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Addition of Gaines Adams spells end of road for Michael Gaines

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The trade for defensive end Gaines Adams on Friday turned into a loss for tight end Michael Gaines today.

The veteran tight end is the player the Bears released in order to create a roster spot for their new pass rusher. It's not a shocking move, although the Bears could have also picked from some rookies who do not figure to see action this season. Gaines was one of the final players to make the 53-man roster as a fourth tight end. He didn't have a role on special teams like Kellen Davis, the third tight end, and opportunities for him to play as an H-back type didn't really materialize. Gaines, who was signed on May 12 was inactive for two games and appeared as a sub only in the Seattle game.

This leaves the Bears with three tight ends, which is what most teams typically carry. Gaines' base salary was $650,000, so the remaining amount on it will cover about half of what Adams is earning this season, the pro-rated amount of $900,000. Gaines received a $250,000 signing bonus and a $100,000 roster bonus. His base salary was $650,000 and as a vested veteran he is eligible to put in for termination pay and receive the entire amount, which would be 11 remaining weeks of pay.

General manager Jerry Angelo could have also considered wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias, a third-round pick, or cornerback D.J. Moore, a fourth-round pick, but after dealing a second rounder to Tampa to acquire Adams, the last thing he probably wanted to do was part ways with a draft pick. The team is carrying 10 defensive linemen and seven linebackers and the Bears have 27 defensive players on their 53-man roster. The seventh linebacker is Darrell McClover, who was recently added to help on special teams.

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Brad - Isn't Michael Gaines a vested veteran? If so, his contract for 2009 fully vested when he was on the roster for the first regular season game. "Gaines' base salary was $650,000, so the remaining amount on it will cover about half of what Adams is earning this season, the pro-rated amount of $900,000." does not apply....

VucF - who cares how much M. Gaines is paid or owed. That info is insignificant compared to the tansaction itself.

Losing M. Gaines is no loss at all. It will be interesting to see if G. Adams is worth a 2nd Rd pick that we gave up. Now I beileve we have no picks until the 3rd Rd next year.

I guess this town ain't big enough for both Gaines.

Anywho, like Creighton has been pointing out, Gaines Adams got a '7' on his Wonderlic. For those unfamiliar with the scoring system of the test, that's really, really bad. How bad? Well, let's just say this: don't be surprised to see Gaines wearing a helmet on and off the field.

For a rough comparison of Gaines Adams to the rest of the league, I found this list of Bears and Colts players, with their respective rankings, which was compiled around SB XLI. It's interesting to look at. And for those who don't know, the best score you can receive is a 50.

53-man active roster

39 - LB Hunter Hillenmeyer.

37 - QB Brian Griese.

35 - NT Ian Scott.

33 - TE John Gilmore.

32 - TE Desmond Clark.

30 - T John Tait.

29 - QB Rex Grossman.

28 - WR Justin Gage; G Roberto Garza; QB Kyle Orton; LB Brian Urlacher.

27 - RB Adrian Peterson; S Cameron Worrell.

25 - DE Alex Brown; CB Ricky Manning, Jr.; S Tyler Everett.

24 - WR Muhsin Muhammad; WR Bernard Berrian; C Olin Kreutz; DE Adewale Ogunleye.

23 - TE Gabe Reid.

22 - LB Leon Joe; LB Brendon Ayanbadejo; LS Patrick Mannelly.

21 - DT Antonio Garay.

20 - RB Thomas Jones; S Todd Johnson; P Brad Maynard.

19 - RB Cedric Benson.

18 - G Ruben Brown; T John St. Clair; DE Mark Anderson; CB Devin Hester.

17 - WR Rashied Davis; T Fred Miller; DT Tank Johnson; CB Charles Tillman.

16 - CB Dante Wesley.

15 - LB Lance Briggs; S Chris Harris.

14 - S Danieal Manning.

13 - CB Nathan Vasher.

12 - S Nick Turnbull.

11 - WR Mark Bradley; G Terrence Metcalf.

8 - LB Darrell McClover.

Reserve lists

41 - DT Dusty Dvoracek.

27 - LB Jamar Williams; S Mike Brown.

25 - FB Bryan Johnson.

23 - WR Airese Currie.

11 - DT Tommie Harris.

