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Omiyale headed to bench having allowed a half of a sack

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With Frank Omiyale headed to the bench and Josh Beekman becoming the starting left guard, I thought it would be good to dig up some statistics when it comes to pass protection.

Stats Inc. keeps track of the statistic and it should be noted that it's a subjective analysis. Thus far, the Bears have allowed 11 sacks of quarterback Jay Cutler, putting them on pace to have 29. That's the same number they allowed last season with a very different line. The numbers never add up to the exact total because some sacks are deemed coverage sacks or pinned on the quarterback, not a lineman or a blocker.

Here is how the Bears break down right now protecting Cutler:

Orlando Pace 2 1/2
Greg Olsen 2
Garrett Wolfe 2
Chris Williams 1
Roberto Garza 1/2
Olin Kreutz 1/2
Frank Omiyale 1/2

Here is how Stats broke down the pass protection last season for Kyle Orton (and one game of Rex Grossman)

John St. Clair 10
John Tait 6
Roberto Garza 2 1/2
Josh Beekman 1 1/2
Greg Olsen 1
Olin Kreutz 0

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This is a prime example why you can mislead people by taking a SINGLE STATISTIC and take it out of context.

Are Pro Bowl O-linemen decided on "sacks allowed" alone?? No.

OmiFAIL needs to ride the pine. Not only he stinks at run and pass blocking, he has not really shown anything at all with the Bears.

Yes, but will you look at penalties as well. Also, look at the tape from right around 4:15 left to go in the first quarter against the Falcons. Jay Cutler screen pass to Matt Forte, the left guard (Frank Omiyale) pulls out to block upfield for the runningback. He has a choice of who to block as two defenders are heading right for him and he chooses... ...neither. Neither one of them. My problem is not in the passing game. He creates no push in the running game. Take a look at when Matt Forte gets hit in the backfield for a loss, and then tell me who's man that was. Those stats will tell you something. I promise.

Not good when the GM names the starter.
I am liking some fans wish for Wlliams/Shaffer at LT/RT - maybe see what Beekman does first.
LT is still a problem. The problem with Lovie is he sticks with underperforming vets too long, not sure what his options are with no talent, but what the hay may as well see a couple of these players every now and then?

Read below at your own risk Bears Fans:

As far as Angelo and the players he brings in, check some Indy fans comments on their GM.

Polian is the best that there ever was at finding players like these. Congrats!
10/28/2009 6:24:29 PM
Foster looked like a man posessed in that Rams game. He was pumped up and made some great plays. Steven Jackson may of had 135 years rushing but the yards he needed to get when he needed them most he couldnt get. Alot of those yards came on one drive very late in the game. I was very nervous when the team cut Johnson but in Polian I trust and so far so good.
Go COLTS! Keep up the good work

What did the Colts do?
Drafted Manning
and hired Bill Polian
Polian has made the difference in that franchise, not the Coach.

If that list is produced from subjective viewing of tape then I subjectively disagree with it.

I have no idea how they count the sacks but I would guess what is happening is Omiyale pulls his favourite matador trick and Cutler (who must by now be half expecting it) has to run for his life and is forced towards a defender who is waiting in his rushing lane. That sack should go on Omiyale and that is the only way he has only allowed half of a sack.

Also this takes no account of his run blocking (or lack thereof). How many times has he lurched past a defender and then spun around to watch him tackle Forte in the backfield? I've honestly have no idea of the answer but that is mainly because I have lost count. Or when he is asked to pull around the end and never, ever finds anyone to block.

Maybe he can play tackle but the guy is sure as hell not a guard and isn't going to start playing like one any time soon. Beekman played much better than this last year (faint praise if ever there were any) so let him play and see if the rest of the line can actually play when not a man down.

