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Angelo takes high road after barbs from Warren Sapp

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Jerry Angelo took the high road when it came to comments made by Warren Sapp about the Bears' general manager Wednesday morning on the Mully & Hanley Show on WSCR, 670-AM.

Sapp, who was drafted in the first round by the Buccaneers in 1995 when Angelo was the director of player personnel, said he wasn't a fan of him and asserted that Angelo didn't trade for quarterback Jay Cutler as much as the Denver Broncos gave him away. Sapp said Cutler will be the perfect quarterback for the Bears when the weather turns at Soldier Field this winter.

"I'm not an Angelo fan. He was in Tampa the whole time I was there,'' Sapp said. "Trust me we had discussions about different things, no, no thank you, you all can have him.

"Trust me, we were discussing players, this player, that player, because I was [there] in the beginning back in '95 when we were building the thing, you know before Mike Alstott, before [Warrick] Dunn, you know Karl "The Truth" [Williams], all the players we were picking up when [Tony] Dungy was there, and I was watching the evaluation. I had conversations so trust me, you all can have him.''

Sapp said Angelo was averse to making drastic moves and he "just [did] enough to not get noticed and not get fired.''

The Bears have won three division titles since Angelo arrived in 2001, although it's fair to debate the impact he had on the first one in '01. Since 2005, a year after Lovie Smith was hired as coach, the Bears are tied for the second-best record in the NFC at 43-26.

"We don't have enough time on the air and I am certainly not going to get into it,'' Angelo responded this morning on the air. "All I will say is this, I was the director of player personnel for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a long time ago and we drafted Warren Sapp, and [he was] arguably the best draft pick that I have been associated with, and when we took him I have never seen one player carry a team the way he carried us out of the doldrums and into the playoffs and on into a Super Bowl. He was a great player.

"Some people might have said that was a little bit risky when we drafted Warren, remember he was passed by quite a few teams. We traded down and then we took him and I couldn't be any happier for that, and if I could find Warren Sapp again I would draft him all over."

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I have a lot of respect for Bears GM Jerry Angelo, he could have came after Warren Sapp, but instead he chose to be the mature one about it.

I disagree with Sapp on the Bears getting Jay Cutler given to them. If it were not for Kyle Orton, a Jerry Angelo drafted player, Chicago would have never gotten Cutler. Cutler would be wearing Redskin red right about now if the Bears didn't have Orton. So no, Angelo didn't get Cutler handed to him, give me a break? I think theres more to this story than meets the eye, something personal between Sapp and Angelo maybe?

Angelo is a good GM, like him or hate him. I don't think a guy like Warren Sapp appreciates what it takes to build a team and keep them competitive year after year. And yes, a record of 43-26 since 2005, tied for second best in the NFC, is keeping the team competitive. I remember the Bears before Angelo, they were awful. Its been a lot more fun rooting for the Bears since Angelo got here vs before. Them teams before Angelo were horrible. Angelo took the Bears to a Super Bowl, yeah we lost, but thats a lot more than a lot of other teams can say over the span Angelo has been here. Most players only have a 5-6 year shelf life, on top of free agency. So to think a GM should be able to come in and build a dynasty to last over ten years is ridiculous. I like the direction this team is going in. Thanks to Angelo this team has one of the leagues better quarterbacks, something Bear fans couldn't say since Sid Luckman. Chicago has a good up and coming tackle in Chris Williams. A good tight end in Greg Olsen. Look at the receivers Angelo brought here in Johnny Knox, Devin Hester, and Bennett. Their not the leagues best, but I bet a lot of other team wish they had them. The defenders Angelo has brought in are some up and comers also, players like Marcus Harrison, Nick Roach, Afalava, and Gaines Adams. Not to mention the players Chicago already has on defense like Briggs, Tillman, Alex Brown, Ogunleye, and Harris. The heck with Sapp GO ANGELO!! and as always GO BEARS!!

