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Why can't Urlacher return with a cast on his wrist this season?

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The question has come in multiple e-mails, via Twitter, text message and personal e-mails.

Why can't Brian Urlacher heal up a little after surgery this morning, get a cast put on his right wrist and return to action in a month or so? It's a good question, and a fair question.

Cornerback Nathan Vasher and linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer both underwent wrist surgeries last season and returned to action. Vasher took a little longer than anyone expected, but still 1 1/2 months would be far better than losing the middle linebacker for the season. Heck, having him return for the second half of the season would be a huge boost. But it's not possible after he was placed on season-ending injured reserve to make room for Tim Shaw, who agreed to terms on a one-year contract and will sign the deal Tuesday pending a physical.

The reason Urlacher was placed on IR is because of the bone he injured. He dislocated the lunate bone, according to the Bears, and that is the bone that is at the center of the wrist, at the middle of the eight bones. It holds the wrist together, and the risk in not treating the injury immediately, or coming back before the injury is completely healed is significant. It could lead to permanent nerve damage and that could affect Urlacher's hand long term.

In contrast, Vasher and Hillenmeyer suffered injuries to bones that were on the exterior of the wrist. That allowed them to return much more quickly. Unfortunately, Urlacher, 31, will require a significant period of time to heal.

Check back Tuesday for more coverage of the situation.

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Urlacher is just a sissy like all you so called "Bear experts". I'm the only guy on this blog that knows what he is talking about. I could coach better than Lovie and be a better GM than Angelo ever could be. Everything I have said so far has rung true. I told you so, I told you so! I am the King!

Just one question.....Why is Vasher still on this team????

Nate vash should be sacking groceries at walmart, not playin corner in the nfl, hang it up its over

Dude Creighton, You need to check yourself into the phy ward!!!! Your a total IDIOT!!! Noone likes you an you must just be a miserable person. You have no life to be on here just trying to piss people off. Your a LOSER and go to a goat ranch a try to get laid. Your a real idiot an need to try to find some sort of life. No one likes you on here and you should just get off. Dont get off on here like you usually do just get the hell off this sight you loser

Vasher is done too, put him on "special" teams and go with DJ Moore, younger and much faster. Is Olsen playing against the Steelers or will he be inactive again? Also, can someone give Knox and Clark a playbook.

Hey at least we have Lovie running the defense. Maybe now we can hold a late 4th qtr lead. Wait... What... Ooops, nevermind.

The real legit super awesome Creighton has a question or two.

What confidence does everyone have in this organization, to fill this teams future needs? Now it has only been one game but there are still major needs for the future of this team.

1. Next year Urlacher will be 32, and entering his 11th season in the next 2-3 years we will need a replacment. He is the Captain and a great player. Hunter is his backup.

2. OT Orlando Pace, is not looking very good so far and the fact is he is a major injury concern and at 33 and in his 13th season I doubt he has another year in him if he even makes it through this season. Shaffer is a Vet if he is not good enough to start compared to Pace and Williams then he is not very good and that leaves you Williams who does not look very good at RT so far. Either way they will need at least 1 starting OT and he needs to be really good.

3. C At 32 Kreutz is in decline. He is starting his 12 season, and is getting beaten more and more. His backup is Beekman, but he is average at best and seems more like a career backup. Or at least he would be on a good line.

4. OG Omiyale looks really bad, and word out of camp was Beekman is better, I think the Bears want him to grow into the role but that seems to be wishful thinking for a career backup. Garza is 30 and in his 9th season, he may only have a couple years left at best.

5. DT Harris looks done, yah he can get on the field but he has no burst, and shows no power or explosion off the ball. Dusty is gone, depth is an issue.

6. WR nothing tells me any of those guys are good recievers, they have mediocre talent at the position and the position IQ has got to be the lowest on the team. Running Partial routs is a sin, not knowing where to line up is a shame, and the play is just plain bad.