Im sure Lovie chugged down several bottles of whiskey agonizing over this decision. Why was this so hard? Imagine how long it would take him to order something at McDonalds???? We are in trouble as long as that guy is at the wheel... cough cough.. go browns!!???!?! Im being serious here. Not that I want to lose, but Lovie stays if they bumble through some wins. Losses = Lovie's job. 8-8 and Lovies says, "Well we had a bad rash of injuries and the OL did not gel ummmm I mean they played well...(pssstt Jerry what do I say next?) uhhhh they struggled a bit. We are stoked to pick in the 3rd round.. Next question.."

Look guys, it goes way beyond statistics. Generally, the DTs are the ones that line up against guards, not the pass rushing DEs that tackles go against. That's why you don't see guards giving up as many sacks. As for 2.5 sacks given up by Orlando Pace, I mean that is by no means bad. He's gone up against some bona fide pass rushers: John Abraham, James Harrison/LaMaar Woodley, Aaron Kampman, Patrick Kerney, etc. Giving up only 2.5 sacks to that bunch is spectacular. He's not playing upto par in the running game, but in terms of pass protection, Pace is doing pretty good.

Frank Omiyale makes frequent mental errors and is unable to create any push in the run game. We're paying him over 3.5 million a year because the Bears thought he was a big mauling guard. Instead, he's shown that he's nothing more than a big RT with average strength. We need to reinsert Josh Beekman into the starting lineup. He wasn't spectacular last year, but he was obviously a better player than Omiyale. And as the stats show, he wasn't too bad at pass protection either.

I have a feeling that Beekman will be in the starting lineup come Sunday and I'm eager to see what effect that will have on the running game.


I saw that play and many more this season when Omiyale either whiffed or got confused and didn't block anyine. For people who have never played O-line, the rule is that when you miss your guy or your not sure who to block you pick the closest guy to you that is free and hit them. The coached will be made that you didn't know who to block but they will like the effort, you have to hit someone!!!

That being said, I am not going to sit here and say Omiyale sucks or has no potential, he has played tackle his whole career and you can see it in how he blocks, especially his pass blocking. Tackles are used to playing in space with help to the inside where guards are playing in between the center and tackle and are not allowed the same flexibility in blocking the guy directly in front of them. A tackle can allow the defender to back them up a little bit and can push them to the outside where a guard cannot allow the defensive tackle to push them back or else they will take up the QBs throwing space and lanes.

This switch in positions is similar but not as drastic as the switch Hester has been making from returner/DB/WR in both college and the pro's. This guy needs some time to develop into a true guard or he needs to be moved to right tackle. I do like angelos philosophy change in wanting bigger guards because that is what we need to defend against the Williams' in Minnie and that is also what the Cowboys have done for a while and they rush for 100 yards every game.

When Omiyale was signed the Bears had two tackles on the roster: Williams who barely played,and Balough who never played. He was meant to be a right tackle. Pace became available and Lovie suddenly decided Pace would get the job and Omiyale would be a guard. Lovie specializes in making people play positions they've never played before and the results are always the same, which is pretty bad.

In the news conference, Smith was again pressed on why he doesn't reveal lineup changes.

"Just don't want to, simple as that," Smith responded. "I don't want to give the opponent an advantage. We want them to wonder what we're going to do, just like you are right now. That's how it's been throughout [my time here]. It's not like there's something new I'm coming up with right now.

Wow. So yeah, Lovie wants everyone to keep guessing on what the team is doing, and from the looks of things that includes the players themselves.

Omiyale (allegedly) benched after allowing 1/2 a sack ? So. And. What? He sucks at LG, he's gone, good.

I thought you were BETTER than this Brad.

Do you have stats on how Omiyale has almost gotten Cutler killed.

How about stats on how many times Omiyale has ended up either on the ground or in the back filed trying to run block.

How about stats on Cutler being forced to throw off the wrong foot as his man runs unimpeded at the QB?

Omiyale reeks- the entire line reeks

This shows why statistics are overrated. Just watch them play and anyone can easily see that Omiyale is the worst of a bad offensive line.

