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How will the Bears deploy new defensive end Gaines Adams?

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The plan is for Gaines Adams to make his debut for the Bears on Sunday at Cincinnati, but exactly how that will be executed remains to be seen.

The first question is whose place on the 45-man gameday roster will he take? Adams was one of three linemen inactive last Sunday at Atlanta, joining tackle Matt Toeaina and rookie swing man Jarron Gilbert. it would seem unlikely the team will sit down any of the linemen who played vs. the Falcons--tackles Tommie Harris, Anthony Adams, Marcus Harrison and israel Idonije, and ends Alex Brown, Adewale Ogunleye and Mark Anderson. Of course, if Harris' left knee remains an issue--he's missed practice the last two days--it could be him.

Otherwise, it looks as if Lovie Smith might have to choose between some reserve defensive backs or wide receiver Devin Aromashodu, who was active against the Falcons for the first time. Based on the special teams use of the defensive backs--Josh Bullocks, Corey Graham, Craig Steltz--our guess would be Aromashodu. But it's just a guess.

What will the Bears have in store for Adams?

"Obviously, the more plays I play, the more happy I will be, but I am not worried about that right now,'' he said. "I know I am not going to come in and jump out there and play 30 plays. Just coming in, I still have to learn the playbook, learn how they do things, and go from there.''

It's impossible to venture a guess as to how many plays they have planned for him, and the flow of the game will probably dictate it to a large degree, but it makes sense to use him in nickel situations. The Bears believed they were getting a player with elite pass-rushing traits when they traded for him last Friday. Why use him in any other situation from the beginning?

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I'm excited to see him play.

Hopefully his 7 on the Wonderlic allows him to throw his body around with no worry about the outcome.

Unless Gaines has an immediate impact, he will demoralize the D unit (especially if the Bears insist on continuing to play him). It will be very similar to the negative effect created by naming Mark Anderson a starter after his rookie year. Alex Brown clearly was better than Anderson. Everyone knew it, except for Lovie and Angelo.

Certanly Nickel and can he bring it from both sides? Has Josh Bullocks done much since he was acquired? Maybe he is a good choice to make room for Gaines Adams.

It will be interesting to what he can do and whether Marinelli can mold him into greatness. He does have the physical tools to excel, I for one is excited to see what he can accomplish on the field.

Please...sit Harris. Show him he's not meeting expectations. I really want to see what Gilbert can do and he's healthy !

@Perno. hilarious

omg people they are going to use in this defense who "starts" on the line isnt that important since they all get meaning PT...

hes insurance for when Wale leaves...hes going to command a boatload of money and thats something that you dont want to do for an aging DE who's main attribute is speed.

i wish bears fans wouldnt get their panties in such a twist over really big non issues...

NVM the fact that he's been just as productive the past 3 season as alex brown and Wale have been in terms of sack production...

and wonderlic scores are NOT that important...

someone want to find out what Craig Krenzel's was? and somehow his superior intellect didnt translate over into performance on the field...funny how that works


That is one thing I will never understand about professional athletes. I do think it will have an effect on morale, but shouldn't it have more of an effect that Matt Ryan was able to stand back there all game long, and us not lay a finger on him? Shouldn't it matter more that Tommie is getting pushed around so badly on pass rushes that he is actually creating more passing lanes for the QB?

These guys need to do one thing...Play better. Get after the QB, make plays in the running game, and Adams will continue to be a bit player. If you can't get it done, and he does, then he deserves to get more playing time. In case they missed it, the Giants won the Super Bowl with Umeniyora, Strahan, Tuck, and Kiwanuka all rotating in on the defensive line, plus a rotation at DT. You can never have too many people that protect the QB, and you can never have too many people that can get to the QB. Ring up 5 sacks on this relatively inexperienced Cincinnati line, and nobody is going to care who got the sacks.

We should be able to rotate fresh bodies in very quickly. Adams and Anderson should be spelling Goon and Brown so that we never have a winded player on the field at DE. Against those OTs, we should be able to translate that into success. That also allows Idonije to play more at DT, where we need him since Tommie can't manage to practice (again). A rotation of Anthony Adams, Harrison, Idonije, and Harris is pretty solid. Gilbert and Toeaina will be the inactives, and Aromashodu is going to sit again. If Harris can't go, I would like to see Gilbert in there to play the 3 technique, to see if he can generate any pressure inside.

