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Bears-Falcons injury report, Oct. 14

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Here is the injury report for today:


DT Anthony Adams, toe, DNP-
LB Hunter Hillenmeyer, ribs, DNP-
DT Israel Idonije, knee, DNP-
RB Adrian Peterson, knee, DNP-
DT Tommie Harris, knee, LIM-
LB Pisa Tinoisamoa, knee, FULL-


S Antoine Harris, knee, DNP-
FB Ovie Mughelli, calf, DNP-
K Jason Elam, left hamstring, FULL-

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I did not realize Adams was having any trouble. We are going to need all the help we can get from the DTs during this game to not only contain Turner, but to prevent Ryan from stepping up and picking us apart. Our secondary is the weakest group on the team, followed closely by the offensive line. Gilbert will need to play anyway with Idonije likely out for the game, but we will also need Toeaina, Harrison, and Harris to play a great game to give us some help. We will have to only go 3 deep at DE unless we move someone up to the active roster.

Should make for an interesting game, and hopefully we can run on them to consume the clock and keep Turner off the field.

Pick up that DT the Colts just cut. Ed Johnson.

I think with Piso back from injury will be a big help. He was all over the place in the Packer game. Keys to this game is getting pressure on Ryan and containing Turner...obvisiously...but getting to Ryan is crucial. A name a I didnt see was Hester! We have to figure out a way to get him in space this week.

Chandler, Pisa got hurt on the first play from scrimage. How was he "all over the place"???


well feelas looking at taht list i have too say taht ALL THOSE LOOSERS ARE BUSTS!!!! ans lookie lookie tommy harris has a boo boo on his knee...well i have been saying taht for two yeasr now taht haris is allways injured ans cant play ans that he is a HUGE ANGELO BUST!

did you loosers now? i am always right. i am a leader (just ask my high school chess club) fact i am the alpha male. ans as the alpha male i sometimes get behind other males ans....well you know. anyway my reel questin is do any of you loosers now were to find a mendenhall blowup doll?????

but you guys now me old crapt-on...just trying to be posative...

p.s. i was in teh MArines! i ws in teh COPS! but just dont ask me to prove it! :)

Hey I offered to meet up with you Brando and show you both my Military ID and my Police ID. But you keep declining. Seems like you are a little scared to show your face. I even offered to meet you at my district HQ and you declined again. What are you so affraid of? If I am some big fat slow guy, you have nothing to fear.

When people were wondering why Adams was looking good at the end of the season and also wondered why he didn't play more it's because he isn't that big and would've worn down if used more. I know it's just a toe but that's just the beginning. Guys who are used at the end of seasons always give the impression that they should've been used more. They are not as worn down as the guy who is playing in his 15th game. Start them more the next year and their true colors show. Hunter will most likely get hurt again and Adams will probably suffer something worse than a toe. And Creighton why do you read that Crap-ton stuff? I don't read beyond the name because it hurts my head to try.

Creighton and Crap-ton are one in the same person. Fairweather fan!!

Creighton, how can Brando trust you to keep your word when you wont even MAN UP like yuou said you would? Yes yes cowardly Creighton you said that if the Bears got Cutler you would show up to the bears/stealers game in pink panties and you never did. Seems like YOU are the one who is scared to show his face!

Tripper that is 100% true!

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