No scores available

G Anthony Oakley; FB Jason McKie; FB J.D. Runnels; DT Alfonso Boone; DE Israel Idonije; LB Rod Wilson; K Robbie Gould; S Brandon McGowan.

53-man active roster

36 - T Ryan Diem.

34 - NT Anthony McFarland.

32 - LB Rob Morris.

31 - DE Ryan LaCasse.

30 - G Jake Scott.

28 - C Dylan Gandy; G Matt Ulrich; QB Peyton Manning; LB Rocky Boiman.

27 - WR Ricky Proehl; C Jeff Saturday; DE Josh Thomas; DT Darrell Reid; DE Bo Schobel; P Hunter Smith.

26 - RB DeDe Dorsey.

25 - WR Aaron Moorehead.

24 - TE Ben Utecht; LB Freddy Keiaho.

23 - TE Dallas Clark.

22 - DT Dan Klecko.

21 - S Antoine Bethea; CB Marlin Jackson; S Matt Giordano.

20 - DE Robert Mathis; LB Gilbert Gardner; S Bob Sanders.

19 - LB Tyjuan Hagler.

18 - TE Bryan Fletcher; LB Keith O'Neil; S Dexter Reid.

17 - LB Cato June.

15 - T Tarik Glenn; QB Jim Sorgi; DT Raheem Brock; DE Dwight Freeney; CB Jason David.

14 - WR John Standeford; CB Tim Jennings.

13 - WR Reggie Wayne; RB Dominic Rhodes.

12 - WR Marvin Harrison; CB Kelvin Hayden.

10 - RB Joseph Addai.

9 - WR Terrence Wilkins.

Reserve lists

29 - TE Jerome Collins.

22 - WR Brandon Stokley.

15 - DT Corey Simon; S Mike Doss.

11 - Montae Reagor.

8 - RB James Mungro; DT Johnathan Goddard.

No scores available

G Ryan Lilja; T Charlie Johnson; T Dan Federkeil; LB Gary Brackett; CB Nick Harper; CB T.J. Rushing; K Adam Vinatieri; LS Justin Snow.

So yeah, Adams is pretty damn stupid. On the flip side, he was taken 4th overall so there has to be some talent there. But if I were the coaches, I would make sure to speak to Adams very slowly and reward him with a gold star or a bon-bon everytime he does something right.

I don't like this move. I've never been big on Olsen. He can't block, so he's really a big receiver, not a tight end. Desmond Clark is a good blocker, but when the Bears need to run a two tight end formation for blocking on short yardage or goal line, they now don't have a second tight end who can block. I realize they have not utilized Gaines, but that was stupid considering their blocking problems in short yardage/goal line. Good thing the Bears have Cutler, but if you can't run on short yardage and near the goal line, getting a successful play is that much harder.


It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to run and smash his body into another person. It's not like we are asking him to do our taxes or replace a heart valve. I'm guessing that dummy makes more than you or I.

It's not like we are asking him to perform experiments or anything... His job is best summed up by one of my favorite lines from an 80s movie..."Go that way, really fast...If something gets in your way, turn."--Better off Dead was one of the lesser known ones, but one of the best ones in my opinion.

I was very surprised to see Marvin Harrison with a 12. Joseph Addai got a 10. Some of these guys are just not very good in timed tests. Granted, I think you get a 5 for spelling your name right, so it doesn't bode well for his chances at the Rhodes Scholarship... :)

That test means absolutely nothing, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino both scored a 15 on that test and I think they did OK in the NFL. Ryan Leaf scored a 27, which is 1 point less than Peyton Manning.

The real thing to focus on is why the bears, whether it be drafting, trading for, or signing free agents, insist on getting players that are projects, injury prone, or underachievers.


Do you think with the likely No cap in 2010, which means no rookie pool or Slots.

That Cliff Stein and Angelo doing this to avoid the very likely holdouts of 2010 rookies, when agents don't have anyone signed because no values or market or "slots" to base the numbers off? I think we could end up with a real nightmare with players afraid to sign, we have problems even when players know their slot number.

This way bears have players in Ota's and camp, instead of aiting on rookies and losing a full season behind?

The Wonderlic is overrated in term of professional football, especially for a pass rusher.

One of the best in history was Dexter Manley, and he couldn't even read until he got to the pros.