However, I've got some bad news for all of you who've been screaming for Beekman to replace Omiyale. While Omiyale has been horrible, Beekman is small for a guard by today's standards and wasn't very good, either, despite claims to the contrary by someone cited here. Beekman was mediocre at best, which is an improvement over horrible, but that change will not make the line into a good one and is a stopgap measure at best. As I've said before, Beekman should stay right where he is, as Kreutz's future replacement. The Bears need a big man next to Kreutz, who is small himself. If you notice, the last time Kreutz played well was when Reuben Brown was playing next to him, before Brown hurt his shoulder.

What's wrong with the safties? Vash at FS? How bad is Craig Steltz?
What is wrong with Kevin Payene? He reminds me of Bobby Gray, anyone remember? No plays at all from the safties.

BigBear - 100% agree. Omiyale plays like a tackle, has tackle experience, and was graded and paid based on his abilities as a tackle. The positions on an offensive line are not just mix and match positions. Omiyale is used to fighting off faster 260 lbs guys, not out muscling 290-330 lbs guys.

We do this to everyone though. Why did Idonije shed 30 lbs in the off season? To play end...So we use him as a tackle. We drafted Gilbert as an under tackle...and his only snaps this season came at end. Hester was the best kick/punt returner in the history of the NFL, so we named him starting receiver. Manning was the best athlete on our team, smart or not, so we made put him at Free Safety... Corner... Nickel... Kick Returner... Free Safety... Sign Omiyale to play tackle, and move him to Guard. Draft Louis and call him a Tight End on draft day (even though he was a lineman) and then move him back to the line. Drafted Melton as an End, played him at kick returner, then IRd him (probably so he can come back as a linebacker next year).

I would like to see Williams and Omiyale at Tackle and Pace gone. We can't count on him going forward, his pass defense isn't bad but his run blocking is. If you want to convert a Tackle to Guard, make it Schaffer. He is the big, mean, slow guy. His issue has always been that he isn't quite quick enough to stick with speedy ends, but he has a mean streak and run blocks well...? Besides, if we don't do something, Lovie will put Manning in at Center soon. Oh wait, Kreutz rocks, its just our last 3-4 QBs can't take snaps.

Thanks, Brendan H for bringing up a point no one wants to discuss: Kreutz. He's been playing badly this year, after a so-so year in 2008. He's missing blocks, failing to generate any push on running plays, messing up on snaps, and even screwing up some line calls. I don't know if it it's age or if he's lost his motivation playing for a witless coach, but unless he gets better or gets replaced, the line will never solidify.


Amazing most posters have a problem with the left guard and tackle. Though Cutler has been sacked quite a few times, it is not because of the left side of the O-line. Picking on Omiyale & Pace is not the problem.

You guys can say the left side is playing matadors out there, but that is still not a reason for Cutler to be throwing interceptions in the Red Zone. He is not running for his life out there. He is simply making bad decisions, but that could be due to the fact smallish receivers cannot get open. Simply because you have speed does not mean you can get open.

But to each their own little opinion(s).

Brad dude, It ain't all about the sacks.....where the hell is our run game??? Compare our run game last year with Beekman to this year with Omiyale!!!!! Big difference!!!!!.........

It's about time! Let me tell you about statistics. I taped the Atlanta game and went back to watch it specifically for the O-line play. Used a lot of pause and slo-mo.

First off, Garza is totally off my s@%t list. He is our best lineman. Pace was OK, Kreutz was fair, and Williams was OK except when he made a couple mental errors. The errors were magnified because of Omiyale's play. Omiyale was just awful.

The second Forte fumble was caused by Omiyale's man. It was not a difficult block for a goal-line situation. He had to seal the tackle off from pursuing down the line. Instead the DT bounced off Omiyale, pursued down the line to beyond the off-tackle hole, and was able to hit Forte behind the line of scrimmage. No excuses for Forte's fumble, but he found a 300+ tackle, unblocked and coming with a head of steam, where there was supposed to be a hole. He would have scored had Omiyale done his job.