7. DB Manning had a good game in terms of blitzing which he is good at but he is bad in coverage, Payne and Al sufer from the same problem. Vasher is all kinds of bad, and Tillman is a injury concern. The Tampa 2 is the easiest defense to find Corners for because of the short zone this position should always be a strength. Yet it is not. We will need 1 starter with in the next year or two.

8. DE Goon is 32 and his contract ends this year, the Bears are not expected to sign him, Brown is 30 and a solid player but will not get better with age at this point in his career. Some think the Bears pass rush has returned, and it may be improved from last year, the Packers line is really bad. Anderson proved he is not an every down End already, so this is a major concern as well.

Outside of Forte, Hester, Cutler, and Olsen which is the teams future, I don't see much young talent. The Bears are an old team in terms of starters on defense and the offensive line and do not have very good depth at most positions. Within 3-4 years 2/3 of this team will need to be replaced and I am not talking about depth.

Kevin A before you say anything about Chris Williams I am just holding off on him until he shows something, if he shows something casue so far, not so good. Hester I put up there not for recieving but for returning. He got some yards last night, but he also made a lot of mistakes. I still think he is a slot guy, and that the Bears need a real big bodied WR who can go up and get the ball, block and make the defense either double him or Olsen. Hester was one on one all night. I think he is weapon but not a very good reciever.

Hey anonymous youre the idot looser. You think if I cared people like me or not i would act nice to them.

Brando why do even try wehn you knoe its hopeless? I bet youre just mad sense i was right about williams being a bust, steltz being a bust, wolf being useless, the rcievers being horrible, the oline being weak, the secondary being terrible and so on and so on. Get used to me being write sense it hapens all the time. I can't help if Iactually pay attention to football rather then just stalk some guy on a blog that hurt my feelings and say stupid things so he'll pay attention to me. Dude your a total freak. Now go root for the packers and leave us bears fans alone. Youre scaring Cutler and he can't focus.

By the way its spelled "looser" not loser stupid.


That was probably not the real Creighton. The writing is to clear and without any obvious typos. Next the tone of the message is akin to what people write when they are mocking Creighton.

Personally, I think Creighton is getting ready for the debut of his hot pink panties asking people to spank him.

Man up real Creighton.

Can't he make it in time for the playoffs if we happen to make it?
12 weeks in a cast and 4 more to recover should have him ready in time.


Look, he COULD return with a cast. He just doesn't want to because he's become a soft teddy bear, like the rest of the team.

Losing Urlacher is tough. I was really looking forward to seeing him in old form. It is what it is, and now there is even more pressure on Cutler. Hopefully his wr's don't leave him high and dry like they did on Sunday night. everyone needs to step their game up this week to beat Pittsburgh.

One thing I think some of us bears fan are forgetting is the fact that that if there isn't a completely PHANTOM illegal contact call on Al harris, the bears don't even have a lead to blow. it was a gift from the refs. you take that out of the equation and it WAS the offense that cost us that game, not the D. If that penalty is not called, the Bears punt (hopefully this time with no shenanigans from Pat Manelly) and pin the packers deep. the D gets a stop, bears get a punt return, and maybe Cutler gets some decent field postion to run the 2 minute drill. maybe it could have worked out alot differently for us, maybe not. but either way Vasher did not do himself any favors on sunday. he choked when it mattered most and put a great defensive effort to waste. i agree with those that say Lovie should not have had Afalava selling out on the run on 3rd down. worst decision of the night in my opinion, ultimately costing us a division road win. No time to dwell on it with the Steelers coming to town. GO BEARS

Actually "loser" is spelled "loser". Looser is used in a phrase like, "Creighton's mom is looser than a $2 whore".

Fellas...take a deep breath here and take a step back. it's only one game, need to forget about this one and focus on the Steelers.