Brad why do you always skip Lovies first year as coach in his record? Thats not Lovies record, his record is 48-37. You can change a team in a big way in a year. Look at Denver.

Did Bears fans know that the Denver Post has two Bears cover articles and zero Bronco cover stories? The First and main article is how Orotn is ok with Cutler getting a contract extension. Not a joke, the second is about Benson and the Bears, again not a joke, Bronco fans are actually complaining that the Post is writing more stories about the Bears every week then the Broncos.

I would actualy complain about that too.

"Some people might have said that was a little bit risky when we drafted Warren, remember he was passed by quite a few teams. We traded down and then we took him and I couldn't be any happier for that, and if I could find Warren Sapp again I would draft him all over."

Jerry Angelo, you did not draft Sapp, you where in charge of free agents and trades. Rich McKay drafted Sapp. You didn't do the scouting on him and when you where in pro player you almost never scouted college players. Sapp has spoken. You can always ask Rich McKay Brad who did what.

By the way Brad its not up for debate if Angelo had anything to do with that first title:

"Since taking over the Chicago Bears in 2001, Angelo had a tenuous road ahead of him. Dick Jauron, the coach at the time, had in his contract that he was to have control of the player roster, which entitled him to the GM powers that Angelo was supposed to have. The relationship between the two was at best, grating and at worst, hostile."

"Then, during the 2003 season, Ed McCaskey died, thus spreading out the shares he had, and allowing the other McCaskey children to take the majority share away from his wife Virginia Halas McCaskey and eldest son Michael McCaskey. Thus this led to Angelo finally being elevated to full GM and powers (instead of name only). It also signaled the end of Dick Jauron, who was fired at the end of the season."

If Jauron had the GM powers what exactly did Angelo do?

You know Sapp is still pretty tight with Smith, and Rod. It seems strange that he would put his friends in this position with their boss. Smells like internal power struggle.

Maybe Sapp blames Angelo for him leaving Tampa. Creighton I think you should just say you don't like Smith and leave it at that. You always seem to think that he's plotting something. I don't see it. Smith has worked with a lot of different people who are now announcers or talking heads and they are always going to say something negative since that sells. If Smith really cared for Sapp he would've hired him for something. I remember Sapp even said that he would mentor Tommy and Smith didn't force that issue. If he really thought Sapp could help he would've been around here helping this team. I like Sapp but it seems he just doesn't like Angelo and has his reasons. Maybe people close to the situation wants thing to clearly reflect what was going on. But Kevin I doubt that Washington were serious players for Cutler. Do you really think their owner wants someone who might not see eye to eye with him? You don't rush out and hire a guy who just had a major disagreement with his last boss. Especially if you're not thick skinned.

Well, I've come to the conclusion that I don't like Angelo either. Nothing personal like it probably is with Sapp. But after building a team, or at least building part of it, that won two divisions and the NFC, the Bears have become average at best, and they're only average because they have top special teams, for which Dave Taub is responsible more than anyone, and which Angelo hurt significantly because he let Brandon Ayanbedejo go.

A good GM does not let his offensive line or the interior of his defensive line deteriorate to the point at which the Bears now find those units. The lines are the most fundamental parts of the team, and good teams always have top players in those positions. I applaud Angelo for whatever he did to get to Miami in 2006, and for getting Jay Cutler and Orlando Pace, but the offensive line is so bad the only question is whether we should be furious, humiliated, or both. And for a team supposedly built on defense, the interior of the defensive line is average at best, and that's being generous.

I have no idea who's out there that the Bears could get for GM, but if they don't replace Angelo, I don't see them back in the Super Bowl.

ahhh...YESS!!!! i hav been teling you LOOSERS TEh hole time how ANFELO only gets BUSTS ans taht he is teh WORST gm in football! and now sense one person agrees with me taht means i am RIGHT! ahhh..i ma walays right ansd i only give FCATS! AHAHA eat it looser bears fans!

but yo guys now me old crap-ton...just trying to be poastavie..

p.s. hey SAPP i will show up at you bday party in my pink panties!

