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Ogunleye will pay for Stafford missing Lions' game on Sunday

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The Detroit Lions are virtually ensured of being without rookie quarterback Matthew Stafford for Sunday's game with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye will pay for that absence. The NFL has fined Ogunleye $7,500 for unnecessary roughness, ruling that when he spun Stafford to the ground for a sack midway through the fourth quarter he made a horse collar tackle. Ogunleye had the back of Stafford's jersey with his right hand. There was not a penalty called on the play.

Stafford reportedly suffered a dislocated right knee cap, although the injury is not believed to be serious. After missing two days of practice, he reportedly took part in some individual drills today. Still, veteran Daunte Culpepper is expected to start.

That wasn't the only fine handed out from the game. Bears wide receiver Rashied Davis was fined $5,000 for an illegal crackback block. For Detroit, cornerback Anthony Henry was docked $7,500 for a horse collar tackle and running back Kevin Smith was fined $5,000 for a facemask infraction.

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Ouch. And here I was thinking that Rashied Davis' block was clean since he got his head in front of it.

QBs make the most of all players but if you do anything against them you pay the more to if it was anyone else. I know the money go to charity but all these fines are ridiculous.

Also, Alex Brown and Jay Cutler should get bonuses because they got flags that they shouldn't have. Why not?

This new trend of the NFL concerns me. It seems like they are encouraging refs to be extra picky about these calls. If Wale's tackle was a horse collar, then any tackle from behind is a horse collar. Plus, I think this moves the NFL more in the direction of the NBA. Big names get the calls. Does anybody really think Wale would be getting fined for a non-horse collar tackle if the #1 draft pick quarterback wasn't injured on the play? I doubt it. Players are going to get injured. It's football.

Put a dress on all of these sissys!!!!....This ain't flag football, is it?........ Do they fine the Refs for their horrible calls/no calls?? I doubt it!!

DS did you see the replay of the Ravens and Pats game and Suggs brushed up against Brady and he cried to the ref and the ref nodded and threw the flag. Brady was celebrating before the flag was even out. They are getting too touchy.

This babying of quarterbacks has got to stop. It's bad enough they outlawed playing defense about 35 years ago. This is supposed to be football, not ping pong. As DS said, players are going to get hurt. If the league doesn't want QBs getting hurt too much, it should repeal the idiotic rules such as the illegal chuck, allowing offensive linemen to use their hands, hashmarks being in the middle of the field, and intentional grounding outside the tackles. That would make passing harder and force teams to run more, thus fewer QB injuries.

I have nothing against hitting quarterbacks illegally or truly late being penalized. However there has to be much more consistency on those calls. What I've seen this year has been almost ludicrous at times. Vicious, illegal, late hits not called and slight bumps of and good acting by quarterbacks getting severe penalties called at crucial times are all too prvalent.I hope the monitoring of these calls and grading the officials making these calls bring on a solid and consistent change. A bad call by an official can change the course of any given game. Perhaps penalized quarterback hits should be subject to review if the flag is thrown, or perhaps fellow officials should more often call a conference if they think a penalty was unjustified regarding quarterback hits.

I saw the replay and goon pulled him down his shirt. The offciating is a total joke these days. Let the boys play the great game of football the way it was meant to be played. I bet if it Culpepper got hurt there would be no fine. Goodel doesn't want to protect players he just wants to protect players who like Brady, Manning and Favre who bring millions into the NFL. That's fine but for them to say it's about player saftey is complete bs.

Oh and yes my uncle did touch me when I was younger and it sucked. I don't know why that's so funny to you Brando but it's serious and nothing to joke about. I spent several years in therapy for that and I'm still not over it. Sometimes I wake up at night in a cold sweat thinking my uncle wants to play that game with the magic quarter only it's not in behind my ear. So guys please be a little sensative about my personal issues thanks.


This fine on Walle is total BS! The horse collar penalty was never intended to be applied for this kind of tackle. The horse collar was put in place so tacklers in pursuit would not grab you from behind, pull you back and land on your legs while bringing you to the ground. HE SACKED THE QB! For pete's sake are you now saying you can only sack the QB from certain angles? He grabbed him from the back and pulled him down. This is ridiculous!!!

NFL refs...
What a tight nit group they are. You never hear of one of them getting fired. You never hear of any of them getting fined. There is no court, no slap on the hand, no nothing. What a job...being god that is.
Instant replay has to be expanded to cover mistakes made by these gods that can't be challenged by anyone.

For those who think its time for the refs to reveal their weekly stats, please sign this petition...

At the rate these sissy roughing calls are coming, I will have to watch my 12year old play to see some real football!!

