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Dollars and sense: Cutler extension nets him $16 million this year

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It was with a smile that Jay Cutler said congratulations to Eli Manning and Philip Rivers as they pulled down blockbuster contracts this summer, and the Bears quarterback was able to smile about his own deal on Wednesday.

Cutler signed a $30 million, two-year extension Tuesday night that gives him protection against the possibility of a lockout in 2011, something he said is on the minds of all players. The Bears, according to general manager Jerry Angelo, didn't plan on addressing a deal with Cutler during the season as he was signed through 2011 on his rookie contract when they traded for him with the Denver Broncos.

But agent Bus Cook approached the team and they quickly found some common ground that made sense for both parties.

"We felt given the uncertainty of the CBA, given the fact we had the cap room, this was a good time for us because what it does for us is it helps our planning going forward,'' Angelo said. "This will not impede us to not do anything we need to do in free agency moving forward. In fact, it's going to help us now because there's real clarity because Jay was always in the plans. It was just when we were going to do it and how much it was going to ... the cost. All that got resolved in a timely manner.

"We're very very happy with that. I know Jay is happy with that. He made it very clear he wanted to be a Bear. Money was never an issue when we made the trade with him."

Cutler had a $12 million roster bonus due in 2011, money that wasn't guaranteed. In the extension, he moved a lot of money forward in the deal--he'll pocket $16 million this season--and protected himself at a time when no one can predict the future between the owners and players.

"I think every player in the league is probably concerned with that because we don't know what is going to happen, is there going to be a lockout or what's going to happen?'' Cutler said. "You know, the (players association) is advising everyone to save money. So any money you can get before that point is going to be good for any player.''

Here is how the money breaks down in the deal:


$7 million signing bonus
$9 million added to his base salary

Cutler was already earning a base salary of $1.035 million this season, meaning he will now carry a cap hit for this season of $11.435 million. That move still leaves the Bears with roughly $5 million in remaining cap room for this season. With $16 million in new money this season, that means Cutler has $4 million in base salary guaranteed moving forward in the contract because $20 million of the $30 million extension was guaranteed.


$7.5 million base salary


$8.1 million base salary


$8.2 million base salary


$8.9 base salary

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Can anyone tell me why Bronco fans are mad about this?

The Cutler trade will go down as one of the better personnel moves in Bear history. This extension now guarantees the Bears have a pro-bowl type QB moving forward. Getting Johnny Knox with the 5th rounder from the Cutler trade also cements down this trade as one of the better personnel moves in Bear history. In one simple trade, Bears GM Jerry Angelo gave the team a franchise quarterback and an up and coming receiver who looks to be a straight up playmaker.

Not only did Angelo give the Bears a QB, he gave Denver one also in Kyle Orton. Like or hate Orton, say its not him its Denvers defense and receivers, but the guy is a legit starting NFL QB. The Orton haters gotta remember one thing, at the end of the day, Kyle Orton still has to make the throws he's been making. Yeah Orton has Brandon Marshall, but last time I looked, he's not the only one Orton is throwing to. For every Montana and Young, theres a Rice, for every Bradshaw, theres a Swan, and for every Aikman, theres an Irvin. At the end of the day, the QB handles the ball on every snap and still has to make the throws. Denver got lucky with Orton, he's better than Matt Cassel, the QB they originally wanted. Chicago got the better QB, but Denver didn't fare to bad either, they could have done worse GO BEARS!!

