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Jay Cutler doesn't believe Bears will ask him about Terrell Owens

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Pretty much anything Bears related on the Internet in the last 24 hours surrounded the possibility (or never in a blue moon) possibility that wide receiver Terrell Owens could be traded to the Bears.

So I asked Jay Cutler during his press conference what he would say if the team asked him about Owens.

"I don't think they're going to,'' Cutler responded. "I think they'll keep that upstairs."

In an effort to get a little more out of Cutler, I followed up by asking if that is because the club is happy with the performance of the wide receivers or he's happy or both. That's when Cutler shot the `I can't give you anything to work with on this one' look and said, "Mmmm hmmm,' as it was roughly translated.

He was then asked if he knows the sometimes controversial Buffalo wide receiver, who the Bills have said nothing about trading.

"I don't know T.O.,'' he said.

OK. But do you watch his television show?

"I did watch it a few times,'' Cutler said. "It was humorous.''

See, they could have an ice breaker right there discussing the reality series.

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Let's see if I have this straight. If the Bills were to put TO on the market, (which as far as we know they have not), and if the Bears were interested (which as far as we know they are not), Jay Cutler is of the opinion that Bears management won't talk to him about his feelings on TO before making a move.

Remarkably Jay Cutler is not interested in commenting about whether one of his existing teammates should be replaced by a player on another team that, as far as we know, is not available.

But if it turns out that the Bears are really not interested in this apparently non-existent trade opportunity, you want Cutler to speculate on the deep meaning that could be derived from this lack of interest about the Bears management's thought process? Do I have that right?

Dude.......let it go. Bye week is almost over.

Why ask the QB? Go ask the GM. Not his call. You're fishing where you shouldn't be fishing.

I farted

Shocker: Cutler doesn't want to talk trade speculation. I wonder why...?

Oh yeah, that's the type of mess that landed him here.

Since you brought it up, and the bears don't play till Sunday nite....I would like to see TO come to Chi Town for the remainder of the season. The guy can catch the ball and jay cam certainly throw it. Devin for TO? All day long. Go BEAR!

I really go back and forth on this issue.

Ultimately, I don't think the Bears should trade for him if they have to give up a draft pick.

And even though I was really disappointed in the wide receiver performance, it has improved week to week. I know Seattle has injuries, but that's not an easy place to play.

TO is a monster. He expects to be fed. If he doesn't he smashes everything in his path.

I don't think Jay Cutler would give 2 sh!ts about TO's crybaby monster routine. He doesn't strike me as an overly sensitive guy like Donovon McNabb. That said, why throw a 35 year-old selfish receiver into the mix?

What's to say he won't just lay up when Cutler throws it high down the middle?

Anyone remember Moose?

TO is truly a team killer, watched him in San Francisco, Philly, Dallas and now Buffalo. Yes he can catch the ball but at what price. I would rather get a sharp stick in the eye than see this bad apple spoil the bunch of decent good young receivers.

Don't get me wrong, I still believe the Bears need a number 1 like Braylon Edwards (too late) or Brandon Marshall but no way on TO.


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