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Bears release Ervin Baldwin from the practice squad

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The addition of a young pass rusher in Gaines Adams might not have made some of the veteran defensive ends very happy, but it cost one his job.

Ervin Baldwin, a seventh-round draft pick in 2008 from Michigan State, was released from the practice squad today, his agent reported.

Baldwin was signed to the 53-man roster last season when the Kansas City Chiefs tried to sign him off the Bears' practice squad, and he remained a project.

He'll have to find a new home now.

No word on who the Bears are bringing in at this point to fill the spot.

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Kevin Bumstead this is your cue.

I hope to God it is an offensive lineman. We need all the help we can get there.

Clermond and Baldwin are gone now, and Melton is on IR with an "injury." That's 3 DEs that are no longer an option for the roster in case of injury, unless they are planning on pulling the carousel on the practice squad. Looking at next year, the following guys are under contract on the D-line:

Gaines Adams--DE
Alex Brown--DE
Israel Idonije--DE/DT
Jarron Gilbert--DE/DT
Henry Melton--DE/DT?
Anthony Adams--NT
Marcus Harrison--NT/DT
Tommie Harris--DT

That is 8 deep, which means we only have one other spot open, max of 2. Granted, we may not want to keep one or two of these guys (talking about you, Tommie Harris), but it is looking like this is our future D-line. Of this group, we have 5 guys that could line up outside, and 5, maybe 6 that group that could move inside. Melton is the wild card. Will they continue bulking him up to play inside like in the preseason, or let him stay outside at end? If Adams pans out as a potential 6-9 sack guy, then Melton's home is inside.

I like the idea of Gilbert and Idonije outside with Brown and Adams, and then setting up a rotation of Harris and Melton at 3 tech, Adams and Harrison at the nose. In nickel, you can put Idonije at nose tackle, and have 4 pass rushers in the game. We may not need Goon or Anderson, but that is assuming Gaines Adams pans out.

One of the least well-known Baldwin brothers, appearing in only two unsuccessful television pilots before entering pro football ("Da Pyre and Da Fashion," which was supposed to be a modern updating of the television show "Coach" crossed with the witty banter and fashionista hijinks of "Sex and the City," and "CSI:Chicago," which, of course, lost out to "CSI:Rio")

Biggsy fails to mention here that Baldwin was immediately picked up by Tampa Bay, which will start him next week against New England, and that he will have 4 1/2 sacks in that game, tearing up Tom Brady's knee in a stunning win that will turn around the Buc's season en route to the Super Bowl, where they will meet the Kyle Orton-led Broncos.

Who says Jerry Angelo can't draft?

First all this horrible hate directed at Chris Williams, the bestest and wonderfulest tackle in all of football. And then THIS?! Ervin will just have to console himself that he'll be added to the Kevin Bumstead All-Star Team, the roster of which will be released soon. Here's just a teeny preview: Airese Currie! Stay tuned. Studs galore!!

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