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Idonije back to practice; Bears-Falcons injury report, Oct. 15

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Defensive lineman Israel Idonije returned to the practice field this afternoon for the first time since undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery on Oct. 5. He was limited in the practice held inside the Walter Payton Center, and this doesn't mean he will be ready to go on Sunday night at Atlanta, but it's a good sign.

Here is the injury report for today. DNP is Did Not Participate. The chart goes from Wednesday to Thursday and then tomorrow to Friday.


DT Anthony Adams, toe, DNP-LIM
LB Hunter Hillenmeyer, ribs, DNP-DNP
DT Israel Idonije, knee, DNP-LIM
RB Adrian Peterson, knee, DNP-DNP
DT Tommie Harris, knee, LIM-LIM
LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, knee, FULL-FULL-


S Antoine Harris, knee, DNP-DNP
FB Ovie Mughelli, calf, DNP-DNP
K Jason Elam, left hamstring, FULL-FULL

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By his quality and quantity of play, it seemed Harris was improving each week, particularly health and stamina wise. Now, after a bye he's limited two consecutive days? That makes me wary for sure. Man, following him has been aggravating.

I'm more than a bit concerned that the Bears haven't added ANY running back, especially when they had a week to do so.

If Forte goes down, you seriously can't tell me that the Falcons would have any respect for the Bears ground game.

The Bears need a backup that can handle at least 20 touches.

Nothing I have seen from Wolfe makes me think he is that guy, and we don't know what AP will have when he gets back.

Duckett, Alexander, heck Ron Dayne.

The team is playing with fire right now.

I fully agree with IDC. Once again, we have to cross our fingers so hard they might break.

I don't like that Idonije is practicing so soon after an operation, albeit a "minor" one. I hope he and the Bears are not pushing him too hard and risking further injury.

As of right now, it looks like linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer and runningback Adrian Peterson won't be suiting up sunday night.

Having Hillenmeyer would be nice, but Chicago can survive without him. His replacement Nick Roach seems to make more plays from the mike linebacker position, and getting Pisa Tinoisamoa back will help Chicago's linebacking crew also. Chicago should be fine at linebacker with Briggs, Roach, and Tinoisamoa.

Now the other injury to Adrian Peterson worries me. Without Peterson, the Bears are down to only two backs, Forte and Wolfe. The good, Chicago will be playing on artificial turf. Why do I bring this up, Matt Forte seems to be more effective playing on artificial turf. Forte had 3 100 yard rushing day's last season, two came on artificial turf, the first in week one vs Indy 123 yds, and vs the Rams 139 yds in week 11. Also is week 12 last season vs the mighty Vikings [in Minnesota] and the Williams wall, Forte had 96 yards with a 4.4 yard avg running on artificial turf. Playing on the fast track known as artificial turf might help Garrett Wolfe also. His game is speed not power. Better blocking wouldn't hurt either back, and using Wolfe on some sweeps might make him more effective. I'd like to see Wolfe in some screens also, he could be more effective in them on the fake turf. It should be interesting, this game is gonna show where Chicago is in the NFC. A win could prove to a lot of people that the Bears are for real GO BEARS!!

Izzy is key to the rotation, he has to come in to give Harris time off the field. If not him then who? Gilbert is too raw and Melton is way to raw to do anything on a regular basis.

Harris is almost alwas a LIM OR DNP, they are trying to make his knee last as long as possible. Their is not much tread on the tires so the team is trying not to drive the Bus to far.

IDC if you are going to say that about Forte then you need to say it about Cutler too. If you think Hanie is ready, then dream on. They are thin at multiple key positions, they are just going to have to play the hand they are dealt. None of the guys you listed inspires any confidence in me. Alexander is beyond done, Dayne never was much, and Duckett, really? He is a 260 pound FB that can't catch and is only good in short yardage. Remember this is a WCO and the players need to fit the offense or you end up limiting your play calling ability. are a dipsh#@!!!!! Melton is on IR. His season is over or don't you know what IR stands for?? DUH!!! Go back to Green Bay, fairweather loser!!...Blah,blah,blah.......


