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Bears spin revolving door on practice squad again

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The Bears performed their weekly practice squad shuffle this afternoon as the team re-signed cornerback Woodny Turenne to the eight-man developmental squad, a league source said.

This is the third tour of duty for Turenne on the practice squad, and he has now been involved in six transactions entering Week 6 of the season. A recap:

Waived from roster Sept. 5
Signed to practice squad Sept. 6
Terminated from practice squad Sept. 23
Signed to practice squad Sept. 30
Terminated from practice squad Oct. 7
Signed to practice squad Oct. 13.

To make room for Turenne, who is the second cornerback on the practice squad along with fellow rookie DeAngelo Smith, center Donovan Raiola was terminated. The Bears had been swapping out guard Johan Asiata with Turenne on a weekly basis. Maybe it is Raiola's turn now.

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Is so sad that center Donovan Raiola was terminated. I'm sure he could have led a productive life in society had the Bears chosen not to kill him to make room on their practice squad. Oh what troubled times are these...

Don't worry. He'll be back.

I'd laugh, but for guys like Turenne, this isn't funny. The Bears front office is looking a little psycho these days. I'm sure their apologists will be along shortly, to tell us it's all part of the plan, but Cedric Benson was once, too.

How's Thomas Jones for near nada, and Cedric Benson for precisely nada working out for you? The Cutler trade and hitting on a couple of late rounders does not mean the front office is beyond being scrutinized...

he'll only come back if they bury him in the pet cemetary

Now if we could only rotate Lovie and Angelo off this team.

Where do you think they go? Toledo? Some of these guys swapping roster spots could even be rooming together.

It looks pretty obvious to me. The Bears are not jerking their chain. These players are all decent prospects that they like. Rather than permanently cutting two or three of them, they are alternatively moving players on and off the PS so they all make enough for living expenses during the season.

Essentially the Bears are keeping them all on the practice squad. They must feel like migrant workers, but it's a chance at pro football.

There's nothing wrong with this.

If the players don't like it, they don't have to go along. They can look for another squad or join the WFL.

Clearly, they understand being amenable to this arrangement is in their best interests.

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