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NFL opens the polls for Pro Bowl voting

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There is no expenses-paid trip to Hawaii in it for the players this season.

But they still might appreciate your vote. The NFL made the decision for this season to move the all-star game to the site of the Super Bowl. That means the Pro Bowl will be played Jan. 31 in Miami, and no players from the Super Bowl clubs will be involved in the game. The short turnaround for players on the losing sides of the AFC and NFC Championship Games might not be too interested in wearing a helmet and pads the next week either.

The NFL opened the online polls for Pro Bowl voting on Monday. This link right here will take you directly to your own ballot. Balloting will end when the Packers-Bears game at Soldier Field concludes on Monday, Dec. 21. The Pro Bowl teams will be announced Dec. 29.

With no free trip to Hawaii in the mix, we're interested to see how many players back out of the game this year. More minor injuries crop up in January for star players than you can imagine.

Fan voting counts one-third in the selection process for the Pro Bowl with the players and coaches also getting one-third each.

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Brad Maynard deserves a spot this year.

Theres probably not gonna be to many Pro Bowlers on this years Bears squad. Maybe Maynard. I thought Charles Tillman was having a pretty good year until the Bengal debacle. Jay Cutler is actually having a pretty good year, except for the 10 picks. Cutler is completing 65.2% of his passes and is on pace to throw for 3,888 yards and around 28-30 td passes. Its just them darn picks, he seems to get them in bunches, if he could cut back he's actually having a pretty good year.

I think the Pro Bowl should be played after the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl squads usually have a couple Pro Bowlers, and its not fair to them not to be able to play in the game. Especially a game like the Pro Bowl that gives players that are deserving some recognition, just an opinion now GO BEARS!!

I can't think of anyone else from the Bears who should go aside from Maynard.

Maybe Knox as a returner if he gets a few more big returns and TDs.

Oh yeah, Briggs got 15 tackles Sunday. I guess he can go, too.

There are two players.

Briggs, Gould.

That's it. That's the list.


Brad will be the ONLY Bear at the Pro Bowl, who didn't pay for a ticket.

Brad Maynard should definitely make it this year

Lance Briggs should also make it, hes basically the only one playing defense out there and he does it well. Other than that no one will make it except maybe Knox as a returner.

I believe Cutlers interceptions stem from the fact that were basically throwing all game, lets cut the guy some slack hes not Drew Brees.

PRO BOWL, PRO BOWL...Don't even mention Pro Bowl around here !

I think the only Pro Bowlers associated with the Bears are the guys we have played against that we have made look like Pro Bowlers--I think we single-handedly put Ced into the running for a trip.

Maynard is the only one who can be viewed as premier at his position based on his performance through the first part of the season. Briggs is playing well, but not to the point where he should be going to Miami.

They don't bring long snappers to the Pro Bowl, do they? Mannelly should be a Pro Bowler year in and year out, but I do not think they bring one to the game...

There are two players.

Briggs, Gould.

That's it. That's the list.


Pro bowl???? Pro bowel??? Are you f####### kidding me?? These loosers aren't worthy of wiping my a##!

Maynard should go? Why Kevin did you not see him shanck punt in Seattle? He sucks.

And don't even get me started on Peanut. I thought he was doing good early on but now I see he is avrage at best just like his whole career.

Gold missed a fg already and he has done nothing special.

Knox yeah right. Has anyone heard of Josh Cribs?

Briggs is a good player but he has only racked up tackles. He needs more impact plays which he fails to get.

I can see Cutler going sense he is the only one doing anything but his stats won't cut it.

So there you have it. No probowlers this year sense Angelo only nows how to get gets average players and busts. Where are all the bluechip players? Oh right there are none. I'm calling it now the game against the Browns will be a close one.

Know your conferences!! Cribbs is in the AFC. If Knox continues to get better he does have an outside chance.

Yes, Manyard also deserves a shot. He's the best in the business dropping it inside the 20.

And Gould missed ONE field goal, but also nailed his first 50 yarder. He's as good or better than anyone in the league especially kicking in Soldier Field.

Before anyone else piles on this team right now, just remember how good the Cardinals looked after their game with the Jets last year. Am I saying that the Bears will end up in the Super Bowl like the Cards did? Absolutely not. All I am saying is one game does not a season make.

