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Ochocinco stops joking long enough to praise Tillman

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Chad Ochocinco has been tweeting up a storm this week but he put the kidding aside Wednesday morning in an entertaining conference call with reporters. He's seen Charles Tillman do a pretty good job the last games on Atlanta's Roddy White and Detroit's Calvin Johnson.

The Bears were burned by Johnson in the first half of the Lions' game, and coach Lovie Smith made a halftime adjustment having Tillman shadow him on the field where he went. Johnson had three catches for 14 yards, and Tillman followed it up Sunday night in the Georgia Dome against White, who had four catches for 56 yards. White scored on a bubble screen that went 40 yards, and Tillman was wiped out by tight end Tony Gonzalez on the play.

"Beautiful. Beautiful,'' Ochocinco said when asked about Tillman. "I've been studying film on Peanut since training camp actually. I got some of the film that I could from when he played before and watched some of the things he does. He's really, really good, man. I know I've been playing around on Twitter and going back and forth with the nonsense--it's the way I play the game--but he looks really good and he's put up some shut-downs on some pretty good top receivers, so it's going to be a fun, interesting matchup come Sunday."

Ochocinco, who called out the secondary in a playful way on Twitter, said the Bears will be kissing the baby from the moment the whistle blows. He's got an end zone celebration planned for the game, too. When he was known as Chad Johnson, he scored two touchdowns vs. the Bears at Soldier Field in 2005, doing his take on Michael Flatley's Riverdance. That was at a time when Brian Urlacher was embroiled in a dispute with Tyna Robertson, the mother of his son. Robertson had falsely accused Flatley of rape, and he won a successful lawsuit against her. He said he's not going to repeat a dance he's already done.

"A very good friend of mine, Ronaldinho, I'm thinking about doing the Samba this week,'' Ochocinco said. "Courtesy of my friend Ronaldinho."

Ochocinco also extended a Saturday lunch invitation to the Score's Zach Zaidman, also the WBBM sideline reporter.

"If he tweets me once he gets here, we'll go to McDonalds,'' Ochocinco said. "Tell Johnny Knox I'm looking forward to meeting him. I like his game most definitely."

We'll deliver the message to Knox when we see him. Zaidman should hold out for a trip to Skyline chili.

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Brad he also spoke about Cutler saying he is an elite QB one of the best in the league.

I like Ocho. Sure he has his goofy antics but the guy's a class act for what he did last week; buying up the rest of the seats at Paul Brown Stadium with his sponsor so as to avoid a blackout of the game.

The NFL on the other hand under Commi$$ioner Goof-dell makes me sick sometimes. These blackouts are moronic. In Michigan, where unemployment is the highest in the nation, they're blacking out Detroit Lions games if home games aren't sold out. Hey dip*^&%s, these people have been supporting the NFL for decades and now they've fallen on hard times, how about giving back to your unwavering loyal customers by at least letting them see their team play for a few hours on Sundays?

AMEN MIKE!!! The NFL needs to start thinking about what it can do to keep fans... Something tells me they are headed for rough times.

He tweets because the reality is is that he is a shadow of the receiver he used to be. By making noise on tweeter he is able to use mind games in an attempt to distract his defenders and give him some hope of maybe catching a pass. And if he could just catch a long pass or (heaven forbid) score a touchdown than the TD would be that much more over-hyped on ESPN and fool the rest of the league that Chad is still a good player. It is a win-win situation for Chad.

You are kicking butt. If you can stop Roddy White, then you can shutout 85.

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