To think at one time the meaning of the game Football stood for toughness. But lately it's been everything but that, I can recall the days when the quarterback would be the player who would hit the defenders before the defenders would hit them. This game has become more, and more like a flag sissy boy type of game where every play get's a flag for roughing the quarterback, horsecollars, or even a simple push to the back. The football league has become more of a protect the quaterback league ever so now than before. They might just well out up a fence around the quarter so that no one can get to them at all. It's becoming more, and more apparent that this game has become a more softer game than what it was in the past. I've watched many of the games from the 60's, 70's, and even the 80's where a player would take a good hard shot, and still was able to walk up on his own, and continue to play the whole game through. Not only did they play this hard but also made a lot less money too. It's hard for me to watch this game being that everytime a great play is made it has to be ruined be a flag on some fantasy roughing the quarterback call. This game has now entered the phase of the quarterback protection program. I guess the thing the NFL will do next is to put a white flag on the side of the quaterback beltloop, so when a player gets close enough to grabbing it, the refs can call that a sack instead. This game has really become a soft game. It's hard to even watch this sport anymore. Hopefully someone will write this on a paper article, and print it!!!.

Clearly was not a horse collar, how can they say it was?

Creighton, not sure if thats a joke or not but either way, why the H@LL would you put it on here???

Watching NFL network, Mike Perarra, head zebra for the NFL explained the rule " you can hit the QB from the front, above the knees and below the shoulder. Furthermore, he says the refs are INSTRUCTED to err on the side of QB safety when in doubt." Watching Brady lobby for a flag and then get it was pathetic ! The NFL is getting more like the NBA, with QB's doing the "flopping" and getting the whistle.

The phantom facemask on alex brown should cost the referee $7000.
I think the pink gloves while for a good cause made the referees see red and call some things they should'nt. next time were pink anywhere but the hands.

Mamby Pamby NFL, let the QB's feel the heat like everyone else. Total B.S. and the refs this year are sucking more than ever.

Actually that is not Creighton, that is a psyco fanboy who stalks me and pretends to be me from time to time. His name is Brando as he states.

The Suggs call was a complete joke, Brady didn't cry to the official though, he smiled at him and was like throw the flag and the official did. Brady also told Suggs on the field after the play that what Suggs did wa sa real cheap shot.

Goon getting a fine for this is a joke, he didn't Horse collar the guy. He almost didn't even have the back of the jersey he was closer to the side of it. Not to mention he can't even see the QB who is behind Goon when he goes down, he is just holding on to him and not letting go.

Darn you Creighton, how did you know it was me? My fellow bloggers My name is Brando K. Schrute and my vile arch enemy of a co-blogger stole that which was rightfully mine. This "man" (for lack of a better word) took the thing I love and respect most: this blog. Now he lords it over me, begging me to step out of line, so he can use his stolen authority to strike me down like I was some sort of highfalutin pig. Well, that's not how I'm going down; instead, I'm going to turn the tables on Creighton. Creighton will be the proverbial piggy following the trail of borscht into ol' Brando's slaughterhouse.

I have a plan, a diabolical plan to exact my revenge. It's a complex scheme, one that requires an incredible amount of foresight and maneuvering. Fortunately, I'm able to think 30 moves ahead of the average man (it's why I've always excelled at Rock-Paper-Scissors). I'm going to bide my time, shore up my defenses, align my allies, shore up my offenses, and then when he least expects, I will strike back with everything I have and take him down. And after he's deposed, I'll show him this blog so he'll truly understand how dedicated I was to achieving his suffering. Also, it's really really going to pi$$ him off--the streusel on the streuselkuchen.

Here's where you come in. I can't do this alone my fellow bloggers. Well, I can (obviously), but it's harvest season and I don't trust my cousin Mose to be alone with our crops or live stock. Long story, disturbing stuff. Anyway, I need a allies for my revenge plan and I'm looking for you to give me some help. So here's your chance to get in on the retribution while the retribution is getting good. But I warn you now our prey is a most dangerous prey: Strong, handsome, fast, tall, beautiful blue eyes, broad muscular shoulders, he may even be smarter than I, no not possible. Or is he? It matters not, for I will free this blog of the great evil or try really hard to get rid of him. Now my fellow bloggers join me as I begin the-


Hey Brad, is there any way for you to set a log-in to see your blog so that morons don't endlessly bash heads against each other in the comment section with dumb names and even dumber monologues?

I my estimation Creighton, anything Brady does lately borders on crying. He's getting up there with Rivers as the QB I hate the most. Even though Brett Favre is clearly number one on that list. Since the Panthers are not as good as they used to be Jake is finally off the top ten. After standing up to a serious butt kicking I actually have a little respect for Rodgers even though he's a Packer. Maybe it's because I don't think they are going to rebound after letting the Vikes kill them. They are probably going to save their energy for a rematch which bodes well for us.

I'm all for player safety, but that was not a horse collar tackle by Ogunleye on sunday. Ogunleye grabbed Stafford's back, not around the collar, thats why no penalty was called. What, defenders can't even grab the QB's by the back anymore?

As far as Stafford getting hurt, cry me a river! Seems to me just last season, a defensive end from Detroit [Dewayne White], took Chicago's QB out when he landed on his [Orton's] ankle...out of bounce! Where was the fine then??!! That injury killed the Bears season last year, so whatever with Stafford going down, welcome to the NFL buddy, GO BEARS!!

