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Four Down Territory coming Tuesday

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Send in your questions now. I will get to as many as I can on Tuesday.

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Do you think we will sign a RB? Who?
Will Gilbert ever get any playing time?

Brad do you think Packerbacker shot himself in the face after the Vikings beat the Packers rather easily?

I would like to take this moment to welcome the Packers to third place, enjoy your stay cause its going to be a long one. My god the Vikings shut down their offense in the 4th qt. I guess they felt sorry for the Packers. Handoff, handoff, dumpoff, ha so sad. Favre really ripped the Packers apart and those 8 sacks plus a safety. Not to mention you lost another offensive lineman. Your best one, but good news you still have Barbre, hahahahahaha. Oh and Big game Aaron Rodgers showed up again. Great timing on that pick, oh and the fumble, and the safety. I guess that internal clock he spoke about wasn't working. T.J Lang here comes Alex Brown. Did you see Rodgers Packerbacker, he looked like he was going to cry, I guess he had a case of the Jerk face. Maybe he should worry a little less about his band and a little more about football. Man at the end of the game he could barely sit down, I guess he had Allens shoe up his @$$. 4.5 sacks and a Safety I guess you should have tripled him earlier.

Hey sombody ask Brad whats really wrong with Hester? Something seems strange their. He wore a neckbrace because he hurt his shoulder???

By the way people I told you the Bears O-line was not very good, the Packers never touched Favre in that game and they where all over Cutlers junk when we faced them.

Oh and Fudgepacker, before you speak, this is a Bears board so if you plan on complaining about me bashing your Packers agian, go do it on a Packer board. Cause everyone else is laughing at your team. Think of it this way you have one more win than detroit, hahahahahaha, enjoy the bye week looser.

The bears are going into the bye week with a lot of injuries; should the bears try and sign some proven vets to fill the holes or should they put trust into their depth chart?

Why is it that the bears corners seem to play 7 yard off of every wideout we face i thought you only did that for the serious burners w/ 4.2 speed?

Are the Bears looking to make any trades? Rhonde Barber could be a nice addition for a late draft pick


I would like to see an analysis of the defense as a whole. Here is a squad that blows a game in GB, handles the Steelers, can barely handle Seneca Wallace, gets shredded by a rookie for the first half at home gainst Detroit and then completely shuts them down in the second half.

This kind of maddening inconsistency smells like a coaching problem to me, but here is the team handing the game ball to their defensive line coach at the end of the game.

Is it Conditioning? Attitude? Talent? Coaching? Why do you think we can't rely on our defense any more?

What would you attribute Olsen's slow start this year to? Is he being doubled or bracketed?

Also, I see that Peterson is listed as having a sprained knee. Is it that clean, or are they still sorting it out? That could be a big loss if it is serious.

Has Roach played well enough to supplant Hillenmeyer again, this time at middle linebacker?

Will Jamar Williams ever get a chance to start on a regular basis? I thought he did really well this week on the strong side, and Tinoisamoa is a little too small for my liking on the strong side.

I think Creighton has a point in that we couldn't protect Cutler against the 3-4, and Minnesota didn't seem to have any trouble doing that. We'll see if we have a chance to get any pressure when we face the Vikes later on this year.


Could you tell us a little more about how the practice squad works and how the players fit into the team? For example, do they all get paid the same rate? When? Do they get any help with subsistence or travel expenses? What does a player like DeAngelo Smith do to support themselves when they are released for a week and then are resigned? Do they have side jobs? Does a player have to be signed to the roster in some way to work out at Halas Hall?

You get the idea, how does the practice squad work for the team and the players?


I'm pro coaching staff. Do you believe they (specifically Lovie Smith & Ron Turner) deserve all of the criticism they seem to get from fans? Is it that we're in a "what have you done for me now" era, and no matter who's coaching, no matter what the Bears do, it will never be enough?

Your thoughts on Chris Williams play so far?

Brad, I see on the teams web site that Lovie Smith hit his 50th win sunday in only 88 games, which is impressive. Especially when it took greats like Bill Walsh 91 games, and Bill Belichick 111 games to hit the milestone. My question is, how many games did it take Bear greats Mike Ditka and George Halas to hit the 50 game win milestone? As always GO BEARS!!


We know that Nate Vasher is in the doghouse, and Zack Bowman has at times struggled this year. Given this, why haven't the Bears used Corey Graham more, given his greater experience and relative success at cornerback in the past?


Creighton, did you watch the Packer game? The result was up in the air until the final gun, which makes your "handily" a little strange. Check the statistics. I wonder what the result would have been if that last on-side kck had worked.
My question for you, Brad, is like Peebs': how can this defense develop a bit more consistency? They are world-beaters one minute and confused bums the next. I understand that adjustments on both sides of the ball are being made, but would not think such glaring differences would be evidenced.

Now Creighton, it's not vewy nice to say those things about other people. Even if they are packers fans. Tuka, tuka, tuka...

Now you come here and give your buddy Staley a big bear hug! And Creighton, it's ok. You can tell old Staley where your uncle touched you.

Tuka, tuka, tuka...

The Vikings have the best O-line in football and the best RB. So Favre isn't going to get hit much. The Packers' O-line is worse even than the Bears' so even the quick read and release of a guy like Rodgers isn't good enough against a good D like the Vikings have. Rodgers is a good player. Swap him for Favre and who wins that game? See. The Bears' problem this season is not Favre or the Packers. It's the guys in the trenches in Minnesota. Our D-line has made steady progress. Unless the Bear O-line comes together quickly we're playing for a wildcard at best.