I have been waiting on the details of this deal to see exactly what kind of guy Cutler is? The answer it seems is he's a team player, he's making good money yes, but he also left some on the table to allow the team to have some flexibility going forward. This is good due to the fact we have no draft picks currently next season on the first day.
As I have said over the last few weeks this is a young develping team, a lot of youth is on the field and giving us some production. Some need to step up, Williams or out, Omiyale, if they don't get it together soon. But this glass looks more like 3/4's full to me at this point. We have our QB, a solid young RB in Forte, youth in the receiver spots( Hester, Knox and Bennett who looks like a solid possession guy) and at TE on offense, the o-line has some aged veterans and young size they hope to develop over the season. On defense, we have two young big guys in Harrison and Gilbert who Marinelli likes, brought in a high draft pick in need of a change (Gaines), and solid performers in "Big Paw" Brown, Harris and Ogunleye up front, our LB position is better than we thought with Roach showing tremendous promise, Briggs-all-pro still under 30, and hopefulley a healthy and hungry Brian #54 back in the fold next season. At DB, Tillman-solid as a rock, Bowman improving-if he can only stay healthy, Graham solid back-up corner, and three young safeties to rotate in Afalava, Manning and Payne. Things are looking up, yse its going to be frustrating losing games with mistakes, but the mistakes that have hurt us the most have been turnovers in the losses, not necessarily player lapses on the field. Bearsfan8989, there are a lot of positive posters on here to balance out the complainers, it's a free forum, don't get discouraged stick around my friend you'll soon find out who to read for info, they are on here and come with some good material for us to chew on.
This week we need a win, do not want to be .500 at this point, I expect the defense to be keyed up for Ced, now we'll find out if there was ever any truth to the defense roughing him up in practice because they liked Jones better that we heard in camp a few years ago. Palmer should be easier to get to than Ryan was, his TE is not as good and ocho is a little sloe (oops thinking GIN) off the line, he'll have his hands full with Tillman that's for sure. sorry to hear about Pisa, but it's time to take a look at Jamar williams to see what he can do, it's a contract year for him anyway. Hey kevin A or MSBEARSFan: who is available at LB on the wire that we might want to bring in now that Pisa will be on IR, someone young with something to prove......Go BEARS

The world has a way of correcting it's problems. A career ending injury and an alcohol induced bout with depression is the solution in this case.

Kevin, Orton is a smart player, I'll give him that. But he's very limited in his physical ability, has no deep ball and struggles at times with accuracy on simple crossing routes. With the system he's in and the players around him he is the luckiest mediocre QB in the NFL.

Orton doesn't just have Brandon Marshall, he has Eddie Royal, Stokely, Tony Scheffler, 1st round running back talent, possibly the best young line in football...and a defense that has allowed, what was it, 2/20 or so 3rd down conversions in the 2nd half? That's not just good, that's upper echelon.

Orton's throwing dinky 5 yard passes that his teammates are taking to the house half a field away. Gotta love how Orton, after a score that was all the pass catcher's doing, runs down the field as if he just accomplished something special. Tell me Chad Pennington, Kyle Boller or Kerry Collins wouldn't have the same success in that system. Heck, throw in a real QB in that offense like Cutler or Brees and you have a 19-0 franchise. A line that keeps you untouched, receivers that either make the tough catch or bat down bad passes to avoid interceptions, reliable run game...but that's all Orton of course.

I have a feeling he will get exposed though. Monday night I saw the Chargers' CB Cromartie stop giving his man so much space. He knew all Denver was doing was short, quick passes like the comeback route. Other teams will realize that and act accordingly.

Oh yeah, I saw that comment about Tillman shutting down pro-bowl receivers. Are you sure it's Tillman's play or that elite defensive line pressuring opposing quarterbacks?

Bronco fans are mad because this 26 year old pair of clown shoes showed his true colors when he bit the hand that fed him. I'm a Charger, through and through, but I can empathize with their position. The guy's a cancer and you'll see it the longer he's in Chicago.

Did you see that red-zone pick the beginning of the game last week? Get used to it, fanboys.

Getting rid of Cutler was the best thing Denver ever did (6 and 0 anyone).

The guy doesn't derserve the money he's getting, because he hasn't done much of anything yet. He got to a pro-bowl last year because he had a crazy talented receiving corp. That's why Denver fans are mad. That's why everyone should be mad. You guys think securing him is a good thing!? Sure, he looks like a step up from Grossman and Orton, but one of those guys got you to a superbowl and the other had an unheard of home record. Don't expect those things to be happening again any time soon

Kevin its not about being a starting QB. There are lots of starting QB's in the league that are nothing special. Orton is this years Collins, he is almost an identical QB to him. You give him a lot of protection and a lot of weapons and he looks good. Put pressure on him and he folds. See Kevin this when you show you don't understand the game at all. Saying that the players on offense and defense do nothing and that it is all about the QB. I have to say that is pretty pathetic, I think you should go be a Denver fan, your not smart enough to be a Bear fan, but your just about right for the Broncos. In fact I think you are a Bronco fan already. Orton lover and Cutler hater. I can tell yo uwould rather have Oton and the picks back.

