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Ogunleye on John St. Clair: `I'm just going to say that he tries hard'

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Defensive end Adewale Ogunleye returned to the practice squad this afternoon, maybe with an eye on being able to face ex-Bear John St. Clair on Sunday at Soldier Field.

The Bears and Cleveland Browns essentially flipped offensive tackles when Cleveland signed St. Clair in free agency, and the Bears turned around and picked up Shaffer after he was cut loose. St. Clair is starting at right tackle for the Browns, where Ogunleye often faced him in training camp and in the offseason.

"It's going to be fun going against him,'' Ogunleye said. "I'm just going to say that he tries hard. He's the kind of guy that goes in every game and busts his ass, excuse me, busts his tail. He's the kind of guy that you want on your team, so he's a good guy."

Ogunleye had two sacks in the opener vs. Green Bay's Allen Barbre and 2 1/2 a month ago against Detroit's Gosder Cherilus, but he's been shut out in the other games. The Bears' pass rush has been shut out the last two games. According to Stats Inc., St. Clair surrendered 10 of the Bears' 29 sacks last season, most on the team.

The Browns are quite happy with the veteran, and the Bears tried to re-sign St. Clair but he had financial requests they were not willing to meet.

"He's a great guy,'' Cleveland coach Eric Mangini said. "What we look for in players we bring in, whether it is free agency or the draft, we call core characteristics, smart, tough, competitive, guys that are selfless and guys that football is important too, and John has all of those characteristics. A steady guy, really good in the locker room, good teammate. I've been really happy that he is here."

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Can Larry Mayer be any more of a tool? Here is his quote today:

"I had absolutely no problem at all with the plays Ron Turner called in the game."

About Turners play calls against the Bengals. Does this A@@ Clown take lessons from Smith and JA about how to answer questions. He calls himself a Bears fan. They need a new writer. Biggs please apply for the job. How can anyone like the play calls, let alone he is the worst O coordinator. Please at least have some guts to answer the questions, not just write BS answers we all know the Bears wanted him to write. Sometimes the team is BAD. They are not good all the time.

I just thought I would rant a little.


Mayer is just a puppet. He can't bad mouth the Bears. Doesn't he work out of Halas Hall? You can't bite the hand that feeds you!

Larry Mayer is a company man for sure he only answers "softball questions" from the readers and never criticizes anyone with the Bears. He never deals with real issues, it drives me nuts. Cover the team when they suck tell us they suck & why.

O.K., so Wale pipes in on St. Claire.Question is, can you beat him Wale ? Can you actually get to the Q.B. against a tackle that the Bears would'nt re-sign ? If Ogunleye has 0 sacks this week, what does it say about talent evaluation on this team ?


Larry Mayer is the Bears' in-house propaganda puppet. You're expecting something critical from him?

Haha! I am in tears! Thanks to TomK this turns into a Larry Mayer Roast! Ok, here's my contribution:

Has anyone seen this putz give an interview? He sounds so wimpy and nasally. He must have breathing problems from having his nose stuck so far up Lovie's @ss!

That felt good but enough on that. I wouldn't be suprised if another former Bear has a career day against us. So far, Wale's only picked up sacks against the bad lines, even with The Messiah coaching him and the defensive line.

Wonder how much Gaines Adams will be used in the upcoming game. He is the future after all. Even if it is a helplessly stupid and incompetent future.

You guys are all complaining about nothing. You have a problem with his play calling how in the Bengals game? He threw the ball, they were down 7-0, 14-0, 21-0, 28-0, 31-7, 38-7? So wheres the problem, the offensive line is not that good to just go out and pass pass pass. Though i believe we can come back and take the lead, the Bears offense w/ or w/ out Jay Cutler can not come back from more than 21 down.

"He is the future after all. Even if it is a helplessly stupid and incompetent future." - Mike

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! Stupid funny. Love it.

No amount of play calling can compensate for 10 years of bad drafting. I'm glad we got Cutler, but in 1-2 years he'll look more like Bobby Douglas running around for his life.... useless Bears management has done little in the way of managing this team and its not going to get prettier.