Brad -

I have two questions I would appreciate your thoughts on if you get the chance to address them.

1) Have the Bears really Jay the best chance to maximize his success, and cut down his interceptions by playing a constant rotation of Hester, Knox and Bennett?

It seemed like he had a real rapport with Devin Aramashodu, who is a bigger target than these guys, but seems to sit each week in favor of Rashied Davis. Wouldn't it make sense to try and cut down those red zone interceptions by rotating in DA, who would hopefully draw some additional coverage due to his size?

2) I don't believe Bensons wash about the Bears badmouthing him, but I wonder if you think anyone else around the league will give credence to it? It can't help the team when guys leave here, become successful elsewhere, then talk down our coaching and management.

Maybe Sapp and his buddy Benson can get together for a group therapy session to get past their abusive episodes with 175 lb. JA.

Who takes anything this guy says serious? Does anybody else remember Sappy promising to come work with Tommie Harris and Marinelli this summer? He really followed through on that one. Remember that cheap shot laid on Chad Cliffton that almost ended Cliffton's career? Good thing he ended his career in style with the Raiders and undead Al.

I've got no use for the guy.

Cry-ton.....again as always, you make an a$$ out of yourself!! Please go back to Green Bay where you came from! I wish I could meet you face to face and knock some sense into that fat head of yours! You are the definition of "A Fair Weather Fan!!!"

Wrigley Field Bear,

Before you start kissing Dave Toub's a$$, you need to remember we have two losses that were largely caused by special teams snafus that are a direct result of BAD COACHING. Don't get me wrong, I like Toub - I hope the Bears keep him - but the tapes don't lie, bud.

1. Long snapper incident in Green Bay that led to points late in the game

2. 12-men on the field in Atlanta that turned the ball back to the Falcs, exhausted the Bears defense, and I think led to points as well.

You cry about Ayenbadejo, but forget about Devin Hester who was really more responsible for more points on special teams.

The real problem was with trading Thomas Jones. That was a horrible mistake made by Angelo. Terrible. One of the worst ever. And I agree with Sapp. He's very conservative. He only does just enough to not get fired. I still think he is better than a lot of GM's in the league.


In all fairness to Sapp, Harris was in no condition to work with Sapp this offseason. Heck, he still can't practice during the week...

And that is a two way street insofar as Tommie should have been wearing Sapp out on the phone or going to meet with him to learn how to play his position. Tommie may be a nice guy, and have all sorts of passion about life, but when it comes to football, he "keeps it in perspective." To me, when someone pays you $40M to play football, that should become your #1 priority, but Tommie doesn't think that way. I am not going to fault him for being devout in his faith and putting that ahead of football, but I have not seen the fire out of him on Sundays on the field. That may be a result of the injuries, or maybe a lack of passion (twice now in his short career he has questioned whether he really wants to play football), but either way, he is nowhere close to living up to his potential.

Earthquake, sure Sapp's block was unnecassary but, D linemen are blindsided and chop blocked all game long, you can't fault a guy for putting a shot on a guy while the play is ongoing!!


I've never taken the time to actually write on a forum but more of us that are true fans of the Bears and football need to speak up. We are tired of you. You are one of the most pompous, uneducated, idiots. If I had 10 hours a day to type on forums, I'd embarass you with stats, quotes, football philosophy, and my credentials. But, Its much easier to let you embarass yourself. According to you, nearly every sports writer, player, and coach related to the Bears suck. If you are much more qualified then them, go take their jobs. But to sit your behind in every forum and rip on everyone, that's weak. You'd be better off as a junior high sports reporter. Shut up or go away.

BTW,Fan is short for fanatic. That means you actually have to like the Bears.

I believe Sapp
I have seen the shape of this team and I have seen Omiyale/Shaffer, but lets not forget that Sapp is Rod's man not JA. But I have never heard Sapp say anything negative that he was flat out lying on. He was in the loop is what he was saying and I beieve him.

