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With broken rib, Clark hopes to play next week vs. Lions

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With the help of some modern medicine, tight end Desmond Clark is hopeful he can be on the field a week from Sunday when the Bears host the Detroit Lions.

Clark suited up today and was limited in participation in practice less than two weeks after he suffered a cracked rib in his back when he was hit hard by Green Bay safety Aaron Rouse, now an ex-Packer who is with the New York Giants. Clark knew when he suited up Friday that there was no chance of him playing Sunday. He is listed on the injury report as doubtful.

"That's the goal, to play against the Lions,'' he said. ``The doctors didn't tell me I would definitely play next week. I was trying to get that out of them. I'll take a shot. I've taken plenty of shots over the years. I'm quite sure I am going to take a few more, and I might take a few more to the back. I'll be ready though.

``I'm not going out there worried about getting hit and being injured. If that's what you're worried about, then you need to be on the sideline.''

If Clark does not play vs. Detroit, he will have four weeks to heal up because the bye week follows the Lions game. That might not be a bad thing, although if he plays the bye week will still come in handy. Stay tuned.

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Dez always has had heart. A true Chicago Bear in my eyes.

This is a no-brainer...

He needs to sit it out until after the Bye-week. Nothing good will come out of him coming in early and hurting himself again. There is a reason Angelo kept 4-TE's on the 53-man roter. Use them !!!

Davis stepped up nicely and had a solid game vs the world champs. He can fill in a for a couple more weeks until Clark is fully healed. Gaines can handle any neccessary blocking duties also so Des needs to sit out the next to games against inferior opponents. If Clark is a "differnce maker" in the outcome against a beat up Seaguls team and the winless Detroit Lions then our season is already lost.

This juts seems to be a case of a player worried that he is going to lose his job do to injury. In fact, he at least has lost some reps now that Davis has shown a glimps of his potential playing in the Offense. In a prominent role he shined, it is great for the Bears as a team but bad for Desmond as a player because even when Des is fully healthy he won't get as many snaps as he is used to. Davis will certainly garner more playing time and Olsen isn't coming out so that leaves less work for Clark.

Your a gamer Des but we don't need you in these next few games. Sit back, relax and heal up properly so this injury doesn't plague you all season.

Go Bears !!

BS has it about right. We shouldn't need Dez too badly these couple of games, but we might really need him later in the season. So the team just needs him to heal and get really right before coming back. But you can't blame him for wanting to get back on the field. One, he needs to preserve his job, and B., it was just getting fun out there now that there's somebody to get him the ball and teams are starting to think about covering everybody else.

wow, did Davis ever step up! I was impressed, some of the guys here have talked up Davis, but I did not know the guy could play ball. Dez? sit em. We seem to have good TE, now when our Oline shows up....

No shock here. Dez is slipping as he gets older. He saw K Davis make some catches and score a td. He knows he could lose his spot, so he's freaking and wants to get back out on the field to prevent that.

Absolutely agree. Take the 4 weeks off instead of the 2. Come back at full strength for the bulk of the season. Don't risk the other 12 (hopefully 15) games just to play against the lowly Lions.

ahhhh....hhey brad who cares about that looser clark. he is injured ans taht means he is a bust. i want to now how my best frend staley da bear is doing brad. will he be active on sunday? staley said he will get a touchdown for me brad sense iam very sick. the docters call says i have obesity ans taht i should not be over 400 pounds. please let me now if staley will play tomorow brad. i would rather see him play then taht BUST matt forte.

with much love, crap-ton

p.s. wehns i play madden on my xbox i put on teh sticky hands cheat so my receivers always catcht the ball. but ialso get sticky hands weh i think of mendehall!! :)

I would let Desmond Clark sit till after the bye week. No need rushing him back to quick before he is fully healed up, or as healed up as a pro football player can be. Clark has been a good player for Chicago over the years. I think he might be a little scared of losing his spot as the number 2 tight end, so he probably wants to get back on the field as quick as possible, especially with the way Kellen Davis played the other day. I say let him sit till the rib is fully healed up, Clark is at an age where he needs to start thinking about his body after football. I like the fact the guy is still hungry and wants to contribute, but I'd hate to see a guy mess himself up long term wise after his playing days are over. Now for something off the subject.