And given the roster, he's going to be a situational pass rusher. That's it.

It's not rocket science. If he can remember a few dozen plays, he will be just fine.

In terms of the move, I understand it, but I don't like it much either.

This essentially means, for the near future, the team is operating with three people who can play the running back positions.

But given the depth at TE, I guess they can get away with it.

I still don't like the idea of Wolfe as the primary backup, however, especially given Forte's less than 100 percent health.

John Abraham will toss Wolfe to the side on both sweeps and pass protection assignments.

I think Kellen Davis has improved his blocking considerably over what he did last year, which is what has kept Gaines on the inactive list so far this year. He played when Dez was out of action for a week, but hasn't played at all any other time this year.

I think we are fine at TE. I honestly thought Toeaina would be the one to go. I figured they would move Idonije inside full time with this trade, and then you would have a DT rotation that would be too deep with Harris, Idonije, Harrison, Adams, and potentially Gilbert, who would be your 5th DE and 5th DT. Now we are awfully heavy at DL, which tells me they do not trust Tommie Harris' knee at all, and are expecting to use that depth more so than they would need a 4th TE in case of injury to Clark or Olsen.

Oh I got the goods on the trade boys. It started with KC early this week, with the Bears looking at Dorsey, then Tampa got involved when the heard the Bears were looking for D-Line help. Rod M, Lovie and Angelo sat down looked at film of both players and decided they liked Adams better.

Angelo has been looking for D-Line help for awhile now. I guess the yare not as set as some people think.

As for the wonderlic it is not the only thing that has been pointed out about Adams smarts. Kiffen laughed about him when asked and the word out of Tampa for awhile now is that he is not very smart.

So Angelo was out looking for DT help got offered a sweet deal for Adams instead and took it. By the way DE's are harder to find then DT's so I get the reasoning. In fact sense the 2005 draft only a few DE's from the draft have a higher sack average than Adams: Mario Williams, Elvis Dumervil, Justin Tuck and Mark Anderson but take away his one big season he has not done much.

I am talking about 4-3 DE play only. Dumervil switched this year. Look at 2008 first round Chris Long, Derrick Harvey, Lawrence Jackson.

Basically everything that was said about Adams during the draft has been accurate, he is a little lazy, not real smart, kind of shy, and only has one pass rush move. But a ton of talent, between Alex Brown, and Rod M, they may get something special out of him yet.

Not saying Rod M is the end all be all, but to me this is his real chance to prove something with coaching up talent. So far Harris is having his worst year, Harrison has not looked good, in fact he looks worse than last year, Brown looks a little better and so does Anderson, but these are not huge leaps, Goon is in a contract year. Those seem to be the only years he actually plays really well.

I also wonder if we could still get Dorsey? By the way who said they should look at trying to get Dorsey from KC early this season. Thats right. The biggest SOB on this board, ME.

Is 6 sacks a year worth a 2nd round pick

Alright we'll try the comment this way, either your posts are VERY SLOW or else I wrote something bad, very very bad :)

Try this one

What this trade tells me is someone? feels we have no pass rushing DE that can truly be relied on as well as why resign Goon?
GA career stats
2009 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 5 5 10 1.0 2
2008 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 16 38 6.5 6
2007 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 8 38 6.0 2
It seems we always go to TB for their castoffs why???

geez avg 6 sacks a year and he is supposed to help? a 2nd rd??? What IS JA DOING!

From Yahoo
The winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers traded underachieving defensive end Gaines Adams to the Chicago Bears for a second-round pick in the 2010 draft.

Cmon JA the Dude has UNDERACHIEVED!!! Maybe a 3rd pick at best.
uh, maybe not anything???
Does anyone feel T.O. would have even have been worth a 2nd as opposed to 6 !@#* sacks a year for a 2nd??

Brad did I miss something? You called GA `talented' 6 sacks a year is hardly talented. No offense but this is crazy.
From Brads article:

First-year Bucs coach Raheem Morris began pushing Adams in training camp, then was critical of him after the second game.
''Gaines is one of those guys that knows that he is judged on whether he touches the quarterback or not,'' Morris said. ''Right now, he is not getting production as far as not just touching the quarterback, the tackles, the sacks. He's not getting any of that. He's holding himself accountable. We have to hold him accountable. There are no excuses. There are no explanations.''