Urin Gatewood, your calling us fanboys? When your the one ghosting a Bear blog hoping to bash Cutler. Not only are Denver fans reguarded around the NFL as the dumbest fans, but they are also the only fans I know who love to stuff their mouths with sheeps testicals. Of course you call them Rocky Mountain Oysters, I guess your whole state is in the closet.

You do realize with an average recieving group and a bad offensive line and zero running game he has single handedly carried our offense, he has led us to two come from behind wins and our rather pathetic offensive talent is out scoring you offensive all star squad, LMAO at how stupid Denver fans are. Hey maybe the Broncos will get to play some better teams then the Chargers, Browns, and Raiders. Hahahaha, we beat the Champs thanks to Cutler, end of story.

By the way the hand that fed him, hit him and thats why it got bit. Hiring Nolan was best thing Denver ever did moron. Oh thats your defensive coordinator. Oh wait forgot your a Bronco fan, "a defensive coordinator is the coach that is charge of the defensive play calling, defensive scheme and defensive players. Oh you do know you switched schemes right? Wait do you even know what a scheme is? By the way all the talent on your team was put their by Shannahan not Chicken McNugget. Do you remember Eric Mangini and his first year with the Jets. People thought he was amazing too, he even beat the Pats. Oh darn I forgot Denver fan. Ummm the dog goes bark bark. Who's a big boy that knows how to use the magic computer machine. Yeh, your doing good.

By the way their is no way you are a Charger fan, you are a joke, but not charger fan. No Charger fan goes around ghosting Bears boards talking up Orton and slamming Cutler and talking about the wonderful Broncos.

"Getting rid of Cutler was the best thing Denver ever did (6 and 0 anyone)."

Yeh some Charger fan, get lost nut job.

Remember the start he had last year? His luck will run out soon!!

Wow. Your right, Denver hasn't beaten anyone good. They just happened to hold a certain 59 point scoring patriot team to 17 points. Whats that? You say that the Titans don't count? Well, let me put this in perspective. Every team counts. Because every win counts. And Denver, with Orton is 6-0. That's 6 wins and no red zone interceptions that Denver fans were glad to get rid of in the form of Jay Cutler. Cutler can win games. But he also loses them, alot. For every amazing show of physical ability and talent, Cutler has an equally stupid mistake. Orton? Dont tell me he cant win games, because last time i checked leading consecutive drives of 90 plus yards is winning a game. And these weren't "give it to the star recievers let them do it in one big play" plays. They were long, sustained drives. When Orton gets in the redzone, he can be trusted not to turn it over. You should know this Chicago fans, you saw him do it year in and year out. And Even if Orton can't single handily win games ala Peyton manning, he certainly won't single handily loose them, alo Jay Cutler.

Hey Brad I don't know when you are doing the next four down territory but I was wondering something. Everybody has talked about the 7 ints in the red zone Cutler has thrown sense the start of the 08 season. They say it is more than double anyone else. But that doesn't tell me the whole story. I don't have the access to the stats you and a guy like Dr.Z have. So I thought if you don't know maybe you can ask him or pass this along sense he likes numbers so much. What is Jay Culter's red zone int's per attempt compared to the rest of the league. Or at least what is it compared to a guy like Brees or Favre? To me that stat would make a lot more sense then just comparing interception totals and I would think the league keeps track of something that important. Maybe ask Lovie or Angelo. My own guess is that the answer will surprise a lot of people.

You Bear fans are hilarious. "It's not Orton, it's the talent around him." Duh! But the same is true of Cutler too!! Cutler is not a Pro-Bowl caliber QB; he's a poor decision maker (look no further than his two games against San Diego last year) and a menace in the locker room (just wait, you'll see).

Sure, Denver's D was bad last year, but if you aren't a Broncos fan you probably don't realize how often our defense was put into a compromising position due to Cutler's mistakes. Let's see how you feel about him when you're 7-9 at the end of the year with a starting QB who has many TD passes as INTs. Cutler has a strong arm, but that's it. I watched Cutler "lead" my Broncos out of the playoffs year after year ... all from the guy who proclaimed last year that he's better than John Elway ... ha! You can have that mental case!