I am excited to see what Gaines Adams can do. We have a relatively simple game plan for the DEs, so it's not like he has to learn complex coverages or option routes. He has to control his gap, and get after the ball, with an occasional zone drop. Hopefully, he will be decent this week, and improve with each week he spends with Marinelli on his technique.

Marinelli is really the only one of the coaching staff that appears to be able to teach proper technique for his position. Every other position group exhibits average to poor technique. Our linebackers can't get off blocks, our OL don't sustain blocks, our WRs run rounded and sloppy routes, our DBs lose coverage frequently....THe list goes on and on. We need to get as much as possible out of Marinelli while we have him.

Joe -

It's all about impact. If Gaines Adams provides none, why keep him on the field? That's my point.

If he makes others better, keep playing him.

Unfortunately, Lovie and Angelo have a habit of sticking with underperforming "pet projects," high draft picks, et al, until it's often too late (re: Omiyale).

Perhaps the ambivalence shown on the part of the existing d-line members toward Adams is a result of the numerous "pet projects" that have been brought in (anyone remember Archuleta?) while others (Chris Harris) get sent packing.

"What will the Bears have in store for Adams?"

Hopefully they sit him down and make sure that he can recite his ABCs. That should be a priority. And don't let him pet any rabbits.

Hey, anyone see the new Gaines Adams jersey? It says "I'm with stupid" and the arrow points straight up. Alright, I know, I should be nicer. Just...can' it sometimes...

"and wonderlic scores are NOT that important..." -JustIncredible

Funny how that statement usually comes from someone who is JustIncapable of spelling, using punctuation marks or knowing when to use capital letters. And to think, of all the years Big Bird and Elmo have been on the air; all for naught.

"We need to get as much as possible out of Marinelli while we have him." -Joe F.

Oh no Joe, where's Coach Marinelli going to go? And what exactly was it about the D-line's play in the Atlanta game that makes good old Rod so indispensable?

Hey Brad.
What ever happened to the world famous and much anticipated weekly edition of "Four Down Territory"!?!? Bring back the forum brother!!!


thats pure speculation based on the fact his 0 snaps in a chicago bears uniform...if he performs he should start...if he doesnt...he shouldnt...

the line is a disaster and putting beekman in over omiyale isnt going to fix that...they need to get bigger and stronger in the middle...with beekman in you basically have 3 centers...on the interior of the line...which isnt good...

i mean forte had success last yr but did you see how many times he had to run to get to that total..the line needs to be able to move people...and physiclaly omiyale is the best person suited for that position...can he do it? that remains to be seen but since this is his 6th game at LG we should see what we have in him...harry heistad isnt a bad OL coach...

Hey Mike (aka "Big sports fan") did you really get on here to make comments about the use of punctuation or lack there of. What a tool! Adams will need to be brought along slowly until he has a grasp of the d and the different things Lovie does from the 4-3. I believe he will be able to turn things around with Coach Rod and finish the year very strong and perhaps in a starting role. Between Lovie and Coach Rod he should shape up to be a very good fit for Chicago. Craig Stelz would be a good choice to drop IOT make room for Adams, though if Harris is continuously hampered by injury perhaps he should get shut down for the year.

If this team continues to falter and underachieve, I feel that Lovie will be canned, and a new coaching staff will be brought in to ensure we have the right structure around Cutler. If that is the case, Marinelli is likely not to be retained, since the new coach will probably not run the Tampa 2 defense. The new coach may even look at a 3-4, which is an entirely different story.

While the Atlanta game was abysmal from a DL perspective, it is hard to argue the performance of the DEs so far this year. They are quicker, stronger, and more frequently around the QB this year. I attribute that to the attention to technique and the conditioning Marinelli has brought to the equation. He is not a miracle worker, and any time Tommie Harris is on the field, there are basically only 3 guys rushing against 4 OL, so it is tougher for them to get pressure.