As for people who think that Urlacher is soft and should play with a dislocated wrist, you people need help. The guy has battled through multiple injuries to play in games at a high level. Say what you want about his personality and the crap he pulls off the field but when it comes to playing through pain, he does it. I'd like to see anyone of you bums try to play 60 minutes of high intensity football with an injury. Once you've done that, then you have the right to complain about people being soft. that where you went to school....oh, sorry...skool. You cannot even spell NFL....why do you think your opinion matters to ANYONE??? Your arrogance is surpassed only by your ignorance.

PS: Look up those words in a T-H-E-S-A-U-R-U-S. good luck!

Hey Creighton.... Putting aside the fact that you judge an entire team after one game, how can you possibly rip into someone for their spelling? Your post had no less than 10 spelling errors.. And if you gonna call someone on spelling at least make sure you are right. Loser is the correct spelling, not looser.. Maybe you meant looser to describe your mother. And sense?? It's since you illiterate knucklehead.. Though i guess everyone has a right to be stupid... Keep talking buddy... all it does it show you are an idiot.... And one note on the football "advice" you are giving. The Tampa 2 is the toughest defense for a cornerback to play as they are generally out on islands by themselves.. Hence the Greg Jennings touchdown...

Unfortunately I failed to witness anything different than I've seen the last two years from the Bears. Blown secondary assignments from seasoned personnel, a quarterback that was unable to handle the pressure, an offensive line that operated like a two way swining gate that established no running lanes or sustained pass protection, the only thing that worked this week was the exceptional play of the defensive line and line backers, the game opened with poor tackling by special teams personnel and went down from there. I would be the first to agree with Cutler that there is a great deal of football left to play but if much of the play resembles what I saw Sunday night lets keep the drinks close because the games are going to need a strong chaser to be keep down. I for one am hoping we can at least make it to 4-4 in the first half of the season. There are a number of things to be addressed some will improve with better play but some are simply personnel decisions that the fans had no control over. Primarily accepting the philosphy that we were comfortable as a team at WR. Hester is no Steve smith and there seems to be a great deal of miscommunication between quarterback and recievers. It's a bitter pill to swallow when Donald Driver called it right before the game. This team better find a way to put all the pieces together fast or they will quickly become unhinged and at each other. Omiyale needs to quit being bitch slapped at the line of scrimmiage and show his team mates what gave him the starting job and bigger salary ahead of Josh Beekman. Looks like with the loss of Urlacher the season is going to become even more intersting.


You're a moron and everyone at Halas Hall is laughing you.

BTW, why the hell are you telling people how to spell? You can't even get through a post without misspelling almost everything. You're such a douche bag.

Urlacher would beat the hell out of you and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it except beg him for mercy. He would make you get on your knees for him, and when he was done with that, he would bend you over and make you scream. You're an idiot.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd never believed it. You have collectively made the printed word sound like a 2:00am cat fight outside the bedroom window. Who was the bozo who said a little adversity will bring out the best in people?

In the first place, losing Urlacher hurts but we spent the preseason talking about how linebacker is their deepest position. They will adjust.

In the second place, just relax and look at the schedule. Did you expect them to start 4-0? It's just the first game. The Bears can and may start the season 1-3 and still make the playoffs.

You people REALLY need to learn how to spell before you talk smack.

It's YOU'RE a loser.

HINT: Smack always works better when it's spelled correctly!

By Creighton on September 14, 2009 10:36 PM
"I could coach better than Lovie and be a better GM than Angelo ever could be. Everything I have said so far has rung true. I told you so, I told you so! I am the King!"

You could coach and be a better GM?... then why are you sitting there saying these and not trying to prove your point? Apply some where and start coaching.. show us your skills.

Wow I know there are some dumb Bear fans out there, but if any of you think that is actually me you are dumber than I thought. See MD Kevin almost has it right, except he has not figured out that Anonymous is the same guy posting as me.

So while all of you are pointing out how stupid I am, you are all in an argument with a crazy guy who is pretending to be me and arguing with himself. Now some of you are new and you don't know that I have a crazy stalker on this board who hates me for making really good predictions and loosing every debate he has ever had with me. This is a guy who stated he wants to kill me and wear my skin. A guy who begs other people on this board to help him kill the great evil that is me.

