution to the LG problem, and could make for an excellent buffer with Chris Williams on the left side starting next year. He is still one of the premier guards in the league, and no small part of the early career success of Joe Thomas.

Jerry, you have 29 hours to get it done...Have at it...

We need an entirely new coaching staff, who is not ever so predictable, before I can be comfortable with saying our team is a threat to opponents. I personally prefer a team that can maintain a sturdiness throughout an entire game, and doesn't have to count on luck. I don't know about any of you guys, but I am exhausted at sitting on the edge of my seat whilst biting my nails til they are no more!

Turner needs to go, Lovie should be on the chopping block at minimal, our OL needs to become an OL, and Forte needs to step it up, while our O in general needs to shake it up with its play calling. We're coming up to some hard-hitting teams and we need to stop relying on luck and base our games and Lord willing wins on our talent.

We also need to learn how to trade up for positions we actually need, like on the O. and the secondary. I just hope the team picks up the pace and stops the risk taking plays.

sloppy sloppy sloppy... however felt the Defense played well.. we need a power running game like the cowboys and or giants.. forte is a good player but lacks power with his upward style of running the ball and may not be the answer full time.. garret wolf is a good special team player thats it!! cutler had no time and needs to stop the gunslinging its killing us
pace looks old on the line.. lets hope they do something!!

Wow. This loss hurt. The Bears have given away so many games starting from last season. This was as winnable as it gets on the road. I kept seeing Frank Omiyale get blown up in the running. I hope the make some changes to the line. Even Superman can't run when a defensive tackle is in the back field as your getting the ball.

i'm gonna say this about that. Omiyale sucks, bring back Beekman.

I disagree that Cutler shouldn't have thrown the ball to Olsen on the interception. Cutler repeatedly threw passes to Clark and Olsen in very tight coverage, and most of them resulted in big plays. The problem was a very poorly thrown ball as I see it. I also think Cutler will be throwing a lot more interceptions if the offensive line doesn't start blocking on the run. He will be forced to fire more and more into tight coverage. I do agree that the o-line is a big concern right now. Pass protection has been good, even very good considering everyone knows they are going to pass. But the run blocking was more than atrocious. Backs were repeatedly hit 1-2 yards behind the line of scrimmage. I also agree that it isn't just Omiyale, but he did miss a lot of easy blocks. I cringe every time the Bears run to his side.

Well.. its now in the open for all the NFL to see. The OL is a joke. JA's refusal to take care of the line will be the downfall of this team. We cannot run, AT ALL!!!! Forte was being met in the backfield on nearly every play. Can we put it on the record now that #68 just plain sucks. He cant sustain a run block to save his life. Forte's 2nd fumble on the goal line came from the guy that O'By-The-Way was supposed to block. #68 bounced off of him as usual and his guy blows up Forte. The whole line needs to be adjusted. For the record I like Kreutz, but he cannot get it done anymore. He also was being blown out off the line. Garza was the only one holding his own last night. Pace did ok, but collapsed at a crucial time in the 4th. There isnt much on the market that will help us. We just lost our 2nd pick next year for the Gaines Adams trade. Cutler had a bad night, but a running game would have won the game for us. The line needs to be adjusted right now. Move Williams to LT, Shaeffer in at RT and Beekman at LG to replace that waste of space O-my-god-I-cant-block-today. Heres the kicker..this staff wont touch the OL at all unless someone gets hurt. Making changes means they admit they have the wrong people in there. Huh, and lovie is gonna do that??? This is the start of the great fall into last place. JA doesnt know how to draft OL. Thats why he lives on the FA route. He got lucky with Rueben Brown, but that was it. He threw away Marc Columbo for no good reason. The Cutler trade only hides how poor a drafter JA really is. Good GM's find the players they need to fix problems. JA finds players that are not primary needs. Luxury picks they call them. HELLO JERRY, YOUR VAUNTED OL IS A TOTAL JOKE AND WILL COST US A PLAYOFF SPOT... and hopefully your job .....I hope Cutler walks into JA's office and starts yelling at him to fix this OL nightmare. WOW... ps: Hey Matt,, how about that OL huh???

