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Hillenmeyer remains sidelined as Bears take to practice field

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The Bears have said they are hopeful linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer will return from a rib injury suffered on Sept. 27 when they play Sunday at Atlanta, but he is not practicing this morning.

The team just started what will be about a 90-minute practice and Hillenmeyer, defensive lineman Israel Idonije and running back Adrian Peterson were the only players noticeably missing from action when media was permitted to view. Idonije had knee surgery last Monday, and Peterson has a sprained knee.

Wide receiver Devin Hester was on the field in action a little more than a week after suffering a stinger against Detroit.

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I'm glad the Bears have Roach. The loss of middle linebackers is sure to take a toll, but at least the Bears have some depth at linebacker. On a different note, what's with Cedric Benson? He certainly never looked anywhere nearly as good with the Bears as he looks with the Bengals. Do you suppose he finally grew up and started to take the preparation seriously?

Cedric Benson never wanted to be on the Bears. I've read that he was upset when the Bears drafted him, and he held out his rookie year. The team never took to him, he never took to them, and his play reflected that and his bad attitude. Marvin Lewis is a good head coach and apparently has convinced Benson to give it his all, which he never did in Chicago.

I read where Ced said he was in his best shape when we cut him he was ready for that up season at that time, but thew Boat thing did that in. He actually grew up that preseason but it is what it is. Sometimes fate takes over.
Not defending him, just read he said that. Glad any Bears do good anywhere myself. I like that.

Bills lost 2 middle LB's to inj.....

I like Roach at middle alot anyways! He needs the experience there and I get the feeling that Briggs wants to call the plays, watch Briggs in the games?

I don't know why benson, being a running back wouldn't want to be on the Bears, a team rich in the tradition of running the ball, doesn't make sense to me. I'm still waiting for him to get injured.

This may not be as bad as it could be for the defense. Atl. uses the TE a lot and Hunter has trouble in coverage downfield, Roach has shown he has some speed to get back in coverage in the cover-2 so he might be helpful in slowing down Gonzalez this week. This is key for the BEARS, since I'm sure the d-line will attempt to put a lot of pressure on Ryan, especially after we shut down the running game of "Burner Turner" this week.
Pisa will be back and it will be time to see if he is the player most of the bloggers think he is. I'm not sold yet, myself.
Offensively, we should be able to move the ball against the Falcons, since they played a very limited, at best 49ers offense in yesterday's game. It's a sunday night affair, so if we get some pressure on Ryan we stand a chance to get the win, I expect to see the BEARS come in as at least 3point dogs, so this should be added incentive to play well. Let's have a good week of practice and get ready to take the flight out of the "dirty birds' this week!....Go BEARS

What's up with Benson? He's finally running behind a pro caliber line.

The longer Hunter stays out, the easier it will be to replace him. That's what I really think is happening.

Roach is no Urlacher, but he brings more of what Urlacher possessed to the position -- speed, quickness, rush ability, some pass coverage ability.

He doesn't have the same instincts, but if I have to pick I'd rather have a guy who can get there, even if he is out of place at first, over a guy who knows he should be there, but can't make it.

In terms of Benson, he is on a team that has employed a power running game under Lewis' tenure, for starters, and he has grown up. He also has motivation now. Not hard to have motivation as a well-paid rookie.

I said this before, but I think it is ironic that he essentially has taken the same path as the guy he replaced, Thomas Jones. But like you can't fault the Cardinals for dumping their moody underachiever, the Bears did what they had to do with Benson.

Randy the Bears cutting Benson was the best thing that could have happened to him. The WCO the Bears run was never a good fit for him, while we do run some Power O, he was not a three down back in this system. The Bengals offense fits him to a tee. It was never going to work from the day they drafted him. If the Bears could stretch the field more that would have helped but as it was he was a two down back who couldn't block or catch, and the fact was he came in out of shape multiple times, he complained a lot, and was lazy. He was also a holdout.

If you look at him now you can see he is in better shape he is leaner, and more explosive because of it. When the Bears cut him they actually gave him purpose. If he stayed he would still been the same guy. You see this happen in pro sports all the time. Change of scenery can help a lot.

