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Gaines Adams reacts: "I am just glad to be a Bear"

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Gaines Adams had no idea that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were considering trading him when he received the call tonight that he was headed to the Bears.

"First of all, I want to thank the Buccaneers for giving me the opportunity, and for picking me in the draft,'' Adams told the Sun-Times. "This is the nature of the beast, though, and this is a new start for me. I wish them the best of luck and I am just glad to be a Bear.''

The fourth overall pick in the 2007 draft, Adams had 12 1/2 sacks for the Buccaneers in his first two seasons playing in the Tampa Two, the same defensive scheme he will find here. Adams is flying to Chicago Saturday in time to make the trip with the team to Atlanta Saturday night. He is eligible to play Sunday, and the Bears will have to cut a player Saturday to make room for Adams.

Adams had a 45-yard interception return for a touchdown vs. the Bears at Soldier Field last season, but five of his career sacks have come vs. the Falcons, so the Bears might just consider plugging him in on the fly like the Oakland Raiders did with Richard Seymour after they acquired him at the start of the season. The jump in the standings--the Bucs are 0-5 and the Bears are 3-1--was refreshing.

"Obviously, with the team I was with, the record shows and obviously stepping into a new team, I'm going to a good position with the Bears,'' Adams said. "I am going to try to make the best of it.

"I'm just trying to get up there first and just trying to get their playbook and get all of the little things taken care of and hopefully go out and play Sunday."

First-year Bucs coach Raheem Morris had been critical of Adams back in training camp and then at the start of the season. He had one sack in Tampa's loss at Washington, and he's been playing both right and left ends.

"Coach Morris wasn't too hard on me, not at all,'' Adams said. "Being drafted where I was at, there were high expectations for me. I still have high expectations for myself."

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Tell me he's not going to start over Brown or Wale.

I think this means the bears will be switching DE's like crazy all year. A four man rotation basically. I think it also means Wale is gone. With Brown, Adams, Anderson and Melton next year, no way they pay big money to keep adawale.

I have to believe that a WR, RB, OL or CB were bigger needs for the bears, but if he can be the player many projected than its fine.

I think that he didnt show much in Tampa and they play the same scheme the Bears play,why think he's going to make an impact here? They shouldve went after TO, a physical playmaker that will make an impact instead of another D lineman.

why not trade 2nd rd pick for st louis ram safety Atogwe? safety is a bigger need and that guy would have provide way more help then another DE

ahhh...why would do teh bears need a nother end when they have MELTON????? melton is raw but ins my "expert opinnion" i think he is teh best backup to taht BUST tommy harris!! in fact i think henry melton will get ATLEAT 10 sacks in 2009. you herd it hear first LOOSERS!

but you guys now me old crap-ton just trying to be posative...

ps...I AM KING!11!!!1

So, who do they cut tomorrow to make room for him?

As far as who they cut to make room for Adams, I think it's pretty obvious who they cut: Lance Louis. The pending investigation from the NFL Personal Conduct policy stemming from his assault charge while he was in college surely makes his the low man on the totem pole. The Bears have a history of not putting up with players of questionable morals (i.e. Tank Williams, Cedric Benson), so I think that is what will realistically happen.

Great move!!! I've been saying all along that we need to get younger!! Superbowl here we come!!!!!! BEAR DOWN!

nice bunch

good pick up

They knew Lance Louis had that assault charge before they drafted him. Why would they cut him for it?

As far as this trade goes, I'd rather have seen the pick spent on a defensive back, but if Marinelli can get this guy back to form, he could be worth the pick.

Why go after a safety that shies away from contact,we have Manning for that.Afalva is a physical presence that we need back there,so one out of two safeties isnt that bad as long as they dont play like the Niners did. I think Louis will get cut due to his legal issues even though we need O linemen, guess with no picks next year,hope Jerry can strike gold in free agency. Speaking of gold, can Jerry say TO? Just imagine,TO,Hester and Knox (who should be starting),on the same field? We will be SUPER BOWL bound for sure then! Take it from me,KU official sports guru, Jerry needs to pull the trigger on that move and he gets my vote for Mayor for the month!

