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Bears-Lions Friday injury report

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Turns out Lance Briggs did not have full participation in practice today. The official report is out and the weak-side linebacker didn't do quite everything that he normally would on a healthy day. He's listed as questionable for the game, but I still fully expect him to suit up and starter. For the Lions, running back Kevin Smith had limited participation again today with a shoulder injury. He will likely be a game-time decisions.

Here is the official injury report:



LB Hunter Hillenmeyer, rib, DNP-DNP-DNP
LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, right knee, DNP-DNP-DNP


LB Lance Briggs, foot, DNP-LIM-LIM
DE Alex Brown, left ankle, DNP-LIM-LIM
DL Israel Idonije, knee, LIM-LIM-LIM


DT Anthony Adams, knee, LIM-LIM-FULL
TE Desmond Clark, rib, LIM-FULL-FULL
RB Matt Forte, knee, LIM-FULL-FULL
DT Tommie Harris, knee, LIM-FULL-FULL
LS Pat Mannelly, arm, LIM-LIM-FULL
LG Frank Omiyale, ankle, FULL-REMOVED FROM LIST



DT Sammie Lee Hill, ankle, DNP-DNP-DNP
S Kalvin Pearson, quad, DNP-DNP-DNP
DE DeWayne White, hamstring, DNP-DNP-DNP


RB Kevin Smith, shoulder, DNP-LIM-LIM
DE Cliff Avril, hamstring, LIM-LIM-LIM
DT Grady Jackson, knee, LIM-DNP-DNP
CB Eric King, shoulder, LIM-LIM-LIM
LB Ernie Sims, shoulder, LIM-LIM-LIM


QB Drew Stanton, knee, FULL-FULL-FULL

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What would the Bears do if Briggs is out? I'd guess they'd put McClover at SLB, Roach in the middle, and Williams weakside (assuming Hunter & Pisa are also out). If Shaw came in, he'd be at MLB, right? That doesn't sound good. Maybe they could just use a lot of nickel, or try out a five-man line.

Wow thank god Omiyale was removed from the list. The express lane to Cutler is now open. Not that anyone on Detroit really belongs in the express lane. The only express lane Grady Jackson gets in is the one at the Old Country buffet.

Anyone get the feeling this could end up as a shoot out? Thats crazy, right? Maybe if it was in Detroit.

Creigh-BABY...your a total idiot!!! Your posts suck worse than MendenFall SUCKS at running the ball! Your both total losers!!


It's time to call Derrick Brooks. If the Bears have any more injuries in their Linebacker corps, I might travel up to the training facility for a trout.

MDKevin made some great points in an earlier blog about the Bears sticking to their young players. I think at this point however, they need an insurance policy - and Brooks is just the ticket.

Williams and Pace are pass blockers.

Omiyale and Kreutz don't appear to be blocking at all. (sorry Kreutzy)

Bring back Beekman and Tait!

Oh wow Brando got another screen name. How original. Do you want to be grounded again?

estevenj, actually I think Kreutz has been decent, he is trying to do to much to help Omiyale but other than that he has been the best player on the line. Williams hasn't even been good at pass blocking and niether has Pace. Just so you know, Tait retired, the Bears wanted him back but he did not want to play anymore and Beekman is still on the team. He isn't very good but he is better than Omiyale, not sure why he is not playing.

Their are not a lot of players to sign off the street, you don't really have a choice other than to go with the guys you have. Besides its Detroit you don't need all your big guns to win. Now after the by that is whe nyou want everyone healthy cause thats when things get tough for the bears.

As it stands Roach is at WIL, Williams is at MIC, and Briggs is at SAM. Pisa and Hunter will be back after the bye and then you are all good with depth.

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