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Bears will not say if a change is in the works on the offensive line

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Offensive coordinator Ron Turner wouldn't say if a change is in the works on the offensive line, and Josh Beekman said he was headed to meetings after practice this afternoon, declining to stop and answer questions if he has been working with the first team in practice.

"You'll have to talk to Lovie about that,'' Turner said when asked if Frank Omiyale will maintain his starting job at left guard.

There is a possibility the Bears could rotate left guards starting in Sunday's game vs. Cleveland at Soldier Field.

"We could do anything. Have we talked about it? Are we going to? It hasn't even been discussed,'' Turner said. "We have a bunch of issues we're trying to straighten out. Could we [rotate left guards]? Sure.''

Smith wouldn't address the situation, however.

"Our football team didnt play well, again starting with me,'' Smith said. "It's no more than that. If we were going to make a personnel change we wouldn't talk about those through the week. I'm not going to talk about anything personnel-wise. If that's all you want to talk about, there's nothing else to talk about.''

Stay tuned.

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I know the window is closing; I hope Lovie does as well

"There is a possibility the Bears could rotate left guards starting in Sunday's game vs. Cleveland at Soldier Field."

Rotating guards. What a great idea. We may really start something here. I'll bet it'll catch on faster than the Wildcat. I'll bet the Patriots will be sick that Ron and Lovie thought of it before they did.

Forte is getting mauled the second he touches the ball.

Cutler's playing scared. He's locking on to receivers too. Just look at the pick he had throwing it to Olsen. His head turns with Olsen the whole way.

And Lovie and Co. won't do anything about it.

Oh but we're going to move Vasher to free safety, even though he's 5'10 180, never played FS in the pros, and can't even win back his starting corner position.

Mark Anderson is getting reps at DT (what!?) even though he admits to being totally lost. (Though the same could be said about him at DE).

Friggin' genius, boys! What, did all the coaches cheat off of Gaines Adams's Wonderlic test? Ha! This is a clown show through and through.

About 95% of us on here wanted to see Beekman in at LG in place of Omiyale after the freakin' Falcons game. Oh no says Lovie, that would have made too much sense! Let's keep "circling the wagon" even though the damn thing is on fire and being attacked on all sides by Native Americans.

Brad, the more I think of it the more nauseous it makes me. And how do you like it as a reporter Brad, when Lovie the parrot gives you the same old:

"We did some good things and we'll go from there."

"We like [insert player's name here who has been sucking like none other]. He's a good football player."

(When answering an injury question)"There's nothing wrong with [insert player's name here who has a chronic injury and can't even walk to his car without collapsing]. Every player plays with pain." or "I'm not a doctor."

"We're just worried about our football team."

(When answering an obvious concern during a game that directly led to a loss)"I don't really know right now. We'll have to look at the film."

(On getting blown out) "We had some opportunities."

Ha, can't wait 'til they demolish Cleveland next week and then Lovie stands on the podium and wags his finger telling everyone to be ashamed for doubting him and that this team is Super Bowl bound since they just beat the Browns.

Ah!! Thank you Brad, for letting me get all my frustrations out on here.

Anyway, speaking of stupidity in the pure and simple sense, gotta love how Commi$$ioner Goof-dell and the NFL are playing ignorant to studies that link concussions to debilitating lifelong mental health issues. What? Players getting violently knocked around can lead to brain damage? What an outrageous claim. It's so money to think like money and in the end the money will money. Money. Uh, anyway, more caviar, anyone?

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