Mike, dude, calm down with the personal attacks on me. I don't want to make enemies, especially with another Bear fan. You don't seem like a bad guy and I'm not about making enemies with other bloggers, again, especially with other Bear fans. Also Mike, I'm not about saying I know more than other Bear fans, I just come on here and give my two cents to what Brad writes, thats all. If I'm right, good, if not, won't be the first time I've been wrong won't be the last. Dude, who really cares? Yes, I liked the Rod Marinelli hiring, I never said the guy was gonna turn our d-linemen into all-pros. I just like the guy because he knows our system, and he was the best possible guy for the job as Chicago's d-line coach. The Bears have gotten back to back double digit sack days from their ends, part of it is due to Marinelli's coaching. Rod Marinelli has a reputation for getting the most out of his players [not making em all-pros], and so far this year he seems to be doing the job. Thats it, end of story. I'm not the kind of guy thats gonna sit there and say "na-na, I told you Rod Marinelli was a good hire, you were wrong and I was right," again, I could care less.

Mike, you seem to like coming after other bloggers who have a different opinion than yours, why? Take me, your all over me on this Marinelli thing, why, who cares? I'm not about that, I like to hear other peoples opinions, especially on the Bears. Yes, I disagree with other Bear fans, but whats the sense in attacking someone who has a different opinion than your own? Also, you call he a homer/fanboy for showing support for certain Bear players, like its a bad thing???? Dude, you do the same thing, I've seen it in the past with players like Rashied Davis and Danieal Manning, two players you have shown support for in the past who aren't exactly tops in the league at their respective position. You want to know why you support these guys, because your a Bears fan, be proud of that fact, don't mock other fans who show support for certain players/coaches you don't like. Theres no sense in it. I've never come after you and said things like, "you don't know what your talking about Davis sucks." Want proof, I've called R-Davis "drops Davis" in the past. And I like Danieal Manning's athleticism, but his tackling ability leaves something to be desired. But I'm not gonna attack another Bear fan for showing support for them, no sense in it. Dude, we're all Bear fans here with our own opinion's, yes arguing is fun, but lets not get carried away here and attack each other in the fan base. Packer fans are probably sitting back and laughing at us for mocking each other. Again, I like arguing and having different opinions, but I don't want to make enemies with other Bear fans over a difference of opinion. I mean come on, we got a great quarterback, runner, some young receivers with potential, and the defense seems to be getting better. So Mike, I have no problem with you, don't take things I say on here so personal, now say it with me Mike GO BEARS!!

I am worried more about Pisa - we really need him with Url out. Thats going to be a key against Seattle. They didn't really know how to play HH/Roach etc.. but now with the game film, expect Seattle to play call for our injuries.

I really feel we are getting testy about this team, we have the potential to do something and we are all waiting for someone/player to blow it up like last year after the Colts. It is pretty tense waiting to see if we can hold this up, you know - this winning and actually looking good while doing it. Was it the field/weather that slowed down the Steelers? or is it that Cutler doesn't even begin to fight untill late and he's behind. Gets his dander up. Is Lovie D play calls that good or have we not really played against a top calibre team yet? Hard to tell this early, but we do know we have a QB and he can bring the team back if the D holds them to under 17 points. Every single game from this point on is not a gimme, we have to play tuff! We can't go into these games like we did after the Colts game.
Im starting Knox this week and donuts are on the line!

Kevin, I don't blame you for making a plea for other bloggers to just talk about the sport and not about each other. But these are supposedly grown men who know right from wrong. They know that they are irritating you. They do it on purpose and with a purpose. In all actuality you should be flattered because the only reason anyone would attack you is if they admired you. You are something that they aspire to be because you just roll with whatever is said and come back positive. Guys who want to be negative have a lot of shortcomings and you make them feel even shorter. Keep bringing the positives. A lot of us appreciate that more than the guys who are doing this to make themselves feel good. You and I have had differences in the past but in reality I don't remember what they were. I let you be who you are and try to leave whatever difference we've had in the past. Grown men do that. Children don't. Just remember when they attack you for being positive they are showing they are just negative. That said, Go Bears.

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