Melton is on IR. That means he can't play the rest of year. He can work out. Get treatment. Attend meetings. Be in the locker room (I think). He can perform individual drills. He can't participate in team drills. The last is the key difference among IR players, practice squad players & those players on the 53 man roster who don't suit up on the 45 man game roster.

You post a lot. Try reading some.

Oh man up; if you can.

I fully expect to be folded, spindled and mutilated for this comment, but here goes. It seems to me like the stars are aligning for Garrett Wolfe to finally have a good game.

It's true. The Bears are taking a chance going with just two running backs for this game. It tells you that AP is probably not hurt that badly and they expect him back pretty quick. A roster move to add a running back would probably cause them to waive a player that they like and they are taking a chance. It should motivate Wolfe to see that they have confidence that he can do the job.

Sometimes you just have to take off the training wheels and give the kid a push. The turf in the Georgia Dome should be a good track for him and he has a little extra incentive with the NIU thing to try and step out of Turner's shadow. Maybe Wolfe is going to respond and finally show us something.

To quote our fearless leader...have at it.

Creighton --

What does Caleb Hanie have to do with the running back situation?

The backup RB is an issue now.

They cannot continue to allow Forte to take so many hits, or he will likely become even less effective over the long season.

And if get hurt -- as he already did during the Seattle game -- the team cannot force him back onto the field and keep expecting that it will work out in the end.

That's why they need someone who can come in and take some carries, and Wolfe is not that guy, nor will he ever be that guy.

In terms of the guys I mentioned, I never said they were great.

But each could come in and shoulder some of the work, and give more competence to the running game (and pass protection) than Wolfe.

You can take Alexander or Dayne, but I like the idea of bring in Duckett, even if he is just a short yardage guy for the most part.

God forbid the team have someone who can score touchdowns and pick up third downs.

If you haven't noticed the team hasn't exactly done well in short yardage, and Forte really isn't that type of back.

Duckett could provide that option, and add a few more carries in I and singleback sets throughout the game.

In any case, they need to bring in someone. Since you don't like anyone I suggested, who would you bring into camp?

Or are you really satisfied with a potentially slowed AP and the little boy as your backups, with Jason "less than 20 career carries" McKie as the emergency?

They need another option.


I agree about Idonije, but if the Bears rush him he might re-injure himself or even get a more serious injury. Better to sacrifice a game or two if that's what it takes than to lose him for the rest of the season.

Can't agree about Forte/Wolfe v. Cutler/Hanie. I don't know how ready Hanie is, but Wolfe is just not good unless there's a big hole for him, and he doesn't pass block very well. Put it this way: Hanie is a much better 2d string QB than Wolfe is a 2d string running back. There are, or at least were, several backs available who are way better than Wolfe in any system. QB is a much more important position and the Bears are almost certainly screwed if Cutler gets hurt, but they won't be in good shape if Forte gets hurt if they have to play Wolfe, either.

Come on guys ease up on Creighton we are all fans and the same things you accuse him of you are guilty of too. This team must improve on 3rd downs or this success will be limited, as they go into another phase of the season and the birds show up Falcons/Eagles they will need to improve or it could get dicey before they even get to the Viqueens, lastly it is too late to bring in a outside back and the ones mentioned will limit to offense because they are one dimensional until they pickup the playbook so in that respect he is right but Dominic Rhodes is still out there to my knowledge I could be wrong but that is the best fit.

When only 1 sack has come from the most critical position on the D-line, that tells me we need all the help we can get from the DTs this week. I would prefer Izzy stay inactive to give him an extra week to heal up, and let Gilbert play for a week. We need to see if the kid has the quickness to play the 3 technique so we know what we will need to do for the future. I think a rotation of Harris, Gilbert, Harrison, Adams, and Anderson is a solid 5 deep for the game. I actually like Anderson as the Justin Tuck changeup on the inside in passing situations. He won't command a double team, but if we bring a blitz behind him, we should have a clean shot at Ryan.