The big surprise of the Bengals shouldn't be Benson it should be the fact that their O-Line is playing so well. Its a big reason Benson and Palmer are playing at high levels.

Is the success of Orton and Benson an indictment of this coaching staff?

I'd like to see the Bears stick with Nick Roach at middle linebacker. Roach seems to bring more athleticism to the position vs Hillenmeyer. Also, I like the way Roach can get to the quarterback as a blitzer from his mike linebacker position. Stick with Roach, but I'd still like to see Hillenmeyer come back.

MolineJR, Kyle Orton didn't do to bad with the Bears coaching staff last year. He missed a game, played half the season on a bum ankle, and still almost put up 3000 yards passing along with 18 td passes. Them aren't bad numbers considering. Before his ankle injury mid season last year, Orton was on pace to throw for 3600 yards. If you remember, at around the same time last year, the Bears were seriously considering Orton for extension. After the ankle injury, Orton simply wasn't the same QB. You have to wonder, had Orton stayed healthy, who would be Chicago's QB right now? Kyle Orton is a good QB, and he's proving it in Denver. A lot of the Orton haters will be quick to point out he has a good defense and one of the leagues better receivers. I agree, but you can't take away the fact Orton still has to make the throws he's making. Denver got lucky with Orton. I said it last winter, and I'll say it again, Orton will prove to be better than Matt Cassel, the guy Denver originally wanted. I think Orton is a good QB, but Chicago got the man in Jay Cutler, Denver was just plain silly for getting rid of him, oh well, our gain GO BEARS!!

We had better be glad we traded for Cutler as we would be winless w/o him. An indictment? We were all yelling for an offensive line to be drafted for years and they really got no one. so yeah, but I feel the line will get better as the year goes on, but these guys are all on their last contracts as well. Which means we still need a OL or 2 drafted. Beekman will replace Olin but after that as far as young proven OL?

HH can stay on bench as far as I am concerned.

The season is a marathon, not a sprint....Both Benson's and Orton's true colors will show soon....mark my words!!!

Forte is a better all-around back than Benson. Forte is struggling this season (not entirely his fault), Benson would be even worse off. Forte possesses many attributes that Benson does not, including vision and elusiveness. Forte is also much more dynamic in the open field. Not to mention, as we have seen this season, when you can't run Forte from the backfield, you can throw him a quick pass and he can gain yards. I'm not sad to see Benson gone, we have a better back with no injury history and more talent.

randy, Chicago has drafted offensive linemen, especially since 2007. They took Josh Beekman in the 4th round in 07, and then tackle Chris Williams in the 1st in 2008. Before that, Angelo built Chicago's line through free agency. And had success doing so, that o-line that everyone talks about with Thomas Jones during the Super Bowl run of 2006 is an example. That was a line built through free agency with players like R. Brown and big Fred Miller. You even gotta count Roberto Garza, like him or not. That line worked, but not for a long period of time, to many stop gaps. I think what happend was Angelo spent a lot of picks on defense, and it did pay off getting Chicago to the big dance, so he needed a line quick, hence the stop gaps.