This is a very interesting trade. If we have no intention of bringing back Wale after this season, it is a pretty brilliant move. Adams will cost less in the next 2 years ( I think he signed a 5 year deal originally) since the signing bonus money is already paid, and Wale is nearing the twilight of his career. We would have a couple of nice building blocks in Harrison, Gaines Adams, and Gilbert/Melton for the future of the D-line. I would have preferred to spend that second rounder on offensive line help, but making a move like this, and putting an immensely talented pass rusher in the hands of Marinelli is as good or better than any draft pick we could make in the latter half of round 2.

If we are intending to bring back Wale, then we have an awfully solid rotation with Alex Brown, Wale, and Gaines Adams. We could give The Giants a run for their money as far as the top depth at DE in the NFL.

But forget the future....this is a serious coup for the defensive pressure package for the next 12 games. We can leave Idonije inside for the rest of the year, where he is better suited, and rotate Adams, Brown, Ogunleye, and Anderson at DE, all capable of multiple sacks in a game. Now Tommie Harris' health can be "controlled" by giving him more rest during the game. Anthony Adams, Marcus Harrison, Tommie Harris, and Izzy Idonije is a solid 4 deep rotation for the DT position, especially if Anderson and Idonije are the nickel package. We will still have a two-legged Tommie Harris in December, instead of an IR visit, or a 1 legged man in an a@@ kicking contest down the stretch.

I think Matt Toeaina is the player to be dropped from the roster. He really wasn't going to play much, and given the choice, Gilbert makes more sense to keep active, since he can play any of the 4 spots on the line.

Ok Tommie, I'm going to chalk up your comments to you just messing around or being sarcastic. No way can you be serious?!! First of all, what good would T.O. do for us? We have young WRs stepping up every week and WRs are the LAST thing this team needs. T.O. is a major problem, not a solution!!!

As far as not needing another DE, tell me your kidding? The defensive line is more of an impact position then the WRs! The Bears defense sucks if they can't get that defensive line going. This defense is based around the D-line and it needs to always be improving. This team needs younger DEs and I think Coach Marinelli will be the difference, just to answer your question as to why Adams would play differently in Chicago.

I like the move and do agree with the others that Wale will not be back next year. Best of luck to him.

CB, FS and O-linemen are still a priority in the 2010 draft, but DE was too and it's nice to see that has been filled. Oh, and I'm not sure Melton is ever going to make it. I never agreed with him being drafted as high as he was.

And Crapton, lay off the drugs and learn how to spell before calling people losers, moron.

i like this trade even if the bears is going to be idle again on 1st day draft next year. at least they are trying to make a good d line. maybe the fans will get lucky and angelo will show bullocks or steltz the door to make room for adams. wouldn't it be very unbearlike to trade one of the team's better/overvalued players for a high pick instead? probably just end up with someone's 5-6th round pick though. although i agree with joe, toeaina probably is going to the couch again.

I agree Joe F., it is an interesting move, but a good one nonetheless. I like it, a 2nd rounder for him might be just right if he eventually produces. I also like the pick of Toeiana being let go, had not thought about him before you mentioned it. But I have another take on this, I expect us to get the 2nd pick back or at least a 3rd rounder by the end of the week because my choice to be sent packing is Vasher. He is ripe for the taking now that Bowman's made it through a few weeks, we still have Graham who could be solid if we need him. I say trade Vasher now, and take what we can get, a change of scenery might be good for him also, and at this stage of his career he's not going to be a 4-phase special teammer, he's just value on the bench. He could help some teams and trading him will help us get another pick for the draft. Yes, I know Creghton you say Angelo can't draft, but I think he does well with multiple picks and would let him take a shot wherever he wants to go right now, he's earned it just with The Cutler trade alone.. I think a few of us would agree with that, MS BEARS FAN and Kevin A. to name a few...Wow Atl, Sunday night and the BEARS are making some noise, time to get a drink!....Go BEARS!

great trade assuming marioneli can do something with the former 1st rounder. i don't think this means the end of Wale. i think it means that either mark anderson or wale will be resigned in the offseason for a 3 man rotation at DE (along with adams and alex brown). merton is probably a bust which is fine considering he was a mid round pickup. if he sticks, i can see him compete for the supersub role that idoneje has now, next year along with gilbert. merton weighs 265 (add 15 lbs and he has the bulk) and lined up at DT in the preseason.

i guess the question is who would be available at DE in the 2010 college draft in the 2nd,3rd and even 4th rounds (I dont watch college football to know so please add if there is)? If there is no talent level there thats close to adams, then this trade looks even better.

