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NFL pushes back start time of Benson Bowl

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The Bears' first encounter with running back Cedric Benson is drawing more attention from the network.

The NFL mas moved back the kickoff time of the Bears' game at Cincinnati on Oct. 25 from noon until 3:15 p.m., and that will most likely allow the game to be shown to a wider audience. Currently, Fox has two other games in that time slot--Atlanta at Dallas and New Orleans at Miami.

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Oh well. Given the competing games, that means I have zero chance of seeing the game live in Mississippi.

Maybe some day Benson will exit my life and go back to toasting law enforcement from his boat in Texas. LOL.

The NFL is not doing it for the cold hard cash, they are doing it so more people can view it. :)
Bears vs Former Bears are hot, 49's game is Sun.PM Da Bears have really hit the big time. Think Cutler had anything to do with it?

Actually I cant wait for both those games, Right now those are not games we can plan on walking away with. Looks like Housh left Cincy a year early. Ced, Chad, M.S. (still hard to say Coach Monster Middle Singletary) - Crabtree.....

Good thing we have our Bye first.

Monster Mike
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MsBearsFan, why can't you watch the game? I am sure a sports bar or hotel in your area will have all three games on, go watch it there with some friends.

Randy you don't think it has anything to do with money and then you say they are doing it so more people can watch???? WTF Randy, you dork. You can see exactly why they are doing it, they now have the south, south west, south east, the west and with the Bears they have the mid-west and with Cin they get the north east. All the teams playing where in the south, they needed to get the north involved.

Ms don't be a couch potato go out to enjoy the game.

Randy the Bears are in the second largest market in the country, they have been big time, for a long time. Didn't they have five primetime games last year? Didn't they open last year in primetime as well?

We already know that the flex schedule that the NFL uses change start time due to the win/loss factors. Winning teams sell and former players facing old teams compell. I expect a change for a few more games. Maybe even a switch to a Sunday night game like they did New Years eve 2006. Remember how many people didn't show up for that game due to the conflict with plans they had already made? Even a certain starting QB didn't show up even though he played. 3:15 starts mess with my weekends returning my son home at 4:00. As long as we win and I have DVR it's somewhat satisfying.

The Bears only stick with the REAL criminals (Tank, 943 chances), drunk drivers (Briggs), etc. Benson was cleared twice of charges, no place for a guy like that on the Bears.

The Cincy game should be pretty entertaining.
MS, My buddy and I hit Hooters to see the Games, no sound(they usually have that on for the Texans games)...but plenty to look at during a lull in the game.

Hey thanks guys!

But you gotta understand that this is where people from Kansas come to get away from it all. The nearest hotel and/or bar is about 35 miles, nearest sports bar of any kind is probably 50. Nearest Hooters is about 90 miles. Everybody around here is an Aints fan. (Can't wait for them to do their annual December dive;)

I usually listen on satellite radio when the Bears are not televised. That's not as bad as you might's the WBBM feed. Since you guys are on me about it, I'll check and see if maybe Dorothy and Toto can amuse themselves for a day while I make a road trip.

I'm probably going to regret spilling these beans. The good news is that my idea of traffic has gone from being parked 5-across on the Ike to occasionally having to swerve to miss a deer or turkey. Another thing is that these cajuns really can cook.

Thats MISTER DORK to you!

That was sarcastic, should have been a wink not a smile..... ;)
I am hoping you are being sarcastic as well cause we opened last year against the Colts, of course it was Prime Time but not bc we are good.
This is Cincy! A big difference between Cincy and the Colts.
I disagree that we have been big time for a long time, who wants to watch a looser? Last year we were supposed to be good and got Prime Time, I think I remember the NFL moving some of our 2006 games to PrimeTime, They do that as Teams show they are good.

As far as watching the game, for me it depends on if the Colts are on TV or not, no Colts? I get to watch the Bears! whoohoo so no hooters or DirectTV for me.

LOL dagoT correctomundo

I like the later games. So I'm all for it!

The only thing I do not like about the 3pm games is that a lot of the time, they are on regular TV up here, which makes my Sunday Ticket relatively useless. Hate paying money when I don't need to.

I will be anxious to see how well Bowman and Tillman can cover Ochocinco, and considering their existing dislike for each other, how Benson and the LB corps deal with each other...

Toub is getting a lot of pub on the other paper's sites. Based on how well John Harbaugh has done as a head coach, and Toub's reputation around the league, is there a chance he gets a Head gig in the near future?

Yeah, I used to get DirectTV but with the NFL, why buy it if the game you want is still blacked out? What a load. How that can't be a monopoly is a congressional thing.

