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Omiyale to stay put at left guard; Hillenmeyer back at practice

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The Bears just hit the practice fields behind Halas Hall to begin their preparation for Sunday's game at Cincinnati.

Frank Omiyale is expected to remain the starter at left guard based on the information gathered in the locker room. There's been speculation that Josh Beekman, who started 16 games there last season, would replace Omiyale. But the Bears are showing that they believe in taking time to let a unit with three new starters gel. Orlando Pace is new at left tackle and former first-round draft pick Chris Williams is manning right tackle.

"It's mostly learning each other," center Olin Kreutz said. "We have to learn exactly where every guy is going to be and like I said, when we get to that point, we'll be where we want to be, but we have to get there pretty soon."

The Bears' pass blocking has held up pretty well through a variety of opponent blitzes. They are not running the ball with any kind of consistency, however, and that is on the line and running back Matt Forte, as well as play caller Ron Turner.

NOTES: Linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer is in full pads, so it looks like he will at least take part in parts of practice for the first time since suffering two broken ribs on Sept. 27 at Seattle.

*** Running back Adrian Peterson remains out with a sprained right knee and he could miss Sunday's game.

*** No sign of linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, who has an injured right knee.

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Anybody else here believe that Lovie wants us to lose games, and that when we win games he gets flustered and puts on a mask of happiness?

Gel? after 5 games? uh thats not Gel, thats jelly.
What a load! We all saw Omiyale, in several games - Bears are behind the 8 ball and cant do anything as they have no replacement for Olin and have no plans on getting a real Guard.
We can win the easy games but the playoffs? gonna be a long season.
We will have to lose again before Lovie does anything.

Olin doesn't need a replacement. He's still the best Center in football. The issues are an inept left guard, aged left tackle and basically a rookie at right tackle. By the way, the play calling has more to do with the offense's woes than the O-line. Time to replace Turner.

GREAT ! Keep Frankie at guard and we won't win another these coaches not watch game film ? OK, we need a running back then, these coaches are a joke. Atleast it will be their last year...from public pressure alone. GO CINCY GO

think lovie and company are running out of love.. look at orton and benson they both played here and stunk up the joint!! i get that new enviornments sometimes produce greatness simply because of that but it also has a lot to do with coaching and evaluating talent.. might be time for the bears fans soon to start chanting shanahan shanahan!!

Guess we shouldnt be surprised by this. Replacing that wast of space #68 would mean that Lovie and Co. made bad choices as to who should start. Lovie does not have what it takes to be a head coach...period. He and the majority of his staff are a joke. And Ron Turner is the worst of the bunch. Im hoping the Bengals DL just runs rough shod over us and we lose 41-10. The only thing that will force any kind of change is some blowout losses. We are doomed this year. Until those clowns (aka coaches) get tossed outa here,, we will go no where. Not only that, If Lovie and Co. do get tossed and a new regime comes in, does Gaines Adams stay? Did we throw a 2nd round pick away? New coaches bring in new systems. Gaines is a Tampa/Chicago/Useless-2 player. A new staff will be behind the 8 ball here. Wow... From the Super Bowl to gutter. Help us ..someone.. HELP!!!!!!

I don't know what game's you've been watching but the pass protection for Cutler has been a disaster. Because Cutler is so mobile and able to release the ball quickly he makes the O line look better, but he is constantly getting hit. Geez.

"[W]e'll be where we want to be, but we have to get there pretty soon."

Gee, do you think so, Olin? You could wait until the club dips below .500 before panicking too much. "Omiyale's our left guard. Squawk, squawk," says Lovie Parrot.

Lovie won't bench Omiyale, that would make him and JA look more like idiots for getting he gets paid a Kings randsom...too much to be sitting! Shanahan for head coach next year!!

SHANAHAN...could you imaging, a coach that does not let his personnal feelings guide his selection of who is on the the team, just a little while now my friends.



What the hell is wrong with this coaching staff? There is a problem. They have a solution. They choose not to fix the problem? Hmm, ok... Creighton, maybe you can show Lovie that stat about Forte being met in the backfield by defenders on 40% of his run plays. This isn't a "gelling" problem, Omiyale simply sucks playing guard. And it doesn't help to have someone who sucks in between two linemen who are declining and in the twilight of their careers. Why can every Bears fan in the world see that they need to make a change on the line except for Lovie?

By Scott on October 21, 2009 2:25 PM
"Olin doesn't need a replacement. He's still the best Center in football."

