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Briggs looks ready to roll Sunday vs. Lions

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Lance Briggs had full participation in practice in practice today, according to coach Lovie Smith, and the weak-side linebacker is expected to start Sunday vs. Detroit.

Hunter Hillenmeyer (rib) and Pisa Tinoisamoa (right knee) were the only players who missed practice, and right now it looks like neither will be available during the game.

The official injury report has not been released yet, but here is a preliminary look at how it is expected to break down. Again, this is not official:


RB Matt Forte, knee
DT Tommie Harris, knee
TE Desmond Clark, rib
DT Anthony Adams, knee
LS Pat Mannelly, arm


LB Lance Briggs, foot
DL Israel Idonije, knee
DE Alex Brown, ankle


LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, knee
LB Hunter Hillenmeyer, rib

Don't read too much into Briggs being questionable, Smith seemed certain all the ways but Tinoisamoa and Hillenmeyer would be available.

"Everyone else seemed like they were in pretty good shape,'' Smith said. "We should have them ready to go for the game."

Check back later on for the official injury report.

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Kool! I will keep Briggs on my FF team this week.
Can we all just calm down about Harris knee. :>
I would like to see Roach with Briggs/Pisa maybe eventually?
Notice none of the OL are listed.

Randy, your the only one who mentioned the knee. In fact your the only post so far. I don't talk about the knee, I said it two years ago and what I said about it still stands today.

Why are they gonna push Hunter to start, let Roach have it, if he does bad then send in Hunter.

Des should sit this one out. He is not needed in this game. Detroit has no defense, and no pass rush. I would even sit Forte and let Peterson start. Give him this week and the bye to get healthy. If there is something really wrong with him let him get healthy he is not doing a lot for the team as it stands, if his injury is bothering him that much sit him. Cutler and the passing game should be more than enough for Detroit, throw in 25 runs split between ChiAP and Wolfe and the Bears should crush them.

Brad, how soon until Dusty Dvoracek is eligible for the Hall Of Fame?

Maybe they should list the whole OL on the injury report.. at least they could have some type of excuse for playing like garbage..

strass what is your excuse for being so negitive are you a closet packer fan. thay are 2 and 1 the line cant be all that bad! plus it is the 4th game of the year. let the line gel and see what happends. now im sure they if it doesnt they will be quick to give you a call. NO WAIT they would never call you, you dont have any clue about football or what it might take to be a good fan. but just so i can say i gave you a chance smart guy maybe you can tell me what kind of meaning i had when i called you a closet packer fan. which ever way you are is fine but atleast i will know that you are not some one that will give any thought to anything before you speak it. JUST A THOUGHT,KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU START GIVING OUT ADVICE.

Brad, how soon until Brett Favre is eligible for the Hall of Fame?

But really, what's with the LB injury bug? We got 4 banged up LBs in 3 games; 2 that didn't last a half. It's unlikely Babich has something to do with this, right?

Lovie's getting agressive in blitzing may have something to do with the weakened LB corps, and we have to do a better job at stopping the run than we did in Seattle. Thank goodness Briggs is okay, but the Bears losing Urlacher, Tinoisamoa and Briggs would be like the Patriots losing Brady, Moss and Welker.

Wow Mat, guess freedom of speech was taken away from us in the last couple of days.. You must be watching a different team. Or re-runs of the love boat. Dont question my fan status dude. Just dont. The OL is just plain bad. If you cant see that then maybe you should adjust the picture on your tv. If it wasnt for Cutler, we are 0-3. I just put up a long post on another topic praising quite a few of the players. In my opinion, the OL is not very good. Look at the rushing yards.. look at how bad they are in short yardage running plays. Thank god Cutler is good moving on the pocket because he rarely has time to throw. JA has made a living builing his line through FA. His luck ran out this year. But, I have no clue what Im talking about. Alot of us in here are not happy with the OL play. Guess we are all closet packer funs huh? Maybe you should have thought about that before grabbing the keyboard and going Jim Mora Jr. on me.

MOMO, I don't think you can blame aggressive play for LBs getting hurt. It's football. Pisa got rolled on and Urlacher is over 30 and some players tend to break down after 30. He's also a guy who messed up his neck sleeping wrong on a plane. It wasn't exactly from playing. Look at Hillenmeyer and he looks nothing like a LB to begin with. He has skinny arms and he's closer to being a safety than a true LB. The back ups are also injury prone to begin with. Most of these players who are injury concerns had knocks against them coming out of college for being somewhat injury prone. And if you take one play out where Tillman went for the strip then it's not even close. That's what Tillman does. He did it later on and we actually scored points on those turnovers. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. It's a credit to him that he tried it again at the right moment. The last thing you need is a skittish player. The guy had back surgery only a few months ago and it would be easier after that to start tackling like a lot of CBs do to preserve yourself.

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