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Angelo hints at possible change; Lovie exasperated

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Lovie Smith was exasperated when asked if there will be changes on the offensive line, particularly at left guard where it is believed Josh Beekman took reps with the first team on Wednesday.

"We don't want to give the opponent an advantage. We want them to wonder what we're going to do, like you are right now,'' Smith said. "That's the way it's been throughout. So it's not like there's something new that I'm coming up with right now.

"OK, I'm not going to talk about anything personnel-wise. To me that's pretty clear. If that's all you want to talk about there's nothing else to talk about."

General manager Jerry Angelo announced that he expected some potential changes in personnel on the team's Web site this morning.

"I don't want to go too far into this, but certainly there are things that need to be corrected and things that we need to do better,'' Angelo said. "Do we need to look at some personnel? Yeah, we do. There's some of that going on as you'll see Sunday. But we can't overreact. I feel very confident that Lovie [Smith] and his staff see that and will get the wrongs righted. We're going to focus on what we can control, and that's Sunday's game against Cleveland."

If you were to read between the lines, it sounded as if Angelo was holding the coaching staff responsible just like the players.

"What really surprised me was that we weren't able to make the needed adjustments in terms of slowing them down or stopping them,'' Angelo announced.

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Angelo better be pissed. Here he goes and gets Lovie a franchise QB and what happens? We see the worst loss in Lovie's tenure as a head coach.

It's like cooking up a ritzy five course meal for someone only to have that person admit they already went to Taco Bell and then they take a giant runny dump on the dining room table.

Angelo doesn't want to be embarassed. I think for sure Lovie is on the hot seat.

Lovie's short tempered comments reveal a huge thing here. He cannot handle the pressure of this. How hard is it to say that we are making changes to improve the team. This team is screwed if Lovie is over run with all the pressure. Now JA is up there speaking for him??? Oh boy.. this is getting comical. Hey Lovie..dont apply for the job if you can't handle the job. Guess he doesnt want to hurt Frank O'-by-the-way's feelings by telling him hes getting benched. And this most wins by a coach since 2005??? BS! He had a team of stud athletes doing most of it. When it came time to actually scheme/prepare/adjust.. THUD!!!!! Next week we will find Lovie hiding under his desk...

He wants the opponents to wonder what the Bears are going to do. Hell, Unlovie spends most of his time defending the things that occur because HE doesn't have a clue to what he's doing. As far as Unlovie hiding under his desk, I doubt he can find it...

Coach Smith better find himself a new offensive coordinator. It's becoming very clear that Ron Turner's gameplan isn't getting the job done. Grossman and Orton are one thing, but Cutler is another. Turner screwed up Grossman & Orton and now he's doing it to Cutler. If Coach Smith can't put his friendship aside and fire Turner, than Mr. Angelo needs to fire both of them. And how about we get an actual defense coordinator to bring in a new scheme?! Yeah, Coach Smith was a great defensive coordinator, but he can't be both. I just think this whole thing with Bob Babich is funny. He offically has the job except on game days when it counts the most. lol

We should beat the Browns this weekend, but 9-7 isn't what Mr. Angelo was thinking about when he brought in an All-Pro QB and now a stud Defensive End. And beating the Browns really isn't a big feat. Ok, a win (any win) in the NFL is big, but I think everyone gets my point.

We need to go into the off season and completely change our offensive and defensive schemes. It's an X's & O's league and without a good gameplan with good play calling, well, you all saw on Sunday what happens. 45-10!!!

Anybody notice that Kyle Orton is 6 and 0? Anybody see Bernard Berrian this season? Cedric Benson? Bobby Wade? and a bunch of "ex-bear" stars? Anybody think Jerry Angelo is actually Jim Hendry?

Well, here we are, one bad decision after another, and no draft choices to dig ourselves out of this ditch. Let's find another Orlando Bradley to spend money on. Did I say Orlando Bradley? I meant Milton Pace. Chicago fans just keep tolerating losers by fill the seats. "SmallMarket" teams can make the playoffs, and we pay premium bucks to watch mediocrity.

Everybody seems to be in a comfort zone. The only battles for position in training camp was for B and C list recivers, everyone else knew where they were going to line up, until the injuries hit.

Lovie is in his cover 2 comfort zone, it used to work lets keep running it out there until it does again. When you have the players that can do it fine, but the cast for cover 2 is not in this locker room. A good coach can play to the strengths of his players, he cannot coach them to get faster, stronger or smarter.

Angelo could always trade Cutler for Jamarcus Russell. After all, Russell has a "big arm". And I think Russell is a "franchise quarterback" also (definition of a "franchise quarterback" in Chicago is a starter with a losing career record).

Thisa team she'sa no good ... hisa head a-come off inthe water!

If you have NFL network, you can see some very detailed analyses of the Bears' performance at the Bengals. The tape doesn't lie, and it is clear that confusion reigned all day in Cincinnati. Poor play design, ridiculous play/defense selection (Dear Coach Smith: please assign defenders to cover *all* the receivers on the field), and endless, incomprehensible missed assignments on both sides of the ball. Play after play. Quarter after quarter. That, my friends is coaching. These are the same players who lined up against the Steelers a month ago. Sure, they should have lost that game, but most of the time they were lined up correctly! Smith always whines about "discipline" and "gap integrity," and those are things he's supposed to coach. Why on earth do all the different tackles, ends, linebackers, and safeties who've played this year line up in the wrong place or run to the wrong gap? Are they all idiots? No: they're confused, making bad assumptions about where their teammates are going, executing wrong calls, etc. That's bad coaching, and I do mean to include the Great and Sainted Master Marinelli and Blithering Babich. The best thing the Bears can do right now is hire someone else to run the defense for the rest of the year.