As I sent that sarcastic remark I saw the smile and I knew I should have put a lil typo and see what happens?

maybe I should do that more often, just to liven things up huh?

almost forgot msbearsfan
Yes, thanks WBBM from Indy as well!!!

If the Bears keep winning, I think a couple more of their games might get moved forward. Keep winning!

Personally, Im not sold on Benson. He was a bust in Chicago and let a lot of people down when he was here. The guy had no heart. I realize he was younger than he is now, and Thomas Jones didn't exactly make things easy for ol Ced, but c'mon, there all full grown men here. I think Benson is at a point in his career where he has figured out, "this might be my last shot at the pros." So he is now putting forth effort, [unlike his days in the windy city] if thats the case, thats sad. Don't be fooled by Matt Forte's early stats, he's the better back, Angelo did the right thing cutting ol Ced. The Bears need more players like Forte that, unlike Ced, put forth effort, thats the bottom line in the Benson bowl.

Now for something off the subject. Rick Telander did an interesting bit on Brett Favre. Its a nice story, but I have to disagree with something Telander wrote.

He wrote: "It is unfathomable how a Hall of Fame quarterback- perhaps the best that ever played the game--somehow simply left the Packers and ended up over yonder."

Rick Telander, Brett Favre is not the best quarterback to ever play, not by a long shot. I'd put Favre in the top 5, but not #1. A lot of people consider Favre the best because of his stats, the thing is, Peyton Manning is on pace to shatter all of Favre's numbers, oh yeah, except for his record for most interceptions, ol Favre might keep that one all to himself. At the end of the day, QB's are judged on their stats, and titles won. Joe Montana is hands down the best to ever play the game. Cool Joe won four Super Bowls, and passed for over 40,000 yards during his career. Montana is the only QB in the history of the game to ever win 4 titles AND pass for 40,000 plus yards. Bradshaw won 4, but never even broke 30,000 yards passing for his career. QB's like Marino and Favre had more yards passing, but never even got close to Montana's Super Bowl wins. If you can name me another QB that had 40,000 plus yards for his career, and 4 super Bowl wins, you'll name a better can't. GO BEARS!!

MS do you get NFL network? Ok you live 35 miles from a bar and 50 from a sports Bar? No big deal, two words. Road Trip. Dude I have been to Mississippi and I live in Chicago. 50 miles in Mississippi is like 5 miles in Chicago. Going from Edison Park to Soldier field on game day is goijng to take you an hour before you are parked unless you leave early.

You have the internet, I know their are sites out there that carry the game. Like Zimbo or something. To bad it is not on NBC, they have been putting games online this year live. Try these links.

In todays society many out of state Bear fans living in rural areas don't have the same rights or acceptance as Bear fans living in or near Chicago. They often lack the means or ability to watch a Bears game a right no fan should be denied. This is little MSBearsFan, stuck in rural Mississippi with little or no means of watching the game, surrounded by Saints fans and a society heavly based on Bear prejuduce. Can you imagine the pain of missing a game? I know I can't. Please, you to can help support the needy. Find a link or way to watch the game and post it. Nobody should denied the basic human right of Bear football. Maybe Brad knows a way or a link or he could ask Laurance Holmes. Which I am actually going ot go do right now.

I agree with Kevin on Benson. I don't see Benson being that different from what I saw in Chicago. Actually I thought he was better in 2006 as a backup to Jones; better second effort, could run over a guy on occasion. Maybe it is the blocking. Doesn't have many moves to begin with, not a lot of speed, but can find a hole and is a workhorse. I'm happier to have Forte, but I wish Benson well.

"Momie, Momie, momie dont they know im a big star in texas momie. they're taking me away on a strecher momie cause # 55 flattened me. mommie!!

Ced Haters:

120 yds 1 TD vs Ravens.......I guess he isnt any good after all

Hey Anonymous,

2007: 11 games, 674 yards, 3.4 yard Avg., 4 TDs, 3 fumbles. You make the call. He wasn't very good when he got his chance in Chicago. A change of scenery can do wonders sometimes.

Its alright to get on the Ced band wagon, better late than never.
Palmer looks really good, that will make everyone good this year.

Hey Anonymous,

It's good to see Benson's doing fine now, but after what we saw him do in Chicago, I seriously doubt you're going to find many Bear fans on that wagon of yours, I don't care if Benson winds up leading the league in rushing at the end of the year. And we're perfectly happy with Forte, thank you.