I bet we have more players in the Pro Bowl than you losers do!!!! Aaron Rodgers for one, not that Rex clone that you chumps gave up your franchise for! Cutler blows and so does the "Cover Who"!!! I bet Cleveland beats your sorry a$$es. Go Obama and take BBF Babitch with ya! Hahahahahahahah........I'm still laughing......How sweet it is!!!...hahahahaha

Can you guys believe how bad things are with the Bears?
Personally I can't believe how this season is going!
It is so bad that it looks like it might be years before we have a good Bears team again.
So what do we do to fix it?
I like Mully's idea of moving Olsen to wideout or split. In the NFL one needs to have a large TE that can block. Olsen is going to become useless at the TE position, he is so skinny.

Wolfe provided a spark when he came in. I am down on Forte right now. I think Turner likes Wolfe. At least he runs hard.

The Bears have two of the scariest deep threats in the NFL and never even ATTEMPTED to throw the Bomb. That is so stupid. Cutler throws the bomb as well as anyone and we have blazing speed, but not ONCE did they throw the deep one. EVEN WHEN DOWN BY 28 Points!!!!! Throw the bomb at least 3 times a game. It is a fast way to score a touchdown. Ask Jim McMahon.

Gigantic problems at safety. No apparent solution.

Cedric Benson AFC Pro Bowler!!!!....Matt Forte.....uh...Hahaha!...Maybe the Bears 2010 high draft well help them..uh...hahaha!!!...Good luck Bums, I mean, Bears...see ya in the playoffs and Pro Bowl Cedric!

Actually Gould can not be there either as he is way down the list of FG Kickers this year, I know cause I always pick him up in FF and I am going to drop him after the Browns game.

backerslacker, dang you know little about football if you think Cutler is our problem.


Actually I don't have faith in any draft that Angelo presides over.. geez did anyone see how lost Bowman was? Yeah right, could happen to anyone, but in the Endzone?
Briggs may be our best D player but right Creighton, he needs to do more to get PB nod.
so... no one. Cutler but no stats. what a sad state of bear affairs.

Lance Briggs is another player I forgot to mention as a possible Pro Bowler for Chicago. As bad as the defense was sunday kind of overshadowed the fact Lance Briggs is still one of the leagues best weakside backers. He's been coming out of every game this year with at least 10 tackles, he's doing his job. Another thing I've always liked about Lance Briggs is he's a sure tackler. Briggs and Maynard should get a spot.

Another thing overshadowed by sundays embarrassment was the fact wide receiver Devin Hester is really starting to come on as a receiver. He's really starting to become a complete route runner and is starting to look more and more like an NFL wide receiver. He's really starting to pan out for the Bears.

As far as the deep ball, I think the problem with Chicago is their lack of a big receiver. All of Chicago's wideouts are 6-1 or under. When you go deep with a receiver 6-1 or under, you have to be able to hit them in stride. Its just gonna take time for Cutler and his receivers to get it down before they will become a consistent down the field long ball team. Orton had the same problem last season in Chicago. Last season Cutler had some success down the field because of the 6-4 Brandon Marshall. With a big receiver like Marshall, you don't have to hit them in stride, just put it up there and allow them to go get it. I think this is a big reason Cutler liked the 6-2 Brandon Aromashodu, and if you noticed during the pre-seaon, Cutler and Armashodu had some success together down the field. I'd like to see Armashodu get some more game time reps to see if he could make a difference as far as down the field. Another problem is Chicago's offensive line, Cutler really hasn't had time to go down the field. Just an opinion GO BEARS!!

Maybe it would be best if Orlando retired and Shaffer can enter the picture. He looks like a real football player and Williams seems to be a very good pass blocker. I think the Bears would be better off with moving Williams to LT, insert Shaffer at RT and get Frank on the bench where he belongs for some of the worst blocking ever. And Williams - u looked like u were offsides on every play last Sun., the refs are gonna catch u so stop it.

Let Aromashadu run a few plays this week.

MORE Corey Graham. In the short flat he is excellent, he is the only Bear besides URL that challenges the short slant pass. I am not saying that he can cover Roddy White on a go, but you gotta sit Al A down because Lovie is blowing his mind and he is just lost.

Special teams better not screw up this week.
ABSOLUTELY DO NOT KICK TO CRIBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Start Wolfe and see what happens.

GO DEEP TO KNOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Dez Clark less Olsen.

Don't even think about kicking to Cribbs.

This is going to be a close game.

Al Harris Should Definitely Be There! He was there last year and he is awesome again this year. Everyone vote for him and check out his new site alharrissite. Green Bay Baby... Packers

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