It probably didn't help that a lot of the Bears players, including fumbling Matt Forte, were at Magic city, a popular Atlanta strip club, until close to midnight.

Yes, the O-line is awful. Atlanta was able to pressure Cutler w/ a 3 man rush ! Thats REALLY bad line play. I'm also beginning to think Matt Forte was a one hit wonder. He had a great rookie year, but has done NOTHING this year. All the stories last week about former players having success with new teams, and nobody connected the dots. Lovie is not a NFL quality head coach , too many questionable decisions, both player AND assistant coach evaluation. Ron Turner failed running a college program, yet here he is ,running the Bears offense.Lovie's version of the cover2 has the CB's playing too far off recievers, giving too much cushion. Having 2 weeks to prepare for Atlanta and this is what Bears fans get ? Lot's of quality coachs out there ,Holmgren , Shanahan, Cower, Gruden, Mariucchi. ALL would be better than Lovie. Come on Mr. McKaskey, show your fans you care about the product you sell us !!

This team is not going to improve unless the offensive line improves. Period.

Cutler is going to throw picks. You have to live with that.

But the line has done diddly squat to help either Cutler or Forte (nor has, for that matter, Ron Turner).

The Bears should have been able to go deep all night long. They did at the end.

But the line is not giving Cutler any time, and it is not helping Forte.

Forte's problem is that he is a patient runner who looks for holes to open. He ain't gonna find any holes with this line.

Omiyale is horrible. Kruetz is on his last leg. Pace is not a left tacke anymore. Williams has been average. Garza is only average.

Frankly, I'd like to see the team move Williams, either to LT or LG, and get Shaffer and Beekman in for Pace and Omiyale, if not Kreutz.

Another thing?

I'm not worried about the defense. They did as well as they could given the circumstances.

And i'm not worried about the receivers. They are getting open. Davis even chipped in.

But they need to make adjustments on the line.

And frankly, Creighton, they need someone like Duckett. Like I said, they are getting nothing on third and short.

I also don't want to hear anyone complain about the Adams trade. No sacks last night. Why he wasn't activated is beyond me.

One last note -- you think they may have missed Peterson on ST last night? Jeez.


Can you please tell me how many penalties Omiyale has at this time vs. how many Beekman had through 5 games last season? Also, is there any chatter on Beekman getting his job back? I know they say Omiyale is bigger by like 10-15 pounds and taller by like an inch, but he is getting thrown around like a rag doll all day long. The term Road Gratter should not be used with this guy.....he couldn't even grate cheese. Also, because the Bears overpaid for him is that the driving factor in why he is still starting?

I know thats about 5 questions but I cannot be the only fan that wants to know this. Also, the Benson we all know seems to finally be arriving for the Bungles. Can't wait for the Benson Bowl.


Have got to agree with Bob about the O line.

The Bears do not have a decent push at the line of scrimmage. The left side is truly pathetic with Omalyale looking pretty weak when it comes to run blocking. Garza now is the best run blocker on the team and he and Kruetz are about the only ones that are adept at run blocking. It is time to reload the bus and get off the bus again running. Maybe it is time to replace Omalyale with Beekman.

It looked to me on the goal line plays when Forte fumbled that Atlanta's D was hitting Forte a yard or more behind the Bears line. The Bears O line clearly were dominated like little girls the entire game.

Until the Bears at least get a decent running game again it could turn into a situation where the running game is becoming a non factor at the goal line with the passing game the only way to score.

Lots of mistakes yesterday killed the Bears but the biggest problem is the BEars must get this run game back on track or they will not control games in the winter months when the running game is essential to have better offensive production.

What about running behind Garza and Williams, it seemed the Bears ran behind the left side far more than the right. Balance of running and passing is a must to be successful.

Cutler sucked to, he did not play a smart game and his pass choices were not good just like Atlanta predicted, both interceptions hurt a lot and helped to lose the game.

I was surprised that the normally excellent special teams play became inconsistent, good on punt returns not too good on kick off coverage. Lining up 12 on the punt return, Well? The good thing is that Toub will fix his area.

Play calling at the goal line, Turner please try taking a couple of Ginko Biloba's before the game, it will help you become less predicable. And if you are going to stuff the ball down the throats of the D line on a goal line stand then at least line up a tight end in the backfield to block or find a William Perry type to run the ball and score because the Bears are not frightening anyone with their mambi pambi line play at the goal line.