Anybody hear from neckbeardsucks?

I think this "giving the opponent an advantage" stuff is kind of comical. It happens all the time, with personal changes and injury report games.

Will changing left guards really make that huge an impact on how the Browns game plan for Sunday's game? I can just imagine their staff sitting around behind closed doors. "DRATS, if only we knew who is going to start at left guard!"

Yet if you ask any coach they'll say "We do what we do. We don't chagne what we do based on who our opponent is."

I can see it making a difference if a team has two QBs and one is a pocket passer and the other a scrambler that it might make a difference who is starting. But left guard? Really? Is it really going to give the opponent an advantage to know whom they'll be facing at left guard?

The problem starts at the top, period. Bears player personnel is not as bad as they have looked lately. It's the antiquated offensive/defensive systems and schemes that make average players look bad, and good players look average. Case in point, Cedric Benson, Kyle Orton, Bernard Berrian, Champ Bailey, etc., all thrive while performing under effective coaching/systems. Can we send Jerry Angelo, Lovie Smith, Ron Turner, and #91 to the Packers for A.J. Hawk and Greg Jennings?

Uh-oh, looks like the finger pointing has begun.

Angelo is starting to distance himself from the mess on the field.

A few more poor outings by Cutler and the blame game will get into high gear.

Watch all the crowing IF the Bears trounce the Browns, but really, outside of a gift-wrapped win against the Steelers, who have the Bears really beaten?

However, if the Bears squeak by the Browns and none of Lovie's changes creates impact, watch the soap opera continue.

Hey, Le Roy Bob, that's funny: "DRATS, if only we knew who is going to start at left guard!"

Lovie is trying to give Mangini a taste of his own medicine. Too bad the dose looks like a 1/4 children's asprin. I think they used the rest of the bottle after the lumps Ced left on their heads.

In defense of Angelo (can't believe I said that), he brought in Ced, Wade, Berrian, Orton, etc. The fact all these guys went elsewhere and proved they can play is a serious indictment of Lovie & Turner. If I were Angelo I'd unhitch my GM horse from the Lovie coaching cart before it ruins my career and my reputation. Here's the equation these geniuses have to master: Good players + bad coaching = bad players.

To Genius007 - I seen your comments on other articles and all you do is take shots at Jay Cutler! And your 'suggestions' are ridiculous! I don't know if your being funny and have someone agree or if you clearly have no idea what you're talking about and just don't like Cutler.

Anyways...Angelo isn't going anywhere and he knows that, but Lovie...on paper no, but anything can happen when you have the likes of Gruden and Cowher on the sidelines to coach again. I like Lovie but somethings gotta give. If this season goes to hell, you have to take a long hard look at the coaching staff!

Jolietpat - you are right on the money! I really don't know why Angelo hasn't fragged Lovie & Co. after messing up on so many top prospects, failing to game plan correctly (or at all), stubbornly staying with the Tampa 2 (it's been solved - move on already), failing to make in-game adjustments and on, and on.
C'mon Jerry, grow a pair and fire the Lovie & Co. horror show.

Cowher, Shannhan, or Billick! That all I have to say for next year


Thank you for boldly going where only I seem to have gone before . . . voicing a dissenting opinion on THE TRADE. (Again, my apolgies if there's been other dissenters).

THE WORST TRADE IN TEAM HISTORY has set this franchise back a ways.

The only question now is what will recover first: The Bears or the housing market?

Lets trade Lovie for a roll of athletic tape.
Trade Jerry for a bag of half eaten popcorn.
Trade Tommie for some chewed bubblegum.

Its really old. Everyyear those coaches say the same thing like "We like our recievers." They say "We fell good about our Offensive Line." My favorite from Lovie is "He's a good football player."

Just think guys.....we dont have a 1st or 2nd round pick next year. Kinda sucks for a team that needs playmakers. When was the last good first round pick we had?

"What really surprised me was that we weren't able to make the needed adjustments in terms of slowing them down or stopping them,'' Angelo announced.

He's surprised! Was that the first game he's seen? We never adjust correctly. Never! I saw that in 2004 and its never improved. Geez Jerry, you are a liar or an idiot, which is it?

Here is an unofficial poll:

Who do you want to see the Bears hire as their next head coach?

A. John Gruden
B. Mike Holmgren
C. Bill Cowher
D. Mike Shanahan
E. Brian Billick
F. Anyone not named Lovie Smith

Heath, my choice would be Bill Cowher or Mike Holmgren.

I like Coach Smith, but when he failed to fire Bob Babich last year, that was it for me. If Lovie can't put the team first and his friendship second, than its time for someone who can.

Fire Ron Turner and Bob Babich, that's what I want for Christmas.

We need new schemes for 2010, not new players. Ok, well new Offensive linemen would help. Although I do like Chris Williams a lot and think he will be a good Right Tackle.

HIRE MIKE BROWN in 2010, if he's not playing. Start him as a secondary coach and get him on a tract for our head coach in 2015.

Since the present regime is locked into their contracts the daydream of replacement seems very doubtful. But the philosphy needs to be reconsidered. The scheme is outdated and over-matched physically every Sunday. What would be wrong with building spped to the outside and solid size inside I hate to say it but look at the Vikings defense, look at Pittsburgs defense, even the Packers defense has eclisped the Bears WAKE UP LOVIE IT AIN"T WORKIN!!

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