HAHAHAHA! I've always been a fan of good sarcasm. Wait, you were joking, right?

This is a great decision by Lovie. It just means that opponents will blitz even more frequently from the left. Fortunately, that's not Cutler's blind side.

Oh, wait. It IS his blind side.

Maybe this means we'll have a new installment of the "Dick and Jane" books, but this will be called, "See Jay Run!"

Page 1: See Omiyale play.

Page 2: See Kruetz snap the ball.

Page 3: See D-Lineman blow by Omiyale.

Page 4: Run Jay! Run!!

Just like the typical cry baby fans I left. It's always some extreme comments with little thought put into it. Fire JA. JA can't draft. Lovie is clueless or doesn't care. If we sign some big name we'll be in the Super Bowl. If we get the hottest free agent QB or wide receiver. No wait Shanahan is our savior or replace Turner with Jon Gruden.

Now it's a Guard that will cause us to lose. Shut up, quit crying, and start learning about football. Although our line needs help and our offensive coordinator need some work (or replacing). JA and Lovie have done nothing but win Division titles and brought us to the Superbowl, something we didn't experience in 20 years. No they aren't perfect but they are doing a helluva job. Just ask the Lions, Chiefs, Bills,and Raiders fans if they'd like to trade places.

Maybe you forgot the Jauron or Wandstedt eras. Next time you type on a forum use more logic and see the big picture. We all want the Bears to dominate but stifle the emotion slightly and allow some room for logic!

Someone tell Scott about Nick Mangold, I don't have the heart.

Hey look their is some good news. Now that I have taken Angelo under my wing and he started to read my posts and get some ideas. First its lip service, what else are they suppose to do right now. Second they know he has been bad, but they new he was going to be bad this year. They know Beekman is better. But here's the thing, Omiyale is a project. The Bears feel He has a lot more upside then anyone else on that line, and they are right, Garza, Olin and Pace have no upside at this point in there careers and Williams is average. Omiyale is physically gifted, he just can't play football.

He has a great build to play guard, he is very strong, and when he hits a guy he hits hard. But here is the Problem. he is about to turn 27, a 27 year old project in the NFL??? Not to mention the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers each spent two years trying to develop him. Those are two of the best line coaches in football and they didn't get anything out of him. This is year 5 and he looks awful.

Now for the good news, I have been talking about how much money the Bears are going to have next year for some time this year. I believe I spoke to Randy about it most recently when he was saying we will not have money next year after we sign Cutler, Roach and Pisa. Well the Bears do have money, they have a lot of money. Yesterday I posted a wish list for the Bears and I spoke about this money again.

The good news is today Angelo basically said they have a lot of money for next year, and that he is going to spend it. Now what do you think he will spend it on? Defense for Lovie, a defense Angelo has given pick after pick too, a defense he has signed free agents for and made trades for, and has been given nothing but an average defense instead of the beast he was promised. Or do you think he will buy his most favorite shiny new toy in the whole world "Jay Cutler" (who is his guy, who brought in despite what Lovie wanted, and word out of Halas hall is that Angelo Loves Cutler,) a pair of big, nasty, O-Linemen and a shiny new best friend reciever.

Maybe a guy Like McNiell or Trublood, or Jahri Evans, maybe Logan Mankins and Chris Kuper and of Course one of these guys will be available as well, Brandon Marshall, Kevin Walter or Vincent Jackson.

Hear me now, believe me later, at least two guys I just listed will be on this team.

Bearsfan, you have too much intelligence to post here.Please leave.:)


You are comparing against the wrong teams, compare against the winners, not in annual wins and losses because in the past five years the NFC NOrth or AKA as the Norris division was weak, but compare how many playoff wins and SuperBowl wins the Bears have had since the 85 Bears. I haven't counted but the playoff wins in the 24 years was maybe more than a handful and guess what no cigar in winning the SuperBowl since that time.

Lovie has proved to be a mediocre coach, certainly not better than average. Turner about the same, average. Toub is great, Babich as linebacker coach OK but not D coordinator. Marinelli, I believe is pretty good and has kept his line motivated. Heistadt, I do not know because the talent is somewhat weak on the O line.