You may have missed it, but the Falcons had to drive 55 yards (40 on the scoring play) to score a TD after the second cutler INT. Obviously, it was a bad throw. Saying it put 7 points on the board for ATL is quite a stretch.

Man, this one is tough to digest, the BEARS played a horrible game from the standpoint of ball control, yet still had a chance to send the game in overtime before Big O's false start in the 4th period. This team is really frustrating to watch on sunday night. Cutler's 1st drive pick was critical, that drive should have resulted in points and our team needed to get on the board first in the game. From where we were why didnn't he just throw the ball in the stands. I know he was in the pocket, but he clearly has the arm to do that and it would have saved the possesion for Gould.
I expressed last week my concern when we let Mike Gaines go about the short yardage game, and Boy was that point exposed last night. Forte is not getting any holes between the tackles right now, and Turner is not calling any pitch plays to get him some room and out on the edge in the run game.Still think we need to think long and hard about bringing in another serviceable back, forte looked a bit timid going up the middle last night, never thought I'd say that about him. Thought the passing game was solid except for the interceptions, but our special teams really laid an egg on the last return that set up the go ahead TD for the Falcons. I had never heard of their return guy before our game last night but we made this guy look like an All-pro.
BEARS could be 4-1 but did not get it done, we just turned the Bengals game into a must win game this week, Cutler has to reel it in when we get into prime time games, he has nothing to prove to anyone, he is the Bears QB, and can't worry about what people think of him, his task is ball control, I hate to say it but he plays a lot like Farve does, making questionable throws at key moments of the game, sometimes with success and others that turn into turnovers, still I'm glad we have him and feel that this season is a learning one for him in his development for the future, he can "win" a game, but in chicago his main job is not to "lose" a game.Defense essentially held high-powered ATL offense down last night great effort Lovie and the boys, the TD's were the result of one good ATl drive, and field position gained from two long returns. No sacks but good coverage, Bowman was decent, although he got stripped on the INT, but Pisa just does not look like he can hold-up even though he was a physical presence in the game while he was in, Roach again was solid even though gonzales beat him on the goal line, and his missed tackle on the white screen TD pass, but I like his development in the middle....Let's lick our wounds, get over our beer hangover's and get ready for next week.....Go BEARS

WOW, I watched that game closely last night and I saw Omiyale blow several assignments. He flat out either whiffed or bounced off and didn't finish the block. It is quite obvious he cannot play inside, I finally saw Garza make some good blocks to no avail because Kreutz was getting blown up, Pace looked good against Abraham but looked winded in the 4th quarter. Last but not least Forte is tippy-toeing around instead of hitting the hole, even the annoucers kept saying "he is so patient" yeah right too patient either use Beekman or find a true mauler before it's too late.

A new billboard ad calling for Buffalo Bills head coach Dick Jauron to be fired was switched on overnight along Interstate 190 in Buffalo.

The digital billboard bears this message: "It's time to clean house, RALPH". The ad then lists the names of three members of the Bills staff — including Coach Jauron.

The ad was paid for by a group of bills fans who raised money online.

Democrat and

Anybody here think that this would be an effective way to protest against our coaching staff and to get them fired or to at least have them quite by next season? Just spit balling.

What is Lovie's record after the bye?

Brad are you kidding? You think pass protection has been good? The Bears use a 3 step drop most of the time and Cutler is constantly being forced left or right. He can't even step up in the pocket, because the middle of the pocket is collapsed. He was getting hit on three and 4 man rushes by a less than elite line. The tackles are consitantly being beat, teams are playing the pass dropping back 7 and still getting to Cutler fast. Atlanta wasn't even worried about the run.

No thought on how the no huddle offense once again gashed the Bears defense. Seems like we had that problem last year.

Offensive line still a problem.

D-Line does not create pressure without blitz support.

When the Falcons went no huddle the bears countered with the Tampa 2 and it got sliced. Lovies signature defense.

Recievers are still running sloppy routs, maybe Hester should not be jogging in his rout while he is pumping his hand in the air calling for a ball that lands right in front of him.