Brad how soon untill Lovie Smith is inshrined in Canton with other Bears greats like John Shoop and Dave Wannstedt? Oh and what about offensive genious Ron Turner? Thank you Brad.

Creighton --

How long have you been watching football?

Only the inept put so much stock into the first game of a season. It wasn't just the line that was off. The entire team was off.

Fact is, every unit has improved dramatically since that game, including both lines.

With so many new starters, it was going to take a while to get things going, and they still need work.

But people need to stop pointing to that first game for anything.

Have the Bears faced a single team with a winning record? Second check out the Bears third down completion percentage. Third it's not just about sacks, how many times has Cutler been hit and hurried. Fourth how have the Bears done in short yardage running.

Just cause your high on a win over one of the worst teams in football does not mean the Bears don't have problems. The O-Line is bad, Cutler has no time to throw the ball, the Bears are running nothing but short routs, they can't pass deep and Cutler is running for his life.

By ldc on October 6, 2009 11:38 AM
Creighton --

"How long have you been watching football?"

"Only the inept put so much stock into the first game of a season. It wasn't just the line that was off. The entire team was off."

About 30 years, and you don't have to agree with it for me to be right. I am not just talking about the first game of the season, the line has been bad in every game. It's a bad line, and they where not just bad in the first game. The Lions have no pass rush yet how many times did Cutler get Sacked, hit and hurried?

If the entire team was off as you say how come other than one play the defense played really well. Did you watch the game?

What type of blocking is the Bears O-Line using? Thet're using catch blocking. Did you know that football smart guy. Do you know what the problem with catch blocking is? You can't drive off the line of scrimage if your catch blocking. Why are the Bears struggling on third down with a QB who excells at 3rd down coversions? Why are they not throwing deep? How come they do so few 5 step drops and no 7 step drops? Those are the deep drops, why so little play action for a QB who excells at play action?

I am not putting stock in one game, I am putting stock in my own knowledge. Has anyone on this board been right as often as I have about this team. Everything I have said has held up pretty well. Including the fact that I said they would start 3-1, and that the Packers where over rated and that there line was a joke on the right side. Lets see, what else did I state before the season started? Oh I said the Bears line would struggle which they have, I said Harris would struggle, which he has, and I said the D-Line would face it's first real challenge in Atlanta. Which they will.

Think what you want IDC but your the same guy that said we would loose in SEA when I said they would win.

Its not that I think the team is bad, I just think they could be much better. I think they are a decent team. Let me know when they beat the Vikings. Their are no points for second place.

I will stand by my predictions on this board. I believe I have missed on 7 out of almost 80. Not to bad. Go ahead and read all my old posts, another guy here tried that once, he found 2 mistakes and never showed his face again. So I think I know football really well actually.

I will say this Lovie has been much better at play calling than I thought he would be, and Rod has really helped out Brown and Goon.

Sounds to me like some guys here feel threatened by the vikings.

Paul I did watch the game, the Vikings shut down there offense in the 4th qt. Did you not notice all the handoffs even though they new the Pack where stacking the box. They stopped passing. It was 30 to 14 with what 6 min left? The Vikings made the Packers use all there timeouts and just sat on the lead. Yes I call 8 sacks, a safety, 2 FF and a QB rating of 135 destroying another team. Vikings where playing prevent the last 6 min of the game. 30 to 14 with 6 min left and you think the game was in doubt. Whenever the Vikings needed to stop the Pack they did, and whenever they needed to score they did. They are a good team and the Bears need to beat them to win the division. Just a quick news flach the Vikings do have a very good Oline. They gave Favre 8 seconds to pass the ball at one point, 8 seconds. Are you kidding me? And you think the game was in doubt.

It happens every year guys get mad because I don't say the Bears have a perfect team and I say what I feel about the team and then at the end of the year they get mad at me for being right.

Stayley that is very nice of you to offer a hug, but to be honest that makes you kind of sound like the Uncle who likes to touch children a little to much. But you don't post here much and have yet to experience packerbacker so no big deal. You have not been here for his constant bashing of the bears and Cutler. Oh and the fact that he often talks about killing me. So with all do respect I will bash him if I feel like it. Whats it to you anyway? Mind your buisness.

Kevin your killing me.

Why does it seem like every play against the Bears D goes for a 1 yard loss or 15+ yards? Is it just me or do we bleed 15 yard plays?

Someone needs a hug --

First, I never said the Bears would lose to Seattle. NEVER. I said that the team was better off facing Matt Hasselbeck, because it was insane to play an already slow QB with a rib injury. I said the game was no gimmie, because it's tough playing in Seattle.

I also called Johnny Knox well before the season began.

On each, I was right.
And I'm also not remotely surprised by Lovie Smith's play calling. I told you weeks ago that he is an aggressive play-caller, when you look back to his Rams days.

But I don't need to sit around and brag about when I was right.

As far as your predictions -- you act as if you are some soothsayer.

Anyone with half a brain would have known a line that did not play much together in the preseason, with three new starters would struggle. They should have known a team with a new QB and new WRs would get off to a slow start.

And it's not rocket science to believe that Tommie Harris will never be what he was.

But the team HAS improved. The line play HAS gotten better. The DBs HAVE improved.

And they should continue to get better as the season goes along.

No one is sold on this team. But give the team some credit when it is deserved.

BTW, I don't know what catch blocking, nor do I care.

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