The bottom line is Lovie and Turner should be sent packing if the Bears do not make the NFC championship. If they make the playoffs and lose, still send them both packing, the Bears have the easiest schedule in the NFL this year. The team has not come through when it has counted, look at the last two years performance, the team lacks discipline, look at the penalties at crucial times, the team is not 100% prepared way too often, the coverage of two defenders against 3 Atlanta receivers, touchdown Atlanta is just one example.

Lovie is a great guy and a good human but he is no Vince Lombardi, Bill Belichek, Parcells, Cowher, not even close. Why can't the Bears find coaching talent that will make a difference and set a standard similar to the Steelers or Patriots of recent time?

The first step in solving a problem is admiting you have one.
Lovie doesn't have the co-joneses to do that, and the Bears team
will suffer. Beekman was part of that line that Forte ran behind
last year,duh....

Ummm Bearsfan8989 nice way to make a fool out of yourself? Lets just take a look at what you have said.

"JA can't draft." (Sarcasim by you)
Well he does have one of the worst drafting records in the NFL, the picks he does keep are decent players from the late rounds but none of them except 1 is a bluechip player. He has recently taken to trading away his day 1 picks, and good for him for recognizing this weakness. The man has even said he has not been getting it done on draft day. So much for that argument by you.

"No wait Shanahan is our savior or replace Turner with Jon Gruden" So you like Turner and want him to stay?

"Shut up, quit crying, and start learning about football."

Umm ok so people should shut up about Turner and stop talking about replacing him if they say anything like that they don't know footabll according to you.

"Although our line needs help and our offensive coordinator need some work (or replacing)."

"Wait, you just said people should shut up about this and are stupid and no nothing about football if they say this."

Make up your mind. Oh wait I get it your saying, by contradicting yourself you are saying you are stupid and no nothing about football. Ok I agree with you in that case.

"JA and Lovie have done nothing but win Division titles and brought us to the Superbowl, something we didn't experience in 20 years."

How many division titles is that over the last 5 years? Oh yeah 2. You know Gruden got fired for doing pretty much the same thing as Lovie, except he won the Super Bowl. Hey if thats all they have done how come we haven't won 5 division titles. I thought you said you know football? I think you lied.

"No they aren't perfect but they are doing a helluva job. Just ask the Lions, Chiefs, Bills,and Raiders fans if they'd like to trade places."

Are you saying the only teams the Bears are better than are these loosers? Oh man we are so doomed. Actually where not doomed, where average, yeh average. By the way if you are going to talk about Bears eras, I prefer to talk about how one of the most storied franchises in NFL history is trying very hard to be average. Also I don't think any of those teams you mention have any real fans that would trade places with the Bears. Because they are fans of those teams win or loose. Just sugesting it, tells me you think about it, so I question what kind of fan you are. I would just like to see the Bears return to their glory days. Or is tied for second good for you? You know if the ydon't make the playoffs tis year again, that heads will have to role at some point. There awsome job has given you a 500 record over the last two season and second place 3 games behind the Vikings after only 5 games. Let me know when they win the divison again will you. Actually let me know when they make the playoffs again as well.

"Maybe you forgot the Jauron or Wandstedt eras. Next time you type on a forum use more logic and see the big picture. We all want the Bears to dominate but stifle the emotion slightly and allow some room for logic!"

No we didn't, Wandstedt had a winning record his first 3 season and was a horrible judge of talent. Your post is full of emotion and you use little logic when you contradict yourself multiple times and insult everyone. You maybe you should think about checking you emotions and worry a little less about everyone elses. Next time why don't you try some of that logic you suggest. You don't even know hoe in depth some of these conversations are new guy, people have been talking about stuff here for years and you just jumped in the middle of it like you own the place.

Well everyone knows I own this place so chill.

By the way you didn't get that last joke, but everyone else here did. See, a perfect way to make my point. Have a nice day Logic boy.

I'm not as pessimistic about the Bears as many here. And I also think Lovie and Jerry do some good things. But....I'm disappointed that Omiyale is staying put. It's apparent that this isn't a "gelling" problem. This guy is simply getting beat and whiffing. He can't push anyone back. Plus, on Jay's attempted pass to Knox towards the end of the Atlanta game (it was deflected by a defensive lineman), Omiyale wasn't engaged with the lineman at all.

Remember how we stuck with Terrance Metcalf until week 11 in 2007? I fear the same will happen here. Bummer.

OMG...Creighton...You ARE the man, nice one.

If Kreutz actually believes what he said then he's really lost it. The O-line's problem has nothing to do with not playing together long enough. Kreutz and Omiyale are engaging their defenders just fine. The problem is that those defenders simply toss them aside and then make a tackle in the backfield.