This talented DE pass rusher has 1 SACK ALL YEAR. I like ROD but alright, he will really be the Dline Coach King if he ups this guys sacks to double digits.

Tampa Bay News
TAMPA - Gaines Adams is the Chicago Bears' problem now.

Tampa Bay's certifiable bust defensive end was traded Friday night by the Buccaneers to the Bears for a second-round draft pick in 2010.

A certifiable bust that was due to be released at the end of the season!


By the way if you have not takenthe Wonderlic test you should, it is very intresting to say the least. As for intelligence their is a direct tie between players who have done well on the wonderlic and gotten good grades in school. It does not however take into account learning disablities. Which are often found at the combine, like with Javon Walker who also scored a 7.

20 is considered average intelligence, I myself scored a perfect 50 but I was upset to find that their was no extra credit.

You don't have to be smart to play football we all know this, but being smart never hurt anyone either.

To give you an idea of why. Vince Young scored a 6 and a 16, Cutler scored a 26 and a 29. The Titans scored a zero because they thought more of Young than Cutler. Now thats stupid.

Yes Brad Dan B. would still be on the roster if he could get six sack a season, but he didn't Brad he didn't get those sacks, all the more reason for Angelo to make the trade. Dan Bazuin is living proof that the trade was good. Either way the guy was still the best DE in the 2007 draft, he still is, name one guy that is better. So the Bears still get the best end in the 07 class.

Wrigley: You make a good point, I thought the whole idea of having Gaines on the roster anyway was in short yardage situations and emergency back-up for McKie. I thought we could have put one of our assets on the table and try to get that pick back next season. The deadline is Tuesday and Vasher is our best chip. A lot of teams are looking for veteran help at db, Vasher could get us a 2nd-4th rounder for sure. Every year teams bring in re-habed vets to shore up their pass defense. I'm sure there's some interest for Vasher, and from what I can tell he has not caused any trouble for the Bears, but he's getting a lot of cash to sit on the bench.

I still worry about the goal line/ short-yardage blocking we can't keep throwing 1 yd TD passes down there we have to be able to run it in. Sometimes McKie is not getting push on his blocks in short-yardage situations, because he usually has to hit a guy in the backfield off penitration,so far this season we have been losing that battle. Against the Ravens, this game may be won with the running game, at least 85 yds rushing will be needed. This is an area to watch for the rest of the year.

No I would not be happy with Dan and most certainly am not happy in the least that we gave a 2nd rd pick for 6 sacks. (last 2 years, 1 this year!)
A motivated player should get more than 6 sacks (1 sack in 5 games this year) he is actually moving backwards, I would be happy giving what he is worth maybe a 4-5 pick.

A certifiable Bust
An underachiever

Those are not my words, they are the Tampa Media/Coaches
ask yourself this

Would you be happy to draft a guy 4TH and he is getting you 6 sacks?? and then give a 2nd rd pick for him when he is actually doing worse than his bad previous years. They were going to release him (according to Tampa) cause he is an underachiever. 1 sack this year!

Lets see 6 sacks = 1 sack maybe! once in 2 - 3 games, 1 sack in 5 games this year. He is a project - argue me on that one please! Who would give a 2nd rd pick on a project? If he had more than 1 sack this year I might think he was motivated but he does not, he knew this was an important year for him and he still was not motivated enough to get more than 1 sack in 5 games.

2008 DE stats
Adams was 29th in sacks
He had 27 solo tackles = No. 358!!! on the NFL.COM list so, lets see now, He is not a sack maeister and he cant tackle hmmm I'm thinking project.
His sack total should be increasing not decreasing by year.

I hope Rod motivates him. as we need a DE that can sack. (not just in a contract year Goon)

For some reason I feel B. Edwards will do great in Jets as he has a new lease, I am skeptical of Adams though. You don't give a 2nd rd pick for a project, what did the Jets give for Edwards?
I do have faith in Rod, but thats not my point my point is (which you caught Brad) is the 2nd rd is too much as Rod will have to teach this guy how to sack in the NFL.

randy --

Adams 6.5 sacks put him in the top 15 of all 4-3 DEs in terms of sacks.

Only eight 4-3 ends had more than ten sacks. Two were on the same team -- Mathis and Freeney.