I was thinking the other day, which is never a good thing, and wanted to throw something out there. If you look at our D-line, we have an interesting mix of players who are under contract beyond this year. At DT, we have Harris (6'3", 295), Gilbert (6'5", 285), Idonije (6'6", 275), Harrison (6'3", 310-320), and Toeaina (6'2, 310). At DE, we have Alex Brown (6'3", 260), and Melton (6'3, 260). Anderson and Goon are free agents, and it is conceivable that neither of them will be back. Looking at the size of these guys, should we be considering some 3-4 looks next year? Izzy and Gilbert are ideal 3-4 ends in terms of size, although we have lightened up Izzy this year, but when he was 290, he would have been perfect. Melton is a good candidate to be an outside linebacker in the 3-4, especially given his experience as a fullback. The guy can return kicks, so I think he can learn to stand up on defense, especially if it is only for 10 snaps a game. Harrison and Toeaina are solid enough to play the nose, although not the typical monster in the middle (Ted Washington, Jamal Williams, Casey Hampton type player), but could get the job done. Harris would not have much play in these looks, but given his health, we could expect to see him out of the game for 20-30% of the snaps.

Granted, I am not advocating a full-scale change to this defense, but I think some looks would be useful in messing with our opponents. The key to the whole thing would be Urlacher. I think he could be a pretty dynamic pass rush guy on the outside in that defense. You put a 6'4". 260 guy who can run like Urlacher can on the outside and turn him loose, and there is big-time havoc to follow. You move Briggs and Roach/Williams/Tinoisamoa/Hillenmeyer to the middle backer positions, and go nuts. I think we could do 10-12 snaps a game in that look, and really make things difficult for the offense to read what we are doing. We could go back and forth from 4-3 to 3-4 with the same personnel, and move them all over the place to confuse the blocking schemes. We could even shift from the 3-4 to the 4-3 pre-snap, or bounce back and forth to disrupt blocking schemes.

Anyway, just a thought. I think as a defense, we need to spend more of our time dictating to the offense, rather than the other way around. Instead of "bend, dont break," we could attack like we have been in the mug-up front, without exposing Briggs and Urlacher in coverage by crowding the line of scrimmage.

We are too predictable on offense and defense. We need to throw some curveballs in there to make them guess and wonder a bit.

Oh man! Look at all the smack talk on here! Well hold up guys, if you're going to berate each other on the World Wide Web, let's at least be professional about it.

The following is a handicap match (and I use that term in more ways than one given that grown men are calling each other names on a sports blog) for one fall.

In the North corner of the ring, some say he's a doctor, some say he's from Maryland, while others think both are true...MD Kevinnnn! And his tag team partner made it all the way through preschool to get where he's at. He can't tie his shoes, hence his screen name...give it up for the man who needs to be introduced to velcro, Trrripperrrrr!

And in the opposite corner, he's cynical, he's diabolical, but he'll always give you a fun rant to read...the man who needs no introduction....wearing the pink shorts (couldn't help it!) it's Crrrrreightonnnn!!!!!!!

Gentlemen, let's have a good clean fight, nothing below the belt, no biting and remember, even if you win the argument, we're on the internet so to be honest no one really wins. Good luck!


Is Anthony Adams going to be out, that could hurt the D line in their ability to stop Turner?

Brad, also liked all the NFL big guy reporters that follow your twits or is it tweets?

You know Melton is not hurt right? He is missing the season with an Ankle injury that does not require surgery. What kind of injury is that, is that the legendary don't send him to the practice squad injury cause we don't want another team to grab him? Talk about a world of stupid. "He's really hurt" hahahaha, you actually think he is hurt, morons? What exactly is wrong with his season ending injury to his foot/ankle that does not require surgery? Exactly what kind of injury are you saying it is? Have you noticed the top 4 picks have been on the inactive list most of the season? Did you not notive Melton became injued with a undiagnosed ankle injury on Sep, 5th? They day you need to have the 53 man set. Gosh what exactly is wrong with his ankle smart guys? So like I said Melton is not ready and not good enough to be on the 53 man roster. You know when Jones hurt his ankle he got surgery.