Creighton, you have issues. You love Cutler don't you? I mean you love him. You do, don't you? You love him.

This blog was linked to a Google news aggregator and I stumbled on it looking for Bronco news. Creighton, you, my friend are a world class idiot. A complete moron. You make some decent points, but before you exhalt youself and speak down to people about intellegence, let's learn how to spell, eh? Proper use of apostrophes are a nice start (your and you're are two different things btw). Appropriate usage of there, they're, their would be second. Reguarded?! Really?! I don't normally make/reply to comments from people w/too much time on their hands, but you practically forced me too. You should be ashamed of yourself! Credibility GONE!

Was that THE 59 point Pats, or the 9 point Pats? Cause the Jets held them to nine and beat them with Sanchez. Oh wait the Pats put a beating on a 0-6 team that quit during the game and your imppressed? Again stupid Denver fans. You nailed those Pats for all of 20 points at home, Wow. That Marshall and that Stokley didn't bail out Cutler at all, he meant to under throw the ball. The one to Stokley was a bank shot, he called rail. Then you almost lost to the Browns. So just got by the Bungles and almost to the Browns.

Yes my spelling discredits my football knowledge, I see how that works, that makes a lot of sense?????? Ho much credit do you loose for knowing nothing about football? But hey you use spell checker so you are a football god. That makes a lot of sense. You see how the whole stupid Bronco fan keeps coming up. Is this a football blog or a spelling bee you Rocky mountain fruit basket?

Steve how is this Bronco news? I typed in Denver Broncos and this didn't come up, both Foxfire and Google. You are a Lurker, out to hate on Cutler who is not on your team anymore. By the way Steve I am not the one going to out state news papers so I can read anything I can get my hands on about Cutler. Thats you stalker, he's actually my teams QB and this a blog about him in my hometown paper. Why are you here again? When you read the title to this article did it scream Broncos news to you?

Lets take a look at Orton shall we.

In 2005 with Bears Orton won 11 games. According to Kevin he did this all by himself and the talent around him didn't help.

In all 11 wins the defense allowed an average of 8.5 but that didn't help the rookie QB win it was his 9td's and 13 ints.

In 2007 he won 2 games, one was the final game of the year and was scrubs vs. scrubs and the other the defense gave up 7 points. Wow how did he pull off a win in that game.

Orton now a wiser and more established QB win 9 games. Hey come he only won 9 games, he was a vet and had established himself? Shouldn't he win morw games than he did as a rookie? Oh the defense gave up an average 18.6 points in his wins that year.

Orton has guided the Broncos to 6 wins in a row, their has been no luck and no balls have bouonced his way. Unless they belong to a sheep that is. So Denver's defense has given up a whopping 11, what a bunch of chumps, they can only hold teams to around 11 points, how could anyone win with a defense like that? God Brees and Manning would never make it on this team. Even though they just got by the Bungles and almost lost to the Browns. Boy he put 7 points on the Bungles and their was no luck involved in that play to Stokley, that was all Orton goodness.. Hahahaha. Or the way your team blew past the Boys, yep that was Orton, it had nothing to do with Marshall, Orton used his magic powers to protect him on that 35 yard run, where he went by 6 defenders, or that catch over the back of the defender because Orthon threw the ball short. Yep that Orton does it all.

Kevin you are now comparing Orton too these guys?

"say its not him its Denvers defense and receivers, but the guy is a legit starting NFL QB. The Orton haters gotta remember one thing, at the end of the day, Kyle Orton still has to make the throws he's been making. Yeah Orton has Brandon Marshall, but last time I looked, he's not the only one Orton is throwing to. For every Montana and Young, theres a Rice, for every Bradshaw, theres a Swan, and for every Aikman, theres an Irvin."

So Orton is now Young, Montana, Bradshaw, Aikman? Are their any more HOF QB's you want to throw on that list moron? Why are you saying you glad to have Cutler, Orton is is one of the best ever according to you??

Hey some one explain Orton's road record with the Bears, the big winner was 4-11. Wow what a stud. In three of his career home wins the defense and special teams out scored the offense. 1 win was a scrub game, and yet another win was not him at all, but Rex who led the Bears to a win in the second half after Orton blew the lead i nthe first half. But Orton gets credit for those wins. Thats 5 wins that belong to the team.