The dude started blocking a little better in the second half. On the few times he actually blocked. The dirty birds had a perfect strategy. On pass plays they left Omiyale uncovered and over-loaded the offensive right side. I don't think Omiyal E. Coyote threw six blocks the whole half. He would just stand there like Wile E. desparately looking for the Roadrunner. His man was participating in the jail break on the right. Omiyal E. had his head on a swivel like a bobble head, but never once looked that way.

The Falcons basically did the same thing over and over. Pace took his guy. Williams, Garza, and Kreutz, along with the backs; would be fully engaged, or even out-numbered with rushers on their right side. Omiyal E. would be standing there all alone. On a couple of these plays Williams blocked the wrong guy or hesitated too long. Of course Cutler was getting mauled.

Statistically I doubt Omiyal E. Coyote was charged with a single sack. Nobody beat his block to the quarterback because nobody tried.

If Beekman just throws himself on the ground he will be an improvement as long as it's a tripping hazard in the correct place.

The WRs are playing better than expected, they may actually be good. We have a Pro Bowl caliber RB and QB. It must be the individual offensive linemen and the unit as a whole.

The 6th man is a very valuable offensive line position. These guys deserve multimillion dollar contracts. As the primary back up with left tackle skills, Omiyale may yet prove his worth. Perhaps the experience of getting tossed around inside will help him develop into a stronger tackle. He is mobile and a much better open-field-blocker than Olin Kreutz.

Beekman plays with the best natural leverage and consistently blocks until the whistle. You don't see him standing around to watch his backs take gang-tackling. He is a good runner/athlete and has started more games at LG (16) than Frank Omiyale (6). He may not have the length to be a standout pass protector, but he has the important inside skills to boost the run game.

Olin Kreutz is the leader of the line and team. He needs to be held accountable for their weaknesses and poor overall play. The GEL of the offensive line is a direct reflection of Olin Kreutz as a player and leader. He has negative push, can't block nose tackles and is incapable of blocking while on the run. He is still a agile pass blocker, though.

I think that the experiment of lining up with 3 LTs could pay dividends for the passing game. But, like most LTs, they are too finesse to push the pile in the running game. They were not designed to "get off the bus running". Identity crisis.

Finally. Two + weeks it took Lovie to do what most of us knew was needed because Angelo forced him to. Good job Angelo and good job to all on here pointing out the obvious.

Wrigley Field Bear, so what if Beekman is small? You've got a better solution? Guess what, at least he is a guard and right now he's the only alternative. I don't think anyone on here believes him to be a superstar but he did a solid job at best last year and will improve the line play. How much you say? I don't know, but if his presence gets us a single yard more each game than when Omiyale was starting, then you've got a W in the Atlanta game.

Anon - We're not talking about pass blocking, which hasn't been great but has been much better than the run blocking. We are talking about why Omiyale (and sometimes Pace) do not seem to have the ability to block for Forte.

Also, keeping pace with last year's pass blocking is not good enough. We need to improve at both.

I would be happy to have Beekman in there, not because I was impressed with his play from when we saw him last, but because at least he plays with a lot of heart, and will try to stick with a block and finish a play. He didn't provde much push up the middle last year, as we should all remember, but at this point all I'm asking for is a guy who can stick with a block.

If you throw out the Lions game, which I know you're not supposed to do, but which was so far off what we've been seeing for most of the season that you can't help but cast off as an irregularity, our main RB (not our second RB and our QB) Forte is gaining under 2.5 yards a carry. That 3.7 yard stat is another misleading figure, because it's not what we're seeing game in and game out. I don't expect Forte to top 4 yards a carry this year with Beekman in there(which he may do against the Browns), but I do hope he will get to the line of scrimage before meeting a defender more often; then he can fall forward and stretch for 3 yards.