By Tripper on October 16, 2009 10:10 PM
"Great move!!! I've been saying all along that we need to get younger!! Superbowl here we come!!!!!! BEAR DOWN!"

Actually you have not said a word about age. Me and Joe F have been the guys talking about both lines being to old and needing help, in fact when I just spoke about them needing line help you got all upset.

Joe, Adams is a RDE by trade, and maybe they want to move him over next year or Alex if Gains shows up big time, but I don't think so. My guess is thet he will move him ahead of Anderson in the rotation this season. He is an athletic player but he is not smart, thats not being mean its just he got a 7 on his wonderlic. I think they will use him as a situational pass rusher for now. He may even be brought in to play UT on 3rd and long.

I agree with you, I would have rather seen them get O-Line help with the second pick, but help is help, Izzy can now get more time to recover and switch back to DT full time.

He is a good pass rusher not great but he is average against the run at best, I guess they will have Rod work on that for next year, he is very similar to Goon. Maybe a change of scenery will workout for him and the Bears. A 4th overall pick tells you how athletic he is. 4.65 speed and 350 pound bench. He stole the show at his combine, the thing I didn't like is that he was a major climber at the combine and those guys often turn into lesser players than people thought. His big problem is he is not very smart. Really nice size. The thing is you actually need to know more to play LDE, you have to have a solid grasp of the defense, in the Bears system RDE gets to play free a lot, at LDE you have to check the run first and stay home more. If he comes along well he may be playing RDE next year and Brown will probably get moved to LDE.

Oh and Brando, I told you they needed help on the D-Line. Sucks to be you again.

Almost forgot, Bear down Tampa Bay Bears. Yes its one of my old jokes, but it so fits the moment. A true classic, it never gets old.

Curious trade. I didn't think the Bears needed an end anywhere near as much as a tackle, as they haven't been getting much push up the middle on pass plays and have gotten gashed on some big running plays up the middle. And yes, I think the offensive line needs more help than the defensive line. But that all said, Adams should play very well for the Bears considering that he was pretty good in Tampa before this disastrous season and now has Marinelli to teach and coach him.

I'd love to see Alex Brown moved to the left side where he belongs. He's never been a good enough pass rusher to be a right end, but I think he'd really excel on the left side where his strength against the run would be a much better fit.

Maybe this trade means that the Bears are planning to get rid of Wale. But if they let him go, they'd better use the money for some good free agents, not just keep it in cheapskate McKaskey's pocket like they are now. How much better would the Bears be if they'd picked up Alan Faneca?

I think it's a nice move too. We're trying to build a team that can win now and in the very near future, and G. Adams looks like a pretty good backup and rotation guy this year, and if the change of scenery works for him, a potential starter or at the worst a guy that will push the incumbents next year; not a bad 2nd round pick.

I don't think this automatically means Ogunleye is gone, especially if he continues to produce results the rest of the way. Gaining G. Adams and releasing Ogunleye would simply put us back to square one.

My guess is also that Toeaina is the odd man out here; he's played in only 1 game so far this year, and with G. Adams on board, we won't need to take Idonije out of the DT rotation should a DE get hurt.

However, this does potentially put Gilbert on the back burner for this season (he's also played in just one game this season).

Outstanding discussion and insight. It's really refreshing to see some intelligent football discussions!

I think it is a decent move, and one that doesn't necessarily mean the end of Wale' s days in Chicago.

The team had only three real DEs, and Brown has already been hurt. Couple that with Izzy's injury, the team was woefully thin at the position.

This will allow Izzy to shift back inside, and give the team a player who is arguably a more reliable pass rusher than Anderson and possibly Brown.