The football stupid are out in force. "I DISCREDIT YOU FOR SPELLING ERRORS" Hahahahahahahah, moron.

Kyle Orton is a perfect fit for the controlled passing game that Denver is running under McDaniels. The difference is that while Kyle can make plays, he isn't a guy who can win a game by himself. And as far as the deep ball, I think that deserves some qualification. He has the arm to go deep, and when he can fire down the field on deep ins or posts, he does very well. What he does not do well is throw to the sidelines and has trouble with fade routes. He has underthrown every fade I have ever seen him attempt. He must be worried about throwing the ball out of bounds, because almost every time, the defender is in a better position to make a play on the ball than his wide receiver.

That being said, with Bennett, Knox, Hester, Clark, and Olsen, Orton could be playing better than he did last year if he was still here with these improved weapons. And if he was still here, we might have gotten Hakeem Nicks or Kenny Britt instead of Juaquin Iglesias, which changes the outlook considerably. But the way the offensive line is protecting (or not protecting as the case appears to be), Orton would not be able to make the plays Cutler is making. He has dropped balls right on target to Hester, Knox, Olsen, and Clark that few QBs are capable of matching. He has fired the ball into tight spots down the field, and while Orton has done some of that, it is all in intermediate and short routes. Cutler has the entire field open to him to make plays, where Orton really has to rely on the space between the numbers.

I was (and still am) an Orton fan, and thought he was making good progress last year prior to the ankle injury, but at the end of the evaluation process, Cutler has a bigger upside. The downside is that he can throw 5 picks in a game by taking chances, but he will keep firing. It is the same thing Green Bay had to deal with when they had Favre. He will win some for you (Seattle, Pittsburgh), but he can also lose some for you (GB, Atlanta). You take the upside, and try to limit the downside risk. Orton's range is smaller in upside and downside, and while he may not lose games for you, he also won't win as many by himself.

We got a bargain with this extension, because after this year, all bets are off when it comes to the salary cap and collective bargaining. We had the salary cap money, and he was the right guy to use it on. Now we have a bunch of players coming due after this season, and we will make decisions on many of them, but financially, we aren't going to have any limitations because Cutler is waiting in the background for an extension.

If the line can come together even a little bit, and we can get 3.5 per carry instead of 2, then Cutler's INTs will decrease, and we can be more effective in the red zone. Long term, we have a franchise QB who is capable of taking over a game. Denver has a QB who is capable of making plays, and driving an offense, but can't take over the game (or at least has not shown that ability yet). Neither team lost on this deal, and both teams improved because of it.

I wanted Orton to get another chance, and draft weapons for him this year. But the chance to get Cutler trumped anything I wanted, and I was more than happy to see that move get made. We had no choice but to extend him given the price we paid, but now we have him locked up for the next several years, and he will still only be 30 when his deal is up. He will be still in his prime years, and we could probably get another 6-8 years out of him at that point. So we would have a premier QB for 11 years....I'll take that any day

Haha, 6-0 Denver? You had that fluke win over the Bengals caused by Orton severely underthrowing the ball. Then against New England, after the sack-fumble on Brady, Denver's RB fumbles the ball himself in the final two minutes. For some reason though, the refs never reviewed it. The replays clearly showed a fumble, it would have given the Pats great field position in the final minute of a tied game, but inexplicably the refs don't review it. That was another lucky win for the Broncos.

Steve, Cutler never said he's better than Elway. He said he has a stronger arm than Elway. But hey, you keep making things up and putting words in people's mouths and maybe someday soon you'll get your own political talk show.

"Orton's throwing dinky 5 yard passes that his teammates are taking to the house half a field away. Gotta love how Orton, after a score that was all the pass catcher's doing, runs down the field as if he just accomplished something special"

This is exactly the kind of ignorant commment that defines a homer.

Guess what, bud?

In the Bears 3 wins, Cutler has done virtually the same thing that you denigrate Orton for, particularly the Lions game, i.e., dink, dink, dink.

In their two losses, he has aired it out more, resulting in several of his 6 interceptions.

It will NEVER matter if Cutler has one of the strongest arms ever, if he does not play smarter like I don't know, say, Orton.