MD Kevin actually knows this. But then again Kevin is a bit of a nut himself and has never been able to except the fact that every time we debate, he gets crushed.

There is a crazy guy on this board who loves attention and you all just gave it to him. You where all outsmarted by a crazy nut. The only thing he wants is my attention. He is actually that crazy, I am not giving it to him anymore and he is having a fit and you all fell for it. Nice job guys. You ask any of the regulars on this board about my crazy stalker and see what they tell you.

The only thing I find funny is that I know me ignoring him is driving him crazy. You can actually see how it is driving him crazy.

Bears need to leave Urlacher to the past. I don't care how great he once was, he's no good to the Bears always injured like he's been.

Also, Dungy was correct. The Bears need Marvin Harrison if not to have at least one receiver that knows how to complete a route but to teach the other WRs.

Joe in Atlanta will you marry me?? I brought up the same points to my wife mid-game and she looked at me with the same indifferent look that I usually get after a "Cutler-esqe" performance in the sack.

Guys Im usually not such a pessimist but we are in touble. I agree, even if the Bears start 1-3 they still have a shot at the playoffs but the Vikes and Pack look tough. The supposed depth at LB was erased in less than a 1/2 of football. The offensive line looked like the Super Sub on Ashland at 3 am, in and out, take what you want. All the DB's are old and the ones that aren't are too young. Was Mike Brown really that bad?? Really? At least he could provide run support.

And the WR's suck, Im sorry but they do. And Greg Olsen?? Car 54, where are you??? Lovie better watch his rear because this season and his forehead have "Scapegoat" written all over it.

SIGN DERRICK BROOKS! he is not a white guy named Tim Shaw

Can't they create some new rule to protect middle linebackers from hurting their wrists? They create new rules every time a QB gets hurt, and the MLB is supposed to be the QB of the defense. I say no more tackling.

Biggs, I don't think it's right that a person can post using someone else's name. I knew it wasn't Creighton because of the correctness of spelling. But it can't be Brando either for the same reason. Whoever it is obviously has a lot of time on their hands. In my guesstimation it's the same person that posts as crap-ton. That character makes a blatant attempt to mispell and only a writer would be able to do that so readily. I can't stand ignorance or cowards.

Gee whiz. Urlacher is concerned about being able to use his hand
for the rest of his life? What is he thinking? He owes us — the
fans — more than that. Idiots, quit piling on the guy...he's hurt
and it must be bad, because he's played hurt for years. Get off
his back.

The team better take a look at the offensive coordinator. How many months of preparation does it take to look like that?? Grossman and Cutler were great QB's out of college. Cutler was unbelievable in Denver, the scheme is needing a hard looksie and the only common denominator is Turner, he has not been under the microscope and should.

i said it last year and ill say it again until Ron Turner and Babich and lovie dovie r gone we wont win.Tthere cover 2 sucks...theres always a big open hole in the middle of field......thier off play calling is atrotious...and i dont feel srry for all of us bears fan at all. u continue to root for them just like the cubs.......jees poor chicago fans we all need to march down to wrigley and hallas hall and tell virginia to fire turner and babich most of all.

what the fu*&!!!!how can anybody question urlacher's injury? the guy was standing on the sideline the whole second half trying to pump his men for the game with one hand holding his shirt.not once did he seem in pain or complained(compared to Pisa's face,i'd say he's crazily tough)The point is ,it drives me nuts to know how well the defense played,how Hester is full of potential,how damn quick he is too,some players didn't finish their routes and gave up on a lot of passes,and that the dumbest play of the year was the fake punt to wolfe with is shaky knees when he got the pass from MANELLY, and Cutler's shaky game.It really sucks waiting for all those months for them to break my hope of any chance of some playoffs in less than 3 hours.I want to believe, but without Urlacher ,i'm in total doubt of something good.I'd rather have Caleb taking over Cutler than having Brian out.He'll be the new defensive coach and handle it the greatest way possible.

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