So, why does everybody have a chubby for Shanahan? Without Elway he's basically been a .500 coach, missed the playoffs the last three years with a total collapse last year, and some no-name punk coach from New England has taken Shanahan's players minus his all-pro QB and turned them into a first place team. Also, don't forget Shanahan's teams were always one of, if not the, dirtiest teams in the NFL. Just ask all the D-linemen who had their knees torn up from Denver OLs diving at their knees from behind. Screw him! Cowher is the guy we need. Cowher would have this team spitting nails and ready to kill.


How in the world is the lack of running game on Forte or Turner at all when Forte is getting hit in the backfield on 40% of the runs?!

Good revelation about this fact, Creighton. While many of us were screaming about how bad the blocking was and I was as angry as anyone, I didn't realize it was that bad. I don't know if people get how horrid that is, but it's got to be the worst in the league by a long shot. It means that the Bear line is absolutely inept and incompetent at run blocking, period, no ifs, ands, or buts. A small amount of this is also due to the poor play by the receivers that everyone thinks are so great, because some of those hits have been by defensive backs that wouldn't be near the line if the receivers were any threat. (The Bears have had such bad receivers for so long that most fans think that approaching a small level of competence is good play. Sorry, it's not even close. Knox, Hester, and the rest might be good receivers some day, but until they can at least provide enough of a threat to keep defensive backs away from the line of scrimmage, they're not doing their jobs.) But the receiver problems are very minor compared to the utter incompetence of the line, starting with everyone's fav, Omiyale.

"Shut up, quit crying, and start learning about football." -Bearsfan8989

So hold up. Forte got hit in the backfield on 40% of his carries on Sunday night. He's getting killed behind that line, Omiyale isn't working out at guard, and you want us to back off of Lovie?

Well, Bears"fan"8989 would you like to see Forte land on IR? How about have his career shortened prematurely since he's getting repeatedly pounded by 300 pound galoots with little to no help from his galoots? Yeah, that would be wonderful wouldn't it? To see Forte have a career ending injury because the line isn't helping him out. And so, while we could make changes to give Forte a better line by inserting Beekman, Lovie has said no to that.

But shucks, I guess things should just be left as they are because I need to learn about football first. Maybe you are Lovie in disguise but wait, your screen name would then read CowboysFan8989 so nevermind.

Good job Creighton. Kick ass and take names.

Hey my fellow Bear fans, I thought sense we have been talking about O-Line talent and the lack of drafting of O-Line I thought I would throw out some almost Bears but we drafted something else instead.

O-Line has been a need in this town for a long time, even before Angelo. But I thought I would show some almost Bears and the players we took instead of them and why there is a scouting and talent evaluation problem, sense some people tend to think Angelo is the best at drafting.

2004 Rd1 We drafted Tommie Harris, we could have had Shawn Andrews taken 2 picks later. Rd2 We took Tank Johnson, we could have had Nick Hardwick. Rd3, we took Vasher we could hade Jared Allen(I know not O-Line but man did we miss on that one)

2005 We blew this entire draft, RD1, we took Benson even though we had Jones, we could have had, and I think I am going ot be sick Jammal Brown, or Logan Menkins. That hurts. Rd2 We took Mark Bradley, we could have had Mike Roos, uggg. Rd3 no pick.

2006 We traded our pick to Buffalo, but if we had not made the bad trade we could have had Nick Mangold. Rd2 We took Manning and Hester, we could have had Marcus McNeill, Daryn Colledge and Jeremy Trueblood.

2007 We took Greg Olsen in the 1st round we could have had Aaron Sears, Rd2 we took Dan Bazuin, we could have had Ryan Harris (big mistake)Rd3 we took Mike Okwo we could have had Jared Gaither.

2008 Rd1, we took Chris Williams, we could have had Branden Albert or Jeff Otah. I will leave the rest of this draft alone for now.

So if the Bears had made building the O-Line a prioity and had actually hired scouts that know offensive talent this is what we could be looking at.

The 2004 draft helped with the Super Bowl run even tank, so I will leave it. Cause I don't want to take away winning.

But here comes 2005. Instead of signing drive killer Miller and drafting Benson we draft Jammal Brown. The Oline would look like this. LT Brown, LG Brown, C Kruetz, RG Metcalf, RT Tait. Not bad actually.