Hey, Brad, can you edit some of the silliness on these blogs? I know we don't have to read the nonsense too often presented, but we read to see what others have to say about your topic of the day and end up viewing too much goop. There were some good observations about officiating, and I'm not talking about those.We all mostly agree that there should be some degree of accountability regarding officials, and instead we get commercials where an official checks with a group of drunks to ask whether or not he can make the game last longer. Certainly players should be protected from illegal hits, but some level of sensible judgement should be allowed.

WRD that is very true, I was not standing up for Brady just pointing out it didn't take much for him to get what he wanted. I agree Rodgers is taking it like a man. Your list is pretty dead on. Although Favre is bugging me a lot less now that the GB game is over and he is not on every sports page in the country and I don't have to listen to ESP worship of the Hill Jack. Besides he actually backedup up the talk.

Top 10 worst QB's in the NFL.

1. Phillip Rivers, I hate Denver but I hope they kill SD.
2. Tom Brady, Believes his own hype, is a product of a system
3. Mike Vick, almost threw away his career to kill innocent Animals
4. Brett the hit man Favre, make up your mind
5. Kyle Orton, Has made a career taking credit for other peoples work, like the defense in Denver and the 05 Bears defense.
6. Jake Delhomme, He is the original Orton.
7. Phillip Rivers, he made the list twice, yes I hate him that much.
8. JaMarcus Russell, just for pure suck.
9. Brady Quinn, that seen with in the pool bothers me to this day
10. Matt Cassel, living proof what the Pats offensive system can do. To bad for him he is in KC.


"out of bounce?"....really?

Its probably cheaper not to sack the Qb now days lol

You mean the 10 most hated QBs, right? I will have to get back to you on a list of the most hated QB for me. And I couldn't agree more that the silliness needs to stop with the comments. I would love to just read what guys have to say on a topic and not have personal comments added. It's not right that a person should be called idiot or stupid or anything else just because they have a differing opinion. I also feel that it goes way too far that someone can use someone else's screen name. Usually I can tell it's not who they say they are. It's akin to identity theft because people make an interest in coming correct and someone uses their name to tarnish their opinion. I find I only get caught up in the name calling because I really feel that guys do it because they hide behind the internet. If we were in a bar or on the train and someone called me names then at least I can respect that somewhat because I know you are being a man who is readily taking his life into his hands. I don't respect anyone who knows that he can say whatever he wants because he's at home safe. I'm 45 and have never had another man call me names to my face. Hasn't happened since grade school. And Bob I smiled at that comment because it's so true. We used to get after QBs because we knew it would stop a team. Now guys play tentative because they are over thinking whether or not the play will result in money lost. Guys who are making more than the norm could absorb the loss. I feel for guys like Adams who are not entirely making millions. 3 or 4 of those a season is about what a lot of us are making in a year.

We probably need to get the facts straight before we start jumping on the umps. I should first say that I do not have a copy of the "Official Rules of the NFL." I was surprised to find that it was something that I needed to buy. The information I have is gleaned from various online sources, including the one below.

A penalty was not called on the play, so the officials at the game probably got the call right, the way most of us Bear fans saw it.

However, it should be noted that the 2006 rule change made "grabbing the inside collar of the back of the shoulder pads or jersey, or the inside collar of the side of the shoulder pads or jersey" illegal. So pulling on the inside collar of the jersey is a horse collar, and Coach Billick needs to get his facts right.

But there's more. The rule also says "This does not apply to a runner who is in the tackle box or to a quarterback who is in the pocket," which I believe Stafford was. So I think Goon definitely needs to challenge the fine. The only part the league could be upset about would be the injury to Stafford, and the way in which the injury occurred does partially resemble how actual horse-collar induced injuries occur (tackler falling on the leg of ball carrier from behind), but that is just coincidence and fining Goon for it is just ridiculous.

As for the calls in favor of Brady, I watched Mike Pereira defending the calls on "Official Review" and he basically said that if they are going to err on a close call, officials are instructed to err on the side of safety. That's exactly what happened. It unfortunately seems out of touch with what the fans want (more in touch with what the owners want). As all of you are saying, that kind of protectionism does not belong on the football field.

It's too much protection and too much of a penalty. I can understand wanting to protect the heads and knees of players, but perhaps its better helmets and knee pads that are needed, rather than penalizing every brush and nick to those areas; I'm in favor of penalizing blatant hits.

I agree that QB's need to be protected, they are virtual sitting ducks for 300 lb men to beat them up and they are the Franchise. Where would we be w/o Cutler?
But I have seen alot of horse collars that were not called and I felt that was not a horsecollar, That should be a consistent call with everyone. Now if they wanted to call roughing then fine but the Refs need to call that horse collar the same with everyone.

Last comment was me.

Cincy can beat the Ravens guys. Look at the halftime stats wow.

Add Dork to that list, maybe the name caller does the same thing and needs to stop as well. Before you ask others to respect you respect them first.
Bottom Line - If you WANT respect then SHOW respect.
Yes sometimes the identity theft is all in good fun, but you are correct to actually do it out of meannes needs to stop as well.

oh and heres for that, KILL!!! THE BENGALS!

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