Angelo has been addressing the line with younger players since 2007. You got Josh Beekman who Angelo brought in through the draft in the 4th in 2007, then in 2008 he brought in Chris Williams in the 1st, and then this off-season he brought in guard Frank Omiyale, Omiyale is only a 5 year vet. Angelo also brought in guard Lance Louis in the 7th last april. Beekman could be the future at center, he also adds nice depth inside. Give tackle Chris Williams time, I think he's got a great future. I realize he was brought in to play left tackle, but a lot of pretty good left tackles have started out on the right side. Omiyale hasn't looked very good so far, but in time he could come on, if not, Angelo needs to draft a guard early this april. Rookie Lance Louis could be a find no one is talking about. As a rookie he was already running with the second team at left guard during the pre-season. He's got a great size to speed ratio for a lineman. Louis runs a 4.8 40 at 300lbs and also has a 30-inch vertical jump. Not only is he athletic, he did 30 reps on the bench press, so he's got power to go along with his athleticism. Louis made the 53 man roster as a 7th round draft pick, so Chicago has got to like him. He could be a guy to watch next year. You gotta figure, in a season here, the whole left side could be Angelo draft picks. At center 4th rounder Josh Beekman, at left guard 7th rounder Lance Louis, unless Omiyale can show improvement by next season, Either way Chicago has a young left guard moving forward with either Omiyale or Louis. Then at left tackle Chris Williams. Next year this line could be young. Angelo needs to draft a young right tackle with his second rounder next april to throw in the mix. Maybe Notre Dame's Sam Young 6-8 330lbs, or Rutgers Anthony Davis 6-6 330lbs. Chicago needs a road grader on the right side to help their running game, and either one of these prospects fits the bill. I didn't like the signing of Orlando Pace [stop gap], he hasn't impressed so far either. I doubt Chicago keeps him next year if he continues to struggle. The line has some young talent moving forward with tackle Chris Williams, Lance Louis, Josh Beekman, and Omiyale. Angelo also brought in tackle James Marten on the practice squad, he could be in the mix as a swing tackle next season. The young talent is there, they just need time to develop, and another first day pick wouldn't hurt GO BEARS!!

Are you kidding me, look Orton may be an average talent, but he is in the most QB freindly offense in the NFL. Its obvious to anyone that Cutler is the better talent, just look at points scored for Denver last year and this year. Yeh and its true teams will adjust to what Denver is doing. But Orton is doing the same thing he did here, short passes and checkdowns. He is not doing much different, whats different in Denver is the defense. They are giving up 8 points a game.

Plus just look at the talent on that offense, most of which was drafted or signed by Shanahan: Ryan Clady, Ryan Harris, Kuper and Hamilton, Brandon Marshall, Eddie Royal, Stokley, Gaffney, Graham and Sheffler. Oh and throw in Moreno and Buckhalter. The question should be how are they not scoring more points, the defense is 3 and outing everything in site, you have a top 4 rushing attack, you are loaded at reciever and TE, and the highly talented offensive line is giving you all day to throw the ball. WTF 19 points a game, thats it? You could argue they have more talent on offense then the 07 Pats, well except at on position. Not to mention actually scoring below the raiders average, old Denver put up 23 points on a team that gives up an average of 26 points. But hey McNugget brought back the wild horses offense so its all good. To bad every time they say that name I think of Bill S. Preston Esquire, and Ted Theodore Logan.

Boy Denver can move it between the 20's to bad punch in time is punch out time. 22nd in the league in scoring. The Bears on the other hand are 7th in the league. But we where not 7th last year. So to sum it up. We traded one position with the Broncos offense, we got a lot better, they got worse. Points is points and Orton is who we thought he is. You could put Collins, Garcia, Griese, on that team and you will either get the same team or a better team.

I'm sorry but Denver has yet to play a good team!!! Their luck will run out soon....Dallas sucks as does Old England.....Cincy's luck is about to run out too.........Is it just me or has anybody else noticed how bad the Refs are this year?? With our bye week I watched alot of other teams and every game the Refs suck!!!!..College Refs do a much better job than the "Pros" do.....I'm sick of it and it's only gonna get worse..........

Yes Kevin but why are we struggling? Cause they are either not good or a bad line Coach?, They can not be good and play this bad.
This is what I am talking about: (Mark L)
`Benson would be even worse off.' Who knows? Maybe? our line is fine.
Way too much speculation, same with half the players you mentioned Kevin, I like our line over last year and JA did draft Beekman/Williams but we are struggling, please don't include Linemen that have not played as that is an unkn.
So, I still feel we need a lineman or 2 as we are struggling at running/pass protection Both!. We would not be struggling if we had a great line. I feel we have a great Line Coach so what is the problem? The solution would seem to be to play different linemen. I feel we will get better but we are not there yet. Omiyale has so far looked pretty bad. Cutler getting the ball out fast really helps pass protect, but we can't run either.
There must be a transition next year, and if we look bad this year, then what about next year as well? w/o Olin/Pace etc....

Denver beat New England they are 5-0 give Orton credit. He has certainly not hurt Denver at all. They were not 5-0 last year were they? ?