This is a move that should have been made a few weeks back, probably after the bye week. Josh Beekman is not an all-pro, but I look for big time improvements from his play vs last season. Last year he was a first time starter, you can't really expect to much from a first year starter. Omiyale might have been brought in to replace Beekman, but the only thing I know is this, Josh Beekman never lost his job last year like Omiyale did this year as a first year starter. That fact alone proves a couple things, Beekman is clearly better than Omiyale at left guard, and Chicago must still see something they like in Beekman to put him back in the lineup. Another factor to Omiyale being brought in to replace Beekman might be the fact Chicago likes Beekman as their future starting center. By bringing in Omiyale to play left guard would allow Beekman to get more reps at center. I don't think Omiyale being brought in was necessarily a knock on Beekman.

I don't think Omiyale is comfortable lining up at guard, he even said when the Bears first signed him that he prefers playing tackle. I like Omiyale as Chicago's swing tackle. Omiyale is way to finesse in his blocking to be effective inside, again, that might work outside but it will get you nowhere inside as a runblocker. Its pretty obvious why Omiayle was benched, his runblocking. The only other move I'd like to see on the o-line is Williams to left tackle and Shaffer to right tackle. We'll see GO BEARS!!

Can you give a breakdown of the run game so far? What I am wondering is how many times we run left vs. middle vs. right. Also inside vs. outside. It seems like when we need yards, we are trying to run behind the left, and getting stoned at the line. Are we just noticing the disaster that is the left side, or are the Bears trying to run to that side, despite the lack of success?

Very different response needed depending on that answer.

By the way, did anybody notice Wale's comment on St. Clair on the Twitter lines?

Wale Ogunleye on John St. Clair: "I'm just going to say he's the kind of guy that goes in and tries hard." Wale will face him Sunday

If Wale does not get at least 1 sack and multiple pressures, we have no business even considering stopping anyone for the next 9 games...Alex will probably struggle with Joe Thomas on that side, but we should be able to overload the offensive right side of the line, and get in Anderson's face quickly. Massaquoi looks pretty good on the outside, but they are out of tight ends due to illness/injury. If we can cover Massaquoi with Tillman, we should be able to generate pressure without much blitzing by attacking on the QBs front side.


Your argument about the turnovers in the red zone caused the Bears to lose games and without the turnovers the Bears would be 4-2 with one of those games won.

Brad if we live in a hypothetical world, I guess we could say the Bears would have lost both games to the SeaHawks and Steelers if the two kickers did not miss two makeable field goals each.

To me the Bears are lucky to even have a .500 record at this point.

Beekman is a good move, Pace has lost big ground as a run blocker. It may be time right now to get Williams in at left tackle, Shaffer at right tackle. Why not do it now as Williams is probably a better run blocker than Pace at this juncture, Shaffer should be a better run blocker on the right side than Williams and probably OK in the pass protection area as well.

Of course Lovie, Turner and Angelo most likely need new homes not in Chicago. And what about the history of injury deal with the Bears. WOW are the Bears screwed up, you betcha Sherlock!!

Mike Brown starting all games in KC and Brandon McGowen starting Free Safety for New England, Columbo, Harris, etc.etc.

I have to go now because I am throwing up blood thinking about all of these problems with few solutions.

By Brad Biggs on October 29, 2009 9:38 AM
"Tripper (and all of the other aliases you have),"

Just stopped in for a sec and I read that. :)

That made my day. Brad just called out Tripper. Tripper don't you usually beg Brad to get rid of me? Oh well I am LMAO. Good for you Brad.

Brad its true if the Bears didn't have a couple of picks in the GB game their record would be better. Then again if Pit had a kicker who could make a FG we would be 3-3 either way. Not to mention if we didn't throw the ball as much as we have been and we where mixing it up with a balanced offense you would probably be seeing a lot less picks. By the way two of those picks in GB where actually good play by the defense mixed with one bad play call.

