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Bears lose Tinoisamoa for the season

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Veteran linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa will miss the remainder of the season as he will undergo surgery on his right knee, possibly microfracture surgery.

Tinoisamoa was injured on Sunday night at Atlanta after missing three games following the tearing of the posterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.

"It's a shame you didn't get to see him play for more of an extended period of time,'' said coach Lovie Smith, who coached Tinoisamoa as a rookie in St. Louis.

Tinoisamoa will be placed on injured reserve at some point. The good news for the Bears is they got Hunter Hillenmeyer back on the field today for the first time since suffering two fractured ribs at Seattle on Sept. 27.

Smith said the Bears will make a decision on who to play at middle linebacker--Hillenmeyer or Nick Roach--later in the week. The other is likely to play strong side.

Tinoisamoa is the second Bears linebacker to be lost for the season. Brian Urlacher went down in the opener with a wrist injury.

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Hunter is a solid player but Pisa was a flatout playmaker. That's tough news for him and the fans.

As a general rule of thumb, maybe the Bears should avoid taking players the St. Louis Rams cut/release.

brad, if pisa goes to IR, who do you think will fill the roster spot?

Brad, Have we seen the last of Pisa in a Bears uniform?

Theres no denying Pisa Tinoisamoa's ability on the field, and that tackle sunday night when he stood up ol Turner the Burner is a nice example. But thats just it, WHEN he's on the field. The guy simply can't stay on the field, thats the main reason I wasn't big on the signing during the off-season. Going into this season, Tinoisamoa ended up on IR after both the 2006 and 2007 seasons. Now in 2009 with yet another trip on the IR, he's been on IR 3 out of the last four seasons, thats not a good thing, especially at a physically demanding position like linebacker. But not all is lost.

Bears GM Jerry Angelo was smart about his linebackers going into the season believe it or not, I'll explain. With a history of durability problems, Pisa Tinoisamoa was only signed to a one year contract. And with another season ended on IR, was actually a good move on Angelo's part. Angelo had a backup plan in Nick Roach. After working his way into the starting lineup last season, Roach showed enough promise to also get a one year show us what you got type deal. So far this season Roach has been a pleasant surprise, and might be the player Angelo ends up giving an extension too. I like Roach as the Bears strong side linebacker moving forward, but I'd keep him inside till Urlacher comes back next season. Nick Roach has been a straight up tackling machine since he's been at the mike linebacker position, and Hillenmeyer is at least solid at the strongside position, just an opinion.

Bears GM Jerry Angelo did another smart move signing Jay Cutler to a two year extension. Now the Bears have their QB locked down through 2013. Good move.

Bears cornerback Charles Tillman has basically shut down two pro-bowl type receivers in Roddy White and Calvin Johnson in back to back games. Tillman is quietly putting together a pro-bowl season for himself, especially if he keeps it up. After studying game tape on Tillman, Bengals receiver Chad Ochocinco had nothing but good things to say about ol Peanut, thats called respect. Tillman has been and is a heck of a player GO BEARS!!

We are cursed at the LB position! God have mercy on us!

Kevin I don't agree he was that smart about the LB position.

I will explaine: First he gave Urlacher a big contract for holding his breath at a advanced nfl age. Then he made a classic Angelo mistake, he gave Lovie something Lovie wanted real bad.

Things Lovie has wanted real bad, a History.

Adam Archuleta

Dan Bazuin

Mike Okwo

Bob Babich as a DC

Chris Williams, Lovie loved this guy, this was the guy Lovie went and saw how many times? Brendon Albert was the better safer choice. I said it then and I say it now.

Benson over Jones(Jones the second most productive back in the nfl the last 5 years)Lovie wanted to start Benson.


Defensive picks over offensive picks despite value

Things Lovie didn't want.
Jay Cutler, Lovie did not want this trade he wanted Orton and draft picks on defense.

Thomas Jones

Proven fact what Lovie wants is not usually good for the team.

Kevin just one thing about Tillman, he didn't shut down Johnson. He was placed on him in the second half. Johnson got hurt in the second half and did not see the field much and has not played sense. He was hobbling pretty bad in the second half, but as usual you ignore facts and pretend something happened that didn't. He did a nice job on White. You did watch the Detroit game right? You know Johnson was hurt, why didn't you say that? Oh sorry, did I ruin your fantasy. Jennings sure had fun playing against Tillman, Holmes and Ward has decent games, Burleson, Whits had a decent game by the way, and he did score a TD in a 1 score.

However not all of that is on Tillman, most of it isn't in fact, however DB's share duties, Johnson lined up on Tillman more than once in the first QT. So to say one guy just shut them down while everyone else got burned is not a fact, Tillman and the defense gave up 133 yards to Johnson and if you said otherwise to Tillman he would smack you in the back of the head. Did Bowman have to cover longer than he should because the pass rush didn't get their? Did Manning fail to come over and support which he was suppose to? Did Tillman make a misread and let White go too soon? Can you actually tell me all the busted plays that occured or misreads or mistakes made in secondary? You can't even see the safety's most of the time on TV. Tillman was not the only guy on the field covering these recievers. He has done a great job as usual but he does have help. Did he get to cover guys during a blitz while Bowman had to cover guys during a 4 man rush? All those things have to be considered when rating a DB's play.