Mike actually the guy who said Cutler had a stronger arm than Elway and got that whole thing started was Shannahan, when he was asked about Cutlers arm compared to Elway, Elway being a ten, Shannahan replied "If Elway is a 10 the Jay is a 10.5" as usual Denver fans getting it wrong.

Now I find it funny that on a day when I happen to ask a simple question about why Bronco fans are mad about Chicago Bears Franchise QB and all around good guy Jay Cutler getting an extension upsets them so.

Lucky for me four Denver Bronco fans all accidently stummbled apon the Chicago Sun-Times Brad Biggs blog, on the day I ask it. Now as I pointed out Denver fans are known around the league as morons who confuse sheep testicls with oysters. So let me help you guys out sense you obviously got lost, Denver Broncos news and articles can be found at the Denver Post they have their own section and everything, The Bronco report. Now I don't know what yellow brick road you followed to get here, but why don't you go ahead and click those ruby slippers that I know you are wearing together and get your @sses back to Denver cause your not in Kansas anymore ladies.

The next time you come on a blog to bash another teams QB at least try to know what you are talking about. You morons think its an insult when people say the reason Orton is looking better in Denver is because he is surrounded by elite talent and that oyur team has a great defense. Only a moron would consider a fan from another team saying that you have elite talent on offense and great defense an insult. I will trade you our O-Line for yours in heart beat. You want to trade Marshall for Bennett? How about Baily for Vasher? You don't think your being stupid? You got mad at me for asking a simple question, you came on a Chicago board and bashed our QB and are shocked we are mad? You got made when I pointed out how much talent you have? Do you think your team won 6 games in a row because they have no talent? If Orton is so great why has your team not given him an extension? He is on a one year deal. Orton is average deal with it and back off our QB he is not a Bronco, this is not the post and none of you have a clue. You don't have to worry about him anymore we are glad to have him, your town never liked him. Your the fans in 2007 that where calling him a junky, and a whimp, when he was out on the field playing his guts out for you while he was suffering from undiagnosed diabetes. You showed your appreciation by complaining about him having diabetes. Nice. Some fans you are. You blamed him for your team not being very good last year when he was the best player on your team. Then your organization lies to him, and stabs him in the back and you get mad at Cutler because your team just took a dump on him and he got mad about it. Cutler didn't want out of Denver, McDaniels wanted him gone. He would have played, just like Marshall played.

I have no idea why we argue Cutler/Orton at all. Broncs have talent we don't period. Orton is very good at what he does, I saw those throws and he was on the money big time, but he has a great Oline as well, see all the time he had? Not to take anything away from Kyle, he is very good, and they are 6-0.
It's hard to compare QB's when one of them has no talent around him and the other one does.
I have no idea what the hey Jery and Lovie are doing, they just make no sense at all. Starting bad players picking up bad players that have started 1 game in their career and putting them out of position. My gosh what a circus. It serves them right for Orton and Ced to be looking great on other teams, while they look like clowns. They made their own bed. and they deserve the heat, but not bc of Cutler.
Good call on that Broncger fan Creighton.

Not sure why Jay wants to be a Bear unless he feels JA will one day get him an Oline and a vet WR.

Guys please quit knocking players that are doing great, maybe its not them, maybe it's the Bears. 1 maybe a fluke but 2 with different teams is def. not a fluke.

oh yeah, good job JA on signing Cutler. We needed that.

Tim you think Orton has played smart? He has made at least 6 major mistakes that would have cost most teams those games, except your recievers and a lot of Luck bailed him out. Smart? How can you tell if he is smart he has never been put under pressure, he has 6 seconds to throw the ball. ESPN actually showed the mistakes he was making and how your recievers have saved his butt.

You can't compare the two, our line is Brutal, Cutler doesn't even have a pocket, he is under pressure all game, he is having to make throws on the run all the time and has no time to throw the ball, our recievers had a combined 10 starts going into the season, thats for 4 guys.