Olsen is nothing special. Clark is the better TE.

Lovie failed to get calls in to the defense on time in crucial situations.

Turner has no clue what he is doing. Omiyale sucks and he consistantly tries to run behind him and his backs consistantly get hit for losses. The O-Line is catch blocking instead of drive blocking. Oh and he keeps trying to pull his guards and they keep getting blown up. Maybe he should stop asking them to pull sense its clear they can't do it. Those back to back Forte run calls on the goaline were as stupid as it gets. I thought he said he wasn't going to run Wolfe up the middle anymore. Ooooops.

Sloppy play, costly mistakes, an offense that did not look ready to play and a defense that once again gets surprised and turtles whenever they see a no huddle. The Bears have guys starting who should not be starting like Omiyale, yet fail to do anything about it. Poor tackling.

These are the same problems they have had for awhile now. Nothing has changed, the Bears have been given a nice cushy schedual and they will go 9-7 or 8-8 and Lovie and Angelo will fire the coaching staff for the 4th or 5th time in Lovie's tenure. Because its not their fault, its the guys they hired fault unless they are friends with Lovie, then they are all good. Its the coaching, its the scheme, and its the GM and scouting. Poor player personnel choices.

Tough loss, especially since the defense was doing a pretty good job of holding the Falcons high-octane offense in check. And it wasn't like the offense wasn't able to move the ball either; just too many long drives resulting in no points. You can't expect your defense to hang in there forever with no positive momentum or energy from your offense.

The bye made everybody, especially the offense, look a little rusty. Even the normally reliable ST units had their mistakes. The passing game is okay, although I wish the WRs would get open on a more constant basis. Continue to ride Knox as long as he makes plays, but he will not be open on a consistent basis; activate Aromashodu. Cutler's 2 interceptions really don't bother me much. He'll get back into it next week.

The running game is disappointing. The line is not getting much push, and it seems like they are all taking turns getting blown up on each play. And with the line having problems sustaining blocks, I think Forte needs to lose some of his patience and start ramming himself in there, dish out some of the punishment and take what he can now. Then every now and then he'll get a defender to be on his heels or be too aggresive, and that's when his patience will pay off. The fumbling was bad, but so was the blocking on those plays. It's amazing how, when Forte goes off tackle, half the defense is already there to greet him. Is something giving away where his run plays are going?

Anybody notice how putting Wolfe in there instantaneously opened things up, if only for a few plays? Wolfe gets in there, pops a 12 yarder to the outside, a few plays later on 3rd and 1 Forte returns and immediately gets an easy 3, 4 yards on a simple run up the middle. That's a good change of pace, and Ron Turner definitely needs to sprinkle Wolfe in there more. And those of you who think Wolfe can't pass block, he stopped a blitzing LB dead in his tracks; we're getting very good play out of Wolfe.

Afalava made some plays, and I'm surprised anybody felt he disappeared. He's a rookie, don't expect him to be sensational. Manning has disappeared, although he did fall on a fumble.

Pisa, Pisa, Pisa. Man! Tinoisamoa stopping Michael Turner dead in his tracks; that was awesome! But, did he rush his return? The guy can't catch a break.

ahhhhh....hey brad woh cares abot teh STUPID bears???? tehy a re LOOSERS just like the fans! how about telling us something we all care about like THE GRATE MENDNEHALL!!! :)

ohhhhh mendenhall....his skin is so soft like a ripe mango (drool)...ans he is so much better then taht BUST FORTE!!! hahah sorry kevin BUMSted but i am righet again! (man i am always right)
oh ans i only give facts. lets not forget taht.

but you guys now me old crap-ton...just tying to be posative...

p.s. i was a mrine! i was in the COPS! show me somee respect!! ;)

OK. I agree that the Bears have issues on the O-line, especially with the running game. The running game should have given them at least one more touchdown. However, that did not cost them this game.

Cutler's INTs hurt. They cost the Bears at least six points. Only one of the picks was a bad decision. The other one the ball just sailed on him, the football equivalent of a wild pitch. Say what you will about him, but Cutler is usually accurate. When he isn't you may have to just quote Woody Hayes about the passing game and move on. However, the INTs did not cost them this game.