I like Roach in the middle and I think they should put HH back at strong-side. I never had a problem with HH at strong side as he was always where he was supposed to be. Although I wouldn't be surprised if they ease him back in by rotating him with Williams this Sunday. Roach will get better with time at the middle. In fact, the way he has been playing, it kinda makes you wonder about next year when Urlacher comes back....

As for Pisa, he is like another Mike Brown. Everybody likes him and he plays great, but he keeps getting hurt. I am betting they will resign him simply because they need the depth and they have so few picks it is unlikely they can spare any for LB next year given all their other concerns.

So that's why the Rams had no problem letting him go.

True! The Url contract was a big mistake, next year for Url? I hope not! No offense but Roach is quicker than Url and HH combined, and he was really hitting those holes, he missed a pass cause he is young not cause he isnt quick enough and he has ProBowl Potential, Roach in the middle will gain confidence as he plays more, HH - does a credible job, but watch HH, miss the pass defense, barely, cause he lacks the quickness, But Roach is very quick, reminds me of Url (quckness) when he was ProBowl material, younger. I see him being that good in the middle,
Too bad about Pisa with his monster mash hitting, and Roach quickness and Briggs speed/vet savvy we could have had something at LB across the field. Now w/o Pisa I guess Roach will play SLB and I feel play it good, but as I said watch HH barely miss pass D. 7-10 yd. gains. while he is right behind the guy and the DB has to make the tackle.

I am not ready to sing JA praises as he was the one that signed all that cheap garbage and told us it was a good signing. Nobody twisted his arm. He was the one that signed Cutler and did great and Lovie is to blame cause he signed garbage to protect our Franchise QB/RB? Me thinks not. And he said it was Cutlers agent and Cutler who wanted this deal done right now cause of the pending lockout threat. JA said he was going to wait untill after the season, which who knows what the deal would have been then. Much worse for the Bears everyone here agrees.
I knew those OL were worthless - Pace I held out hope for and he would be fine with Beekman next to him, but Dude! Omiyale/Shaffer??? cmon - those were 2 major bad signs other teams rejects, My co-worker (Browns fan) said we wouldnt like Shaffer and guess what? We could have had alot better OL signs if JA had been on the ball and spent the money. I give him total credit for the 2006 SB OL signs, those were genius, but he has let the Oline go for so long and now right when he has to he signs garbage?? and we are supposed to blame Lovie for the bad signs and give credit to JA for the good signs?
what is up with that?
I really don't know what the answer is - I only know the Bears have been losers for so long, and people say we should embrace Lovie/JA b/c they are the best of the losers.
I like Lovie but I really feel it's time to bring in Shannahan and a new GM as well.
Don't even tell me about next year AGAIN! and how we have good young talent AGAIN. And how JA is going to spend money next year AGAIN. Dude he shoulda had the OL bought and paid for this year not !@# next year.

Do you doubt we could be the team thats 5-0 if JA hada brought in very Good OL this year? Look at our losses, good OL woulda won both those games. and Does anyone believe that Omiyale starting has anything to with better player? Try contract and egg on JA/Lovie faces if they have to sit Omiyale, or Pace or Williams.
It doesnt even seem to be about winning anymore Mister. How can it be when the better player sits the bench?

I hope I am just frustrated over our ppoor play (Coaching) but one thing I know and thats Omiyale (and Shaffer) was a bad sign and a bad start - 2 bads will not make a right. Move Omiyale to tackle? they cant do that or eggo. Sit Omiyale? eggo. Play Omiayale this year and lose and maybe, maybe he will learn G so they can put Beekman at C next year and guess what? Won't have to spend money on a competant G or C. maybe.

Go Orton! A writer said that Orton ordered Pizza while he was waiting to throw his passes, huh, think Cutler could be 5-0 if he was ordering Pizza?

Creighton, as far as your comments on Tillman, here's a newsflash. EVERY CORNER IN THE LEAGUE HAS HELP FROM THEIR SAFETIES AT SOME POINT DURING A GAME!!! Tillman is a good corner weather you like it or not. Live with it. Oh yeah, as far as Tillman smacking me on the head, I'd love to see the Bears as a team read half of your blogs and see what their reaction would be??

Creighton claims: "Jay Cutler, Lovie did not want this trade he wanted Orton and draft picks on defense."

Creighton, how the #uck can you say that, also, how in the #uck do you know that???? Stop making $hit up all the time???? I think your the one living in fantasy land there buddy. GO BEARS!!

Woah, woah. Kevin is really upset. I never see him mad like this. But really how is it that you know that Coach Smith didn't want this signing? I thought Smith and Jones(nice TV show in the 70s) got along great. The main guy hugging Smith after the Bears advanced to the Super Bowl was Jones. I don't think that Smith just out and out dislikes anyone. I feel just by his response to the media that he would rather take the safe route for team unity and really getting rid of Ced would've done that. Urlacher was the ringleader along with Briggs in putting a whooping on Benson during the 2006 preseason. That's what veterans do. you can't do it unless they agree with it. As flip as Benson is now with comments I'm sure he gave them a reason to dislike him. I just found out that the anonymous source who told he left the sideline was Michael Haynes. One bust trying to take the heat off himself by outing another bust. I know several Bears thru my brother and if I knew something in-depth about the team I would keep it to myself.

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