But it's all good with me as I get to watch Bears/Denver/Cincy and like them all. :)

Creighton, nobody is saying Orton is better than Cutler. Jay Cutler is hands down the better quarterback. I'm just saying I think Orton is a lot better of a QB than a lot of people give him credit for.

Speaking of Cutler, Angelo needs to make him priority one this off-season. If Cutler keeps doing what he's doing, they need to give him his payday. Cutler will probably be the highest paid QB in the game when its said and done. Thats fine with me. This city has waited a long time for a QB the caliber of Jay Cutler. The only thing left to do is pay him and keep him locked down in blue and orange. This is also why I don't see Chicago getting Brandon Marshall, not after the payday Cutler is in line for. Also, Chicago is going to have to resign one of their strongside backers, be it Roach or Tinoisamoa. Also, Chicago might want to re-ink defensive end Adewale Ogunleye, especially if he keeps playing the way he has. The good is there will be no first rounder to pay, but after Cutler and a couple defenders like Roach/Tinoisamoa and Ogunleye get their's, I don't see Chicago having the money to ink Marshall. Marshall is gonna demand a payday from hell, again, I just don't see it. We shall see GO BEARS!!

Obviously Benson has a good offensive line in front of him, but he also is making his own holes on occasion and is showing cuts and bursts of speed he never showed when he was a Bear. Perhaps the point thaat he never wanted to be a Bear is valid,and he only gave a half-hearted effort here. In any case, I'm glad he's gone and am a solid Forte fan.

Are you kidding Kevin the Orton army has been out in force sense the New England game. Have you watched ESPN? Trent Dilfer is taking Orton as the geatest QB in history. By the way do you think New England might be missing Seymour right about now? Thats what you get for f###### over your best player on defense.

Randy, Cutler will not get "his" after this season he has 2 years left on that 46 million dollar deal after this year. Roach is not going to cost much and niether is Pisa who has yet to play a whole game. They will only sign Goon if its a two year deal and he continues his play, Harris will not make several bonuses and neither will Urlacher, the Bears are 20 million under the cap right now. Randy guess what? Next year their is not going to be a cap, so they can spend whatever they want to, and they are a rich team. Even if their is a cap, at 20 million under now, they will be at least 10 million more under by next season and have no first round pick to draft or sign. So they got the money. Or do think they are going to pay over pay their recievers again, like they did with Hester? On pace to have 50 more yards this year than last. He has made huge strides. 3 recievers 700 yards apiece. I, like Brad, will take Blue chip reciever over the average recievers. Besides it would only serve to make everyone better. If their was some decent line talent out there I would say grab it cause its obvious the Bears wont draft or develop it.

Angelo: I like getting Vets on the line, that way we don't have to teach them how to play. Oh and if they are at the end of their careers and shell of themselves all the better and cheaper they look. Brown, Miller, Pace. Omiyale is the new St. Clair/Metcalf, he sucks but we are going ot play him anyway, for no real reason, just cause. Well at least Willimas will be facing a bum this week.

Hey, thats not my argument, I want a top WR, No one here likes Edwards but I would have even taken him, at least he has experience, and the way Cutler zips the ball B.E. would be what we need. Marshall next year I am thinking as well - isnt he available for the franchise though?
I like vets on the line as well, cause I do not like JA drafts, yes we got 2 lately but how many other solid Offense Linemen has JA drafted? In how many years?. I am saying draft cause maybe if he drafts them high he might get lucky. We should go WR/OL next year, except we know it will be DT/CB lol

I wonder why they don't sign Cutler earlier? He is getting more expensive by the game, maybe he is the one being smart.
Ced is playing good,but why worry about Ced - we have enough to worry about with Forte, that goes back to the line except A.P. looked pretty good with this same line, yeah, I'm a little worried about Forte. He looked slow, next game will tell.

Actually next year draft WR would be NOT, we are fine in young WR, We need a dang good Vet. Marshall really fits the bill.

Just saw the Cincy game, They really hung in there, the refs did not seem to like the Lewis hit, Nice.
Nice protection but Palmer really looked steady, and moved well.
And isnt this 2 years no first rd to pay? We need both Roach/Tinoisamoa signed I feel

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