And his deal is cheap, so they should have the money to keep Wale. He would likely fill a situational role anyway.

Don't mind the loss of the pick. Really, the team will have no glaring holes that cannot be addressed in later rounds.

Given his raw talent, this could end up being a steal.

Guys, unless Gains really stinks this means Wale is all but gone next year. Wale will be pricey and he is not worth it, he is inconsistant at best. This year his sacks came against the right side of that really bad GB line and against Detroit. He still disappears for long periods of time during a game.

I think Tampa must have put the word out, I don't think the Bears called them first. They are breaking up that team, and the Head coach and Gains have not gotten along at all.

It actually really does work out really well for the Bears, we know they need more help at DT, but this was a good deal and it fell in the Bears lap, thats usually a good sign. Lovie and Rod will do the usual good cop bad cop thing. Yes Lovie and Rod are good cop bad cop. At worst they got a affordable project at worst they got a bust. He has the chance ot be another John Abraham, which is who he reminds me of, if he takes his head out of his own a$$. Tons of athletic talent.

What really sucks is us draft hound have nothing to look forward too on day one of the draft again.

So I am sitting here thinking about the 2007 draft, and I am like who was the best DE taken in the draft. My first thought was Woodley but that is BS because he is a rush LB. While Adams is a bust for a 4th overall pick so far in his career, he is not a bust as a DE. He was the first DE taken in that draft, and the fact is of all the DE's in the draft he has been the most productive. It just wasn't a very good class. Still he has talent, he needs to get stronger and in better shape, he is not cut at all for a DE of his size. Maybe he can take Olsen with him to the gym. That 07 class kinda sucked.

Do you really think some team is going to pay a premium price for an aging DE?

If the market settles, and they can get Wale for a few years at a reasonable price, I think he returns.

Frankly, i don't think Adams will ever be anything more that a situational guy. They will need to keep (or find) someone who can play the run.

I don't think keeping Wale is out of the question.

Olsen will be fine, He is better than Gaines, we have a plethora of TE so I don't understand that rational of knocking Olsen who has tremendous upside, against a player that has yet to play.
The test. wtf ........ Is getting to the QB Rocket Science?
This is like a IQ test for McDonalds employees or a inkspot test for a Rhodes Scolar.
I wonder where Dent scored?
Cmon people how about some comments on the traded player WE GOT not some bs about tests and other players not even relevent to the topic.

What this trade tells me is someone? feels we have no pass rushing DE that can truly be relied on as well as why resign Goon?

career stats G GS TKLS SK PD
2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5 5 10 1.0 2
2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 16 38 6.5 6
2007 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 8 38 6.0 2
It seems we always go to TB for their castoffs why???

geez avg 6 sacks a year and he is supposed to help? a 2nd rd??? WTF IS JA DOING!

From Yahoo
The winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded underachieving defensive end Gaines Adams to the Chicago Bears for a second-round pick in the 2010 draft.

Cmon JA the Dude has UNDERACHIEVED!!! Maybe a 3rd pick at best.
uh, maybe not anything???
Does anyone feel T.O. would have even have been worth a 2nd as opposed to 6 !@#* sacks a year for a 2nd??

Brad did I miss something? You called GA `talented' 6 sacks a year is hardly talented. No offense but this is crazy.
From Brads article:

First-year Bucs coach Raheem Morris began pushing Adams in training camp, then was critical of him after the second game.
''Gaines is one of those guys that knows that he is judged on whether he touches the quarterback or not,'' Morris said. ''Right now, he is not getting production as far as not just touching the quarterback, the tackles, the sacks. He's not getting any of that. He's holding himself accountable. We have to hold him accountable. There are no excuses. There are no explanations.''

This talented DE pass rusher has 1 SACK ALL YEAR. I like ROD but alright, he will really be the Dline Coach King if he ups this guys sacks to double digits.

Tampa Bay News
TAMPA - Gaines Adams is the Chicago Bears' problem now.

Tampa Bay's certifiable bust defensive end was traded Friday night by the Buccaneers to the Bears for a second-round draft pick in 2010.

A certifiable bust that was due to be released at the end of the season!



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