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From the looks of things, Tommie Harris is missing practice again

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Tommie Harris was decked out in sweatpants and a sweatshirt as practice was getting started this morning in the Walter Payton Center.

The veteran defensive tackle has missed the last two days of practice with his left knee flaring up. The Bears began the Friday session with special teams work, so it's still possible Harris does some work today if he changes into his gear, but he didn't have his helmet nearby. The media is only allowed to watch a brief stretching period in the beginning of practice.

Harris had taken off Wednesday practices earlier this season but missed on a Thursday yesterday for the first time. Harris underwent arthroscopic surgery on the left knee during the offseason and did very little work in training camp although the camp session began with coach Lovie Smith announcing Harris was 100 percent.

Harris missed one game in 2008 because of the knee and another game when he was suspended for conduct detrimental to the team. The Bears paid Harris a $6.67 million roster bonus in March believing he would return to top form.

Smith has said in the past that players can play on Sundays even if they have missed an entire week of practice. Again, it's unknown yet if Harris will do any work on the field today. We'll wait to see what the coach and the player have to say after practice this afternoon.

Stay tuned.

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Who is taking the vacant roster spot left by Pisa? Did Gaines take it or did they release someone else?

I hope Benson gets hit by the combo of Briggs and Afalava with the same result of his rookie year when he was smashed in practce by Brown and Urlacher. Benson SUCKS and is a huge P@@#Y.



Wasn't it only this Wednesday that Jerry Angelo was asked about Tommy Harris' health by Tom Waddle on his radio show and Angelo replied without any qualification that Harris was completely healthy? Clearly something is wrong with Harris. I would honestly prefer Bears Management to say No Comment rather than mislead and lie...

Whatever is wrong with him, its big. They had all off season to get him healthy and hes not. Hes without a doubt a shadow of who he was in '06. Bad knees = no drive/explosion. If hes not healthy, do not play him. He becomes an ever bigger liability if he cant hold up at the point. What is it that prevents JA and Lovie from doing the right thing here. Put him on the shelf for a few games and see what happens. Id rather have a healthy body in there then play the smoke/mirrors game that Lovie is intent on doing. This is why Lovie will not make it as a HC. He cant do what needs to be done. He develops these odd father/son/whatever relationships with some of his players and cant make the proper decisions. Time to realize that Tommie is not gonna cut it and move on.

Let's quit fooling around and put Harris on IR. If he is such a fantastic player, why risk permanant injury to his knee? A blind person could see he lacks any explosion. Don't sacrifice this guy's career for nothing.Both he and Lovie need to get a clue.

I'm almost certain this is another case of the Bears not being honest with the fans/sports press. At some point in time (probably at the end of the season) the Bears will no doubt issue a press release revealing that Harris indeed has a chronic knee problem that will require either major surgery or the bringing in of a replacement. If Angelo/Lovie were honest with themselves, they'd replace him now with an able body such as Harrison & let Adams take over the nose tackle position. That would also give them a chance to get Gilbert into the rotation and give him some reps to start his development, but, oh, that's right, I forgot, the Bears don't have a clue on how to develop a player!!!

There is no doubt Tommie knows how to play football...there is doubt whether or not he can stay him for 5 game or ten get him really healthy maybe even the season again and if he gets better cool but dont play the man if hes hurting .And Tommie if yur fakin it and are really hurting and just playin 4 money save us the losses and sit out so we can get people who can hold a tackle?!!lol

I wonder if the flare-up of Tommie's knee has anything to do with hurt feelings over bringing in Gaines Adams. I wouldn't be that surprised to see the Bears try to bulk up Adams and move him to three technique. They absolutely adore playing people out of position. I'd almost say it's their MO.

They are way ahead of you on that one. They already started working Melton out at 3 technique in training camp and preseason. They are going to ask him to be 290 for next season (30 lbs. heavier than when they drafted him), and be their insurance policy for when Tommie's knee actually secedes from the rest of his body.

I wouldn't call the flare up a case of hurt feelings. I think it is no thinking more than no feeling. If they knew his knees were not getting better, why wait 3 months for the surgery? Not like he should have had other plans....My guess is that he didn't start working out hard until March, and the knee wasn't cooperating.

How often was Tommie at Halas Hall this winter and early spring? I am thinking a before the surgery/after the surgery comparison. I will be surprised if he was a regular prior to starting his rehab.

Maybe if the Bears get Robbie Gould a permanent seat at the Godfather's pizza buffet this off season they'll be able to line him up at guard next year.

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