My problem with the line is not sacks, its all the pressure and mistakes. Not just penalties, but missed blocks seem to be a big problem, and when the guards pull its a mess. Drive blocking has been a big problem again this year, and the fact that the Bears are doing little in the way of 5 step drops and a lot in the way of 3 step drops tells you all you need to know about pass protection.

The WCO is well known for doing a lot of 5 step drops, 5 steps give the reciever more time and gives the QB a better field of vision. Cutler has always been excellent at 5 step drops and Denver consistantly used the 5 step drop last year. In Chicago the 5 step drop mean Cutler takes 5 steps and gets dropped.

The line is a mess and everyone in knows it. Not just us fans, but the experts as well. Omiyale should never have been given the job, he never beat out Beekman, and Lovie always likes to say the best players play and that its an open competition in training camp. Beekman may not be much of an upgrade, but at least he can run block. I understand why you are comparing this years line to last years line, but you are not considering the fact that Cutler is much more mobile than Orton and is looking to be sacked just as many times as he was last year. By the way I myself said all last year that I did not think the Bears line was very good, and all the 3 step drops they did where pointed out by Mully. They also had a bad running game last year, they have abd running game this year too.

Maybe for some fans its starting to finally sink in and you are seeing more complaints about the Offensive line. It really hasn't been good for about 2 1/2 seasons. Anyway you are probably sick of all the line talk. We all know its not very good.

I think now would be a good time for an Angelo article. Maybe you can explain why the GM never seems to have a plan B on draft day? Like why he drafted Haynes, who they where not high, but drafted anyway because their first choice was gone? Or why they reach for players like Manning who are considered 4th round picks and take them at the top of the second round? Just things like that. Or maybe an article on the poor scouting, maybe its not all Angelo's fault.

Brad, you said:

"My point is you take away bad interceptions at Green Bay and Atlanta, and the Bears have a much better record right now."

You not suggesting negative sentiment about something to do with THE TRADE, are you :-)

It looks as if the bandwagon is growing! THE WORST TRADE IN TEAM HISTORY!

Brad, you forgot to subtract the 30+ yard run Cutler had against the Falcons from that 3.7 ypc average. That should not count. Jay was running for his life because of the line. The line should not get credit for that one!!.................Cry-ton, you are easily amused...get a life!!!

I still don't know how fans come here and say this is the worste trade in team history !!

Seriously, it's been 6-games !!! Again, 6-games !!!

I for one can't declare anything on "The Trade" for at least a full season or two... Obviously our O-line blows, our ground game sucks and we have nothing but #2 WR's... I will hold off until I see more talent put around Jay Cutler.

Kyle has been great for Denver but Denver has a "real" Defense now, two #1 WR's, a stud TE and an above average rungame... Oh, did I mention they have a great O-line as well ???

Eventualy the air in Kyles balloon will dissapate and he will come down to earth. If Kyle was still our QB with this mess of an Offense does anyone believe we would have won more then 1 or 2 games ???

Go Bears !!

This isnt Brad Biggs posting these offensive line isnt bad articles Larry Mayer must've stole his password and login

In my opinion the line has had a few hacks on it since Angelo directly started to effect it in 2002 guys who no way should be on the line or even on the team Omiyale is just another one there was the first one Bernard Robertson our starting left tackle in 2002 then Quasim Mitchell a practice squad player your starting left tackle 2003 then he moved a ok gaurd Mike Gandy over to be our starting left tackle we got lucky when Ruben Brown and the Bills came to a messy divorce as he nicely replaced Chris Villerial(night have the spelling wrong ) Rex Tucker was a bed injury problem not Angelos fault Garza you could say replaced him Fred Miller was a joke on the best offensive line angelo ever assembled here (best line but old old old)So outside of John Tait noone wanted to keep any player Angelo has brought in here

Thoose of us who are in our 50's remeber they always used to tell us that you build a foot team from the lines out. Frankly this isnt done and 3/4 of our drafts go to the defence and that has been in the lower third of the league since our superbowl year.

