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Bears gives Cutler $20 million guaranteed in two-year extension

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When the Bears entered the regular season with close to $20 million in available salary cap space, you knew a good chunk of it was earmarked for Jay Cutler.

The quarterback cashed in tonight as he received a two-year contract extension that is worth nearly $30 million with $20 million guaranteed. It gets Cutler under contract now through 2013, and allows the Bears to have him for five seasons without paying the kind of huge money that Eli Manning and Philip Rivers have pulled down recently. Of course, if Cutler wins and the Bears win, he'll probably be back to the bargaining table with them well before this deal expires.

Cutler was playing under the $47 million, six-year contract he received as a first-round draft pick with the Denver Broncos. He was signed for three seasons when the Bears traded for him in April, and it was understood at the time that a deal would be forthcoming for him. The Bears didn't trade first- and third-round picks and Kyle Orton to use him for three seasons.

The Bears are 3-2 and some miscues by Cutler have been responsible for both losses, but he's added a dimension to the offense that simply hasn't been present before. Fifth-round draft pick Johnny Knox is turning into a star and fellow wide receiver Earl Bennett has developed as the team promised he would.

Now, Cutler has to take care of the business of guiding his first team to the playoffs. Then the Bears will see a payoff on their investment.

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Johnny Knox...thanks for giving us something positive to think of in these maddening times Brad. How about his 4th straight TD in just as many games? I think with one or two more returns he's a lock for the probowl as a KR. That'd be cool to see.

Oh yeah, good for Cutler. He deserves that and much more given that he is the offense.

Considering the $$$ that Bulger and Delhomme get paid to get clobbered and throw picks, this is a relatively good fix for both sides. We don't have to give $100+ million to a QB unless he reels in some playoff wins. Meanwhile, San Diego is paying Rivers like a QB who has already won a superbowl, and while he's strung together a handful of playoff wins over the past two years, plenty of people will shake their heads at the deal he got.

I fully expect to see Cutler get another contract before he's 29, which is when this one expires.

Good for Jay and good for the Bears! Without Jay where would the Bears be this year? His mobility behind this O line and accuracy working with the young receivers, is outstanding. The Bears will reap the benefits of this move in time down the road. Alot of things need to be pulled together and a few more pieces added in the next year or two. But when all is said and done, Cutler will be the Pro Bowl QB with all the Bear passing records, that Chicago could only dream about before!! Go Bears, Go Jay!

Hopefully by the time this contract expires we will have a quality offensive line


Now, resign Daniel Manning and get ready to spend/trade big for 3 explosive offensive linemen.

I Love jay hes great! i agree w/ BOB.Hopefully he'll have not only a good O-Line but A good bruising RB and A Great WR..ala Knox or someone plz ....hester is getting better,but i dont think hell ever even b a #2.They Will need to work on O -Line next yr definately!!!

I smell a Zambrano-esque deal.

Hope I'm wrong.

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