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Bears, local ties on final United Football League rosters

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The final United Football League rosters are out.

I took a quick scan at them for players with ties to the Bears or local interest. Maybe I missed one or two, but I hope not. Here is what I found:

California: Obafemi Ayanbadejo, Steve Edwards, Bobby Sippio

Florida: Tim McGarigle, Todd Sauerbrun

Las Vegas: Russ Michna, Tony Parrish, Nick Turnbull

New York: Trey Brown, Simeon Rice

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Hey Brad, I believe Adam Archuleta is also on that Las Vegas team.

Wow, what a fall from grace for Simeon Rice. Early in his career he looked like he was gonna be a great one. Then he kind of got fazed out of the league [NFL]. Last I heard of him he was trying to make it in Denver, guess not.

Its nice to see another football league coming in. I always liked NFL Europe. The NFL used it as kind of a farm league. Different teams used to allocate players over to Europe, and it helped develop a lot of players. Kurt Warner and Jake Delhomme to name a couple. Wide receiver Marcus Robinson was probably the best player Chicago ever sent over. While the UFL won't have players allocated like NFL Europe, it will still be another league for players who aren't NFL ready straight out of college to go and develop their skills. It will also give NFL teams another source to find talent. Example, a certain draft class might be weak offensive line wise. Some of the linemen could go to the UFL, develop their skills, and there will be a bunch of linemen ready for NFL teams to grab up in the next couple seasons. Where before, a lot of players only chance to make it was on an NFL teams practice squad. A lot of the time some pretty good linemen aren't NFL ready right away, but could never really make it being on a practice squad where the only meaningful reps they get are during the pre-season. I bet there have been some pretty good linemen who never really got a chance to make it, simply because they never really got a chance to develop. Now with the UFL, they'll have a chance to play, develop, and show their stuff to NFL teams as they get better. Giving the NFL more talent by developing players who aren't ready straight out of college. Just a thought, as always GO BEARS!!

Oh ok. Sorry to make more work for you!

Please don't get too excited about some of these guys. There will be lots of guys playing in this league who cannot pass an NFL team physical. Doesn't mean they don't have talent. Just means they are too big an injury risk. Of course, a few guys will do well and get a shot in an NFL camp and that's a good thing.

My cousin Prince Kwateng is on the California team. He was a senior captain linebacker at Northwestern in 2008.

Hey Kevin,

Simeon is actually the current NFL sacks leader. He, like Marvin Harrison, tried to come back too soon from an injury and wasn't the same player. Unlike Marvin Harrison, however, he has humbled himself and is taking this opportunity to prove he can still play. Mark my words, he's back to being the guy you see on youtube....

Remember you heard it here first!

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