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Jerry Angelo discusses the trade for defensive end Gaines Adams

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ATLANTA--Time will tell, but it could prove to be one of the most productive scouting trips of general manager Jerry Angelo's career.

He was headed to Tampa last week to scout the South Florida-Cincinnati game, and after some initial discussions with Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik, who was groomed for a time under Angelo, they agreed to meet face-to-face. That is how the trade on Friday for defensive end Gaines Adams got done with the Bears shipping out their second-round draft pick in 2010 for the No. 4 pick in the 2007 draft.

Angelo understands that Adams, who will not be active for tonight's game against the Falcons, is being labeled a bust in Tampa. They said the same thing about Cedric Benson, who he drafted fourth overall in 2005.

"I have seen situations like that,'' he said. "You get a few position coaches and a scheme change, the fourth pick in the draft, big fish bowl not living up to expectations. Hey, I have been part of it. We've seen it. We feel very strongly about our scheme, we feel very strongly about our coaches, we feel very strongly about the way we evaluate players. We did all of our due diligence and we felt like we're going to make this happen. There are risks to a draft pick, there is risk to this. I'm just hoping he is coming in here wanting to be a great player. If he is, I feel like we have all the tools to facilitate him coming to fruition.''

Angelo understands it probably didn't make the guys already in the Bears defensive line room happy. Adams will join a rotation that right now is Alex Brown-Adewale Ogunleye-Mark Anderson. It's not that he's unhappy with any of those players, and, yes, Ogunleye and Anderson could both return next season.

"I'm sure I didn't make any friends over this with the defensive line,'' Angelo said. "But I like them all. I just feel like you can't have enough of them. Unlike the offensive line, you play a lot of defensive linemen. We have a rotation. It's a pretty good rotation. He is hopefully another player that is going to add to the mix. It starts with the front, you know that, both on the offensive and defensive lines. I just felt like the value of what he does was too great not to take advantage of this opportunity.

"I'm not anticipating us doing anything with anybody other than what they are already doing. We just got another guy to be in the mix. It's a second-round draft pick. Does he have to be special? He doesn't have to be special. He has to be a good rank-and-file player we can win with. His position, and I can't minimize this, has tremendous value in our scheme. That had a lot of weight in our decision. These guys aren't easy to find and when you get an opportunity to potentially get one, you act on it."

Longterm, the Bears like having Adams under contract through 2012, but they are hoping he can provide a boost to the pass rush immediately. The defense has had to blitz increasingly over the last two seasons because the front four has not generated a steady pass rush on its own. That's the first way Angelo evaluates lineman, too, can they get to the quarterback?

"When we look at defensive linemen, I've always said this, we look at third down first,'' he said. "We don't look at first down, we look at third down. How he impacts on third down. That's the way we draft them, that's the way we pay them. That will be as long as we're here, that will be our posture.''

It's the second big trade he has pulled off in less than seven months. So much for the draft driven thing, huh?

"We built this team every way you can build it, A to Z,'' Angelo said. "We've built something that I feel is going to last. Anyway you can get a good player. In a way, he is a draft pick. He's 26 years old, he's still on his rookie contract and we used a draft pick to get him. I look at this guy like that."

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The first thing that needs to be done is fire Ron Turner. This is not a college game. Secondly whatever it is Angelo is doing for the defense he sure is hell destorying the feature of the offense because there a quite a few things that need to be addressed in the draft, before Jay Cutler says "screw you I'm headed to high pastures." Tonights game was all coaching, offensive line, running back errors. Get another dependable running back please also while addressing the damned offensive line. Bears freakin suck!!! Forget about the future of the franchise because there aren't any draft picks in the first and second round for 2010. Jerry Angelo has gotten lucky with late round draft picks. If Greg Olsen is making plays in the fourth quarter why in the hell isn't he making plays in the 1st and 2nd quarter. The owners are going to waste tons of money playing around with Angelo's defensive players. Teams are becoming much toughter to stop due to the level of talent around the league. If the Bears intend to compete it takes scoring and what about all this BS about getting off the bus running when you operate in a West Coast offense. Sell that crap on the college level please. I get enough of that on Saturdays and on Sundays I'm blessed to see a Bears team with a lot of offensive talent only to be held back by poor play calling on offense. What a crying shame!

Jerry: After tonights game you might want to go looking for some O line help. Can't run the ball, can't protect the passer and can't stay on side. You may want to look for a coach who knows what the heck he's doing to.

I am a huge Bears fan, but unlike many other fans, I'm not in denial in thinking that we have a strong team. Kudos to the viqueens, (and trust me it ever so pains me to say that) but on the topic of our team, we really need to sort out our priorities. We need to get rid of Lovie and Ron Turner. Both are soooo predictable that my friends and I can easily guess the next offensive play. I am one of the few Bears fans that was livid about the Cutler trade, because I loved Ortons play making stability and how he hardly ever took obsurd risks. I see Cutler as a more accurate Groseman, a strong armed guy who takes wild risks. I truly pray we start to win but deep down inside I don't mind us losing bc I want Lovie out of town and I want them to see that Orton is laughing on his way to the bank. I desperately want some changes on our team primarily on the coaching staff. Today proved to me that we are not only predictable on our play calling, but also on how we are so ego centric and borderline cocky with our offense. We need changes and we need them now. We traded for Adams, a guy who has not been making plays and arguably has little or no talent? We still wont sign a vet WR because? And what is up with Forte? I hope to God that I am wrong but I fear that I am right when I say that we are on a slipery slope.