Now here comes 2006 draft, with Ruben Brown at the end of his career, and the Bears needing lots of line help on the interior line with Metcalf already their and Krutz entering his 9th season they take the best player available Nick Mangold, he can play guard for a couple years before he replaces Kruetz. We miss out on Danial Manning and get Nick Mangold.

In 07 we new Tait would not last much longer, so instead of Dan Buzain we draft Ryan Harris in rd 2,

In 08 Albert instead of Williams and this is what the line would look out.

LT Jammal Brown
LG Brenden Albert
C Nick Mangold
RG Roberto Garza
RT Ryan Harris

Now maybe if they had had some of these guys they would not have been in position to draft others. However there are three names up their that they could have had easily, Jammal Brown, Nick Mangold and Ryan Harris. You can build a lot of lines from what the bears skipped on. But three of those guys where easy picks and need picks and we would have lost nothing for them.

The line could easily look like this Brown, Colledge, Kruetz, Garza, Harris or Roos. They would have been in position for all these picks. Just a total cluster f### when it comes to drafting the Oline and the Bears could have done it and missed out on nothing. That is bad drafting.

This "gel" argument is bogus. It is designed to reduce individual accountability along a ridiculously overmatched unit. Besides, while this line takes time to "gel", the defenses they must block are simultaneously working to improve their cohesion. They are behind the NFL curve and I doubt that they will be able to turn the tables on their opponents. .

Why would Lovie demote Vasher and Payne after giving up a touchdown against Green Bay? Don't the defensive backs deserve 5 regular season games to "gel"?

Angelo may not have provided the coaches with the best prospects, but the decision to keep Beekman on the bench is Lovie's. Now, Lovie owns the line and is responsible for it's failures.


Just remember...the fans win this year no matter what.
If we get to the playoffs, we win.
If we don't get to the playoffs, Lovie gets fired and we still win.


The Bears may have the easiest schedule based on last years results, but based on what's happened the first 6 weeks of the season they most definitely do not. The Lions, although their record may not prove it, are much improved. The Bengals are much improved. Going on the road to play Seattle is never easy. The Vikings twice! The Ravens are now showing a potent offense. How many pro bowl QB's will we wind up having faced after the season is over? Not a cakewalk.

Just remember...the fans win this year no matter what.
If we get to the playoffs, we win.
If we don't get to the playoffs, Lovie gets fired and we still win.

By Val.

Val. You said it bud. I hope we make it all the way but I also wouldn't mind it in the slightest if a set of losses leads to a termination of Lovie and if the gods are looking down upon us JA will get fired too.

Uh, Olin and Lovie, don't look now, but the Bengals' offensive line is pretty freaking inexperienced playing as a group.

Could it be that Cedric Benson is making the o-line look THAT good?

If so, what's that say about Forte?

If it's not Benson making the Bengals' o-line look that good, what does it say about the sub-par performance of OUR o-line?

Shanahan was as bad a defensive coach as he is a great offensive coach. and play caller. Now if Shanahan were brought in as offensive coordinator-HHHMMMMMM-he's been able to run with weak undersized lineman for years (h-back, fullbacks, three tight end sets, traps , inside handoffs, misdirection, the option- not kidding- Cutler ran it at Vanderbilt.)BUT- Shanahan is not a good head coach.

Well I have made a large mistake. I let myself have hope that Angelo was turning his game around, that he was changing his philosophy, but it looks like I was wrong.

Yesterday Sapp called out Angelo earlier this week Tom Thayer called out Angelo in his own way as well. Sapp basically said Angelo was an over conservative GM and that you could keep him. That they used to talk about players and that Angelo often didn't have a clue about a lot of players.

Thayer said he can't believe they would go get a guy like Cutler and then not surround him with talent and felt the Bears need upgrades all over the offense, not just the line but the WR, FB, and TE position as well.

Today Angelo came out to defend himself. But he actually didn't defend himself he ducked questions. When asked about what Sapp said, Angelo took credit for drafting him. But as Sapp has said Angelo didn't draft him. Angelo was the head of Pro Player, he was not part of scouting and had little to nothing to do with Sapp being drafted. Angelo was in charge of signing FA and and making Trades. He had little to do with the drafting and nothing to do with scouting College tallent.

When asked about Omiyale and the line, he responded by saying that he liked Frank Omiyale's body type and that and that Omiyale was part of their new guard philosophy and that he was what they where looking for. He said that the O-Line was still learning to play their positions and how to do their jobs, defending all of them.