What cost the game was the kickoff return. The Bears had the Falcons back on their heels, had the momentum, and just needed a defensive stop so they could go down and get a field goal and win the game. Then that return hit. All of a sudden the defense have their backs to the wall, and the Falcons have the momentum back.

We know that Toub is a good special teams coach, so you have to look around. When I look around the Bears have taken away a lot of his main kick coverage players and put them in the starting lineup due to injury. Ideally you have the second teamers covering kicks, but it seems to me that the Bears may have to give Toub some of these guys back for special teams. There may be a limit to what he can do with the "leftovers".

We started off great, then the O coughed it up on their drive, D held up very good,
Yeah MOMO, That Pisa is a manster! But we played sloppy!!
I would like to hear from Brad about Mike's comment on the club, was that a sarcastic remark, or is that what happened? seriously wondering.

Yeah, Benson has to be smilin right now. Forte looks like he's playin hurt, why no RB/OL with that 2 pick?? We clearly need those positions more. Still time to get either one.... maybe

FIRE RON TURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How this idiot still has a job is beyond me.

isn't 10f the only indictment of the OL you need? If they can't block a nickel front, they can't block. End of story.
Long time Olin fan, but I don't ever remember him getting repeatedly whipped as he did in this game. Multiple times the 57 on his back was 2 yards behind LOS and facing the camera.

ok, heres my take on this whole matter. i can look past the turnovers because they happen every game. the one thing i cant look past is the play calling, which wasnt good at all!!! come on ron, the bears were like 8 inches from the goal line and you call that junk ass play with 3 people in the backfield and you throw a fadeout? 8 inches dude, pile drive that ball threw the friggin middle, you had 4 downs to do that and your play calling sucked big time dude. need to get someone in here that knows how to actually draw up a screen play, because turner doesnt and they never work, so until we get someone else in here, quit running them!!! ok, alex brown your one of my favorite players on this team, but dude, you need to QUIT jumping offsides man, its getting old, because it seems like you do it at the worst times. hey lovie, do me a favor, GET THE PLAYS IN THERE FASTER!!! your players were lost cause you couldnt get them the plays in time...moron!!! everyone knows how to pick this team apart lovie. ya know that saying "if it isnt broke dont fix it"? well, guess what? its friggin broke fix it man!!! what happened to the corner or safety blitz, i didnt see you use it one time lastnight. hester, hester, hester, dude, do you know how to break a friggin tackle? also, whats with this wussy fair catch stuff youre doing? i seen one punt to you didnt have anyone around you for 15 yards and you fair caught it. what? did youre payday soften you up? hey lovie, give the punt return job to cox, he seems to have something to prove unlike wuss boy hester!!!

Why is everyone giving Cutler a pass on the Atlanta game?

It's all the o-line's fault?

Seems to me that only a year ago, our QB led the Bears on a drive in the last two minutes of the game and made a play to put the Bears in the lead. Of course, Lovie then contributed to us losing the game with only 11 seconds left.

A year ago, our QB would have been roasted for throwing 2 INTs.

We now have the same record as in 2008 after five games.

I thought Jay walked on water? If he does, how come we haven't improved over last year even though the competition in our first five games this year is a dramatic fall off from last year's first five games?

It seems like the group in general is a little pissed and rightfully so.

You do have to wonder about why we have the coaches we do with Lovie and Turner. Too many mistakes, not truly ready to play, game plan sucked and two weeks to prepare, wow all very pathetic.

Obviously it is important to give Lovie and Turner to the end of the year to determine whether they should be sent packing but to me at a minimum, if they do not make it to the NFC championship game this year,(not just to the playoffs)they should both be fired and get three coaches (D coordinator, O coordinator and head coach) that would earn the respect, preparation and hardwork of the players.

It would be interesting to find out if the Bears players were watching the girls bounce at the strip bar the night before the game? We can't judge until we know for sure.

Brad what do you know about the strip club situation?

IDC TJ Duckett is so good that he is not even in the league anymore, nobody wants him for a reason or is every team in the NFL wrong? What do you think Duckett will do? Its not about hitting the holes. There are no holes, in the goal line stands the Oline got blown up everytime. Guess what? Getting tackled in the backfield is getting tackled in the backfield. The line is bad and no back is going to change that. Duckett is a 260 pound slow, out of shape RB that does not know the system or the offense. So how is helping this team? Are you planning on starting him at LG? Cause no team in the nfl thinks he can play.