It also doesn't take into account the fact that, due to his height, he excels at batting down passes.

In fact, his eight was tide for the league lead among defensive ends. It's not a sack, but it also not a completion.

And it was also second in terms of his peers drafted as DEs. And when you take into account the fact that the other player -- Lamarr Woodley -- is a 3-4 LB, that places him first. of 4-3 ends in the league.

Maybe that's not what you want out of the No. 4 overall pick, but it's actually above average in terms DE production.

So yes, I have no problem with the team spending a likely late second round pick on a DE who has demonstrated flashes of pass rush ability, one with a tremendous amount of upside.

Besides -- if you really want to see the types of players that that been drafted at the DE position in the second round, I'd suggest you take a look at the past several drafts via Wikipedia.

I assure you, the list is underwhelming.

Full of guys who could only dream of getting 6 1/2 sacks.


You're missing the whole point here. Marinelli always liked this guy and wanted him, that's why the Bears got him. Without even knowing who it is, I'd be willing to bet that Marinelli is a much better coach than the D line one in Tampa and he'll get a lot more out of Adams than Tampa did.

My only problem with this trade is that I wish the Bears had gotten a tackle, because Harris is not playing well (though he is improving every game) and Harrison hasn't looked good this season, either. Anthony Adams is very solid against the run, but the Bears have been getting no push up the middle v. the pass and have gotten gashed up the middle on runs too many times for my liking. But again, nothing wrong with the player, I'm confident he'll be a good addition to the team.

358? Let me rephrase lol
He has 29+ players at his position that are ranked higher than him. and in Sacks there are 29+ players ranked higher than he is. One Sack this year But of course thats in his `scheme' just think if we took into account the 3-4 durn he might have... well..... 1 sack.
What is he doing this year? This was his big motivation year. Throw out the 6.5 sacks last year, that was even underachieving as they said. But thats history this is this year, What he is doing right now - we have had 5 games, thats enough to judeg a player I feel especially one in a motivational year. I dislikge Goon alot, but at least I give Goon big credit for having the motivation to excell (over the years past) in these 5 games, Dude couldnt even give it extra effort in his big year. He knew he was gone if he did not improve and he did not. I am not even concerened with choosing schemes, thats not relative in my opinon - its tackles sacks, (stats) period. (attitude/motivation) (fired/and Coach on your ar$ = motivation)

Taackles, low
Sacks: low
Motivation: low

4-5 pick

best of the 2007 class? Dude, that doesnt mean much.

After 3 years he should improve right? Right. He hasn't, .5 sack his second year is not an improvement and 1 sack this year is way down.
I am hoping he was being utilized wrong, or bad Dline Coach, which Rod can fix, but you should not have to `fix' a 3 year vet 4th pick in the draft. Ced comes to mind.

Your missing the point Creighton. Harris got his first career interception this season which means he is having his best year yet. Sacks mean nothing when it comes to D-linemen. It's the interceptions which are real special. Just watch him him go to the probowl this year.

Randy Alex Brown has gotten 6 sacks 3 times in his career, less than six sacks 3 times in his career and more than six sacks 1 time in his career. Randy did you not read a single thing I posted or Anonymous posted. Goon had a total of 10 sacks his first 3 years in the league, he had 28 tackle seasons twice. Mario Williams had 4.5 sacks his first year in the league, he currently has only two sacks. I guess he must suck too.

Nobody is saying he doesn't need work but that is what is good about the situation. They have all of this season and the offseason to develop him. Granted its a deep draft this year, but who where the Bears going to get that was this double digit sack monster you have in mind with that second round pick? You can say the same things about this guy that where said about Benson. Benson got it together and maybe this kid will too. By the way both where what pick in the draft? Take a look a Freeny's solo tackle numbers. So what if he underachieved, that just means he has more room to grow. He is not the reason the Bucs suck although Morris is trying to make it look that way to save his own @ss. What did the Bears get with there second round pick in the draft this year? Allen had a 7 sack season in 2006, didn't seem to stop him from being really really good. Osi Umenyiora had 8 sacks his first two years and 6 sacks in in 06. Justin tuck had 11 sacks in his first 3 years. Mathis Kiwanuka had 16 in his first 3 years. Trent Cole had 13 sacks his first 2 years. Randy I will tell you right now you are wrong about this kid, you seem to feel that they could have got him for less, well guess what a lot of teams where after him and the Bears closed the deal. Do you think all DE's get 16 sacks a season? He has a lot of talent and needs a lot of work. He has a huge upside and if Goon or Alex get hurt at least he can start unlike Anderson he can play every down. By the way I bet he finishes the season with at least 6 sacks for the Bears, 7 total. Funny thing about sacks most people don't get one a game, they come in bunches.