Saying that Olin Kruetz, and Orlando Pace need to learn how to play their positions is like Saying Joe Montana and Steve Young need to learn how to play QB.

When asked about Tommie Harris he responded, that Harris was healthy and playing a lot.

When asked about the teams greatest needs for the next off-season he said, the biggest need was Under Tackle(because Harris is healthy and playing a lot), WIL LB thats right he said WIL LB not SAM but WIL, does he know Lance Briggs is on the team?. Last he said Right End, not Left end, right end even though he just traded for Gains Adams and has Alex Brown. Not one mention of the offense needing help, Looks like we will be stuck with this line for another year. It also looks like Angelo does not know what position his players play.

Intresting, rumor that is going around is that the Bears do not like Beekman as a Center either. That when his contract is up he will be gone becuase the Bears don't like his body type. They want to get bigg and more athletic on the inside and they want guys with longer arms. If this is true then Kruetz who is in his 12th season has no successor. That Pace who is a shadow of himself will play yet another year. That while Omiyale can't play guard to save his life that Angelo sees the 5th year vet and thinks he is a rookie and likes his body. He feels that the Mediocre Chris Williams is his future. So not only are the Bears old on the line they have little depth and talent ot go with it and this makes Angelo happy.

Angelo seems to be having memory issues. Does he know McKay drafted Sapp and was incharge of Drafting and Scouting? So Angelo is taking credit for things he didn't do, does not know what position his players play, think Pace needs to Learn how to play LT and that Omiyale is good because he likes his body.

What was I thinking giving Angelo the benifit of the doubt. I know I need my head examined but it looks like I need it examined twice.

Mr. Cox:

Thank you for responding to my post and in some of your comments I do agree.

Yes the Lions are better than last year, that is like painting a pig, guess what it is still a pig.

Yes the teams on the Bears schedule in some cases have done better and some have done worse.

Green Bay seems slightly better (maybe or probably not)
Atlanta seems better (probably)
Pittsburgh is worse (no question and missed two field goals to boot, OUCH!!)
Seattle seems better (the Bears played them with 8 starter out and they missed two field goals and the Bears, BEARLY won.)
Detroit is slightly better (they have won one game so far, a painted pig is still a pig! Net points are -85 scored)

Now lets line up the rest of the tough opponents.
Cincinatti is better they stand 4-2
Cleveland is worse 1-5 Net Points are -79 scored (pig is a pig)
Cardinals are worse 3-2 but still good
49ers (Whiners) 3-2 are slightly better average at best in the league.
Eagles are the same or worse at 3-2
The Queens are better at 6-0, they lucked out twice 49ers and Ravens.
Rams are worse at 0-6 with Net Points at -115 (pig is a pig)
Ravens are worse at 3-3 defense is not what it was without Ryan calling D plays and coaching.

It still looks to me as one of the easiest if not the easiest schedule in the league.

The cubs could make it to the NFL playoffs (of course never win it all) if they played football and played this schedule.

Lovie and Turner need to be on borrowed time because the Bears must make it to the NFC championship or it is time to say don't let the door hit you in the ARS to both, plain and simple.


Do you know exactly what Thayer said? Or is there somewhere I could listen to what you listened to? I live in NC and other than the occasional web blurb, I hardly get to hear or read Thayer's thought and comments. He's a guy whose opinion I value wholeheartedly...he's honest, has good technical insight, and provides a really good perspective of things that I don't usually encounter.


You present a valid argument, but still not enough of one for me to agree that they hold the easiest schedule in the NFL. It certainly isn't the toughest, but at the same time there are going to be some tough stretches throughout. We certainly catch a break with the Browns and Rams, but the rest of the schedule certainly makes up for it. While I agree that the Ravens aren't as good as they have been, some of the other teams like the Cardinals, Eagles, and 49ers are going to be tough, tough games. I think this is when we'll really find out what the Bears are made of.
Bear Down!