Ah True Fan aka Brando it looks like you have once again crawled out of youre hole. Your tired of me? That is a good one Brando sense all you do is talk about me you don't even talk about the bears anymore. I figure your mad sense Warren Sapp said those things about Angelo which is what I have been saying sense the begining. If I remember right you love Angelo and think he's the best GM in the world even though you addmited he can't draft offense. Hey guess what Brando? Angelo also traded away Orton for Cutler and you hated that so I guess you must hate Angelo now too.

Hve you seen my facebook picture looser? I am the sherrif in town. When I am not keping the peace between elves and hobbits, I am on duty to bring down Angelo for pretending to be a GM and blowing high draft picks on busts. It's a tough job but I am the only one who cares enough too do something. People like you Brando and Kevin A seem to get all upset when I point out how bad his drafts have been and how he has never fixed the oline. Wow Angelo must loves fans like you. He has made this team average at best and you guys are ok with it and defend him all the time.

Creighton, my name isn't Brando. I am so proud that you have a facebook page and are proud of it and Elves and Hobbits. While there is nothing wrong with facebook or fantasy games, to let that be the thing you are so proud of, that shows your lack of maturity. I truly appreciate all the real fans with great insight on these forums. As for "Brando" , if you don't like him , he most likely actually likes the Bears.


Tapes? Wow, must be nice to have that kind of time on your hands. But guess what? If you don't understand what you're seeing, watching tapes won't do you any good. Neither of the mistakes you mention have anything to do with bad coaching.

1. Patrick Mannely's snap to the up man when he thought Green Bay had 12 men on the field was his fault. When you see the guy running off, you have to make that snap while he's still on the field. If you're not sure, you just make the normal snap to the punter. Mannely has generally been an excellent long snapper, so give him one mistake in his long career, but don't blame Taub.

2. Because the Bears haven't made mistakes like 12 men on special teams very often -- can you remember another one? I can't -- it's far more likely that it was caused by the large number of personnel changes Taub has had to make because of injuries and/or some bonehead player. Regardless, this mistake cost the Bears nothing, they got the ball back eventually without Atlanta scoring.

Special teams coverage has declined drastically since the Bears let Brendon Ayanbadejo go, which is the fault of the cheapskate owners who didn't want to pay a special teams player a lot of money, even if he's the best one in the league. Gee, how's that working out? Let's see, 62 yd kickoff return in the 4th quarter that sets up Atlanta's winning TD. Kick and punt coverage was NEVER an issue when Ayanbadejo was on the Bears.

And BTW, what the hell does Ayanbadejo have to do with Hester? Answer: absolutely nothing. So what exactly is your point?

So don't preach to me about film, bub. Try playing some organized football and doing some reading about the game so you can understand what you're seeing, which you obviously don't now.

And one more thing: The "real problem" was not trading Thomas Jones. Even regarding that issue, the problem was that idiot Angelo drafted Cedric Benson when the Bears already had Jones and needed a left tackle very badly. But that's just a symptom of the real problem, of which there are actually four: 1) Ownership is very cheap and won't spend money on good players. Proof: the Bears are nowhere near the salary cap; 2) The general manager doesn't realize that the offensive and defensive lines are the foundations of the team (along with quarterback which he finally figured out after how many decades in the league?), so he drafts players at far less important positions in the first and second rounds, which should be reserved for the lines and QBs; 3) The general manager is terrible at drafting in the early rounds, especially on offense; and 4) The head coach has far too many deficiencies, starting with lack of proper preparation for games. The Bears have had three teams make opening drive TDs against them, and the deer-in-the-headlights reaction of the defense to a simple no-huddle offense and five receiver set, ALL OF WHICH ATLANTA HAD ALREADY DONE THIS SEASON AND AFTER TWO FULL WEEKS TO PREPARE FOR JUST ONE TEAM, shows that Lovie Smith doesn't have a clue how to prepare his team for a game. THOSE are the real problems and it will probably take new ownership to fix them.