At the end of the 2007 season Adams had 35 tackles, 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles in 2007, he led all 2007 rookies with his six sacks. This performance gained him a place in the 2007 NFL All-Rookie team. He also played in Tampa Bay Buccaneers playoff loss to the New York Giants and finished the game with five tackles and one sack. Against the Colts on Week 5, he blocked a field goal attempt by Adam Vinatieri.

He has actually had several good games for the Bucs, but you can tell he is not happy in Tampa, lets see how he does in a better place. The only bad year he is having is this one so far. But its real early. Randy I am sure you will let me know about all those great DE's that come out the second round next year. Just like the ones from this year and last year.

Gentlemen, thanks for the feedback. However, I never said he would be a bad football player, I just pointed out that he is a certified moron.

I mean, for Pete's sake. A 7 on the Wonderlic? Brad, exactly what "school" did Adams "graduate" from? They should be embarassed. His "professors" should be arrested for fraud.

Here's a quick, two minute sample Wonderlic for anyone interested to try out.

Tell me you can't do better than answering one question correct. Because that's about where Gaines Adams would score.

"To give you an idea of why. Vince Young scored a 6 and a 16, Cutler scored a 26 and a 29. The Titans scored a zero because they thought more of Young than Cutler. Now thats stupid."

Funniest thing I've read all week.

Correction on my first post, top line should read "gainses."

Wonderlic and Creighton: sinonimous for intillegince.

I actually kind of wanted to see if Ron Turner could find a way to get all 4 TEs on the field at once on short yardage situations; see if the defense can guess if it's a run or a pass. Gaines was a luxury, but one that could have been utilized better, I thought.

On the other hand, I don't quite understand the benefit of keeping both Toeaina and Gilbert. Neihter is being used much but Gilbert has the added value of being able to move to DE if necessity arrises.

Is G. Adams worth a 2nd round pick? I think so. As critical as some have been about his production, I doubt anybody expects him to regress after coming to the Bears. With the change in scenery, an understanding that he needs to do more, a couple of seasoned veterans in front of him, and Marinelli working with him, I think the chances of him improving are much better.

And as opposed to a 2nd round pick, which comes with absolutely no guarantees, at least we have some knowledge of what he can do at this level. It's possible the Bears don't see much DE value left in the 2nd or later rounds of next year's draft class, and there's always a chance you will wind up picking another Bazuin. And given the age and contractual situation of the current DEs, he's a good option to have.

As long as he performs on the football field, I couldn't care less about test scores. Seriously, who cares?

Getting Gaines Adams will prove to be a great move, sit back and watch!

I can't argue the Gaines move as far as releasing your 4th tight end who was not a special teams contributor, but I have to wonder what they are up to. I know Jerry doesn't like to give up on draft picks, but are we just stashing Iglesias and Moore on the active roster to avoid losing them to another team?

I also can't get a solid handle on what they are doing with the secondary. Vasher has been ok at best, and considerably less than that on a number of occasions. Is Corey Graham that bad where he can't become the 3rd CB? I actually like the way Manning is playing at free safety, and Payne, Afalava, and Manning on the field at the same time is a very physical configuration for the secondary, but why not rotate CBs like you do DEs and DTs? Graham is as big and as physical as Bowman, and has more experience. Not many teams can go 3 deep on 6' CBs, and given who we will be facing over the rest of the season, we might need all of them.

I wondered whether they were showcasing Vasher, and if they don't get any takers between now and Tuesday, they relegate him to the bench, and move Graham up to the 3 spot. I would even be ok with Graham taking over the nickel spot, and keep Manning back at free safety full time. I just think that if you constantly preach that your best players need to be on the field, that you should at some point practice that by getting Graham on the field ahead of Vasher. Or if you don't like Graham long term, get him some PT this week and see if someone else wants a 6' CB with game experience. They don't grow on trees, and since he can play corner or safety, there is going to be someone who will be intrigued enough to offer a later round pick.