MS you are wrong about the INT's, Cutler did not throw a pick six. He threw one in the red zone, and that cost them 3 points not six, nobody was open. On his second int the defense let the Falcons march on them and could not handle the no huddle. This did not happen once the Falcons went no huddle on three consecutive drives and scored on two of them. I am not excusing the picks, but they did not cost them the game. Two fumbles on the goaline, Pace falling across the line of scrimage and the INT in the red is why they lost, it was not just one thing. My worry about Cutler is that he still needs to develop and we don't have the staff to develop him.

The fact is when the Bears needed a big play, it ended up as a penalty or a turnover. When the Falcons needed a big play they made it and the defense and offense let them make those big plays. The only thing this team has is Cutler, if he does not play this game the Bears get crushed. Everyteam in the league is going to sit on the pass in the redzone because the Bears can't punch the ball in. Denver had the same problem last year with the running game.

I made a mistake earlier I said Cutler couldn't step up in the pocket. That is not accurate as there is no pocket to step up into.

Roach got beat by Tony Gonzalez multiple times and Ryan went at him and Al Afalava when he needed a big play. The defensive line has faced Ryan twice in two years and never sacked him or put pressure on him. All that blitzing didn't do anything. Not to mention how many times does the defense get a turnover and then fumble it. The defense did do a solid job but when they needed to make the big play, they couldn't. We fumbled the ball twice on offense and twice on defense. Vasher fumbled and got away with it. Briggs had a chance to recover a fumble but instead of jumping on the ball he tried to pick it up and run with it.

As for Forte, he is looking more and more like a third down back and less like an every down back. His vision is looking like a problem and he looks slow.

Hester had half a good game. He made some nice catches, but quit on a deep rout and then watched what would have been a big completion drop right in front of him. Then for some reason he was fare catching everything last night even when he had room to run.

I can't believe I waited 2 weeks to watch this mess.

12 men on the field???? Niether Cutler nor Taub seem to like Sunday night.

We are giving Cutler a pass cause he was the only offense we had. Period. No running game, If we had won, Cutler would be the only reason. No way Joe Montana could do better with the Oline/Running game we had.
By the second half I was wondering why we were even trying to run.

Some of us asked questions about these FA Oline guys when Da Bears picked them up, now the rest of us see exactly why. We wanted a top Olineman in FA/draft and once again we got the manhole cover. Just bc JA gets a FA does not auto. make them good. The SB year he got good ones who still had a few years left. This time he saved money and we are paying the price and hopefully so will the entire staff after this year. Beekman would help alot, why in the ! was Beekman not started earlier? All that time, cmon the line Coaches had to see what Omiyale was made of. No way they did not see that.

I liked the D and with any O at all we win. The D was not perfect but good enough to win. Roach was beat a couple times but he had some tremendous plays as well. I like his speed alot. He just needs time to mature. But the entire team looked unprepared. It was clear the D got tired after the O started running off the field so much.
The play calls, nuff said.

Hey jon... amen brother. I feel your pain... and then some.

Seedy, I'm with you. Saying that does not make me a Cutler hater I must add. Anytime someone says that Cutler's 2 INTs doesn't bother them I know it's a bag of mixed nuts. Our D had a few 3 and outs and we promptly give it back to them. It's called momentum. You shut up the crowd and they sit on their hands and LTs can actually hear the snap count. It would've been better to strike first and often. Cutler had time to throw during both INTs. It wasn't the line's fault. He threw in double and triple coverage. Ron Turner's play calling didn't do that when he threw into triple trying for Olsen. Others were open. The announcers said that too. Cutler choked. He isn't a Sunday night guy. His line sucks. Especially Frank Amiyole. And I don't think with his limited input into offense that coach Smith lobbied for him. If anything Pisa was his guy and he left town the first time without a real contract. It wasn't that we didn't get the field goal attempt because the first INT we gave them momentum. We lost the 3 and the momentum. This is football. Of course the home team had more positive plays that's what helps with home field advantage. Ask Pace about that. The bye killed the previous momentum. Whoever we were supposed to get back healthier after the bye is hurt again. Forte is starting to look like A Train. Forget Benson. Thomas Jones ran for 220 yards Sunday. They both lost along with us. At least it wasn't 59-0.

