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Bears-Falcons injury report, Oct. 16

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Defensive lineman Israel Idonije had full participation in practice today, which increases the chance he will play Sunday at Atlanta. Here is the injury report:



LB Hunter Hillenmeyer, ribs, DNP-DNP-DNP
RB Adrian Peterson, knee, DNP-DNP-DNP


DT Anthony Adams, toe, DNP-LIM-LIM
DT Israel Idonije, knee, DNP-LIM-FULL
LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, knee, FULL-FULL-FULL


DT Tommie Harris, knee, LIM-LIM-FULL



S Antoine Harris, knee, DNP-DNP


FB Ovie Mughelli, calf, DNP-DNP
CB Brian Williams, eye, XX-XX-DNP


K Jason Elam, left hamstring, FULL-FULL-FULL
WR Marty Booker, abdomen, XX-XX-FULL

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Hello America. Brando Schrute here. Pretend Assistant Sub-Regional Manager of Biggs Blog. As usual Brad posts injury reports which are of no importance when he could be discussing something far more interesting. Like real Bears or Beets, or how Bears eat beats. Now that me and my alliance have defeated the evil Creighton with what is being called the Melton manuver, I have decided to start my own daily blog right here on Brads daily Bears blog. This way I can actually make this blog interesting.

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Hunter Hillenmeyer not playing sunday doesn't surprise me. That rib injury must have been a lot worse than Chicago first thought. Maybe broken? I think the recent play from Nick Roach might be another reason Chicago isn't exactly rushing Hunter back. Roach has really come on, hopefully he keeps it up.

The injury to DT Anthony Adams kind of threw me off, but with Marcus Harrison and Matt Toeaina, there is depth at the nose position. Its also nice to see Israel Idonije back, Chicago needs the depth at the under tackle position. The play from Chicago's front four is gonna be key sunday. They can't let Falcon's QB Matt Ryan get in a groove like he did last season. He really tore Chicago up last year, especially underneath. Part of the problem with Chicago's defense defending the short pass is actually schematic. Chicago's corners keep everthing in front of them when their in their base defense. Ryan saw that last season and systematically moved the ball on Chicago all game, It was frustrating to watch. Chicago had to play the bend but don't break defense, which is all good if you don't break. Which they did in the end. They need to get in Ryans face and not allow him to get in a groove like last year, the play up front will be the key to the game GO BEARS!!

They should call you a55-hat.

This hadn't hit me till now, but the Anthony Adams injury could be huge. The Bears will need a top effort from their defensive line for 60 minutes in order to compete with these guys (if Atlanta's last game was any indication), and Adams is their most stable tackle. I hope this doesn't mean that Turner has a big game.

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