Great trade.

In my opinion, sacks and pressure = wins. Angelo feels that this is the year to lead the league in sacks. The 2010 DE situation is cloudy. Getting Adams clears up some questions and adds top talent/potential for Marinelli. Angelo needs at least one player with 10-sack-potential. It would be tough to find that guy in the second round.

The only real downside is losing another pick that could/should have been used for an explosive offensive lineman.

Yes I read, and I disagree.

Read what the Tampa fan wrote, he said the Bucsa fans are giddy to get rid of Adams, - why are they giddy?

Nice trade by Bears GM Jerry Angelo nabbing up a potential pass rushing threat like Gaines Adams. With both current starters at defensive end Adewale Ogunleye (10 yrs) and Alex Brown (8 yrs) getting a little long in the tooth, youth was needed at the position. The potential is there in Adams, he was a standout pass rusher at Clemson, and has flashed the skills that made him the #4 overall pick in 2007 while in Tampa. One example is during his rookie season in 2007 vs the Atlanta Falcons on nov 18th, Adams had 2 sacks and took over the game at times, so the potential is certainly there in Adams. The scouting report on Adams says he needs to develop some counter moves on his pass rush. Enter line coach Rod Marinelli, Adams could flourish under Marinelli in Chicago's scheme.

Angelo and his scouting department obviously liked Adams, they see something in him and think he fits what they do on defense. The potential is there in Adams, you can't give up on a prospect after only two seasons. One of the greatest DE's of all time Deacon Jones, was a very inconsistent player for his first three seasons in the league, then in 1964, the light came on for Deacon, and the rest as they say, was history. Deacon was also thought to be too skinny and clumsy early in his career. But the Rams worked with him, and it payed off. Not saying Adams will be the next Deacon Jones, not by any means. I'm just saying sometimes it takes certain players a couple seasons to come on. I like the move by Angelo, if Gaines Adams can come on as a pass rusher for Chicago, I think a 2nd round pick will end up a bargain GO BEARS!!

This from a different Bucs fan,

As a Bucs fan, I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that we received a 2nd rounder for Acams. At this point, his value isn't close for which you paid. The kid is a great athlete but he is not physical enough to be an AVERAGE lineman. He avoids contact and he is always out of position. As much respect as I have for Marinelli, I doubt even he can get this guy to become physical enough to effective. The best way to describe his game is that he looks like Bambi on ice. Very nice kid, but his strength and lack of aggresiveness limits his potential.

Bucem (10/17/2009, 12:50 PM )

I ask AGAIN! Why are the Bucs fans so happy to get a 2 pick for Adams???

All these whiners complaining about the move need to get over it. This is a good move there are no dominant passrushers on the horizon and if they are able to pry Dorsey loose from the Chiefs with a DB (Vasher) or a WR (Inglesis) or both that would leave room to bring in Trunene, play him on special teams and develop him. Dorsey would look decent in a rotation with Harris both would be fresh.

deputy who made you marshall of this blog, a good argument on the Bears never hurt anyone especially Brad who depends on arguments, so unless you have administrator rights - then your the one whining as I see it.
I was having fun arguing Bears with a fellow Bears fan. and I already know this one particular Bears fan loves to argue his point so its all in good fun, I learn through arguing my point.
Unless I missed your comment above then the only thing you added to the blog was to complain about others comments.
oh, I get it, you believe in addition by subtraction! Subtract the blogger and then your comment is legit.....
Did you know Adams nickname in Buc Sea is Burger?
Step aside dawg

Joe makes a good point - saying if we lose Harris and Goon we need help on the line.

wait a minute Creighton, your saying that KC made Adams available to Da Bears cause of trade talks? Like Cutler? ;}

Atlanta gives up alot of yards but not points

Randy I didn't say KC made him available, I said the Bears where looking at Dorsey, Tampa was looking to trade Adams, the two teams got together, and the Bears liked Adams more than Dorsey, it was on PFW.

Randy first stop listening to Tampa fans, thats like listening to Bronco fans about Cutler. They all think Cutler sucks, but does he suck Randy? My dad has a home in Boca I grew up reading the Pewter report and I used to go to Bears games down there during winter holidays. My dad was a huge fan of the Dungy Bucs, I know all I need to know about the Bucs.