Tripper/Brando and MD homo, is that your best shot at me, "Look I think Creighton made a mistake about Melton, quick jump all over him" what a pair of turds you two are. Yep Ol Melton is really hurt. As usual neither of you lend anything to the convo, instead you mouth off about something you clearly haven't followed very well. Yeah he is on IR but he is not hurt, he's just not ready. Which again is what I said, he is real raw. You think he is actually hurt I think he is really raw and not ready to play. How bad does it suck to know you are wrong again? I never said he was not on IR, I was just pointing out people at the position and the problem their. But you hoped I messed up. Is that what you two losers do? You ghost this board, read everything I write, interpret it your own way, and then attack me when you think I am wrong. Is that what your life is about loosers? You guys are pathetic.

IDC I guess you didn't get the point. We have one starting QB and one starting RB and if either go down its a problem. I just think your over doing it on the RB situation. The Bears are not going to get another RB, and the ones you listed, suck and or don't fit the system. What I was trying to point out to you is that if RB is a need so is QB and that you could do that with a lot of positions on this team or any team. Like I said you have to play the hand your dealt. Unless you want to try and convince me that the three guys you listed are really good and will make a difference and that they fit the system.

Mike are trying to stir the drink????

Yes, yes my brothers, fight him, destroy him. Hahahahahaha. My Alliance has begun its attacks on my ville enemy, "He who must not be named," CREIGHTON. Now my alliance listen well I have a new plan to take down our greatest enemy. Tripper my brother and MDKevin my lover prepare for battle. IDC you are welcome to join us. Mike you are stupid. Now listen my my brothers.

I have attacked my enemy before, but this plot is different; I want to betray him. When conspiring against one's opponent, it behooves one to lull him into a false sense of security. Make him trust you. Encourage him to confide in you. Do all that you can to make him feel at ease in your presence. Brutus joined Caesar's inner circle, even marrying Caesar's cousin, before literally backstabbing him on the Ides of March. And on Battlestar Galactica, Boomer, the enchanting cylon sleeper agent, was programmed to join the Human Resistance only to sabotage it from within on behalf of the colonies on New Caprica. Earning my rightful position as blog co-manager will require similar conspiring.

This is why I am attending my adversary's annual Halloween party. I will be going in the best costume ever, a Sith Lord. I'll be there, forcing a smile while he says dumb things about his dumb girlfriend. I'll shake his hand. Raise my glass. At his dinner, I will generously provide the dessert, homemade gelatin. I'll do the chicken dance with his friends and family (after all I deserve to have some fun too). All the while he'll think, "Gee, not only is Brando my intellectual superior, he's also someone that's earned my reliance." It will make me one move closer to earning his complete and uncompromised trust... Tripper, MD, and IDC you will TP and egg his lovely home, as a distraction to him, this will be the opening for my attack. Then, in time, when his back it turned and he least expects it - BAM! SCHRUTE FORCE ATTACKS! I watch him crumble as I take his position and listen to him as he cries, "Et tu, Schrut-e?!"


Are you saying that the available backs are not significantly better than Wolfe? You can't seriously believe that. That's the issue, not how good they are or whether they fit the system. Obtaining one of them would just be temporary until Peterson is back. But if Forte gets hurt before then, the Bears will be in the extremely embarrassing position of not having a viable running back, because that's how bad Wolfe is. And by "bad," I don't mean he has no talent, but that his talent is strictly as a situation back, not an every down one.

Creighton I believe Rhodes is a better back than Wolfe, Alexander is a better back and Duckett is a better back but only Rhodes fits the system and is versitile enough to be a threat. Hey B.S. you have been reading to many comic books could you keep your fantasies to yourself they are rather sick.

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