You say we don't know Jay because we didn't watch enough Bronco games. Well just how many Bears games have you been watching over the years. Have you ever sen Orton Audible in your system? Have you ever seen him under a lot of pressure for an entire game? You put him under pressure and he starts throwing picks like they are going out of style. Your coach does not let him audible, no defense has the corners to press your recievers with so they play off and your recievers are free to catch those undernieth passes they have been catching. Orton has six seconds to read the field and often takes all that time to go through his progressions. When your team goes into a no huddle all your plays are scripted so he does not have to do anything but throw the ball. Is Collins a great QB too?

If he was so great your team would have signed him to an extension. Even they know what he is. You know what your missing you have no idea how good your offense could be a great QB in their. Thats the Pats system and you have better tallent then they do at all but one position, and all you can do is get 19 points a game and be in nothing but close games unless you play Oakland. With that defense and that offense you should be destroying teams. Even you special teams is playing well. Do have a clue as to how much talent you have on your team?

Crap-ton, don't come on here and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about just because I have a different opinion on Orton than you do...okay. Also Crap-ton, I realize it takes a defense and players around a QB to make it all go, I never said it didn't. All I'm saying is Orton isn't as bad of a QB as you say he is, again, he still handles the ball on every snap, like it or not.

Also Crap-ton, stop making $hit up that I never wanted Jay Cutler. I'd take Cutler over Orton any day. All I was trying to say Crap-ton was Orton isn't a bad quarterback. All right Crap-ton, say it with me and Kevin Bumstead now....GO BEARS!!

You can't take a sample size of (5) Bear games and (6) Bronco games and make a solid conclusion on who is better at what then who ???

Makes sense ?? LOL...

Seriously. Denver has catered it's Offensive approach to the style of QB Kyle is. Chicago runs a style of Offense that needed a QB who could get the ball downfield better then Kyle is capable of.

Both sides got what they wanted out of the trade. Denver botched the Cassell deal but ended up getting some quality draft picks and Kyle for the disgruntled Jay. The Bears were able to shed #1 draft picks that frankly, Jerry Aneglo has blown with less then a 50% success rate and arguably has saved the salary cap $millions of dollars and has even locked up Jay through 2013.

This deal was not made for a 1-yr attempt at success... Angelo wanted a QB he could build the team around. The key word is build here... The building process has just begun and the real downer of the Bears so far is the poor play of the O-line. Many figured it would be a strength while the WR core would be the weakness and oddly enough it is A$$backwards right now.

The next phase in building the Bears is building up the O-line. We need to get not only better upfront but younger and having locked up Cutler with new money paid for mostly on the 2009 Cap, Jerry Angelo has set the Bears up to be major buyers in the next few FA talent pools... Not having to pay $30 to $50+ million to each 1'st rounder he traded away means he will have a truck load of cash at his disposal to add some younger, productive players to the roster.

The Bronco's have a much better Defense and offensive line at this point of the season. They also have a talented WR core that is better then what Jay currently has to work with. It's hard not to succeed when you have so much talent around you !! Denver's Defense is playing lights out, they only surrender 11 points per game.

What Jay really needs is an improvement in the O-line to be more succesful. The Bears give up 20 points per game defensively and Jay can win with that. He just needs the running game to imrpove and the pass blocking to keep opposing jersey off of him so he can progress through his reads without having to scramble or run for his life. That would be nice. Even with all the struggles in the run game, turnovers, O-line woes the Bears still put up 23.8 points per game(good for 12'th in the league). That coincidentaly is better the Denvers average and is a testament the job Denvers Defense has done so far this season.

Go Bears !!

HAHAHAHA! The Bear's fans are at each other's throats! Mission accomplished! Retarded @$$ Creighton doesn't even know who to talk sh!t to anymore or what position he's taking. Denver's good, Denver's bad - Bear's are good, Bear's are bad. What a joke.

PS - Urlacher was right, Cutler IS a pu$$y - you dummy.

Hey what does PJ stand for? P#### Juice? Kevin is not a Bear fan he is a closet Bronco fan and I hammer him every week. No one said you didn't have a good team moron, I said Orton is average and is surrounded by great players. But I guess you don't know how to read. Face it he makes your team worse than they should be.

I actually just talked to a Bronco fan, he told me the Bears where lucky Odom was out. When I asked why, he said because Odom is the NFL sack leader da. I had to remind him that the NFL sack leader was Elvis Dumervil, again Bronco fans are the tards of the sports world. They don't even know they have a good team they think its Orton.