Just take a look at this years draft: Gilbert or Iglesias = no sightings. round 4 = melton (IR) ? Alfalava (y). round 5 = ohio st kid = cut. Rnd 6 & 7 = d.j. moore (no sightings) & kinder (cut)

The entire OL and DL is old and tired. This team is headed for a disaster over the next 2-3 years.

I'm sorry to write that but its true

I'm not in the business of predicting sack totals for individual players for individual games, but I still do think Ogunleye and Brown have a 10 sack season in them, although the odds are piling up against me each week.

Sacks are a combination of a lot of things (offensive play-calling, line play, blocking RBs, pass coverage, WR skills, QB decision making, effective blitzing, etc.), so in the bigger picture of things, I would be happy if the Bears simply shut down the struggling Browns offense, to maybe 10 total points. The Bears defense needs to remain aggressive, stop the run no matter what, blitz effectively, and pressure the QB. If Ogunleye gets a sack or 2, great. But if he's occupying blockers and a blitzer gets through, or he's pressuring the QB to move, or if he's penetrating and forcing their RB to change course in their backfield, I'd say he's doing a good job. The stat line is secondary to team performance.

St. Clair, who I believe was a career backup until he started for the Bears last year, played as good as could be reasonably expected for us. While he isn't great, he isn't a push over, and Ogunleye will need his A-game to be effective.

It's true. Larry Mayer blows dead rats. LMAO!

Speaking of trying hard...

Hey Wale, isn't this the final year of your existing contract and that's why you are playing harder than last year?

If I were the Browns, I would spend the entire day running right at Ogunleye. They won't because Briggs is on that side, but they should just to see if Wale can walk the walk. He certainly can talk the talk.


Larry Mayer doesn't answer soft ball questions from readers...he answers questions that HE MAKES UP HIMSELF. Have you ever read 4 Down Territory and EVER seen questions from real Bears fans like the ones you see on Chalk Talk on the official site? Didn't think so. It's because people who care about the team don't sit around thinking about things like, I wonder what year/opponent the Bears were playing the last time they had converted more than 5 third downs in a quarter (or other random stats that Larry seems to think are interesting or important). It is blatantly obvious that Larry reads the Suntimes and the Trib, chooses an interesting topic from either one, and then MAKES UP QUESTIONS about that topic. I'm not sure why but it just bothers the hell out of me. GO BEARS.

HAHA!! I love the Larry Mayer comments. I stopped reading "chalk talk" a long time ago because he never has anything juicy in there. It's always the same BS optimism that Lovie Smith spews every time he's at the podium. I'm a die hard Bear fan for life, but if my team sucks like last Sunday I wanna hear them called out. That Bengals game made me embarrassed to be a Bear fan and the last thing I wanted to hear from Smith, Angelo, or Mayer was how they did some positive things bla bla bla.

Anyways, I'll leave Larry alone and move on to this Sunday. Anything short of a blowout will be a disappointment. If they struggle at any point of the game (like they did the first half vs. Detroit) I'm going to be pretty ticked. It's time to turn the season around and who better to play than the sorry asss Browns!

I don't know what Ron Turner's rep is around the league, truely, but what difference does it make if we play defense like a high school team? Don't know much about Larry Mayer's writing (other than his defense of Turner recently) but rip his writing don't rip the man. Ripping a man, his character, his person just to give your point more crediance is classless... he may be writing crap but personal attacks are lesser crap! Bears fans have freedom of speech including the freedom not to write like bitter ignorant children. GO Bears, please win this week!

Like that seedy!!! Go at Wale!! There is way too much talk by Bears players and way too less walk!

uh guys cept Tripper and a couple others - Larry does his job. If you dont like it dont read it, of course he's a company man, thats his job. duh...

so is this the game Adams has 3 sacks in and reminds us of Dent? After all he was the best DE available right? like Omiyale and Shaffer and...well pretty much the entire team.
Its the Browns! If we don't score big, forget it.

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