Last year's D-line couldn't sack groceries, let alone quarterbacks. There is a marked improvement this season, and he is the only real change.

There is alot of speculation on this blog just like all blogs and people throw it around like stats lol.
I agree though that JA/Lovie sit better players due to reasons known only to them, I am excited to see what Adams can do - although I would rather we saved that 2 pick for OL next draft, too late for that, so I am hoping this guy who has 1 sack all year all of a sudden decides he knows how to play after all. The big question is how the Oline will stack up, I believe that Cincy's DE is out and that alone will help our Oline. and in effect win the game for us.

As far as the D - we would have won Atlanta with an Offense. But we have to worry cause Palmer has been looking pretty good.
I feel we can win this one .

By Some gay on October 23, 2009 1:15 PM
"Hey Mike (aka "Big sports fan") did you really get on here to make comments about the use of punctuation or lack there of. What a tool!"

Lol, no, no of course not. The problem is you're too stupid to realize that. If you go back and read my post, you'll see me talk about Adams and Marinelli. Also, "there of" as you put it is really "thereof."

You know, it'd be real fun seeing you take the Wonderlic test and have it compared to Adams's.

Joe, I think when it comes to talking Bears you usually come off as very knowledgeable and you make a lot of sense. But here's the thing with our defensive line. They've only played good against weak offensive lines. Observe:

Green Bay: Terrible line, has become a national story.

Steelers: Another terrible line, gives up a sack every ten pass attempts.

Lions: Well, it's the Lions.

Seattle: Key injuries on their line, backup QB.

And we've looked good against crappy lines before like St. Louis's in '08; that wasn't a problem. The issue was getting pressure against good to decent lines and presto, the same thing happened in Atlanta as has been happening the year before: An untouched quarterback.

Marinelli is nothing special. He gets a lot of praise for Sapp and the Tampa defensive line in their glory days but go back and look at all the defensive linemen Tampa drafted (several high picks) around that era who weren't anything special. It was their goal to get the best defensive linemen they could to make the Cover-2 work effectively. The only special player that emerged from there was Sapp and Rice, defensive ROTY, was acquired from the Cards in a trade. Sapp was a rare player and Marinelli just happened to be there. Or do you believe a guy like Eric Bienemy made Adrian "All Day" Peterson what he is today?

Don't know why everyone's griping about the defensive line play in Atlanta. Yeah, they didn't touch Ryan, but they held Atlanta to pitiful per attempt rushing yardage and Ryan was getting so much pressure at the beginning of the game that he reverted to three step drops for most of the rest of it. Beside, Ryan has only been sacked twice in five games. Atlanta had less than 300 yards of total offense and I'll take that every week. It's the offensive line that cost the Bears the game, not the defensive one.

And Mike, whether you like Marinelli or not, he's widely regarded among players and other coaches as an excellent defensive line coach. If you can't see that the Bear line is much improved over last season WITH THE SAME PERSONNEL, you don't know the game. The line is not dominant because it does not have any really good players, but that's not Marinelli's fault. But the line play is good enough most of the time to win games; in fact, the defense has played well enough to win most of the time (exceptions are opening drives and first half v. Detroit). It's the offense that's been the problem, mostly the line and to a smaller extent the receivers.

Lovie was a breath of fresh air when he got here but since the SuperBowl collapse he has become stale and hard-headed he has not changed along with his personnel. 1) He has rare players in Urlacher, Briggs, Anderson, Harris and Williams, the best players were speed players and instead of maximizing their talents he stuffed them in a system that has either got them hurt or never achieved there full potential. One of the biggest mistakes was Anderson most teams would have never had his hand on the ground. Angelo failure to provide a offensive line or skilled players. 1) had he drafted like he had any sense Orton would have been fine if he had a real o-line and some weapons to throw to. Turner unimaginative, predictable. Hey Virginia back up the truck clean house heres a list, (1. Holmgren, (2. Cowher, (3. Shanahan, (4 Gruden.

Wierd- Ryan Clady-considered by many as the best LT in the game had one of the worst Wonderlic scores ever. Somehow he not only makes it to the games but finds himself in the Probowl every year. Not everything is correlated.

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