Adams has not been playing his best but he has also been trying to get out of Tampa, thats why the trade happened so quickly. He hates Morris who called him out and has been blaming him for a lot of problems that are not his. Bucs fans are delusional, they are blaming a DE for all there teams problems. Are you kidding me, your listening to Bucs fans? Thats like Orton fans asking NBS for advice on what to get Orton for his birthday.

They don't know what they lost, he will produce better here, he did not want to be their and now he is on a real team. His numbers will go up. Bucs fans are cluless, they are blind with grief and lashing out, they think this will make their team better, dream on. You can't teach talent. The reason this kid is not playing well is because the first day of camp his head choach humiliated him and basically said if anything goes wrong with the defense its your fault. The kid was made a scape goat day one by a coach who clearly sucks.

If he doesn't work out he doesn't work out, and we can pretend Angelo would have drafted an All Pro with that second pick. Here is a little stat from Brad.

"Adams has 13½ sacks in 37 career games. In that same span, Ogunleye has 18½. Adams was an active pass rusher last season for the Bucs, tying for 11th in the league in quarterback knockdowns with 20½, just behind the Indianapolis Colts' Dwight Freeney, who had 21."

Thats actually good pressure. Which is what you want from the position, teach him a spin move and how to maintain Gap control on running downs and you have a guy who could be an All Pro in a year or two. He has that level of talent. Look what a move did for Benson.

Mike we agree he is not very smart, thank god its football and not chess.

I have seen Adams play and he does have talent. He will never be Rice, and that is what most Bucs fans are comparing him to, but he is like Freeney, though not as quick. If he gets in a gym and adds 10-15 pounds of lean boddy mass over the next year he will be special.

The other thing to consider is if they play him at LDE he will no longer be facing elite tackles, he is as good against the run as Wale and a more athletic pass rusher. Playing against the right tackle on passing downs could mean big number for him. If he gets stronger and gets motivated, he will be a big time player. In fact I hope Bucs fans bash him more, its just more motivation.

By the way Tampa just lost, they had 1 sack in the game. I though they where suppose to be awsome now that Adams is gone. Williams and Stewert ran for a combined 262 yards. Guess what side of the Tampa D-line they attacked?

First-year Bucs coach Raheem Morris began pushing Adams in training camp, then was critical of him after the second game.
''Gaines is one of those guys that knows that he is judged on whether he touches the quarterback or not,'' Morris said. ''Right now, he is not getting production as far as not just touching the quarterback, the tackles, the sacks. He's not getting any of that. He's holding himself accountable. We have to hold him accountable. There are no excuses. There are no explanations.''

let me clarify..
`just touching the quarterback, the tackles, the sacks. He's not getting any of that.' Coach Morris

So If Adams has 10 sacks next year as was suggested by `someone else' then that could only mean Rod is the best line Coach and it was a GREAT move by Lovie bringing him in - correct?, but if not then Rod is not what some of us think he is.

Bears 28
Hotlanta 24

Show em Cutler!

Tell me you can't do better than answering one question correct. Because that's about where Gaines Adams would score

Thought the test was stupid as well but maybe that really cleared the situation up. maybe he didnt try, motivation can do wonders


randy --

Why do you think a player who essentially came to US for a second round pick needs to have double digit sacks?

We didn't take him No. 4 overall. He doesn't have that over his head.

If he comes in and pressures the QB, and is part of a solid rotation, he is well worth the pick.

And let me repreat this (I was anonymous).

Adams has excelled a batting down passes. I know that doesn't get you on ESPN, but that is a major skill for a pass rusher.

Yes, he only had 6 1/2 sacks, but he added 8 tipped passes and another two interceptions.

Guess what? Thats 17 plays in which he STATISTICALLY prevented the opponent from advancing the ball.

I'm not going as far to say that sacks don't matter, like Blache, If he comes in and only gets four sacks, but adds another eight tips, he's doing a solid job.

Disrupting the QB by any means necessary is the primary job of the D line. And tipped passes on third and seven are just as good in most cases as sacks.

Stop thinking of him as the No. 4 overall pick. That's not what he is to in terms of cost.

But he does have No. 4 overall talent, which makes the loss of a second round pick well worth it.

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