I was a fan of Benson when he came out, but this couldn't have been a worse situation to come into. The scheme was wrong for his skills, there was an established team leader at his position, and he got some bad advice from his agent or whoever was in his head. I wonder if this is consistent with guys where they were drafted already in baseball before deciding on football. I think they have an over-inflated sense of worth coming in, which makes them more susceptible to bad decisions when it comes to holdouts and contracts.

That being said, Ced didn't do what he needed to do to make himself a success in Chicago. A team that loves hard-running backs would have embraced him if we saw the same Ced that is playing in Cincy this year. He is a powerful back, who is capable of punishing a defense late in the game, and has excellent instincts around the goal line. It just did not materialize here.

But Thomas Jones was exactly the same story, only it took him until his 3rd team to emerge as a dynamic running back. Arizona did not run a west coast offense at the time, so Jones was out of place. We run a west coast scheme, so Ced was out of place. If the two had been drafted into the systems they are in now, both would have had the potential to be very good right out of the gate.

It brings up an interesting point, and echoes one by the Trib today. Does the coaching staff deserve blame for not putting players in the right scheme to succeed? The money invested in these backs (or any first round pick for that matter) warrants a serious look at how to maximize their abilities. Ced's best runs as a Bear were in his last season, where he was able to make a cut and go all out. The other game that stands out in my mind was the New Year's Eve game a few years back, the infamous Rex and his party planning game. Once they figured out that Grossman was useless, they went to the running game, and Benson had a very solid outing. He made tacklers miss, he broke decent runs, and all in very poor field and weather conditions. The potential was there, but it was never realized.

Now we are seeing what the scouts saw in Benson. He is perfect for the Cincy offense, where they have a very diverse offense of downfield passing and power running. If Andre Smith ever gets onto the field, they will be even better at running the ball.

The fact that he got 100+ yards on Baltimore tells you all you need to know. He is running with confidence, excitement, and probably some anger to complement his power. He was in the best shape of his career going into 2008, and then got caught in the bad situation on the boat. Did the Bears make a mistake by releasing him? No, but the argument could be made that they shouldn't have drafted him in the first place if they were going to continue to run a west coast offense. Of the three backs that were drafted in the top 5 that year, all three have shown flashes of brilliance. Ronnie Brown would have been perfect in our offense, and Cadillac Williams would have been very good as well. Benson would have fit much better into Miami's offense at the time, which was centered around a Ricky Williams power running game. Ced and Ricky, while a nightmare personality-wise, would have been a great1-2 punch in a power running game.
It was interesting to me to see Gore went in the 3rd, Jacobs in the 4th along with Marion Barber in that draft. Looking at it now, would any of the top 3 gone ahead of Barber or Jacobs? I would argue Brown would be in the conversation, as would Gore.

Revisionist history is always dicey, but imagine that draft if we had taken DeMarcus Ware or Shawne Merriman, or Jammal Brown, and taken Barber in the second. Barber is a better receiver, and a better blocker, and is a power back that could fit into the west coast offense. We wouldn't have lost anything without Bradley, and we didn't have a third round pick because of the Ogunleye trade.

I guess to make a long story short, we have not made the best decisions on who to draft or sign based on our system. Or when we have a talented player, we do not always adjust to make sure their talents are maximized. We are starting to see that from Ron Turner now, where he is moving the tight ends around to create mismatches, and also to try and take bigger players out of the box to give Forte room to run. Hopefully that is a sign that the coaching staff is finally getting it. We'll see, but in the meantime, Ced seems to have it figured out. Orton is a player who I think already had it figured out, but he finally has weapons, an aggressive play-caller, and a top notch line to protect him. We are seeing both thrive in an environment conducive to their respective talents.

Hey Joe, good analysis.

I don't buy the thought that the system just didn't fit Benson in Chicago. He had some flashes in 2006 and looked like he was going to be just fine in 2007. But in 2007, granted the blocking wasn't too good, but I think I just saw anemic play out of Benson; no speed, no moves, slow getting to and through the hole, no power, no second effort. It seemed more like a fundamental problem than a scheme problem.

And then this "best shape of his career going into 2008" thing. What happened to 2007, when he knew it was his show?

I think it just took a cut and a change of scenery (that and the luck of having a team desperately seeking immediate RB help) to wake up and get himself motivated. I don't think it was a mistake by the Bears in the sense that they picked the guy for the wrong scheme. Misjudged his character, maybe.

I'm happy for ex-Bears performing well elsewhere, and I'm happy that Benson has found a good home, and I want him to have a good year.

Having said that, I don't think Benson is as good as we are being led to believe. Is he a workhorse? Yes. Is he getting through the hole? Yes. But I think a lot of other RBs would be capable of putting up the same kind of numbers on the current Bengals team.

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