Ok Kevin you want to go? Lets go.

"Like or hate Orton, say its not him its Denvers defense and receivers, but the guy is a legit starting NFL QB."

By saying this you are arguing it is not the defense or recievers and that it is in fact Orton.

Then you said this.

"Kyle Orton still has to make the throws he's been making. Yeah Orton has Brandon Marshall, but last time I looked, he's not the only one Orton is throwing to. For every Montana and Young, theres a Rice, for every Bradshaw, theres a Swan, and for every Aikman, theres an Irvin."

You actually compared him to some of the greatest QB's in NFL history.

You did that.

When Angelo made the trade you said, we didn't need to do it, that we paid to much and that Orton was all we needed.

That doesn't sound like Cutler support to me. Before the trade happened, you stated you didn't want it to go down. You said that. You are an Orton birther.

You have stated numerous times that guys like Okwo, Bazuin, and Baldwin where all going ot be great players, you said Chris Williams would be an All Pro year one. You yourself said last year that Oroton was the greatest QB in the nfl and had the strongest arm in the nfl.

So no Kevin, you don't have a clue as to what you are talking about.

By Kevin Armstead on October 22, 2009 2:03 PM
"Crap-ton, don't come on here and tell me I don't know what I'm talking about just because I have a different opinion on Orton than you do...okay. Also Crap-ton, I realize it takes a defense and players around a QB to make it all go, I never said it didn't."

I don't think you do. But I told you before I don't do Bumstead but you are to slow to figure out who does it. Which kills me, cause the answer is right in front of you. Your like Brando everytime you argue with me you loose and you never learn.

I was to hard on you with what I said, and I should not have snapped on you, and for that I am sorry, but you need to start applying what you know and stop living in fantasy land. "Kyle Orton is a starting QB!!" What does that even mean? Are you trying ot say he is good, bad or average for a starting QB? JaMarcus Russell is a starting QB, Josh Johnson, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jason Campbell, Derek Anderson, Jake Dalhomme, Shaun Hill and Matt Cassel as you pointed out are all starting QB's and they all suck. but you went out and compared him to Montana and Young(Fantasy land). Its not about hating Orton, cause I don't hate Orton, I just know what he is and you actually struggle to deal with it. He is an average QB who has had the benifit of great defenses over his career. Right now you are siding with Bronco fans who are bashing Cutler on our board and arguing with me over it. So yeh I think you are a closet Bronco fan. Deal with it. The Denver Post blog world awaits you.

Remember something Kevin, I didn't bring up Orton, I asked why Denver fans are mad about Cutler getting a deal. You brought up Orton in support of your bronco brothers.

By the way PJ, "mission accomplished" thats about the gayest thing a moron can say. You can't win argument, you can't defend your point, so you are trying to take credit for an argument between me and a guy who have argued for years, after you have been here all of one day. What mission did you accomplish idiot?? Do you even know or have I busted your sorry @ss up so bad that you are just spitting out words?

The only thing you accomplished was gettiing your @ss kicked all over a blog and reinforcing the common idea that Bronco fans have no clue what they are talking about. Please try and respond to an actual point I have made or question instead of just blurting out words. Bronco fans = MORONS.

What are you going to say next "Broncos Rule" or how about "Orton Rulezzz" or "See Ya wouldn't wanna be ya" please show me how smart you are. LMAO about you, your obbssesed with a QB that dumped you, you have jilted lover syndrome. Hahahahahaha F@g. Stalking Bears boards just so you can talk about him. What happen the other Bronco fans get sick of your dumb @ss.

By the way puppet you dumb @ss Bronco fans did just what I wanted. Why do you think I posted that question. You idiots have been all over Bears blogs for months. Guys on this board pay admission to watch me slap around chumps like you. I was in a bad mood and sick of annoying little crybaby whining Bronco fans who can't stop crying about Cutler, so I thought I would draw you out and vent a little. Thanks for falling for it and thanks for being such an easy target. I enjoyed humiliating you.

And that is what you call mission accomplished dip $hit. Now go crawl in hole and cry yourself to sleep looser.

3rd quarter of the Bears - Cinci game. Cutler's worth every penny. BTW, nice work pissing off Benson, Chicago brass. Bad organization yielding bad results.

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