"I know a lot of people have been on Omiyale, and he had a penalty here like Pace, but this isn't a one-man breakdown on the line by any stretch of the imagination."

..."Breakdowns" on the line can be attributed to team captain and undisputed line leader, Olin Kreutz. He can no longer block NFL defenders. Omiyale is incapable of playing inside. His ability to sustain blocks is atrocious. Pace could hit the wall at any moment. Williams is young (but talented) and Garza is the definition of "average" at guard.

Unfortunately, "looking fine, at times" won't cut it in the NFL. When blockers fail, our RBs and QBs get pummeled and our offense shuts down. Ranking this discussion so low (10e), must be an oversight on the part of our host, Mr. Biggs.

As a Bears fan, I would appreciate a more genuine discussion regarding the strengths and weakness of the offensive line.

I am a Patriots fan who happens to have Forte and Cutler in a fantasy football league which explain why I am here. But I am really impressed with the comments posted here. Props to the Bears fan.
I also watched the game sunday night and thought the Bear's play calling on offense was a bit too predictable

Come on all!! The solution to the running game is as simple as it gets. Quit running the ball when the entire country knows your going to run it. 1st down with a tight end in the backfield for a two yard loss. How many times do we need to see that garbage. Cutler is what he is and I for one love having him. The big issue is we put him in third and long all day with that stupid play that Ron Turner cant figure out only works against college teams (maybe) and of course the detroit lions. When forced into that situation Cutler is going to try to make a play and isnt that what we brought him here for. Three wide and surprise someone. That one play to me is the cause of many issues. Further more we bring in Olsen for that who we know is not a great blocker and we are yet to throw out of the set that I can remember. Play to your teams strengths. We already spent years handcuffing the heck out of Kyle Orton by giving him plays he was not equipped to run. Now we are going to do it to Cutler by forcing a running style that does not work.

Two huge problems stood out Sunday night.

First, as everyone noticed, the offensive line really stinks. For those griping or even wondering about Forte, forget it. Remember when you played in high school or college? If the line doesn't block, the back doesn't get any yardage, regardless of who the back is (with a few extremely rare exceptions). This is Mike McCaskey's and Jerry Angelo's fault. McCaskey for being cheap and not getting good free agents like Alan Faneca because he didn't want to spend the money. And Jerry Angelo for not drafting anywhere near enough linemen in the first two rounds of the drafts, and not drafting very good ones when he did. The lines are the foundations of the offense and defense, and without good ones, nothing else will make you win. It is inexcusable that McCaskey and Angelo have allowed the offensive line to degenerate into this embarrassing mess.

Second, the Bears had two full weeks to prepare for just one team and they're not ready for a no-huddle or sugar huddle, or for five receiver sets, EVEN THOUGH ATLANTA HAS ALREADY USED ALL OF THESE THIS SEASON?!!! Lovie Smith should be fired on the spot for that. We all had to suffer the humiliation of Chris Collinsworth telling the entire country, "The Bears really screwed that up" on the Roddy White TD because of Smith's incompetence. It's bad enough we have to put up with his laid back demeanor, but if he can't coach in a winning fashion, he has no qualities that should allow him to continue as head coach. I've never liked this guy, including his weak sister defense in St. Louis, but I was willing to cut him a lot of slack after the Bears won the division two years in a row and got to the Super Bowl. However, this is the last straw for me. I think fans in Chicago should let him have it every game till he's fired.

I will never forget this loss, one of the worst I've seen in many ways. (Yes, I've seen far worse Bear teams, but with a QB as good as Cutler, there's no excuse for not being 5-0 or at least 4-1 at this point.) The offense can't block one of the worst defenses in the league against the run and the team is not at all ready to play after a week off. I'm mad enough to fly to Chicago without a plane and kick some front office butt myself!

On a different note, I couldn't see the game but I heard Aromashodu was active, did he do anything noticeable?

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