Yeah, great Angelo. Meanwhile, we needed a defensive tackle far more, and offensive linemen even more than that. Angelo is an utter failure since the Super Bowl. This team has no offensive line and no defensive tackles. Good luck winning without those, regardless of what other players or coaches you have.

And speaking of coaches, Lovie Smtih's got to go too. Two weeks to prepare for one game, and HIS defense isn't ready for no-huddle/sugar or five receivers sets, both of which Atlanta has used before?!

Get a general manager who knows enough to limit top draft picks to linemen and QBs and who drafts good ones. And if the new GM doesn't have a good idea for a new young coach, hire someone like Bill Cowher out of retirement. As long as the Bears have these two clowns, it will just be more blood pressure-raising frustration.

Come on !!

Orton's play making stability ??

I see Cutler as a more accurate Groseman, a strong armed guy who takes wild risks. really ??

The bottom line is that Jay is getting hit, alot... He has a poorous O-line that can't run block. Forte is hitting his own Lineman 3-yards behind the LOS on half his runs...

Jay had a few bad throws tonight, sure, the Red-zone INT was a bad read ontop of a poor throw. The deep Olsen INT was just an overthrown ball. Things happen, until the Bears fix the O-line we will continue to struggle in the Red-zone and just plain struggle period.

Razz Jay, go ahead deserves some of it but Matt Ryan looked human and he didn't even get hit tonight !!

Ryan completed 19/33 for 185 yards with 2-TD's and 2-INT's...... Jay was 27/43 for 300 yards with 2-TD's and 2-INT's and he was the Bears leading rusher to boot !!

Jay outplayed Ryan on his own turf with a ton more pressure and all you can do is blame Cutler ??

Blame the O-line, blame that 60+ KR by Atlanta right after Jay tied the game for us late in the 4'th.

Also, Orton was/is a great game manager but I guarantee Orton will not win a SB, not with Denver or any other Franchise. the 2009 Denver team is a great story but we all have read this book before !! Denver will lose a game here and there, make the playoff's and lose... Just like nearly all the Cinderella teams do.

Go Bears, get back to work and get it fixed !!

Oh the Bears D-Line is not happy cause Angelo brought in a new end and someone got his feelings hurt. To damn bad, try hitting Ryan next time and then talk about how awesome you are. Yeh real tough against the Packers and Lions. I am just a fan and I said before the season started this would be the D-Lines big test. Well you failed and you want to complain about bringing in a pass rusher. The only time that front four sniffs a QB is when the Bears blitz 6 or more. Oh and its called a no huddle offenseits not the first time you have seen so why on earth did they all looked so surprised.

Hey Angie your back on my s### list way to build an O-Line. How the he!! does Jay Cutler get hit mulitple times on a 3 step drop when Atlanta is only brining 3. Why in gods name is Omiyale on the field, he almost got Forte killed? Give the Bears Atlanta's O-Line and they would be crushing teams.

Ron Turner sucks, he just sucks. Forte gets stuffed and fumbles so 20 seconds later you run the ball again??? Oh and who calls a passing play in the red zone when the defense is sitting on it and playing quarters? Not to mention you can't protect cutler and he is being hurried cause he has two guys right in his face all night.

Kruetz, Omiyale, Pace and Williams all stank it up again.

2 weeks to get ready and this is the best the Bears can do. How many time are we going to ask Cutler to bring us back when we are down in the 4th? Why are we always behind in games? This team was not ready to play and that is on Lovie. Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. Bad play calling and a few times on defense no play calling literaly they had no play sent in.

Cutler played better than Ryan, and we dominated in time of posession, the Bears lost this game because of mistakes, bad play calling and poor coaching. Oh and a lousy O-Line. We had field position, we where better on third downs and we had more first downs.

What makes anybody think that the Bears organization has the coaching staff to turn this guy around?

Yes we need a pass rusher - but as Val said, our D Coaches sure have helped the guys we have improve! (Not)
So I can't wait to see what they do with the new PROJECT DE!
I am happy the DE we have will be gone next year, but what does that say about the D Coaches??

Oline, how about using that 2 pick on the Oline? Our D gave us that game and the O gave it right back. Sad Sad Sad, we had the !@# game, and we bought Oline help that were other teams castoffs just like we bought a DE that was another teams castoff. hmmm from the same team too.

The score should have been 35-14 Bears. This patched together defense held its own against a very talented and fast offense. Is anyone else glad to see Tillman back? I don't hear anyone complaining about Garza anymore: he's one tough old corn cobb. I know that JA dropped a lot of coin on big Frank O, but it's time to put Beekman back in.

Please, someone, light a fire under Omiyale's ass. Every week brings nothing but head-shaking and disappointment when I watch the game. He looks like a bullfighter letting people get around him.

Run game can't move forward without a line to push defenders around.

Running Wolfe up the middle will never make sense to me, but we'll see it every week until Peterson gets healthy or another RB joins the team.

Horrible way to lose a game. I'd at least like to have seen us fail on a 4th and 1 instead of stupid penalties moving us around.

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