KEVIN U ARE TOO NICE MAN!...Why r u always stickin up for angelo and lovie? Angelo is just as Sapp Said "just enough not to get noticed and just enough not to get fired ".And,he really didnt even have to try fot Cutler they practically gave him to them.And Lovie oh Lovie,this guy has some kind of complex never saying anything about the team like its some nuclear war plan.Calls the stupidest play at crunch times,and has no offensive mind AT ALL...!but i Still like ya KEV Not beatin ya down...just frustrated with why a team in a multi mil dollar market cant give the people who pay thier salaries a little more for thier mon. what the fans say should go concdring they pay for everything!

Since I am clownpoet, I thought that I would take Creighton's misspellings and compose a poem. Creighton, feel free to sue me for copyright infringement. Your poor spelling is what makes the existence of Crapton possible. Dude, buy a dictionary, get a thesaurus, practice writing the English language. Your arrogance really doesn't go down well when your spelling skills would embarrass a third grader.

Creighton's poem goes something like this:

youre sense sense begining addmited Hve looser sherrif keping too.

Not exactly Keats or Shelley, and not quite drunk enough to be Rimbaud, but there you have it.

Brad real disspointed in you and the other reporters doing the Bears spin control for them Angelos record is his record since he got here. Whilke the Bears are using Larry Meyer to explain to us that the offensive line doesnt suck and the running game is a ok . Now afterwards I hear similar parroting from Bears beat writers

The lines ok ? please this thing isnt going to "gell"

Angelo's record isnt as good as you say it is because you used the statistic that most favors them he is general manager from 2001 13-3 to today 2002 he starts Bernard Robertson at LT record 4-12 this offensive line gets Jim Miller Killed besten up minced 2003 now with new and improved scrub Quasim Mitchell at LT 7-9 horrible offensive line that year too 2004 best thing about that year was Angelo getting John Tait the last and perhaps only Veteran pick up for the offensive line thats his old team tried to keep 5 wins Brad 5-11 2005 Angelo fixes the offensive line \o/ whoo hoo \o/\o/ of course he does this with other teams leavings meaning we see this new "formidable" (as Angelo put it ) break down with old age next next season sadly, But the record is 11-5

Super Bowl year even with a loss what fan can complain about a super bowl year record 13-3

2007 oh noes teh offensive line is done broken 7-9

2008 woulda coulda shoulda year offensive line kinda sorta mighta gels (with alot of chipping help for St Clair) 9-7

Yea Brad our offensive line is better than its given credit for Angelo isnt negligent there he doesnt toss turds in helmets out to play left tackle

Oh wait he does

2) The general manager doesn't realize that the offensive and defensive lines are the foundations of the team (along with quarterback which he finally figured out after how many decades in the league?), so he drafts players at far less important positions in the first and second rounds, which should be reserved for the lines and QBs;

oh no...
fell off the official Bears watching recliner....laughuing so hard ....must....reach ...911 .
oh well empty cans in all 4 cup holes had to get up anyway


Got some real good stuff on this one Go Bears!
Are we all ready for beatin!

grey turds at that

Actually Jones asked for a trade, could have got messy if JA didnt draft Ced, that was stu.. not very smart.

We really have become a little worse than avg. Got to be the Drafter and the Coach sorry, but you don't sign a tackle with very few starts to play guard and pay him that much, unproven at the position and you have a competant G on the bench who is better than 2 maybe 3 starters,
JA signed a tackle who was actally an unproven castoff from a losing team, Not a great JA fan at the moment right now either, but why in the world is Beekman sitting,ok,if he replaces Olin then sit Olin cause Beekman is even better than Olin right now, (sorry but had to say it) so....Drafter and Coach seem awful suspect both right now.
I see us winning today but this stuff is not going to go away , this is going to haunt the season unless it's addressed asap.

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