The McCaskeys arent the Rooney's (mores the pity there) so well have to wait two years for these clowns to clear out there desks in Halas hall but the prsent course doesnt bode well espicailly on the offensive line

You can trot out all the fancy stats you but the old mark one eyeball doesnt lie

i agree with many folks on Omiyale's "performance" thus far. he really looks lost on most plays. i'm also for rotating series btw Pace and Shaffer. Shaffer was part of a Falcons o-line that led the league in rushing. it's no secret that Pace isnt getting a push on running plays, and has been burned a few times in pass coverage...

Brad calls us all out every now and then. Got to keep the crazy trains on track after all. ?] ==========

Nice...., throw out names we all tried to forget. woah, thats a pretty low list there. (Tucker? forgot)
Credit does go to JA for the Tait/Brown signings though, not much else though, funny thing is we went to the SB with his best Oline/Dline, wonder if thats a coincidence? JA tried the same thing this time except look who he went after. We were all excited about Pace but most of us knew Omiyale/Shaffer were rejects.

I agree Wrigley, we need JB to replace Olin (maybe now) but what about LG? No way we can just give up the season to teach a Tackle that position. Maybe we shoulda signed a G? or drafted one.

Here's my take of the o-line:

Most of the struggle has been at the left side of the line right? So bench an underachieving Orlando Pace.. I mean this guy was dropped by the worst team in the NFL, how is he making this team better? Yeah, sure, I agree that he was a great player in his prime and that the Bears are probably dishing out a large sum of money to him, but just because of his history and his paycheck doesn't automatically cement a place in the starting line-up, that should come through what he has proven he can do for us.

My suggestion is that move Chris Williams back to his natural position at LT, move Omiyale to RT where he would be much suited; he is naturally a Tackle and his size could be well used for run-blocking, and then Beekman into LG where he played most of the time last year?

Thanks Brad. I appreciate your viewpoint! GO BEARS!!!


Nothing but half truths. You sound like a republican.

Last year we had a running game. This year we don't.

Doesn't that account for something?
Also...Cutler moves around in the pocket avoiding possible sacks better than Orton.

What !!!!
The fans know more than you?

All these suggestions have the sound of desperation. It's Kreutz time to hang up the cleats and take Pace with him. Both are probably going to the hall of fame, but their time is up and they look tired. Angelo's failure to draft a offensive lineman is glaring we will see one he could have had when we play Minnesota in Loadholt. Both Okla. linemen were availible and are playing just like last season when Duane Brown was still availible instead we got Payne Brown went to the Texans and is a starter. The tackle from UConn was still availible this year He is now playing for the Patriots I could go on But people let Angelo off the hook because he got Cutler but now there is no one to block leave to Angelo not to know what to get, who to get and when.

Val, you sound like a complete idiot. So are you telling me that every Democrat, by virtue of being a Democrat, is 100% pure, honest and well-intentioned? President Obama has never told a fib? Pelosi has never been involved in a scandal? Maybe you need to shut off the MSNBC since you obviously can't think for yourself.

To help you guage what you sound like Val, it's like when Rush or Hannity say, "Oh, liberals all think like this" or "Liberals all act a certain way." Do you know how stupid that sounds? To say a group of people on one side of the political spectrum all want, say and do the exact same things? Good, because your level of stupidity and ignorance is right about there with that.

Will refer my political comment to Mike's reponse - more politically correct that my entire bleeped out response.

but really this site should never involve politics, its a Bears site, and as such it would really help if we all just limited our gripes, ranting and raving towards the real issue - The Bears organzition as a whole. Friend at work is a huge Browns fan, he suffers worse than bears fans and he agrees ownership that only is concerned with the money they make is the root of the problem.
Don't get too excited when we whup the Browns bc that game doesnt really count as a indication of progress. Figure Cutler w/o any INT if he has INT Bad news bears.

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