If I were running a team, I would not draft anyone except linemen and QBs in the first two rounds, with rare exceptions made for rare players like Butkus or Payton, or unless the team was so set at those positions that there would be no point in drafting any more players there. With the exception of Columbo and Williams, Angelo has totally neglected the offensive line and had some real busts on the defensive one. Give me top lines and a top QB, and the rest of the team can be average and still win the Super Bowl.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Getting your jock strap handed to you by the opposing player has nothing to do with the line needing more time to gel. As Creighton has pointed out, Omiyale is a project who is not working out: good athlete, but unfortunately doesn't look like he'll be able to block. And Williams looks average, which is bad for a first round pick, I expect far better than that. Both Kreutz and Pace would look better if they had a large, good guard next to them, but they're both over the hill. Pace's game is still good enough, but Kreutz is killing us almost as bad as Omiyale. If it's true that the Bears have soured on Beekman, they have no one with whom to replace Kreutz, which really ought to be done right now. Sheesh, what a mess, thanks Angelo. And thanks McKaskey and the other cheapskate owners who refused to sign proven top players like Alan Faneca. Thayer is 100% right; there's no point in signing Jay Cutler if you're going to surround him with garbage.

Hey Dahlillama, when are you coming to the Bay Area? We'll be at Ricky's Sunday for the Cincinnati game.

Mr. Cox:

You are right about the fact that we will see what the Bears are made of and you can add the Vikings to those teams as probably the best of the teams you named but the schedule is not that tough when you look at the whole year.

This year 9-7 may not make the playoffs, right now I see a 10-6 finish hopefully but could go either way. If they could sweep the Vikings that would be huge because they are already 2 games back and the season hasn't reached the half way point yet. Lets hope that Pittsburgh gets it done against the VI Queens this week, that will help and do you think Favre will be motivated when they go into Rush Limbaugh field on NOvember 1st.....You bet cha!!

The D has been a pleasant surprise so far this year even with the loss of Urlacher, the O line a real disappointment, lets hope they get Gel'n real soon because I just watched a rerun of the Atlanta game and those boys were shaking hands in the backfield with Forte all night long. They were consistently 1 to 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage when they were making contact, Forte was lucky to make any yards that game.

Yes I agree Go Bears!!!!!! My problem is my expectations is usually higher than what I see on the field of play with Da Bears!!!!

Wrigley Field Bear:

Still up in the air but we may be driving up on Saturday the 31st of October. Rickey's now that is a crazy Raiders bar from way back, love it.

If I miss you this time, I will be up in the bay area again the first week of December and will plan to be at Rickey's the Sunday before. WFB, I will buy you a shot and a Beer to celebrate and maybe we should drink a Beer for every three n out the BEars D produces and for every TD, but not too much more because I have to drive back across the bridge or maybe just catch BART (Subway BaY Area Rapid Transit) accross. I do not want to have the group get the wrong impression.

Hey Brad:

Wouldn't it be great to have the Chicago Sun Times host a tailgate party with some great giveaways for the bloggers on this blog that live and die with the Bears each and every week and are as loyal to the Chicago Sun Times as the day is long.

Couldn't the Chicago Sun Times use this for good publicity in Chicago, make the 6:00 PM news. Creighton in his pink panties, Brando in who knows what, Val, Wrigley Field Bear, Kevin A, Mike, Randy, Neck Beard Sucks NBS, all of em and you Brad swilling a few with the boys and of course Val. Brad what a great concept, would not the Bears love to host this event in a VIP Suite at a game with free hats and tee shirts and maybe we could invite some of the 1985 Honey Bears to attend, they were hot and I bet still are. Fun could be had by all and The Bears and Chicago Sun Times will live in Infamy.

All the Best,

In addition to starting Left Tackles at 3 positions (LT, LG and RT), Olin Kreutz may be the smallest center in the NFL. This is a finesse line with below-average power to push defenders off the ball...a fact highlighted when lining up in run formations.

The I-formation is useless. It is time to spread the offense and start "sneaking" run plays from passing formations.


If you're anywhere near BART, that's the way to go. I take BART to all the games at Ricky's except for the once every year or three that my wife comes. Ricky's is only a 10-15 minute walk from BART and I could meet you at the station if you let me know ahead of time. It's hard to explain how to walk there, because I walk through shopping center parking lots, not on streets. If you're coming from the San Francisco side of the Bay, you need a Dublin/Pleasanton train. Get off at the Bayfair station, which is the next one after San Leandro.

The Cleveland game Nov. 1 is at 10:00 our time, and I always get there about a half hour early to get good seats and just get ready for the game. The Nov. 29 game v. Minnesota is also a 10:00 game, though it's a flex game and could change. And don't worry, I won't hold you to the drinks, in fact I'll buy you one, too.

Jerry Jr.,

By "finesse" do you mean "bad"? If so, I agree.

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